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anal DirtyFilthyInk 2018-06-27

We shared a lovely shower earlier, where our removal of sun screen and sweat had led to me gasping against the wall of the shower as my cock pulsed in your mouth, spending myself against your tongue. I remain standing a moment longer and you quickly lean over and take my hardening cock in your warm mouth. You scoot down in the chair and pull your legs up and apart, hands at your knees, opening your heated core up to my ravenous mouth as much as you can. Stepping back, my cock slipping from your mouth, I take your hand and pull you gently up. You are quickly on hands and knees, head down, feeling all of that water pound against your gorgeous ass and back.

Saudi Women who Love Black Men

anal Samuelx 2018-06-25

"My husband likes my farts," Fatima Al-Saud said haughtily as she walked out of the ladies room, looking at the other young women who stood there, noses wrinkled in disgust as they involuntarily inhaled her toxic fumes. The first time their eyes met, Fatima looked at Malik and knew that the tall, dark-skinned young African Muslim was destined to play an important role in her life... "Nothing wrong with that, Fatima, the Prophet Mohammed intended us to be one Ummah, regardless of skin color or nationality, we are both Muslims," Malik replied confidently, and he then took Fatima's hand, and as the shocked young Saudi woman looked on, he brought it to his lips and kissed it.

I Want You To Fuck My Ass

anal nicole_keleigh 2018-06-25

“I want you to fuck my ass.” Of course, the situation was very different and it wasn’t planned by any means. It was the next morning, still lying in bed, that I whispered in his ear, “I want you to fuck my ass.” He pushed against my asshole and without him even penetrating me, I wanted to scream out in pain. He slid into my wet pussy, but even though it was clearly going to hurt, I didn’t want anything other than my asshole to be fucked. This time he did penetrate my asshole, just the tip, but I’d never felt anything so painful before. It hurt, like someone tearing me apart, but at the same time I could feel pleasure.

The Special Thing About Me

anal vicburress 2018-06-25

Of course I remember the day I met you...I noticed you first. I had not looked at myself (I never do), but, as you would confirm for me later, there was a little bead of ooze at the end of my sweet thing, emerging through the back of my skirt like a droplet of milk from a breast. When your eyes returned to my face, I looked you right in the eye and smiled, tossed my head so that my hair and my earrings danced, and pushed out the biggest fart I could summon. As we lowered ourselves to the grass, you murmured, "Lie down on your side, facing away from me...I think you'll be more comfortable." You were so right.

Good Girl Gone Bad Part 3

anal Kali_Urriah 2018-06-24

I took his fingers into my mouth like it was his cock and sucked them and licked them tasting my wetness. “I’ve got something for you to eat.” Carl pulled out his cock then took his hand and pushed my head down on it. He pulled out his cock and pushed it into my pussy and started fucking me right in the elevator. Carl took off all his clothes and got on top of me and pushed his cock into my young, wet tight pussy. Carl pulled out his fingers from my ass and his cock from my pussy. Carl told me that my ass was squeezing his cock so hard when I was cumming that he thought I was going to snap it off.


anal mike8253 2018-06-23

She’d ask questions: “Are you going to make me cum?”; “Do you like my pussy?”; “do you like my clit?”; “do you want me to suck your cock?” Linda had one long orgasm, body arched up to meet my tongue, long, loud moans, and her hands pulling on the back of my head into her pussy. I love the look of a woman’s back and ass when she’s being fucked doggie, pussy or ass; the sweat on her back rolled down her spine to her ass; her hair was all tangled and wet and hanging down to the floor; her face was all sweaty; she was breathing hard and moaning with pleasure; her big boobs swayed violently back and forth, her nipples brushing against the bed sheet.

