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The Good Wife Is Bad -2.0

anal Lauradj 2018-11-28

It felt like we dozed for a lifetime, but when Derek woke me up with kisses all along my face and jawline, I felt an urgency to return home to Bryan and the girls, in case they became suspicious. As I shifted my weight so I could play with my clit, it felt like I gave way back there, and the head of his cock was inside me. With Derek in my ass and me twirling my clitoris underneath my fingers, it wasn’t long before I felt the approach of an orgasm. “I told Bryan I was out shopping, I can’t go home with nothing to show for it.” Looks like I’m adding to the credit card with crap I don’t need,’ I thought.

Nothing Butt Friends

anal alexmarch 2018-11-23

So she made the decision, she said in her message, and bought a last-minute ticket, and was at the airport waiting to board the flight. I did not want to hurt her, no matter how many times she said to fuck her hard and to split her open. My cock rested inside of her ass, and I felt the gentlest squeezing of her muscles milking the last drops of cum from my hardness. “What’s the catch?” I asked, hoping to inject some levity in the situation, a situation where I still lay on top of her with my cock inside of her ass, a pool of cum inside a condom being the only things separating us.

My Crazy Business Trip!

anal sexmachine 2018-11-23

I released Bill’s cock and dropped my head to the bed again as I felt the last of Cal's pressure swell the walls of my pussy and like an electric shock, an orgasm welled within me as I let out a squeal from my mouth against the bed. The two men spoke briefly to each other and I felt soon Cal pressing his lips against mine and telling me to have a wonderful evening, then with a smile he faded and I heard the door close. "Mmmm I know you'll like that..." I let out a drowsy giggle and felt Bill pull out of my pussy and guide the tip of his cum covered cock up to meet my coated back door.

Kate's Anal Correspondence course: Lesson 2 Further Study

anal ByronLord 2018-11-20

The plug was not exactly uncomfortable but it was difficult to forget, a constant reminder that Kate was embarked on an adventure, an adventure she hoped would end with a cock sliding pleasurably into her asshole and fingers dancing delicately across her clit. “So you think that ass fucking is a kind of sex cocktail?” Kate asked. “You didn’t need to send me on a shopping trip with something stuck in my ass to tell me that!” Kate replied with slight indignation.” By way of response, Kate pressed the finger tip that she had been using to tease her anus inside herself and treated herself to a long moan of pleasure.

French Kiss

anal Saucymh 2018-11-17

“I’d like to remove that tight skirt of yours, feel-up that gorgeous ass and fuck you right here in the bar.” Slick with my juices, Jacques rubbed his cock over my tightly closed ass sphincter, making it wet and slippery. He could fuck anything he wanted; cunt, ass, mouth, anything - so long as it was rough and made me come. “Lisa, no, I …ohhhh...” Jacques stopped protesting the second my fingers started stroking his tightly closed ass sphincter. “Oh, Lisa.” Oh God, I’m going to be in trouble!” Poor Jacques bit his lip but turned to me with a huge beaming smile on his face. Listen, Jacques, don’t take this the wrong way but I’m not going to tell Matt about you or what we did tonight.”

IM Fun

anal WW19543 2018-11-13

Loosing track of the time, I kept thrusting until her moans filled the guest room and she came again. "Wow, that was great," she said, "I haven't been fucked like that for some time." Smiling back at her I asked, "So, do you really want it up the ass?" "Oh, yes!" she replied, "I need it badly, and my husband says its dirty and refuses to do it." Soon I was all the way inside, enjoying the hot, tight place where my cock was buried . The next five minutes was filled with grunting, moaning and whimpering for Dana and I, as I enjoyed the best anal sex of my life, up to that point.


A Conference of Interest

anal sexmadman 2018-11-09

Knowing full well that I love boots on women she whispered in my ear, “I wore them for you, sexy!” and as she did I could feel my cock in my trousers looking for a way out. As soon as the doors of the lift opened I dragged Kellie inside and kissed the back of her neck as I was rubbing my hands up and down her body. My hands were reaching under her skirt and the next thing I remember was Kellie dropping to her knees, looking up at me mischievously and putting my cock in her mouth. I want your dick in my arse right now!” I pulled Kellie up, bent her over the table and she yelled, “Come on sexy!

Naughty Weekend - Part 2 Much naughtier

anal alexa88 2018-11-05

Taking a look around I realise I am in a big beautiful hotel room with my lover, Kev. He had brought me here yesterday for a 4 day weekend affair, leaving our partners behind and enjoying it with love and sex. Peeking under the covers I see Kev's beautiful naked body, his flaccid cock resting on his leg. I guide his semi-erect cock into my awaiting mouth tasting our mixed juices still lingering on it.Absent-mindedly I close my eyes enjoying the sweet taste and the feeling of him growing in my mouth. Kev lowers his body over me and I feel his erection pushing against my sex and with one swift motion he penetrates my awaiting pussy hole. Not letting my orgasm subside, Kev carries on abusing my aching pussy with my hands still above my head.

