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Demon fuck

bdsm jakesagirl 2018-05-14

His hands grasp the insides of my thighs and pull my legs open. One of his hands between my legs clamps severely over my clit, two more muscular arms wrap around me, one hand catching both breasts, squeezing and raking my nipples, the other hand cupping my chin and pulling my head firmly back against his shoulder. "You sexy little bitch, " he growls, and with one sly push from his hand his cock head pushes against my opening. And I do, greedily, taking his thumb into my mouth, down my throat, pleasuring his digit like I need to suck his cock. My arms are now pinned behind me pushing my breasts out, nipples hard and dark against my white skin.


future mother in law

mature flash 2018-05-14

The woman took a sheet and covered herself and asked "Who the hell are you and why the fuck are you nude" i am Regi's boy friend but who are you? No,i heard someone farting inside the room so i waited here,i thought it was you i said. My mom is in the room,she is the one who farted and i hope you did nothing else she said and laughed. Jessy came to the room fully dressed,i was still having her half naked image in mind and i was thinking about her big ass and her loud fart. I said i am sorry i had to tell her you farted and started to walk away.

Piss Doctor

fetish Bad_Therapy_Man 2018-05-14

Then I yelled 'Do you like that you little fucking slut, Ashley?' She was melting and could only say 'mm-hmmm.' I spend 15 minutes fucking her doggy style at that kitchen table and she must have cum 3 times, she was gushing wet and her pussy was contracting around my cock but she wanted more and more. My balls were slapping against her and I suddenly pulled out and was like 'Well, now Ashley is going to see if she still wants more after we play the ass fuck lesson.


Granny Bombs

fetish Nathan 2018-05-14

Myra stayed with her granma rita and aunty sofia. Sofia was not as hot as rita but she could definitely make a guy whistle. Me, myra, rita and sofia And her colleague all had dinner together and went off to sleep. Ahh nothing son, needed something, i think i found it she said and walked away. I found rita in tge kitchen having coffee. Its fine son said rita stopping me in between. I was shocked and said No rita, and this is wrong. May be myra will if i tell her about you feeling my ass she said. Rita stood up and walked away saying i want to use the bathroom so i will talk later. I grabbed my coffee and went to my room.


Marthas Gas

fetish flash 2018-05-14

I was walking down the hall to get some coffee when i heard a huge moaning sound from marthas room. I did not have a fart fetish anyway but the width of her ass had got me..i wanted to fuck martha in her butt and make her fart so i told her "but i l sniff yours on one condition.. "do u have any left, you just got fresh and i heard you farting in the loo too,i said" you do your job kid, get your nose between those cheeks and wait. What ever you swallowed had just come out of her butt dear i said and sat down more hard on her while she kept eating my farts.

Marriage: ch1

mature Nathan 2018-05-14

It was Lily's bday and sonia had decided to surprise her aunt. She saw her aunt entering the cabin screaming at a guy and as soon as the door closed they began kissing. She heard lily coughing and moaning.she heard her say " Oh thats what i needed on my bday, the best drink.could have been a bit less bitter" Sonia felt the table shaking above her. Her aunt lily was cursing the guy constantly and getting slapped on her butt. Sofia heard lily scream one last time and things went normal. Sonia sat under the table watching her aunt throw tissue after tissue into the dustbin after wiping her ass. Sonia got out waited till her aunt came out and screamed ' surprise!!!!

Damsel in Distress

bdsm flash 2018-05-14

As Buford relentlessly plied her backside with more and more hard rubber, Tiffany had found herself sorely wishing she could release her cheeks so she could rub her belly; but she had to continue holding her cheeks open like a book, waiting until she was released from her duty by hearing her taskmasters chortle the command "Shut sesame!" She had therefore tried to keep her moans and groans as soft and low as she could to make sure she could hear the arcane, mystic words. Although Tiffany had done practically nothing but moan and groan the whole time the boys had been busily doing all of the work of fitting her out with her new gear, her whining had not seemed to annoy the good-natured twins, who had just laughed at her complaints.