A Day to Remember (Sequel to A Night to Remember)

anal Phantomrose 2018-06-23

I arched my back, wanting to feel more of that pleasure.It felt like someone was licking my already wet vagina. I was a bit surprised by this move, and even squirmed when he did this, but soon got used to the feel of his wet finger moving inside of my ass. I wanted, no needed it inside of that hole now.Without another word, he gently shoved his slippery dick into my ass. I tried to focus on how full my ass felt with his lovely, throbbing dick inside of me. He gently kissed my neck and whispered, “It’s ok hun…god, your ass feels good around my cock.” I felt his cock throbbing deep inside my ass, and loved it.

We met on a plane ... Continued... I want to try anal sex

anal Fastrunner325 2018-06-21

I was definitely into it but it wasn’t so much about wanting anal sex as much as it was that I was so turned on by how bad she wanted it and how much I loved her dirty talk. I took some soap and rubbed her clit and then worked my hand over her pussy and then took a soapy finger and put it in her ass. I took the other hand and kept rubbing her clit as I worked my finger in and out of her ass, further and further. I kept going, working my two fingers in and out of her ass while I rubbed her clit. She clamped my hand down onto her clit and kept the pressure on and I held my fingers in her ass.

A Weekend In Sweden. Day 2

anal NatashaTsarinaErotic 2018-06-21

She continued to stroke his cock under the robe and said, “we like a good morning fuck and we change place every day and today it’s in the kitchen.” I moved in close enough that I could take Stefan’s balls in my hand from between his legs and while he fucked Eva I gave him a good massage and kissed his back and neck. He fucked me hard and brutal, until I couldn’t take it any longer, I let go of a long moan and as my orgasm exploded from inside me, Eva rubbed her clit against my face and she came all over it.

Black Psychiatry for Beginners

anal Samuelx 2018-06-19

"Miss Jasper, after due analysis, it has come to my attention that your fear of anal sex is rooted deep in your subconscious, I feel that in order to overcome this rather irrational fear, you need to confront it in the most vivid way possible," Dr. Jean-Luc Charles said in that deep baritone voice of his as he looked at his patient, self-styled diva, University of Ottawa campus queen and apparent neurotic mess Bianca Jasper. "Yes sir, I absolutely concur," Bianca said in a sultry voice, raising her smooth brown legs in the air and fingering her already wet cunt as Dr. Charles filled her asshole with his long, thick and glistening dark dick. "Just like I promised it would," Dr. Charles said, and without another word he thrust two fingers into Bianca's wet cunt, causing the young Jamaican woman to gasp in surprised pleasure.

A Boss in Need

anal sweet80sarah 2018-06-19

If his wife never let him go down on her, I wondered how he was so fucking good at this He focused on my clit just as I liked it, sucking and licking. I’d reply with: “You gave me the best orgasm in my life.” “I loved your cum in my mouth.” “I absolutely loved sucking your cock.” This little asshole needs a good fucking, and I’m going to deliver.” I couldn’t believe he wasn’t stopping and I could tell the fact that I was protesting was getting him more excited because he thrust the rest of his huge cock inside me ass. I had gotten used to his thick cock and I started enjoying getting my ass fucked.

A God Among Ordinary Men Ch. 02

anal Samuelx 2018-06-17

Nothing he loves in the world more than sticking his big cock up the butt hole of a hefty gal who gets off on that sort of thing. Rhea's eyes widened almost to the point of popping as Adam slammed his cock impossibly deep inside her asshole. Thus it is that Adam Sly, a Trickster's son and a Trickster's Trickster met Rhea Antoine, the woman who became his extremely willing sex slave. Rhea Antoine taught Adam Sly, the charming Trickster how to fix cars so he doesn't depend on the kindness of strangers when stuck. He even introduced her to his parents, Bruno College Director of Athletics Jack Sly and his lovely wife, ex-professional boxer Sylvia Shay.

A Couple Play A Sexy Game

anal Mysteria27 2018-06-17

Emily wanted to look hot for her husband. Tommy took the dice and didn’t roll a six. Emily and Tommy were giggling while they played the game together. Emily made all kinds of sucking and slurping noises while she blew at her husband's cock. Emily was moaning and groaning and wanting Tommy to fuck her. Tommy played with his wife’s pussy while he slowly began to fuck her tight asshole. When they got to the bedroom, they just held each other and Emily held her husband's cock in her hands. Emily climbed on top of her husband and positioned herself over his hard cock. Emily spread her buttocks and positioned Tommy's hard cock up her asshole again.