Waiting Out the Storm - Final Chapters

anal johnnstace 2018-11-03

She did as she was told, the anticipation almost too much for her to bear.  She was wondering what he was going to do with the ice, but she could imagine the possibilities.  She could use a little “cooling off.”  As she lay on the bed, knees spread, ass in the air, she took the time to gently massage her clit, being careful not to cum again – she wanted to cum for him – with him.

Good Girl Gone Bad Part 3

anal Kali_Urriah 2018-11-03

I took his fingers into my mouth like it was his cock and sucked them and licked them tasting my wetness. “I’ve got something for you to eat.” Carl pulled out his cock then took his hand and pushed my head down on it. He pulled out his cock and pushed it into my pussy and started fucking me right in the elevator. Carl took off all his clothes and got on top of me and pushed his cock into my young, wet tight pussy. Carl pulled out his fingers from my ass and his cock from my pussy. Carl told me that my ass was squeezing his cock so hard when I was cumming that he thought I was going to snap it off.

Connections by Six Degrees Ch. 01.2

anal karma_rider 2018-08-19

And I spend a long time, with my eyes closed, memorizing her face with my kisses, feeling her peaceful mood through my lips. And I stop at her essence, and she is now lost completely in blackness with only one sensation, and she focuses on that, and she floats, and did her soul has become so incredibly light, and, and in her ecstasy she takes in the wonder and the appreciation of existence, and breathes out, hard, because the pleasures is on the other side of tender, and she put our head back and shut your eyes tightly so she can remember the feeling of ecstasy that she had just a fleeting moment ago.

Paul and Sarah - Work Affair

anal dieharder 2018-06-24

Sarah grunts loudly as Paul takes a hold of her shoulders and presses himself as deep inside her wanting ass as he can possibly get and unloads the strongest stream of cum he has ever shot in his life. She doesn't say a word, just smirks and lightly bites down on her bottom lip, lowering her head back onto the desk and grabbing the edges as Paul lifts himself off her, takes a hold of her hips again and almost fully retracts himself from her ass...

Bend Over For Me..Just Like That..

anal Justaja 2018-06-17

He still had 15 minutes of training to go and considered briefly waiting to look at his phone but his fingers seemed to work faster than his common sense and there was a wonderfully hot picture of that sweet ass he had spent more nights cumming to than is probably healthy. He walked over, grabbed her hair, turned her face away from him and smacked her ass as hard as he felt comfortable...the night was still young. He suddenly stopped and after what felt like an eternity took a deep breath and began to pound into her so hard it nearly laid her flat against the bed.

After School Adventures Ch. 07

anal Slash_Raptor 2018-05-28

"My affair was with one of my clients." said Karen. "That sounds right." said Karen, hopping off the bed and standing up. "We have some issues that need to be worked out," said Karen, sounding irritated "If this will help, then I'm willing to give it a try." "Let me taste it!" squealed Karen, pulling my cock out of her ass and getting down on her knees. "Cum inside me," said Karen, who could apparently feel my orgasm building, "Who knows, we might get lucky this time, daddy." We lay there on the bed for what felt like endless, blissful hours, until Karen got up and tidied herself up a bit.

A First In The Rear

anal Art 2018-05-24

"I hope you like it too." He was right behind her now, and placed the tip of his hard slick cock firmly against her crinkled little anus. After letting her have a few seconds to get used to something in her backside, John began to push again, and slid most of his cock slowly into Mary's tight little ass. Usually she blew the guy until he got close and then finished him off with her hand, holding the cock tightly as her lover started to cum, making the sperm squirt high into the air. John resumed thrusting, more like pounding away at her ass, as squirt after squirt of his thick hot cum sprayed out of his cock and landed deep in Mary's tight climaxing little ass.

Amy Surprises Me at the Office

anal storyteller1023 2018-03-31

And she did......I looked Sarah right in the eye, while I placed my hands on Amy's ass and pushed my cock all the way into her tight, welcoming ass. With my other hand, I kept the dildo pumping in and out of her cunt......and before I knew it, her entire body was spasming over the desk.....shaking and violently throbbing......and to my amazement, my cock exploded once again, filling her tight little ass with another generous helping of warm cum...... As Sarah carefully inched forward, knowing that Amy had her job in her hands, I made my way back to my desk and locked the door behind me......maybe a deviant little threesome was in my future, too?

