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Sold Out

first-time NancyAllbright 2018-06-27

Pandora nodded, “I didn’t mean to lose it all obviously and I was winning at first but then I started losing and every time I lost I thought I’d get more money to win again and pay it back and then I would stop but it never happened.” She’d so wanted to go to Jemima’s party but she didn’t fancy increasing her fathers wrath, so probably for the first time in her life Pandora did as she was told without any fuss. “Don’t make things difficult?” Pandora jumped out of her chair and walked over to the window before turning back to look at her father who was grinning at her like an inane ape.

Cum Out & Play Tonight

voyeur jpjai007 2018-06-27

Angel arrived at Chris's house and he opened the door wearing black shorts and a black muscle shirt, looking sexier than ever. Of course, he smirked when he said it because he knew for sure that his Angel was not wanting to go anywhere. "Your nails look great." Chris said, as he intertwined his fingers with hers. "Oh this is a good one Chris", said Angel. Angel moaned "mmmm", and took his slippery cock in her hand and started stroking it. "I'm almost there, Baby." Hearing Chris start to groan with pleasure was making Angel so fucking hot for him. Chris's body went rigid as he released his hot stream on Angel's wet fingers. "Did you like your new toy?" Chris said to Angel.

Close your eyes

anal bigben8920 2018-07-17

I simply smile and begin to kiss her neck, while fondling her breasts. After a few moments, I tell her to close her eyes. I begin to suckle her breasts and play with her pussy and clit. Then i gho down and begin to lick her pussy with deep long licks, ocashionally licking her ass as well. As she rides my cock, I thrust hard and deep into her until she cum hard and screams out loud in ecstasy. After a few thrusts, she begins to enjoy me deep inside her. I begin to pull her hair and thrust harder as I get really close to cumming. One final thrust and then I deposit my load deep inside her ass.


How'd that happen 2

group oldrascal 2018-06-27

I finally took the bull by the horns and said “Listen, you ladies are acting like observers instead of participants in last nights festivities and I'm a little tired of gettin' a snub here. Her large upright breasts were a sight the old-time sculptors were always trying for but never reached the perfectionthey sought.I now beheld her lush hips framed a beautiful pussy with a small patch of crisp black hair above. That's one reason we're going to Sante Fe. They probably won't have heard about us and our old manager said that the patrons of theater in Sate Fe would welcome us” Sandra declared. Sandra affirmed this “ I was raised in a very wealthy family and know all the ways that wealthy people are to act and behave.

The Beauty and her Beast 2

bdsm Kim 2018-06-27

His cock swelled, when she leaned over; her rounded ass high in the air, forcing him to remember how tight her pussy had clung to his shaft. Beast rubbed a small piece of the skinned ginger root along her lips. Beast leaned close to her ear, and said, “My dear beauty, I’m going to slide this here root deep into your ass. When Belle’s body began to relax, he started moving the finger in her ass. Not wanting her to cum yet, he yanked his hand from her pussy and slapped her soundly on the ass. Beast pulled his finger from her ass hole, and took a moment to admire the way her sphincter flared open, and then quivered shut.

Story Time (The First)

bdsm Vormund84 2018-08-04

Once those are in place, I lay the length of the strap up your back, and pass the gag around you mouth. I tug at the chains a bit, causing the clamps to pull at your nipples, and kiss at your neck, then bite, gently at first, then a little harder, and then yet a little harder again. I smile, step close, and reach behind your head, releasing the gag. Seeing the look in your eyes, I smirk, then grab your chin and kiss you, passing the water to you at the same time. I grab the base of the plug, and pull it, gently, from your body. I relish your grunts and moans, muffled as they are by the gag, as I slowly being to thrust.

Taken.. a story of a fairy rabbit and a silver wolf . Part one

bdsm Bunni_Love 2018-08-29

-suddenly the aura shifts- looking around I see nothing but I feel as I'm being hunted. no stop struggling under his hard body. stop , stop fear ripping into me as he lowers his mouth to my breast. such a tasty little thing he growls out. -o god he's to big- pushing away only to get trapped on my stomach. you are mine now, this body is mine ,I Alfa wolf Adrian claim you as my mate -o god no- struggling but only making him shove farther in me. I had just been running threw the forest in my wolf form , when I heard her. Big brown eyes, golden skin and pink lips that pouted when she was thinking. Ripping her clothes, feeling her skin .


A First Time

lesbian Ariel21 2018-06-27

As Lacy's gaze moved slowly down Gaby's body, she could see that Gaby had one hand bracing herself on the side of the tub as the other rubbed her pussy in slow circles. Lacy started to eat Gaby's pussy furiously, pushing her tongue deeper and moving it faster over her hard clit. Lacy never stopped lapping up her cum; she just slowed her tongue and began kissing Gaby's pussy lips softly. Gaby could taste her own pussy on Lacy's lips and pushed her tongue into the other girl's eager mouth, starting to remove her shirt. Gaby ran her flattened tongue over Lacy's pussy and then began to lap at her clit. Lacy began to rock against Gaby's mouth faster, grinding her pussy hard on Gaby's increasingly wet face.