My Bitch is Black Ch. 04

anal Samuelx 2018-06-16

For me, a big and throbbing, uncircumcised black cock deep inside my asshole happens to be that thing which I cannot do without. Burying his nine-inch black cock inside my asshole is my boyfriend Lawrence Cameron. A six-foot, big and tall, fat-bottomed, sixty-year-old black female retiree with an addiction to rough anal sex. Especially fine-looking black men like Lawrence. Lawrence placed his hands on my hips and pushed his cock into my asshole. Lawrence digs his fingers into my hips as he slams his cock into my asshole. A lot of women will sing like canaries when a cock goes anywhere near their assholes. I love watching white women getting their assholes stretched by the long and thick dicks of sexy black men.

I Fuck Big Girls In The Ass

anal Samuelx 2018-06-15

My first victim was Madeline Simon, a big and tall white woman with long blonde hair and pale blue eyes. This self-described Big Beautiful Woman was a member of the Minnesota Institute of Technology Women's Wrestling program. Originally, the Minnesota Institute of Technology's Department of Athletics sponsored Men's Varsity Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Soccer, Swimming, Ice Hockey, Lacrosse, Volleyball, Gymnastics, Water Polo, Rugby, Bowling, Rowing, Football, Alpine Skiing, Wrestling, Rifle, Pistol, Fencing and Rodeo along with Women's Varsity Softball, Basketball, Cross Country, Soccer, Swimming, Volleyball, Gymnastics, Water Polo, Alpine Skiing, Rugby, Bowling, Field Hockey, Lacrosse, Ice Hockey, Rowing, Rifle, Pistol, Fencing and Rodeo. You have to understand that, to the casual observer, Madeline looked like a shy, plump country girl. I stared into Madeline's eyes, and told the big and tall country girl that I was waiting to be impressed. My eyes widened in surprise as I looked at Madeline's fat naked butt.

The Nurse Practitioner

anal tadgh64 2018-06-15

"Don't worry, it happens all the time," she was definitely enjoying this as she slowly pulled her finger outward, then pushed it back. She slowly slid her fingers up along my shaft pulling the skin up over the head and then back down all the way to my balls all while continuing to push her finger in and out of my ass. My ass squeezed her finger erratically as she watched the white globs of cum spurt from my cock landing on the exam table. Her ass pressed my hard cock from all sides as I pushed, slowly, relentlessly in. I placed a hand on each of her hips and slowly pushed, drawing my cock outward, almost its full length, before pulling her hips back and sliding back into her.

I Fuck Girl Wrestlers in the Ass Ch. 02

anal Samuelx 2018-06-15

I met a lonely black chick wrestler named Adrianna Pleasure and succeeded both in seducing and ass-fucking her before I exposed the entire thing on the Internet in a steamy online sex video as part of my cross-country adventure of tracking down, seducing and ass-fucking some of the country's most famous Girl Wrestlers. Kristen Easter proved to be quite different from Adrianna Pleasure, the famous African-American female wrestler from Alaska. A bitch like Kristen Easter of Crimson Wood, California deserves a good fuck in the ass. I grabbed a handful of Kristen Easter's long reddish hair and yanked her head back while drilling my cock deeper into her asshole. That explains how come famous California Girl Wrestler Kristen Easter had such a tight asshole.

The big female anal sex addict.

anal Samuelx 2018-06-14

It attracted the attention of a tall, good-looking black stud named Trevor a few nights ago. Trevor was this sexy stud I saw dancing at a club. According to Trevor, the Boston Institute of Technology Department of Athletics sponsored Men's Intercollegiate Baseball, Basketball, Badminton, Tennis, Golf, Soccer, Cross Country, Football, Swimming, Lacrosse, Ice Hockey, Wrestling, Water Polo, Rugby and Volleyball. Trevor grinned and told me that he was a Haitian stud. Hell, I loved getting fucked in the ass by his gigantic black cock so much that if loving it was wrong I didn't want to be right. He continued to fuck me until he finally came, sending his hot cum deep inside my asshole. Slowly, Trevor squeezed his cock out of my asshole.

