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Youngsville Part 2

anal drfleisch 2018-01-14

I kept watching this little girl fuck her ass with her hand and the horses seemed to enjoy the show too. “I’m Eric, I just moved into the cottage on the farm,” I said as I slowly fingered her asshole. So far it was Gina, mother of the girls on the farm and owner of the ranch,Jill, the cook who controlled the kitchen, Sandra, a horse lover who spent all her time with the animals, and Catherina, the religious girl who I had spent a lovely afternoon with in the stable. It felt like an honor dining with these beautiful girls and my thoughts easily drifted away when I looked at Catherina.

Accidental Anal

anal EbonyM2010 2018-01-13

They continued tasting each other as William lifted Malika and placed her on top of his rock hard body. He pushed his hip up sending his cock deep into her pussy. He kept her breast in his mouth as he grabbed her ass, guiding her up and down on his cock as he simultaneously rocked his hips. Malika had both hands at the side of the tub enjoying the sensation of prick and suckling breast. William released her breast and rammed her hips down on his cock frantically. William had a deep throaty sound made from absolute pleasure as he ejaculated his load into Malika. Malika began to pump up and down on William’s cock. William took her cue and began to push his cock deeper into her.


Ceciline Part 1

anal rxtales 2018-01-13

I went to place my hand in his hair, but he pulled his head back, so I just went back to sitting still. I had expected him to fondle me, but instead he removed his hand."How about we go someplace else this time?" I just nodded and looked straight ahead of me. When I tried to touch his leg or massage his crotch he just pulled my hand away, so once again I sat motionless next to him. I opened them immediately and could see him staring at his wifes ass which began to wiggle as she kissed me harder. I moved my hands to her shoulders and pulled her into me, her head pressing into my clit every time he pumped her.

A Night at the Theatre

anal sandymonroe 2018-01-12

Mr Johnson leaned forward in his seat, and slapped my round ass cheeks with his huge black palm. I slowly pulled my hips up, away from him, savouring the delicious sensation of his huge cock rubbing against the tight ring of my ass, until only the large head was still lodged within, then I pushed back. He grabbed my head and kissed me for a few seconds as Mr Johnson thrust his cock balls-deep into my ass over and over. After the huge black cock withdrew from my mouth, Ben’s took its place, and I lovingly sucked this second cock also clean of delicious cum.

Landing The Contract. The tales of Dana Jones Part 3

anal AndreaDetroit 2018-01-12

“Come on man, when was the last time you saw a gorgeous piece of ass like this, wanting it so badly,” Robert continued, desperately trying to convince Mark. “Ooooohh that feels so good,” Dana purred as she felt Mark’s thick bulbous shaft push past her petal like lips and she tensed her silky tunnel muscles as it enclosed around the thick meaty staff entering her. As Mark continued filling her rectum, Dana realised that Robert hardly moved at all, but now she could feel his dick pulsing deep inside her cunt as he tensed his muscles in a slow rhythmic tempo.

Loving my ass for the first time

anal maggi 2018-01-11

You squeeze some lube onto your middle finger and use one hand to open my ass cheeks. Your finger pushes into me hard and I am aware that there is a foreign body in my ass. You continue to finger fuck my ass, obviously becoming more and more excited. You open my ass cheeks again and now I feel your cock pressing against me. You push harder and suddenly I feel real pain as the head of your hard cock pushes past my sphincter and into my ass. Instead, you push hard and quickly until your cock is buried inside my ass. My pussy is grasping at your fingers as my body tenses and I can feel your cum shooting deep inside me.

Late Night Visitor

anal TheGulfCoaster 2018-01-10

I really got into tonguing her ass and I’m sure from the sounds she made and the juices that flowed from her pussy that I made her come that way as well. I wanted to let some time pass before I entered her again so I licked her pussy and tongued her ass a little while. I pulled out of her pussy, lifted her legs a bit higher, rubbed the head of my cock over her asshole and pushed, not knowing exactly how she was going to react.

A Quiet Night In

anal NI_Chick 2018-01-10

Starting at his knee, I rubbed his leg up and down, each time getting closer and closer to his crotch. Yes, it felt so good, exploding all over his hard cock, squirting all over the red carpet, it was one of the best orgasms ever. Kissing his soft lips and rubbing my tits over his amazing body, I put my hand between my legs and grabbed his cock. Gently in and out, rubbing it from my pussy to my wee bum hole where I stopped and let the head of his cock rest. Nice and slowly and gently we both pushed, each time getting the head of his hard cock into my ass.

