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Breakfast In Bed

anal MrAvg 2018-03-01

"I think you are ready Bill, I will be gentle, and once we start you will enjoy me inside you, I promise," says Sam, he sucks Bill's balls and spreads his ass cheeks for easier access. Sam says, "You like my cock up your ass, you are a tight one, I am going to breed you hard." Sam pushes slowly but forcefully thrusting with a long smooth gliding movement of his cock impaling Bill's asshole with grunts of pleasure coming from Bill. Sam dips his two fingers in Bill's ass and begins to massage his prostrate to the sound of shallow grunts of euphoric pleasure as precum oozes out of his cock onto the bed, he felt like he was going to blow the prostrate massage felt so good.

Bisexual Bandit

anal Samuelx 2018-02-28

Jason Saint Jean leaned back against the wall and smiled at Barbara as she sucked on his cock. Barbara Sumner lived in a small apartment in Boston's South End. Jason Saint Jean was a resident of Brighton. Franco was tall and good-looking Haitian man in his early forties. Jason gasped when he felt Franco's hard dick slide into his ass. Jason turned around and looked at the man who just fucked him. Jason fucked the shit out of him and finally came, flooding the older man's asshole with his hot manly seed. When Jason Saint Jean came, his hot cum flooded Barbara Sumner's asshole. Barbara asked him whose asshole he preferred to fuck, a man or a woman's?


Wife Takes Husband's Ass Ch. 02

anal HappyCouple74 2018-02-27

I was sitting in my car outside of the gym, thinking about what Gina-Marie said, and about the lust in her eyes and probably mine as she fucked my ass with the dildo the week prior. My cock was hard and pointed at Luke, as Gina-Marie walked around next to me. Gina-Marie positioned herself in front of me, legs spread, playing with herself while watching me take this cock in my ass. Luke picked me up and put me on my back and pushed his still-hard, cum covered cock back in my sore ass. With cum in my mouth, dripping from my face, and my spent cock and my ass, Gina-Marie smiled and said "Think you can handle two at once?"

Oats and Barley

anal alexcarr 2018-02-27

I reckon the seven years backward trip was good value, I could never have enjoyed Ursula so much if I had been that older, and yet she still showed all the elements and energy of the girl I fucked all that time ago, but I don’t think she was doing Barley and Oats then, but would I have wanted that?, I don’t know, all I was after was my oats as plain as that and she gave me her all, she fucked like a good’un and left me numb and very happy,

Boarding School

anal ChrissyDPfanatic 2018-02-24

My mouth suddenly shot open as I moaned loud and three fingers were now sliding slowly into my ass, I guess he thought this meant I wanted to suck him, because he adjusted and pushed his massive cock head between my lips. I could feel her spread her fingers each time they slid outward and soon I was moaning over his cock head. I was able to look back over my shoulder as the table shook quite a bit, to see him mounting me with her holding his rock hard cock and pointing it right at my ass as she slipped her tongue in his.

Ellen's Men Next Door: Her first anal fuck

anal Wil_TX 2018-02-23

With his cock now clean and hard, Jack stepped away from the two lovers and laid down on the other chaise lounge next to them, to watch his mate fuck his mother's best friend. Before Ellen knew what was happening, Jed was pushing his huge hard cock head into her ass. As Ellen stroked her clit with one hand and pinch her hard right nipple with the other she looked Jed straight in the eyes and said, "Yes Jed, fuck my ass, fuck me good, make me scream, make me cum." As Jack shoot stream after stream of hot cum across Ellen's stomach, Jed pushed his cock as hard and as deep into her ass as he could go and held there for just a moment.

Valentine's day with Trish and Nikki

anal prisonbreak 2018-02-20

Trish, whom I had completely forgotten about, was standing at our side, also assisted me, by removing Nikki’s black bra and immediately grabbing her beautiful boobs, squeezing and fondling them; licking and sucking her maroon, puffy nipples. I couldn’t wait any longer and got Nikki to get on the table on all fours, just like Trish lay there before Nikki’s arrival. Meanwhile, Trish had mounted Nikki from behind and without warning, shoved that insanely ribbed and cruel dildo into Nikki’s now well-fucked asshole. When I knew it was time, I pulled out and hurriedly reached forward, shoving my dick balls deep into Nikki’s gaping, and panting mouth; making her taste her own anal flavors through my dick.

Brockton BBWs Love Anal Too

anal Samuelx 2018-02-19

Wilma lived on the east side of Brockton, not far from the community college. Wilma eagerly took my cock into her mouth and began sucking on it. Man, this plump black chick with the big booty from hell really knew how to suck dick. Wilma stopped sucking my dick for a moment and began licking my balls. Wilma seemed to take to ass licking like a cat takes to hunting mice. I laid Wilma on the carpeted floor, spread her plump thighs and went to work on her snatch. I love the sensation of a tight ass around my cock and it doesn't matter to me if it belongs to a male or a female. I pulled my cock almost all the way out of Wilma's ass.