Mystery Man

bdsm QueenBJo 2018-05-14

"have you tasted yourself yet" he growls louder, he puts his hands over my jeans in between my legs. His other hand reaches for my face, he pushes my cheek to the side before grabbing my face, he kicks my legs apart, I feel vulnerable yet his actions are making my down stairs hungry. The warmth of his hand in between my legs feels incredible, the motion of his fingers makes me catch my breath, I throw my head back and a whimper escapes. I can feel the build up inside, my heart is racing, he bites my neck, my legs go week I slam my hands onto the wall trying to hold myself up.


chat with granny

fetish flash 2018-05-14

Can i just see your butt granny, if you dont mind becuase i want to know what happens if i put something in my anus said lovely. Mary laughed and said that's not required honey, but if you want to see i will and i will check yours too.just to know how much you will scream haha. Lovely has heard her granny fart many times in the toilet, bedroom and even while watching TV. Mary could not control herself and she let out a long hissing fart into lovely's mouth. I am single dear, and not every guy knows my age and women fall for my ass just like you did said mary. Lovely screamed in pain and she farted on marys finger.

Instructions for my sub

bdsm LordSath 2018-05-14

Tonight, I want two different snaps. Take a deep breath and lie on your bed. Imagine me sitting across the bed from you.. Imagine I’m watching you with desire and intent.. feel the cool air around your warm pussy as you get wetter by the second. Now, start to imagine me deep inside you.. feel the inside of that cunt.. You are not allowed to come tonight; merely enjoy the sensations I allow you to feel. I then want you to take that finger, slip it in your mouth.. I want you to taste it.. imagine how you’re going to come over and over again this weekend..


Racquel Darrian Takes Tokyo!

fetish Rick Deckard 2018-05-14

The two men continue to suck on Racquel’s tits as Niko, dick still erect, asks Racquel if she had watched the film she was requested to view. Racquel begins to perspire as Niko grabs the cockroach between his finger tips and slowly navigates the beast on top of Racquel’s pussy. Racquel, feeling relaxed now, stays seated as Niko gets on one knee and opens the box to reveal two HUGE sewer roaches that are scurrying around trying to get out. After several long minutes of watching, Niko reaches inside her panties and grabs both the male and female sewer roaches and places them back on Racquel’s pussy hair – sealing them shut.


mature flash 2018-05-14

She feels happy when they admire her long legs,her milky thighs and her round ass,she never tries to hide her beauties,she selects short skirts to show her sexy thighs,tight jeans to show her nice curves,and while she is in the house she remain without any clothes on,she likes to be naked. Yes i remembered him,i replied,my wife invited her uncle to have dinner with us,he came on time,my wife gave her uncle a long kiss,then he shook my hand,we sat to have few drinks,my wife was ready for her uncle,she selected a long dress opened from two sides,bare back and hardly covering half of her breasts,no panties,no bra.


Eating your own cum - My technique and tips

mastrubation ofersm 2018-05-14

During this time, I read many posts/recommendation/suggestion/tips and finally i came up with a way that work great for me. Then masturbate with a good movie that help you get into the mood, (my favorite are shemale masturbating and tasting their own cum such as bailey jay JOI videos), when you start getting the feeling you are close to cum stop!, be patient, do that for several times, after couple of times, when you are getting close to an orgasm, then stop masturbating and very gently stroke your pin. Even after you get your cum in "Rule #1", even though you did not get into full orgasm - I would not recommend to eat the cum directly as taste might be to 'new' / strong for you.


Mercy's legacy

fetish Nathan 2018-05-14

Its just you grannma, you see worse daily i knw that said alice and walked away to the kitchen. .nothing granma, i fart a lot now a days, i try to control it but it gets stinky said alice with a sad face. Its happening with you too Said granny and smiled. Its not a big deal honey, all your aunts even your mom has the same problem.alice was listening to her granny and was still in shock." What do u mean grandma, why should i worry if aunts fart and i know about mommy. I can understand kid, said mercy and got up. "imagine that happening when a guy is down on me" said alice.

wifes fantasy

first-time flash 2018-05-14

Timed out!



mastrubation Lather30 2018-05-14

However I do always leave my cam open and not leave the masturbation room, so anyone male or female could click view and see me any time if they feel like it, but mostly these strays only want to watch not chat at all. Exhibit A {see attached Soul Sisters }would be a swell pic for you to flash me with (we both understand it's not you) while we text chat during my displayed masturbation. I explain about how my head works with the masturbation model being powerful, and my first orgasm if you actually like to chat a little too.