Smile for the Camera

lesbian ShadyLadyJulie 2018-06-27

"Just tell them the truth," Pete laughed, "that you fantasize about having your pussy licked by another woman and that you get turned on by the thought of licking another woman to a climax." Sophie swallowed nervously as he went on, "and if you really them, click and put on a show for her" as he nodded to the array of various sized dildos and vibrators lined up next to the screen. Gently rub that clit imagining it was my tongue licking softly." Pete watched his wife in silence switching his gaze between her open pussy on screen and looking at the monitors so he could see the total rapture that was etched on her face.

My Sex Life in Stories (Part 1)

mastrubation rob1990 2018-06-27

The first time I ever came across sex was through masturbation when I was sixteen, before this I had never really ever been aroused before or touched my cock in a sensual way. I don't know why I did it but instead of taking down my spandex pants and getting my cock out I just stood there and let go right where I was standing. The pee had turned my white shorts shiny and completely see through, has I bent down to look what I had done I got a strange feeling running through my spine and I watched my cock stand on end. Has I took hold of my cock I got this strange feeling again then I noticed a strange liquid starting to seep out of the end and showing through my shorts.

A Slight Miscalculation Part 1

bdsm PleasePleaseMe23 2018-07-17

One night, as I was tied down, being delightfully tortured with orgasm after orgasm, panting and heaving against the bonds, eyes glazed, he shoved his fingers into my abused pussy and commanded, "Please Daddy I just want to cum one more time please please just use me, just fuck me." This time, after thoroughly coating his other hand with my cum, he shoved two fingers into my untouched asshole as I howled with pain and a strange jolt of pleasure. Have sex with your friends, it's just a fantasy, and I don't even know why I thought it would be sexy but I'm sorry, I would never do it, and our sex is perfect, and I only want you, and-"


Ace of Spades

mastrubation hartclass 2018-06-27

As we chatted away, Michelle innocently mentioned that she was ‘home alone’ and feeling more than a little turned on. I watched nervously, as I saw a Jack of hearts and a 9 –“Hold,” I said eagerly and waited for Michelle to turn over her cards. Michelle pulled the dress down over her waist and pushed it over her hips, stopping to look over her shoulder and into the camera. Michelle stood facing the camera, folded her arms and gently cupped each breast in her hands. Letting out an involuntary gasp, Michelle flipped the thin lacy strap from her shoulder, turning away from the cam, still smiling. Michelle looked up and smiled as she drew her finger across the screen licking her fingers as if to taste my cum.

Welcome Home.

bdsm KittenCoMo 2018-08-04

I wrapped my hand around my cock and said “Yes Kitten, satisfy Daddy.” Again before I could finish the sentence she’d positioned herself behind me and began to playfully lick my ass while stroking my thick cock. I slid the head of my pre-cum soaked cock into her soft waiting mouth and began vigorously fucking her face. I gently pressed my lips to her soft pussy and kissed my way up her perfect figure. Once I was satisfied with how soaked my cock and balls were, satisfied with how large the puddle of her cum was beneath us. I let out a satisfied groan as rope after rope of warm cum shot from my throbbing cock. Her ass pressed to my drained cock.

A Slight Miscalculation Part 2

bdsm PleasePleaseMe23 2018-07-17

D smirked and tipped his drink to me in salute, B "accidentally" spilled some on my chest, then watched in fascination as the liquid ran down my skin, W muttered a thank you, eyes looking slightly glazed as he watched my sinuous movements, and N pulled me into his lap and had me drain his glass. No one paid any attention to the poker game, all looking on in jealous fascination as I worshipped N's huge cock, nibbling and sucking on it with relish. I sucked him under the table as he tangled his big hands in my hair, pulling me deeper on his cock. Face covered in my cum, he ordered me to lick his fingers clean, watching me hungrily, his cock looking almost painfully hard.


cuckold lifestyle 58

voyeur woreout 2018-06-27

I started to get up but my wife was setting closest to the door and said I'll see who it is. After ever one was cleaned up my wife informed me that her friend would be staying the night, he said hey man if you want to watch every time I fuck your wife you are welcome to. My wife said well dickhead thank him for allowing you to watch us fuck. I said thank you, who ever you are ,for fucking my wife and allowing me to watch. I started following but as soon as I got to the door my wife pulled it closed and told me threw the door she wanted him to fuck her ass and I couldn't watch that.

The Book Club Part One...

bdsm SoulofNight 2018-07-17

As you pay your bill, you ask me if I ever do wait service outside of the restaurant, explaining that you host a weekly book club and would like me to serve your guests. I turn around and look at my ass, framed by the garter and stockings I wore. One looks like a long animal tail and the other I can't see. I hesitate and you move quickly, giving me a firm slap on my ass with your bare hand. Finally, you push it completely up my ass and order me to stand and go to the mirror. I look in the mirror and see that attached to the butt plug is a long animal tail.