Ellen's Men Next Door: Bisexual threesome with Jack and Jed

anal Wil_TX 2018-02-14

After standing to the side of Jack and Ellen watching his best friend's huge cock piston in and out of Ellen’s ass, Jed walked behind his first lover. As Jed pushed his huge cock into his man's ass, it seemed to Ellen that Jack’s member was getting thicker and harder inside of her. With that final push, Jack could feel his man lover's cock begin to pulsate deep inside of him, feeling his ass fill with hot cum. Jack and Ellen passionately kissed each other before Jack withdrew his dirty cock from Ellen’s ass; cum poured from her and pooled onto the ottoman. Jack pulled his dirty cock from Jed's stretched ass and laid his huge cock head onto Ellen’s waiting tongue.

The Gearjammer and the Homo

anal pornoperson 2018-02-09

I didn't think she could look any better than she had but Callie took off her faux fur coat, revealing just how shapely her figure really was. "Get the fuck off of him!" Bobbi screamed as she reached her flannel-clad arms around Callie, pulling her reluctant body away from me and tossing her on the floor. Before I knew what was going on, she undid her belt buckle with one hand while hoisting one of my legs over her shoulder, pulling me to the edge of the massage table, with the other. As it was, Bobbi looked pretty natural with a cock between her legs. Loud sobs filled my ears and I felt bad for Callie but, when I looked over to her, I saw she wasn't crying.

Night that almost wasn't-part two

anal dc6370 2018-02-09

He never said a word, pulled down his pants and started fucking Lora. He fucked her hard, the whole time Lora was looking into my eyes as she tried to suck my cock. Lora told me he came so hard she felt it gush in her ass. I asked her what took so long, she said when she was washing her hands, another woman saw the cum dripping from her ass and started eating her. Lora said there was no way she was going to stop that woman because it felt so good. Lora said after a minute or so, "Are you in my ass"?

The Taking of Pamela’s Anal Cherry

anal DarkSide 2018-02-08

In fact it was a long time after we were married that Lesley said that she actually fancied Pamela and would love to lick her senseless. It wasn’t long before Lesley was openly finger fucking Pamela’s arse. Lesley’s finger was forcefully removed from Pamela’s anus and Lesley eventually sat up on the bed watching her friend orgasm. Pamela was eventually nearing recovery, her breathing was returning to normal when words came out of Lesley’s mouth that would change their sexual habits for good. I saw Lesley’s eyes fill with lust, I watched her breathing increase, I watched her stare at Pamela’s arse as she fucked into it. Pamela then turned to look at me, she smiled, worked her way to the edge of the bed and lifted her arse in the air.

Wife Takes Husband's Ass

anal HappyCouple74 2018-02-07

"Good morning, sex fiend!" I replied, as I came up behind her, pressing my hard cock in to the cleft of her ass, kissing the back of her neck and running my hands over her double-D breasts. I was turned on by the scene, thinking about a hot, hard cock up my own ass, when I felt her spread my cheeks and her tongue on my hole. I started really getting in to it, backing up on the dildo, trying to get her to fuck me harder, like the guy on the TV, who now had two loads of cum on his face and at least one in his ass. I rolled over, putting my own legs in the air, and Gina-Marie began to suck my cock while fucking my ass with the whole length of the dildo.

Inhibitions - What If She Finds Out?

anal naughnukk 2018-02-07

He had to get ready for school in an hour so he cleaned up his partner and placed her behind a panel in the closet and pulled the clothes over her. Lee was in the shower when the lustful thoughts of being with the real Clara overwhelmed him. Clara sensed Lee's arousal and immediately introduced him to a display where a woman was kneeling and fitted in a breeding harness and her partner was fitted with a huge dildo. Clara moved Lee's hand away from the dildo and secretly slid his hand under the harness and placed it on the bulge in Lee’s pants. "I thought Master Clara was..." Lee was about to ask but was cut short by the woman.


anal Samuelx 2018-02-03

I like sex, with both men and women, though not always at the same time. Charlotte sucked my cock and licked my balls. After Charlotte got done sucking me, I decided to have a go with that plump ass of hers. I thought anal sex with hunky gay men and skinny women was fine. I've fucked a lot of women and quite a few men who whine till kingdom come when I've got my cock up their assholes. Man, I was really getting off from slamming my cock into Charlotte's tight butt hole. We continued to fuck like anal sex was going out of style until I finally came, sending my hot cum deep inside her.

A Bisexual Somali Love Story Ch. 02

anal Samuelx 2018-02-02

Typically, bisexual Muslim guys like myself keep our secrets, but thanks to the new lady in my life, I feel free. I don't know of any African man who doesn't love a big ass. Ayaan Mahmoud and I started with our fun in the shower, kissing passionately and caressing each other under the hot water, and somehow, we ended up in the living room. Ayaan smiled and giggled softly as I caressed her big butt, and then I spread her ass cheeks wide open. Smiling, Ayaan continued sucking my dick while fingering my ass. Ayaan dug deeper into my ass with her finger, twisting it this way and that while licking the underside of my shaft, and then flicking her tongue over my dick head.