Mr Marco Johnson

anal SeanR83 2018-01-10

You like knowing that Marco’s big, juicy cock will pound your pussy and ass all night. I felt his huge cock slip into my tight hole, his hand sliding down to my ass to make it easier to get all the way inside me. He held my hips as he slowly pushed his hard cock all the way deep into my ass. Slowly, with long, deep thrusts he started to fuck my ass. He started pounding me hard, his cock sliding easily in and out of my ass. He held me close for nearly five minutes before slowly pulling his cock from my ass. I could feel his cum slowly oozing out of my ass and knew that it was going to be a great day.

Aussie Holiday

anal Kandikiss51 2018-01-09

I screamed, “Fuck, Bob please keep doing that, I love it, don’t stop shoving your tongue deeper, yes, oh my God I am going to cum!” My body started to shake wildly as his tongue darted in and out of my ass, while his fingers fucked my wanting pussy harder. I screamed, "Oh fuck me baby, and cover my ass and pussy with your sweet cum!" I began to shake violently as a climax surged through my body, "Oh Fuck Bob....I am cumming!" My asshole grabbed his cock milked it hard as we fuck like wild crazed animals. I run my fingers through the thick blanket of cum that was covering my pussy and brought them to my lips, “Oh Bob you taste so delicious darling.

They way you make me feel

anal danap64 2018-01-08

  I feel your fingers spread my pussy lips apart, your tongue like a dart, dipping inside me, your lips, sucking, stroking only to slow down and gently caress me.   I need to come all over your cock!”   “I’m going to make you cum, then I’m going to fill your ass with my hot seed.”   I feel your hands reach under me, touch my clit as you push deeper inside me.    My back arches, I throw my head back and scream “YES!” fucking god, yes!” and I cum all over my fingers, hips bucking, pussy clenching searching for your cock.   I feel your hands tighten, hear your breath quicken, feel you start to fuck me harder and harder, until I feel the first hot spurt of cum inside my ass.

The Dear John Letter

anal Rupert 2018-01-07

He spun me over, socked his cock into my patulous brown eye and penetrated the window of my asshole for what seemed like a comet passing through time to eternity, until he came inside me, offering one long-winded, and whining, stately empirical sigh as he painted my randy warm hole with one third of the colour of the American flag.             After our night, Jesus called me from Sydney and then, from New York where he was busy making the spare room nice for His Holiness Penis Ricochet and His eight monks who were having an enchanting stay in Jesus’s loft, he sent me a photograph of himself naked on the toilet with the camera’s flash beaming out from between his thighs.

Anal In The Pool

anal IntoTheVoid819 2018-01-07

Anyway the day before this happened Michelle and I were talking and she told me that she toyed her ass once and liked it. Everyone was having a bit too much fun at the party getting completely wasted so Michelle and I went into her pool for some alone time. She responded with a small moan and then ground her big ass into me - instantly getting me rock hard. She gave me a kiss and then she said, "It sucks we're in the pool right now. She looked out at everyone at the party then quickly looked back at me and said something I never thought I would hear, "You can put it in my ass if you want."


Homeward Bound

anal AndreaDetroit 2018-01-07

While I fantasized about long, thick cocks, and what I wanted to do with them, I noticed James staring between my legs. Biting my lip and holding my breath to stifle a moan, I watched in utter frustration as James flipped out his cock and began rhythmically masturbating. I’d never felt as horny as this and, impatiently pulling the sodden gusset aside, I plunged my fingers deep inside, my wet folds accepting the glorious intrusion. With my head leaning against the door window, my hands resting lightly on his thighs, I enjoyed the wonderful sensations surging through my body. I glanced up at James and could see that he was driving himself beyond normal limits, clearly wanting to - no, needing to - satisfy me, and I felt truly blessed.

I'm ready for you. Are you ready for me?

anal Raedigga 2018-01-07

Spooning behind me bringing your radiant heat close to my body warming me all over I rest my head on your shoulder, while you silently stroke your dick back to life with one hand moving your other hand over my rump playfully slapping the yielding flesh; efficiently positioning your rigid limb between the cheeks of my round ass pumping the length of your cock gradually in and withdrawing deliciously slowly, advancing forward with deliberate restraint allowing me to feel each groove, ridge, and bulging vein.

A Chat With Maxine Part 3

anal bikerbear600 2018-01-06

My right hand grasped my hard cock and began to stroke it, as Max gently pushed back against the dildo. ‘It feels fantastic so far!’ Max gasped, pushing back a little harder on it and stretching her bum out a little more, ‘Oh fuck!’ I slowly fucked her arse, never pulling the dildo more than half way out and pushing it deep into her bum again, with every thrust. Max groaned but didn’t reply so I pulled my fingers out of her cunt and slid my cock up and down her lips, just pushing the head past the outer lips and rubbing her clit. Max got on her hands and knees in front of me and pushed her soft bum against my cock, forcing it deep inside her arse.

