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A God Among Ordinary Men

anal Samuelx 2018-12-04

When I came along, Bruno College was a small private school with an almost laughable Sports program. Bruno College Sports Teams competed in the National Collegiate Athletic Association's lowest tier, Division III. The following Summer, we set up a press release announcing that we started a Football Team at Bruno College. Bruno College now offers sixteen Varsity Sports, eight for men and eight for women. The black females were on the Women's Basketball, Cross Country and Soccer Teams. How could any of them resist a six-foot-three, good-looking and well-endowed black man with lots of money, a clean record and a college degree? I've fucked a lot of asses in my day, but Sylvia's took the cake.

Fucked In Her Fat Black Ass

anal Samuelx 2018-12-03

Brockton Community College's Department of Athletics currently sponsors quite a few varsity sports such as Men's Intercollegiate Baseball, Basketball, Rifle, Cross Country, Golf, Soccer, Bowling, Pistol, Football, Wrestling, Volleyball, Ice Hockey and Swimming along with Women's Intercollegiate Softball, Basketball, Cross Country, Pistol, Field Hockey, Bowling, Golf, Soccer, Rugby, Wrestling, Volleyball, Ice Hockey and Swimming. Lots of black college men like to fuck thug bitches. Our chocolate stud muffin is thrilled beyond measure and strokes his cock as the big black woman gets on all fours and spreads her plump butt cheeks wide open. Gleefully, he rammed his cock into the big black woman's tight asshole like anal sex was going out of style.

A Big Woman's Anal Discoveries

anal Samuelx 2018-11-29

However, I despised any person, man or woman, who was rude and absolutely classless. If she's the kind of woman who will suck a random man's dick just like that, odds are she might have picked up something on the streets and I don't mean the damn flu. I told her that I'd gotten my dick sucked and shoved my cock into women's pussies before so it was nothing new to me. If there's one thing I love it's the awesome sounds that women make when twelve inches of hard black dick goes up their asses. I placed my hands on the rude black woman's hips and thrust my cock deep into her asshole.

Blonde Fucks Blacks Ch. 08

anal Samuelx 2018-11-29

I shoved the dildo into Jamal's ass and stroked his big black cock while fucking him. I like fucking black men in the ass. When I got done fucking Jamal, I pulled the dildo out of his butt before kissing the sexy black stud. Pounding a sexy black man in the ass with my strap on dildo got my Irish pussy horny and wet. The sexy black stud came up behind me and slid his dick into my ass. I've had anal sex with other men before but never a man Jamal's size. I love men, especially sexy black American studs. When my vacation ended, Jamal and I parted ways, with both of us feeling like this was the best time of our lives.

Blonde Fucks Blacks Ch. 16

anal Samuelx 2018-11-28

My name is Janice Ellery Bronson and I am a six-foot-tall, plump, wide-hipped and big-bottomed, green-eyed and blonde-haired Irishwoman living in the city of Bangor, Maine. I love fucking my favorite black man in the ass with my dildo. I love to get fucked in the ass by a handsome, sexually aggressive black man. I also love to fuck black guys in the ass with my strap-on dildo. I want to make him feel what it's like to have a big cock up his black ass, even if it's plastic. I'm a big white woman from Maine and I'm deeply in love with the tall, handsome black lawyer I calls my husband and eternal lover.

My Bitch is Black Ch. 04

anal Samuelx 2018-11-28

For me, a big and throbbing, uncircumcised black cock deep inside my asshole happens to be that thing which I cannot do without. Burying his nine-inch black cock inside my asshole is my boyfriend Lawrence Cameron. A six-foot, big and tall, fat-bottomed, sixty-year-old black female retiree with an addiction to rough anal sex. Especially fine-looking black men like Lawrence. Lawrence placed his hands on my hips and pushed his cock into my asshole. Lawrence digs his fingers into my hips as he slams his cock into my asshole. A lot of women will sing like canaries when a cock goes anywhere near their assholes. I love watching white women getting their assholes stretched by the long and thick dicks of sexy black men.

My Own Personal Bitch

anal Samuelx 2018-11-28

I like to fuck middle-aged plump black women in the ass. She grabbed my ten-inch, uncircumcised black cock and began sucking on it like oral sex was going out of style. Lots of black men like a female with a fat ass. I pinched her fat ass and the middle-aged black plumper purred like a kitten. Man, even though I've fucked a lot of women in the ass, I was still amazed at how tight Rachel's asshole felt. Lots of women and a few men will scream their lungs out when my cock goes into their assholes. Yeah, I was having a good time slamming my cock in and out of Rachel's wonderfully tight, extremely warm and well-lubricated booty hole.

The big female anal sex addict.

anal Samuelx 2018-11-27

It attracted the attention of a tall, good-looking black stud named Trevor a few nights ago. Trevor was this sexy stud I saw dancing at a club. According to Trevor, the Boston Institute of Technology Department of Athletics sponsored Men's Intercollegiate Baseball, Basketball, Badminton, Tennis, Golf, Soccer, Cross Country, Football, Swimming, Lacrosse, Ice Hockey, Wrestling, Water Polo, Rugby and Volleyball. Trevor grinned and told me that he was a Haitian stud. Hell, I loved getting fucked in the ass by his gigantic black cock so much that if loving it was wrong I didn't want to be right. He continued to fuck me until he finally came, sending his hot cum deep inside my asshole. Slowly, Trevor squeezed his cock out of my asshole.