Breaking Up From Behind

anal Giselle_Renarde 2018-03-25

In no time, he was hard as a twenty-year-old boy and I couldn't wait to get his cock in my ass whether he liked it or not. My ass opened like a flower and I thrust my clit against my vibrating vixen before I even realized that I had his whole cockhead inside me. When his cock was in my ass for good, I pressed the vibe down in my pussy lip, right next to my clit. My intensely focused pleasure simmered as I held that pose, vibe on clit, hand on tit, cock in ass, until it boiled over all at once and I jumped away from everything.

The Smell of Cigarettes

anal lolafalola 2018-02-27

I remember meeting him, a cashier at a convenient store, working at a place along the way home, where I usually didn't stop, but needed to that day because I was running low on gasoline. He liked to ass fuck, especially a very large woman, grab onto her hefty hips and work himself as much as possible into her. He liked the tighter feeling of a woman's ass and the feel of pushing hard and working himself into such a tight opening. I had also read that working to relax my ass muscles, like I was going to take a shit, helped immensely. As I pulled into a dark but empty strip mall parking lot, I could feel Kirby's hands starting to work to pull up my skirt, feeling as much of my thighs as possible.

Backdoor Delivery

anal Intercontinental 2018-01-30

He had been very clear about what he had wanted her to wear; high heeled cream courts, nude lace top hold up stockings, white lacy bra and panties, blue denim mini skirt and a pink, tight, skinny rib top with three quarter sleeves. She felt so exposed with her ass in the air, she felt such a slut being fucked in her kitchen with her crumpled panties lying forlornly on the floor, but she felt such desire for this man as his pushing increased. Greg grabbed the tops of her thighs with each hand as he pounded her against the table, thrilling to the feel of the soft flesh atop the fine lace of her stockings.

It's Not an Affair If It's Anal Ch. 01

anal Hidden_Curiosity 2018-01-23

My wife's ass was perfect for anal. I can imagine the feeling of my head penetrating and popping through as her muscles contract on my shaft; the sensation as I slowly push deeper; the look of amazement and discomfort on her face. Kneeling behind her to give a long lick up her crack and then circle her ass with my tongue. But lately I can't stop thinking about anal." She looks around conspiratorially. Heather's eyes perked up, "You've licked her ass?" So much for tamer. "God, I want my ass licked," she bemoaned. It makes perfect sense." She concluded her argument and had a satisfied look on her face. My eyes got big, as if she caught my hand in the cookie jar.

The First Lick

anal MichealP 2017-12-17

I start focusing on her clit with my tongue again and slide one finger into her pussy. I start sliding my finger in and out while I work her clit with my mouth. In a couple of licks I get my tongue moving from her pussy each time to in that area between her ass and her pussy. I slide my tongue all the way up this time and across the sensitive flesh of her hole. I lick it a few more times, and then I shove my tongue inside it. This time I get all the way in and stop for a moment, enjoying the feeling of being buried completely inside her.

Two Teachers Share Anal Sex Fantasy

anal lou26 2017-12-12

"I only ask because I know that you're married, and have children, and I'm wondering if it's normal for sex to dwindle after marriage." Lars stopped smiling and looked intensely into my eyes. Reminding myself that this was my one and only chance to be as wild and sexually adventurous as possible (without it involving my husband), I took Lars's face in my hands, looked him right in the eye and said, With me still bent over his desk, Lars pushed his tongue deep inside my tight ass hole and tongue-fucked me into the best orgasm of my entire life. Reaching one hand up and finding my clit, Lars began playing with my pussy while slowly pushing his cock deeper inside my ass.

Forbidden Encounters Pt. 01

anal Sithica 2017-12-05

I don't understand those people, because whenever I think about the sensation of your cock in my ass my vagina starts to tingle and I all I want to do is fuck your head off. You would then probably go down to your knees and put your mouth right between my ass cheeks where your tongue could drag from my pussy all the way to my asshole. I would turn around and go down to my knees, you wouldn't even get the chance to stand up and I would make you lay down right there on your kitchen floor. next time we will have so more pussy attention, but for now, my ass just really wanted to be fucked exactly like that.

My Online Affair

anal foobario 2017-11-09

Online dating was a chore, but right now it was my best option, and I certainly wasn't doing the hard yards on this site for an affair with a married man. I'd always said I wasn't going to do the sex chat thing, which is clearly what he was angling for. His thumb finds my vagina and pushes slowly inside me as he continues rhythmically cupping my mound, squeezing, running his fingers through the tight curls of my pubic hair. As he starts to tongue me he reaches forward grabbing one of my boobs, squeezing hard as he urgently laps at my labia and vagina. He grabs me by the hips again, and lifts my bum into the air, and I feel him slide one finger inside my vagina.