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A Day at the Beach

anal 1mbibry 2018-05-04

After a time I felt Irina slide her self down towards my feet and her hands began working the lotion onto the small of my back and eventually she began to kneed my buttocks. Her strong hands worked my cheeks and I felt my cock begin to expand in response to her loving caress. Irina soon pushed both fingers deep into my ass. Irina was working herself into a frenzy on my calf as she drove me out of my mind with her hand and fingers. I felt her tremble as she grasped my balls with her free hand and fucked my ass in earnest with her fingers.

A Break from the Routine

anal ConfusinglyDelerious 2018-01-24

My hands grasping firmly, in part to keep Alina from making any sudden moves, but also to part her butt-cheeks, I let my tongue wander further than she had ever gotten to experience before, slipping wetly down the crack of her ass, until I felt my tongue-tip brush over her tightly clenched hole. But I had no reason to complain as Alina's hands grabbed my hips and pulled me closer to bed, and her lips planted a kiss on my cock. I grabbed her hips, wrapped my arms around them, and held her firmly in place, dug my tongue-tip down into the wrinkly hole, and pressed until I felt it slip inside.

The Nasty Train Conductor

anal mr_fred_flinta 2017-12-06

"I told you TO COME AND SIT YOUR ASS ON MY HARD MEAT, I want to feel those chocolate balls get creamy with my cock" I said twisting her nipples until she started whining a little. "After it all has mixed nicely you'll get to suck it clean again - so don't you worry you little nasty fucking bitch!!!" Before she was able to move away from her position and into the new one I pulled her left nipple hard, jutting it to all sides, and using my free hand to smack her beautiful big breast. Instead she pulled her right hand behind her and shoved quickly two fingers up her ass, pushing hard against my cock making it starting to burst out all the gooey stuff in there.


anal dsmithson556 2017-12-02

I want you to be honest with me David," Lindsay said. "Butt toys," Lindsay said "I think you like butt toys, David." "Last time when I was sucking your cock and playing with your balls, you seemed to lift your ass like you wanted me to play with it." Lindsay said, "You can be honest with me David. "Lindsay, you can't ask me that," David said. I like having sex with girls better," David said. "David, I want to see your ass take my entire strap on. David moaned, "Oh Lindsay, that feels so good." David couldn't believe how good it felt to get fucked and began working his ass back on her cock. You work your ass like you've done this before" Lindsay said.

Sweet Soapy Ass

anal ArseyKaye 2017-10-23

You slide your soapy hands up my arms and begin washing my shoulders, your slick fingers massaging. I step back, pinning you between the wall and my body and whisper, "Wash my chest and stomach now." Your erection is trapped, pointing skyward, between the cheeks of my ass. Sliding my hands over your hips I begin massaging the cheeks of your ass with my soapy palms. I push your upper body downward, with one hand splayed between your shoulders and the other on your hip, while at the same time pulling your lower body back toward me, until you are bent at the waist. With my free hand on your hip guiding you I begin pushing my thumb slowly in and out of you.