My education continues after my virginity was lost

anal juanmoretime1 2018-01-31

It was then I felt John’s hard cock on my thigh and I began to feel my cunt flush with wet excitement and realized he had stripped naked too. Brad leaned down and grabbed my left breasts with his hand while he affixed his mouth to my right nipple and sucked hard. Brad came before me and wagged his hard cock in front of my face and I took him in my mouth and began to suck him while I plunged my fingers into John’s ass. John’s cock was hard and I went underneath and began to suck him while watching Brad fuck his ass from below.

Increasing Desire: Chapter 5 – Subconscious Needs

anal GatorRhythms 2017-12-08

Ivan removed his own hand and Richard took his time caressing, stroking, and exploring Ivan’s impressive cock and balls. I’m just going to use my fingers to see how your prostate is responding to the stimulation,” Ivan said as he shifted to keep his hot cock in contact with Richard’s warm ass cheek. As Ivan spoke, he reached forward beneath Richard with his right hand to once again to fondle his now throbbing cock and swollen balls. Ivan also reached around Richard’s left leg with his left hand to continue stroke his fully swollen cock and balls. “You do want this, Richard, don't you?" said Ivan as he lovingly held my husband’s hip with one hand while stroking his own fully erect cock against the crack of his ass.


anal UniversityGirl 2017-11-16

Set on the bed, a bottle of silicone lube, my brand new stainless steel buttplug, plus a couple of metal balls (that I found at some time ago at Home Depot, of all places. The feel of the plug starting to stretch me open a bit is when I go easy, taking my time. Another minute or so of working it and I'm getting a little frustrated, as well as very wet, I can feel a bit of wetness running down the back of my thigh, and I'm pretty sure it's not lube. I think the plug's compressing my pussy a bit, because the balls feel HUGE, rubbing inside me with each step. I can feel the plug threatening to pull out of my ass, thanks to her fingers.

A Bisexual Man's Hidden Secret

anal windwriter 2017-10-30

I saw my friend, a big burly guy, bent over the workbench with the new neighbors cock buried in his ass. Other times I feel this horrible need to be used and fucked like some wimpy assed pussy. Withdrawing slightly, I watched as his puckered ass tried to turn inside out around my cock just before I lunged forward and drove it into him again. Raising his body like he was preparing for pushups, his stiff cock slid along my ass crack until it hit the spot. He slowly raised his body, pulling his cock completely out of my ass. "Too late Mary." He pulled his cock out and repositioned at my hole, waiting just long enough that my puckered ass tightened up again.

The Start Of My Journey (I Hope)

anal Lethaine 2017-10-28

I canceled my membership and just started spamming mailings in hopes of getting someone to reply before my time was up and I relegated the desires to mere fantasy status yet again. Not so much a tease or foreplay, it was merely the journey towards a destination as they quickly found my ass and began to play with the butt plug. "Looking at you like this has me all bothered toy, eat me and make me cum so I can concentrate better." With that she shoved her wet pussy into my face and I happily began to slurp away. The dildo made an even more lurid slurping sound as it was pulled out of me than the butt plug had earlier and again my ass was left so empty and wanting.

Steamy Inspiration

anal geeelo 2017-10-28

Lust in her eyes, she brought her head to his, touching her lips against his then kissed him deeply... His cock stiffened even more as he watched her slowly fingering her mouth. The blonde had one hand beneath Cindy's skirt. Cindy's hips thrusting back against her hand gave her her answer. lowering her mouth to Cindy's waiting cunt. He moved toward her as she lowered her mouth to Cindy's waiting cunt. His cock touching the warm skin of her ass. Brought the head of his cock against her ass... her ass sooooo hot and tight and glistening with oil. Her mouth and hands worked Cindy's cunt. his cock working in and out of the blonde's ass.

Experimenting with Penny Ch. 03

anal muffin928 2017-10-25

Even though Penny didn't come out and say it, I knew she enjoyed watching me suck John's dick. I watched her face as I slowly slid the cock into my mouth, and at the same time I started rubbing her pussy with my free hand. I went back to sucking her cock as intently as if she were watching, and working hard to push her toward an orgasm with my fingers in her pussy and on her clit. I spent a little extra time in the shower making sure I was thoroughly cleaned since I knew I would be on the receiving end of Penny's dildo later on that night. Although she knew she didn't need too, Penny pushed my mouth down to John's lap where she was holding his hard cock.

Incompatible Parts

anal lord_jefe 2017-10-15

Danny sat naked on Charli's bed, wondering what she was going to do.While they both needed to be fucked he didn't understand how she thought she could give him an erection. Danny climbed up onto the bed, and looked down at Charli's heart shaped hindquarters, and slid his erection into her dark hole, all the while thinking that a beautiful ass is a beautiful ass, regardless of gender. shove their hard cocks up your sissy ass?!?" Danny, trying to get back into Charli's fantasy started to reply "I'm sorry, sir". Charli stepped up her pounding of Danny's rump, and he began to moan and groan much like his lover earlier.