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Mrs. Feldman's Cookies

lesbian Couture 2018-11-20

"Dear God," Sharon said, knowing Doris had fallen for the new girl's pathetic plea. "Here Sharon," Kristie said, opening a box of homemade cookies. Sharon stepped behind her supervisor and placed her hands on the young woman's hips, while Kristie trembled in her grasp. "I know I could," Sharon said knowingly, grabbing Kristie by the shoulders and turning the girl around. "Here let's let this skirt back down so that it doesn't wrinkle." Sharon removed the hem of the skirt from Kristie's grasp and draped it down over the girl's head and shoulder's, trapping her there beneath the skirt. "Okay Princess, now press your mouth against momma's pussy and let her feel your hot breath as you kiss her." Sharon shifted her weight on the desk, getting comfortable as she enjoyed her boss's administrations.


Biker Babe, Chapter Three

anal AmericanDreamgirl 2018-11-20

She came up to Bear, "Sir, I want you to fuck my ass in the stock room. Bear moaned as he placed his hands on the back of her head, gripping her hair which Leah loved.  Bear's other hand grabbed hold of Leah's hip as he rammed and slammed his cock deeper in her ass. Bear lovingly said, "Peanut, I'm very pleased with you and I loved watching you fuck yourself on me." He bent down, kissing Leah on the lips.  Bear said "Peanut, I'm going to tease you for a bit, then I'm going to fuck that wet pussy of yours." Peanut just smiled and nodded her head in agreement.  Bear loved seeing his sweet and dirty little Peanut beg to be fucked.

...and Butterfly do

fetish Adagio 2018-11-20

She looked just like a doll, she just didn’t talk which wasn’t a bad thing. I just smirked at the customer and then walked over to the doll and put my puny cock into her mouth. I didn't know how I could get my lack of length into the doll's ass. Trying to catch my breath, after freeing my cock from the doll's ass. It felt like five pounds of sausage, as his cock stretched my sphincter. I was looking into the customer’s eyes while I jerked my cock. My cock felt so good in his mouth. Like a wheelbarrow I was moving, one hand in front of the other as they steered me around the room.

Sunbathing Nude for Walter and his Friends

group Mysteria27 2018-11-20

While Walter was introducing the guys, he grabbed my vibrator and fucked my pussy hard with it. “Virginia, I'd love if you would suck my cock,” Tony announced. I grabbed Peter’s cock and stroked him from his base to his head, while Walter fucked me hard with my vibrator. I want to feel a cock deep in my throat, while I get fucked." Peter was bucking up into my pussy fucking me harder, while I rocked and moved over his cock. Walter was now face fucking me with his large cock. They all finger fucked my pussy, while they licked my ass clean. Walter, then pulled out and Tony shoved his cock in my mouth.

An Overnight Self-Bondage Tale

bdsm 2018-11-20

Rhonda was smiling and nodding as Anne took my face in her cold hands and kissed me hard on the mouth. With 3 buttons left, Rhonda bent in and kissed the back of Anne's head then my lips and whispered, "Love you guys. Nastya was inserting the first 2 fingers of her gloved left hand while she licked aggressively Anne's clit and "You want my cock," Nastya said as she held one side of the beast near Anne's face. of the bed and put her left hand on Anne's pubes, combing the wispy hair with her fingers as she slowly pulled the giant pink tool free. "Looks like they want us to wash their backs first," Anne laughed as she handed Rhonda a soapy loofah.

Winter's Afternoon

lesbian HoneyCecil 2018-11-20

I gently slide my tongue into your mouth and explore it as my hand slips beneath your sweater to cup your breast. I pull my mouth away and start kissing my way down your soft downy stomach. I force myself to lay back and enjoy the feeling of you sucking my dick, although all I really want to do right now is slide it into your waiting cunt and make myself at home. I lean over and take your face in my hands and kiss you, opening your lips so that I can taste all that you have to offer me. As the tidal wave starts to abate I lean forward and nudge the head of my cock into your dripping wet opening as you continue to stroke yourself on the way to your next explosion.



mastrubation RumpleForeskin 2018-11-20

As Tyler's fingertips continued massaging her breasts, Debbie reminded herself that taking a lonely patient out for a stroll is one thing; making-out with him in the middle of Central Park is something else. To give him an excuse for saying yes, Debbie said she needed to come into town anyway, and that shopping and visiting the Central Park zoo were two of her favorite things. And as she sat astride Tyler's body, enjoying the feel of his fingers stroking her flesh, she was even glad they were making out. After making sure the blanket covered her hand, Debbie rested her head on Tyler's chest and began rubbing against the big bulge in his jeans.

My First REAL Lesbian Experience

lesbian Sexxy_Delilah 2018-11-20

I kissed her back and her hands wandered to my tits and she started rubbing my nipples through my shirt. At first I said that we shouldn't be doing this...but her mouth felt so good on my tits and her hand slid inside my panties, rubbing my bare pussy gently. I didn't do anything at first, and she got aggressive and said, "Eat my pussy you little bitch, I made you you start eating and don't stop till I tell you to!" I didn't want to but she lowered her mouth to my pussy and started licking and I would've done anything to keep her doing it. I licked and nibbled and tongue fucked her as she held my head down and jerked her pussy all over my mouth.