Fat Chick Does Anal

anal Samuelx 2018-11-27

If you are good-looking, intelligent, healthy and educated, you've got a shot at being successful in this world. I saw a man shoving his dick into a fat chick's ass. I went to the adult video store and rented videos featuring sexy young men fucking fat chicks in every way possible. A twenty-something fat chick named Victoria from the company next door checks me out every time I walked by. Next, I wanted to fulfill my fantasy of fucking a fat chick in the ass. The fat chick screamed as my ten inches of hard black dick went up her ass. I decided to look into the fat woman's face while I fucked her in the ass.

Ana alone in a Brazilian beach

anal Anitaslut44 2018-11-27

Straddling my backside, he sat on his knees above my buttocks and the weight of his body on my shoulders; his cock, now bulging under his G-string, hung inches above the thong covering my ass cheeks… He started to slide his hands up and down my shoulders to massage my back; simultaneously his cock rubbed back and forth in between my ass cleft. The black man had pulled my pussy lips wide and was furiously thrusting his tongue back and forth into my wet cunt. Spitting on his hand, he lubed up his dick and then slowly pushed his large black head into my asshole, making me scream and cry in pain….

Black Men: Kings of the World

anal Samuelx 2018-11-26

I like being fucked in the ass by sexy black men with big dicks. I also like to do willing and sexually adventurous black men in the ass with my strap-on dildo and make them scream my name. It's a good thing I'm still sexy enough to attract the young black studs. Eric Welles, a tall, good-looking black stud who was a student of Bay State College, a small private school down the street from my house. Eric had a fantasy about fucking a sexy older white woman in the ass. I sucked on Eric's cock until the young black college man finally came. I screamed loudly that I didn't like having his dick up my ass, I frigging loved it!

Black Man's Revenge

anal Samuelx 2018-11-25

The black man's dream was to thrive in the white man's world. Too long had the white man controlled the black man's life. Jake looked at the alluring figure of Bridget. Jake gestured with his hand and she came to him. Bridget's eyes lit up when she saw his long, thick black cock. Jake grunted in pleasure when she started to give him head, taking as much of his cock as she could. He took some KY Jelly and rubbed some on his condom-sheathed cock and also on Bridget's spread asshole. Jake took his sweet time, plunging his black cock deep inside the white woman's asshole and then taking it almost all the way out, only to plunge it inside again.

A Strong Woman Needs Anal Too

anal Samuelx 2018-11-25

One time, I was walking around the Bay State College campus when I spotted this tall, good-looking black man in a police uniform. Officer Xavier was looking at me like a hungry wolf seeing a chubby white lamb. Truth be told, I'd done back door love a few times, but never with a man like him. Officer Xavier grinned, and I told him to wait a second, while I got ready. My men everywhere....a wonderfully devious idea sprang into my head but I'll never figure out what it was because just as I began to ponder it, my body was suddenly shaken by a powerful, overwhelming sensation from deep within.

A Pillar of Manliness

anal Samuelx 2018-11-25

I am a tall, good-looking young Black man from Mervin, Virginia. He was a tall, good-looking young man with blond hair and pale blue eyes. The professor in question was Myra O'Shea, a forty-something, tall and square Irish dame with blonde hair, blue eyes and porcelain skin. They never stop to think that the young, well-dressed Black man they see walking down the street might be a college student. The husband, Jared Jenkins, is a tall, good-looking older man with white hair and sparkling green eyes. In this streaming online video, two sexy black men were fucking the hell out of some blonde-haired, big-booty white chick. Professor Myra O'Shea followed me to the men's room, twenty feet away from the campus library.

A Smooth Criminal

anal Samuelx 2018-11-25

Looking me right in the eye, she told me that she wanted to feel my big black dick in her mouth, pussy and ass. What I like is getting me a big woman, preferably black or Spanish, and get her to suck my dick. When she got done sucking me, I told her to show me that big booty of hers. Yeah, white women can have big booties too. Julie asked me if I liked her fat ass. I couldn't wait to shove my big black cock up her asshole. There's nothing quite like the feeling you get when you shove your cock up a big woman's extremely tight, well-lubricated asshole. Julie turned her head around and looked at me in a funny way.

Down Low Brotha is Hot

anal Samuelx 2018-11-24

He's a tall, good-looking black dude who works as a mechanic in my neighborhood. Fucking guys in the ass with a strap on dildo isn't my favorite thing but it's close. The black stud loves getting fucked in the ass by my thick black strap on dildo. I mean, does the world think any less of me for being a big black woman who loves getting fucked in the ass? Besides, even though Tyrone is a freaky and sexually adventurous guy, I don't think he'd like it if his girlfriend decided to have a sex change operation. Tyson loves this about me and fucks me good. He didn't like working for people so he opened up an Auto Body Shop with five of his male friends.