French Lessons

anal starbelliedboy 2018-01-05

Generally I didn't really like meeting my old teachers, it was always a bit odd being treated normally by people who had been authority figures for me only a short time ago, and even if Mrs. Woodcock (she was French, but had married an English guy) was far more attractive than the others with her long blonde hair, large breasts, sparkling eyes behind her black rimmed glasses, and most of all her sexy French accent, I was still not too keen to meet her. She took my glass from my unresisting hands, and as her tongue pushed its way into my mouth, she brought my right hand up and placed it on one of her large, firm breasts, squeezing it tight over it, then leaning closer, still kissing me, putting one arm around my waist while her other hand stroked the back of my head.

Wishing Herself into a Sweet Dream

anal myself 2018-01-05

I'm thinking each story will tell a little of this which, in a good day can consume me. She kissed him lovingly and wished him a good time knowing she would miss him and already did. Running her hand over her slit she thinks about that man of hers. His sullenness and what seemed like desperation has a way of worrying her. Working fingers over the already over fucked clit, she feels the swollen-ness and cunt juices on her hand. Tenderly she rubs the sweet thing thinking of her man gone. She strokes a long time wanting the release. Her cunt felt him in her ass. She strokes not knowing how to stop, wishing herself into a sweet dream.

Political Maneuvers

anal pornoperson 2018-01-05

Despite a few scrapes with the law and never finishing anything she started, my wife's sister Anne maintained a tenuous grasp at staying in her mother's good graces. I approached her one night at her apartment--inviting myself over with the ruse of needing to discuss the perfect birthday gift for my wife--armed with photographs of Anne and her ex-fiance taken only the week before. I'd thought these words so many times before, pulling my pud in private or banging my wife while imagining Anne instead. I can find a whore who will let me fuck her ass when the need arises and break your sister's heart or you and I can come to an understanding.

Burningman fun for 4

anal sexytongue 2018-01-04

He had her cunt lips spread wide open with that magic tongue of his working her clit and, from the look of it, a very wet hole. Alexis kept on staring at Jane being eating out when she started to notice that Dick had stood up and had his cock out pulled of his jeans. Jane bucked her hips up and down as Gary rammed his fingers into her wonderfully wet cunt as she came. Then Dick spread my ass cheeks for Gary who moved behind me and put his cock up to my asshole and slid it in. I looked over and saw Jane getting fucked by Dick while I was getting my ass reamed by Gary.


Doubled Up

anal DamonX 2018-01-03

I place my hands under your ass and push my face into your hot hole, thrusting my tongue deep into the wet recesses of your hungry pussy. "I feel so dirty for having it." "That's okay." "Well, there was me, you and another guy." "And?" "You filled my holes." "You mean..." "Yes. You were both fucking me at the same time." "And you're into that?" "Well, I never really thought about it, but that dream got me so wet!" I sit back in contemplation as I begin process the information you have just presented me. You push your head into Zack's chest, muttering numerous foul obscenities under your breath as your asshole opens up and my dick begins its ascent into your tight little hole.

loving my ass for the first time.

anal maggi 2018-01-03

You squeeze some lube onto your middle finger and use one hand to open my ass cheeks. Your finger pushes into me hard and I am aware that there is a foreign body in my ass. You continue to finger fuck my ass, obviously becoming more and more excited. You open my ass cheeks again and now I feel your cock pressing against me. You push harder and suddenly I feel real pain as the head of your hard cock pushes past my sphincter and into my ass. Instead, you push hard and quickly until your cock is buried inside my ass. My pussy is grasping at your fingers as my body tenses and I can feel your cum shooting deep inside me.

How I Met Lance Graham

anal TheBlackDynamite 2018-01-03

This got my pussy a little wetter and I began to grind on his already erect cock. I took hold of his massive dick and began to stroke it before I wrapped my mouth around it and slowly lubricated it with my saliva. “You cum when I let you slut,” he whispered in my ear. He then stuck a finger in and held it there as he bent over and whispered in my ear, “You even taste a little dirty, you slut.” “Cum now my little slut,” he whispered and then proceeded to fuck my ass. He pulled my hair and pulled me to his cock, which smelled of sweet cum and my dirty little scent.


anal lucybabe69 2018-01-02

Lily drew in her breath in a sharp panic and would have sprang from his lap if she’d been able, but his hand resting lightly on her pussy tightened and prevented her, one finger plunged into her and she arched, moaning loudly as her body responded, her eyes flying to his wife.  Mrs Carter approached them as her husband fingered Lily’s excited cunt slowly, coating it in her wetness, she slipped to her knees as her husband’s legs nudged Lily’s thighs wider apart and leaned in, inhaling the girl’s scent, sliding a tongue tip up her thigh. Mrs Carter slid a third finger into Lily’s cunt and began finger fucking her hard, grinding her long fingers in deep to the knuckle as her tongue flicked and rubbed the squirming girl’s clit.