My Freaky Girlfriend

anal Mysteria27 2018-06-13

She came to suck my cock and have me fuck that tight rosebud of hers. My girl then wrapped her mouth around my throbbing cock and took me into her hot, warm, mouth. I just love to feel your big, fat, hard cock in my little rosebud.” She said she would love for my friend Ronnie to fuck her cunt, while I fuck her sweet pussy. I was so fucking horny watching my best friend feel my baby up. Denise straddled his cock and started to fuck him. I then slid my cock into her ass, while Ronnie was fucking her pussy. Ronnie was sucking on her tits, while he was fucking into her sweet bald cunt.

Michelle's First Anal Adventure

anal Master_Jonathan 2018-06-13

I have had anal sex with other past girlfriends and I love the feeling of a tight tunnel hugging my cock like that. Then they started talking about what they liked in bed and that's when Michelle learned that Jessica loved anal sex.  She looked up at me as she hovered over my hard, erect cock pointing at her soft red lips Smiling a little "I know what you want" look she took the head of my cock between her lips and slowly slid down the length of my cock, her eyes never breaking contact with mine. She said she never knew how much fun anal sex could be and she loved that I took it easy and was so gentle and caring about it. 

The Favor

anal JuicynSweet00 2018-06-12

With a choked groan, Rob pushed deep into Anna's ass and came, feeling her squeeze his cock as she cried out with her own orgasm. I want to watch your face as I fuck you." Rob smiled and knelt between Anna's legs, running a finger from her glistening slit down to her asshole. Feeling her muscles ripple around his cock as she came pushed Rob over, too; he spurted deep inside Anna's ass, rolling off to the side afterwards and pulling her close. That's okay, I'm ready to watch you take another man's cock up your ass...and I'm sure Luke is more than ready to get inside your tight little hole." Rob sat beside her.

In the forest

anal silverseeker 2018-06-12

I wasn’t sure if she was lining me up to fuck her, like I had heard women in remote areas, such as the Inuit, apparently did, getting their claws into any male who came along because there might not be another one along for a long time and a woman needs to be fucked. With my right hand I simply located her lips and got the head of my cock between them, then quickly (actually not that quickly) flicked it up, like taking a swab. “It’s okay, Marianne,” I said helplessly.  “I don’t want to spoil anything.” “That almost sounds like a proposal, the way you said it.”

Precious Gift

anal sarahld30 2018-06-12

His left arm wrapped around my waist, brushing my hair away from the right side of my face with his other hand, kissing my neck, giving me tender love nips on my ear, and softly said, “I am here, you are MINE, trust me, I will not leave you.” His fingers rubbing and circling faster and faster on my clit, pelvic muscles beginning to contract, my hips moving in time to his tempo, my cunt soaked, and all sound hazy and distant, sheathed in a fog, with only his voice to guide me, cutting through like a knife, “CUM NOW!” he ordered. Tears were now streaming from the pressure and blazing inferno inside, as his cock was driving into my tight ass one torturous inch at a time in my dark hole.


Anal Anxiety (Part One)

anal Cyndy 2018-06-11

We supply cocktails and some snacks.” Jen continued, “You can use and keep any toys or lubes that you need for the night from our store.” Still with my eyes closed, I pictured Jimmy kneeling behind me, with his hands firmly grasping my hips and his cock slowly penetrating my ass. “Baby,” Jimmy growled, “I want to cum in your ass.” While Jimmy pulled his cock out, he went from gripping my ass to rubbing it. “After all, when it comes to fucking your ass, I think my cock gets the biggest and hardest it ever gets, so I definitely will be up for it!” As Jimmy's tongue went to work, all I could think of was the adventure that lay ahead!