The house mom. Prelude

anal bobyurboy 2018-07-17

What follows is my journey into sexual servitude as the house mom of a well known sorority house. I have been instructed to post this blog of my service at the direction of Mistress Caroline, the current Vice President of House Services. My journey into being a house slave started innocently enough. Raising four children gave me an obvious advantage and I was hired. The sister who I was to call Mistress Caroline , was in charge of the house operations and a lovely specimen of a young women. It was not very hard to piece together, given my lack of Internet experience and my reckless abandonment of privacy concerns in the hopes of linking up with a Master.


He Pushes Me To Be A Better Me

bdsm Sassysav1617 2018-08-29

“You may, but don’t let me catch you rolling your eyes at me again” he says with grin as he hands it off to me and whispers in my ear. The last portion of my workout has two parts to it which I know is going to absolutely drain me. “I’m going to do this last part of the workout with you, I can tell you’re tired,” he says. I grab my things and walk over to him, “well, it looks like you get what you want, champ.” “I thought so,” he says, “you did great tonight and you beat the goal you set when we started. He let me choose something fun that I’ve wanted to do for a while.

Massage Therapy School (Taboo story for Julie)

bdsm YouShouldAsk 2018-07-17

Like Julie was saying, we are going to be working on the head and neck today. "Mr. Arn?" she cracks one eye open as she asks, "Can I work on your neck for a while, just to see how it feels?" She leans down next to my ear, and as she whispers I can feel her breasts rub on the top of my head, "No worries, Mr. Arn. Ignore it Arn. I move to the other side and pull the sheet up like I did for the other side and begin to palpate the flesh on the upper thigh of her right leg. "May I cum in you, Julie?" I ask in a hoarse voice as I feverishly begin to pump my hips against her hungry, willing love hole.


Fun with Sarah

group vangelsdorp 2018-06-27

Cindy guessed why I gently pulled her up and away and, with a wicked grin, climbed onto the sofa, straddled me and lowered her cunt towards my face, Grabbing her ass with both hands I alternated between nibbling her clit and licking her cunt with broad stokes of my tongue. I've always thought Sarah was possibly the hottest and wettest woman it's been my good fortune to fuck, but Cindy just had the edge and it went some way to explaining why she and Ron enjoyed swinging so much.                 'Sarah, I can't tell you how amazingly erotic it was, watching you fuck Ron. And when you told him that he didn't have to be so gentle, that you weren't going to break and that you wanted him to fuck you hard – him with his dick buried in that sexy ass of yours .

Conditioning of a Scat Slave Pt. 06

fetish subtlesurrender 2018-06-27

She may very well be my greatest finished article," smiled Mistress Eva as she looked down at Claudia's empty brown eyes and shit-stained mouth. Mistress Eva walked over to help spread her ass cheeks and gave the woman a spank of encouragement as she prepared to shit over where Claudia's legs lay. Mistress Eva began walking over with the nose clamp, ready to activate the flush function that had worked so well earlier, but to her amazement Claudia was already gargling and swallowing down Arthur's dense dump. "However, if I deem your performance to be unsatisfactory, the gag will go right back on and you'll be placed under the asses of 8 cows with this on your nose." Mistress Eva displayed a few snaps of the clamp she'd used to great effect earlier.

Yes, Sir.

bdsm lavenderpetals 2018-08-29

I start to kiss her and she grabs my breasts as she playfully tugs on my lips with her teeth. She gets closer to me and I start licking the tip and sucking her now fully erect dick. You move to the foot of the bed and slowly fuck my asshole as you watch me suck her cock. Soon, you walk back to the head of the bed and she cleans your cock of my juices while I suck your balls. You untie my bindings and we both take turns licking and sucking our playmate's cock. I slide infront of you on my back so you can fuck my pussy as I play with her balls with my tongue.


Gas in the house

fetish flash 2018-08-29

My mother in law, her mom and my wife's whole family had arrived to celebrate Christmas at our. Eventhough they were really cool about it, normal people like me who came from families where you have never heard a woman fart could never take it. My wife was extra horny with the fart backgroud her aunts were providing and even i gave a couple of loud stinkers right on her face while she was busy between my legs. My mother in law came out of the toilet wishing me merry xmas. The toilet was filled with my mom in law's fart smell so i had to jump out. I laughed and went to the toilet admist the smell of all those farts.

And I Call Him Daddy

bdsm IceyFire69 2018-08-29

When they arrived at the car, Joe pushed Amelia up against the passenger door and kissed her, while he pinned her arms down at her sides. Joe kissed and pushed his tongue deep into Amelia’s mouth, while her fingers began to unbuttoned Joe’s shirt. Joe pushed his cock deep into Amelia and listened to her moan. When Joe was done cumming, he slipped his cock out of Amelia and slipped the condom off. As she was licking the head of his cock was,”Fuck he didn’t use a condom or ask if it was okay or if I was on the pill.” Joe pushed more of his cock deep into Amelia’s mouth.