Bird in a Cage

bdsm Unknown 2018-11-20

She thought she might be dressed too provocatively for a job interview but Renee had hinted that her boss might be present and Donna had learned long ago that a little thigh went a long way in such situations. As she pulled it up her legs it seemed to engulf her and by the time it hung loosely around her hips, forcing her legs slightly apart, Lilley's last words echoed in her mind: " bulky as the diapers Renee will dress you in each morning". Donna felt the other woman step away and when she turned in her dream-like state she saw that Renee was holding her skirt up to display something strange that she wore between her legs.

Calendar Shoot September

celebrities baranbrat 2018-11-20

She leaned forward and Barney captured one nipple between his lips as she rode up and down on his cock the door sprung open and in came Marshall and Ted. With Ted's back to them he continued to fuck Alexandra and Marshall was covered by her entire body Barney just continued to feed Alex his cock as he took in the action at the bedroom door. With her head buried between Robin's thighs, Robin dug her fingers in Lily's red tresses and urged her on as she sucked and lapped away at Barney's small cock. He knew he couldn't last long as Alex's cunt tightened around his cock and watching his fiancée licking his best friend's girlfriend and his best friend Ted fucking Lily.


Watching Anna Ch5

group danielzack 2018-11-20

As Anna sat on the bed Shirley stood over my wife, slightly bent forwards with both of her hands rubbing up and down Anna's exposed thighs. After a few minutes Shirley moved back between my wife's legs and bunched up the lower part of her dress around Anna's waist exposing a sexy pair of white panties. Mike had clearly smashed all of Anna's inhibitions away with the pounding he had just given her as Shirley grabbed two handfuls of my wife's hair and began to slowly grind her pussy down and into her mouth. By the time Anna had done the same to Mike, Shirley already had my cock buried deep inside her pussy and was riding me hard as I squeezed and sucked on her breasts.

Under Construction

bdsm Sensual_Aisling 2018-11-20

With ten minutes left in my workout, my dad called and said my brother had been detained at another job site; could I please go meet Jesse at the house to go over the details of the brick floor in the kitchen? Finally, I thought we had everything figured out, and I turned to him and said, “Ok, is there anything else we need to discuss while I’m down here?” I suddenly realized I was right in front of him with my mouth level with his zipper. “Well, just for starters, when I saw you on the floor in front of me that day, I wanted to grab your hair, pull your head back, and ram my cock down your throat until you gagged and the tears ran down your cheeks.”

Happy Days Ch. 2

celebrities twohard 2018-11-20

Marion let out a moan of pure lust as Richie attacked her waiting cunt with his magic mouth then she felt his tongue trail down her slit and poke at her tight brown asshole, it was slowly pushing into her virgin bum, "Oh my God " she thought "my son is licking my shit tube, and it feels so fucking good" Richie couldn't believe how great his Mother tasted her cunt was spicy and even her ass was beautiful, but enough was enough, he wanted to plow his large cock into Marion's sopping wet pussy.

Sarah - Part Fifteen

hardcore mike8253 2018-11-20

There was maybe fifteen minutes of deep tongue twisting and battling kissing, embracing, heavy breathing, muted moaning, and two wet fingers rubbing her clit, before Sarah told me that she was getting ready to cum. Spread out on the stairs, grasping at the railing, newels and stairs with her hands, screaming and moaning, Sarah took each deep thrust of my cock, telling me how good it felt. Sarah had just cum; she had made it clear that she wanted more cock in her pussy; she had ordered me to fuck her in the ass; and, she was still looking at me with that “needy” erotic look.

My 40-year-old neighbor teaches me sex

first-time SexyPaul99 2018-11-20

Without warning, I felt a warm, soft female hand on top of mine and a throaty voice whisper directly into my ear, "Here, Paul, let me do that for you." The hand was a bit more gentle than I had been on my swollen spike...but it was no good. I think she knew that and whispered in my ear, "Here touch me right there." With that, her free hand exposed one exquisite round, white mound of female flesh topped with a glorious erect nipple sitting in the middle of a quarter-sized circle of brown. Finally, after what seemed like a century of orgasm, the last bit of my emissions were small pulses of wetness down over her hand which was still doing the wonderful dance on my shaft.

Mrs. Ofelia, my neighbor

anal marcosurbina 2018-11-20

It's hard to figure out the woman's face, with her eyes twisted white.  Her pleasure was so great that tears had begun to run down her cheeks with each time my dick went in and out grinding that hole.  Perhaps she was feeling a tremendous stroke inside, for each time it plunged she screamed aloud like ever for a woman. I obeyed immediately.  I saw as she spread wide her big asscheeks and asked me to suck the black hole.  It looked  like stupid to do this and didn't get the point until she said it was a big surprise for me: I began to suck the hole and I felt then the taste of shit and strange juices, unknown to me, while she was happy enjoying.  No doubt this woman had everything prepared and said: "Now, put it inside me!!"