Masturbating after exercise

mastrubation Patrik3838 2018-05-14

I need to drink again but I'm feeling such great, yes, I'm bad boy, I'm sweating so much but my cock is such hard and I feel such pressure, getting aroused more and more , now imagine kissing Denise and then press to her chest, love personal scent of girl sweating her body and Denise is sweating like waterfall. I cannot believe how intense I'm sweating but I feel like in heaven, I'm wiping iff my sweaty face and drink some water and now I will fuck Denise to the end, And Adrian is smart boy he knows I love to smell his body.

Girlfriend's granny

fetish flash 2018-05-14

So one day when we came back from college we saw alice home. I heard alice asking mia "so does he eat it now? I was shocked to hear the whole thing and more shocked when i heard alice giving tips to my gf on how to make me eat her farts. I walked into the hall and sat in front of alice. I mean i am not feeling so good, dinner was too " heavy and red" she said. ' yea kid, i could feel the spice when i farted in the morning, i thought someone lit my ass on fire,i need to poop more she said and walked away. I fucked my gf thinking of alice and ate her farts too that night.


The Massage

mature Nathan 2018-05-14

Once while roaming around the house i found grannys room locked from inside. I opened the door and found nancy on the bed wearing a G-string with her ass facing the sky. I have seen nancy naked many times so it was not a problem for me to see her like that. Hey son, what happened, i was just getting my monthly massage done dont panic said nancy. Not now but sometime later granma i said and walked away so that i could hide my huge erection. Later that day i saw nancy in the kitchen. Nothing granny, all fine i said. Dont look at your granny like that son, its not good, she said while Walking away.

My Special Pop

bdsm Little_babycakes 2018-05-14

Ever since I could remember, daddy would tell me to open my mouth now and then and he would squirt sweet cream on my tongue as a treat. I'm a little confused but I quickly forget as I start to lick the sweet cream from my special pop. “That is a very, very good girl my little baby cakes.” Daddy said, as he swirled some more sweet cream on the top of the pop. Daddy squirts a little bit more of the cream on the tip of his pop. And so, with a mouth so sticky sweet and a heart full of special love, I drifted off to my sweet little dreams of squishy pink castles covered in sweet melty cream .


Making Myself a MONSTER

gay-male jamesishuge 2018-05-14

My thinking is that I want to absolutely push beyond the limits of natural length and expand way larger, thicker than any human partner would ever need and above what they’ve imagined possible. no, this isn’t for any useful purpose, it’s my challenge to grow my genitals larger, bigger, thicker, longer and to keep pushing. This doctor made all legit … but I told him straight up that I want to enlarge my penis in length, girth, shaft, head, all past any sense of «normal». I think it’s partly the hormones but I’m more agressive and super super horny almost all the time. Now totally cold soft girth is also noticibly growing.

To smell a rose for the first time

bdsm eatu55 2018-05-14

“Yes Mistress,” I said as I tried to pull my hands and feet against each other. “Yes Mistress.” I got my wrists down near my buttocks, but with my ankles secured to them my right hamstring cramped up after just a few seconds in this unfamiliar position. She rubbed her breasts all over my torso from my lips to my hips then moved above my head and unhooked the cuffs at my wrists. As she lowered her lips toward my mouth she told me stroke myself and play with my balls while she rode my face again. Finally, as she was breathing rapidly and anticipating her own release, she told me to stroke hard and cum in my hand.

My ex Boyfriends revenge

gay-male Jamey 2018-05-14

Lionel blushed a little and tried to shift himself around, "I like a guy wearing tights (Pantyhose) maybe fancy panties or, stockings and suspenders, it really gets me hot fr fucking him, you interested?" He came back with a small case and opened it to reveal, tights of different colours, panties and french knickers, stockings with matching suspender belt, I thought they looked rather nice to be honest. I told him what had happened, he got the pill bottle and NONE of the tablets left said paracetamol on them there were only three,,, Lionel looked at me and started to cry "I had Mike here the night you split up, he must have changed the tablets, let me see what yiu have" I dropped my jogging bottoms, sat on the bed and opened my legs.....

love for ass

fetish flash 2018-05-14

Aunt was in the kitchen preparing lunch,she noticed that my gf was wearing my boxers so she asked her.." so whats he wearing,your thong?" both of em laughEd and suddenly Betsy farted. "hope you dont do that while he is eating you or fucking you,coz guys hate it when we fart on thier face" ishita said. No aunt i never fart but this one was a shocker to me.Betsy said and walked away. I felt the ground under my feet move away hearing what my aunt just said and i noticed that my dick was up staight and was out of the gown. You know where to go kid,i dont live far away from you she said and grabbed my dick.