Lovers Banging In Car

humor jpjai007 2018-11-20

In the mean time, I started kissing her but this time in her horizontal lips with my hands pressing her boobs every time she strokes my cock and every time she licks my tongue. She came near and asked me, "want me to do one more time"...I said "yes"...but we were running out of she told "let us get dressed first and we will end the journey the same way we started it", I understood what she meant, she gave a blow job on the way here and now she wants to do the same while going again. I stopped my car in a lonely place, 2 minutes from her house, told her I am about to cum, she looked at me and then started her job again.

In The Heat Of The Night

mastrubation Cyndy 2018-11-20

Lying down on the lounger, I thought I might as well enjoy the cooler air and let my body dry off. Hearing myself groan out loud, I lifted my hand from my breasts and covered my mouth. Raising my right leg over the arm of the lounger gave more room for my fingers to maneuver. I briefly thought what I would look like if Carla, Jack or anybody else saw me like this. “I do some odd things in the middle of the night.” I tried to avoid looking at Jack, because I could sense he was grinning. “Yes, here’s to an even better night tonight than last night,” Jack toasted with his coffee cup, looking right at me.

My blue dodge

bdsm Azarialeigh 2018-11-20

The younger of the two salesmen climbed in the passenger side of the van, while the older one hopped in the back seat. The younger salesman smacked my ass. "So wet you are my pet" he said drsggong one finger from clit to ass. "Soon i will take that ass." Then pulled my hair till I was looking Staight ahead. I fought and finally got the older salesman cock in my mouth. Thankfully the salesman slid forward in his seat pushing his cock father into my mouth. I tried to back up but that just caused the younger salesman to press his penis farther into my ass. A cock in both my mouth and ass.


Crystal and Tiffany

lesbian rewa123 2018-11-20

My dad's room is next to mine and I can hear her riding him and screaming, "fuck me like the whore I am." Sometimes I listen to music to drown it out. It's time we start getting along." She tucked her long blonde hair behind her ear and placed her hand on her hip. Do you think I like hearing you fake your moans while fucking my daddy in the middle of the night?" I felt like if I didn't stop kissing her, the world would explode, but I didn't give a fuck. I grunted and I groaned, her fingers crooked inside me and at that moment I screamed in pleasure as tears rolled down my cheeks, Tiffany hit my G spot. please." Tiffany began pumping faster, her other hand clawing into my ass cheek.

Sheila's Training

anal CeliaisAliena 2018-11-20

And I know you’re gonna need all your energies to wrestle with all those Great Thoughts, and the last thing an intellectual hero like you can afford is to have his nasty little cock trying to intrude upon all his Heavy Thinking. I remember vividly how I felt when I read “The Secret History” at that scene where (this isn’t really a spoiler, unless you just don’t want to know ANY DETAIL before you read it for yourself, but still, “spoiler alert” if you’re so inclined) those guys were telling Richard about killing the farmer in the woods and about how they had to spend all night and the next morning trying to figure themselves out and clean up the evidence and they finally crash and sleep for like twelve hours straight?

Student Days: More than friends

lesbian llkop 2018-11-20

I had no shame in Lucy seeing my body as she had already seen it before the night that we met, plus I didn’t want to get make-up on my new dress. The hair dryer shut off; immediately, my eyes snapped away from Lucy’s body to looking at myself in the mirror. Lucy kissed a path down my body, stopping to engorge my hard pink nipples on the way. I felt my juices burst from me, causing the sticky warm liquid to cascade down my legs and over Lucy’s lips. My sexual juices shot out from me and covered Lucy belly it the hot and sticky liquid and that is what pushed her over the edge.

On the Rim of a Fantasy

fetish RayneDor 2018-11-20

Time now seemed to slow to a crawl for both of them as he gazed at the inviting crevice beneath him and then finally, after what seemed an eternity, he bent down and kissed each cheek lightly in turn, repeating it twice more before moving down and nuzzling the crease of her right buttock. She knew he was sensitive now, but she wanted to play the moment out for as long as was possible and, when his hips rose from the bed in incipient orgasm, she took her hand away completely, allowing him to hold back. She moaned, opening for him like a little flower bud, and, as his tongue slipped easily into her, she began to pump his cock, gripping it tightly and jerking in sync with the urgent probing of her inner depths.

A Romantic Night, Indeed

mastrubation Phantomrose 2018-11-20

Then, with a feather light touch, I traced over my hard, pink nipples, sighing as I felt a slight twinge of pleasure. I would imagine myself moaning, and sighing as he plucked my hard nipples and jiggled my b-cup breasts. Before getting in, I felt the water with my hand, making sure that it would not scorch my skin. Oh god, how I wished his hands were there now, feeling my breasts and my body, running further down, lightly rubbing my stomach. My finger worked hard on that round bean, tapping faster as my body felt hotter. It was all so intoxicating: the hot water, my fingers thrusting in and out of my pussy, my moans and groans…my goodness, it was so much!