Brother Samuel vs BBW Wrestler

anal Samuelx 2018-11-23

I do love the look in a plump white chick face as I drill my big black cock up her tight asshole. I met Amanda Thorne, the star of the new women's wrestling program. A lot of people constantly criticize me for the way I portray big women in my stories. Which is why I could tell that Amanda Thorne was a gal desperately in need of a man who made her feel like a woman. Big women like Amanda Thorne sometimes need to be showed whose boss. Gently, I caressed Amanda's big white butt while drilling my cock deep into her asshole. Most women and men for that matter would have been whining about taking a super-sized black cock up their butts.

I Fuck Black Man in the Ass

anal Samuelx 2018-11-23

Yeah, George was a butt man. Nina walked up to George and kissed him. When George revealed to Nina that he also felt attracted to men, she had been understanding. After lubricating her man's back door, Nina gently eased the dildo into George's asshole. George stroked his cock furiously as Nina fucked him. Nina laughed and pulled the dildo out of George's ass. Nina grimaced when she felt her man's cock enter her ass. George held his woman by the hips and slammed his cock into her asshole. Nina screamed as her man's hot cum filled her asshole. Nina looked at George. Yeah, after twenty years together, she could still surprise the man she loved.

Big Booty Ghetto Bitches

anal Samuelx 2018-11-22

I guess I must have been really horny or something because ugly-faced yet plump-assed, jet-black hood witch Jasmine actually looked good to me. Jasmine is a five-foot-eight, large-breasted, thick-bodied, wide-hipped and big-bottomed black chick I met on the Randolph Community College campus. When we met, I was a tall, good-looking young black man exploring college life as well as himself on a new campus. Videos featuring black men fucking blonde women in the ass. I've fucked many a big black woman in the ass and let me tell you, they have the sweetest, tightest assholes on the planet. Grinning, Jasmine got on her hands and knees and spread her plump black butt cheeks wide open. I began fucking Jasmine's tight asshole like my life depended on it.

Black Man Sodomizes White Woman

anal Samuelx 2018-11-21

The sexual powers of the black man continue to thrill white women's dreams and make white men wake up in cold sweat. Today's black guys are either fucking white women or they're sleeping with other men on the side. Leslie told me she wanted to experience my big black dick inside her. I love making both women and men squeal as I fill their assholes with my long and thick, uncircumcised black super cock. I slammed my cock into the big white woman's booty hole, enjoying the feel of a tight asshole around my dick. It was fun getting my cock sucked by a rich white bitch in a business suit downtown.

Anonymous Sex

anal Samuelx 2018-11-20

The only requirement I have when dealing with a woman is that she needs to be into anal sex. Oh, and a fine butt helps but that ass has got to be willing to get penetrated. I don't much care about her personality, looks, special interests, career or history. I stopped playing with Trish breasts and placed my hands on those wide hips of hers as I continued ramming my cock down her asshole. There's nothing in the world I love more than to thrust my cock into a big woman's extraordinarily tight butt hole. I continued fucking that ass of hers, hard and fast, until its vise-like tightness proved too much for me and I finally came, sending my seed deep inside her. Got places to be and things to do.

Black Man Dominates White BBW

anal Samuelx 2018-11-20

I'm usually a nice guy but the big, blonde-haired white woman with the loud mouth and the fat ass had seriously pissed me off. My intended victim was a five-foot-ten, 260-pound Latina with a fat ass who hadn't seen the inside of a gym in years. The big woman's piercing scream echoed through the empty parking lot as I slammed my cock into her asshole. I particularly love fucking white people in the ass. Watching a fat white woman on her hands and knees, squealing and sobbing while getting sodomized by a big black dick was definitely turning me on. I wanted to look into the plump white slut's eyes as I fucked her in the ass.

Tamer of Wild Women

anal Samuelx 2018-11-19

A tall, good-looking Black man with the body of a college football star and the face of a male model. I smiled, and told her calmly that I was going to fuck her in the ass. There's nothing quite like the feeling a man gets when he sticks his cock up a woman's asshole. This big-booty black chick's asshole was too supple and smooth to be completely new to anal sex. I surrendered myself to the sensation of the big black woman's asshole around my cock. I fucked Beatrice like anal sex was going out of style. I had a lot of freaks, both male and female, whom I like to fuck in the ass.

I Fuck Girl Wrestlers in the Ass Ch. 02

anal Samuelx 2018-11-19

I met a lonely black chick wrestler named Adrianna Pleasure and succeeded both in seducing and ass-fucking her before I exposed the entire thing on the Internet in a steamy online sex video as part of my cross-country adventure of tracking down, seducing and ass-fucking some of the country's most famous Girl Wrestlers. Kristen Easter proved to be quite different from Adrianna Pleasure, the famous African-American female wrestler from Alaska. A bitch like Kristen Easter of Crimson Wood, California deserves a good fuck in the ass. I grabbed a handful of Kristen Easter's long reddish hair and yanked her head back while drilling my cock deeper into her asshole. That explains how come famous California Girl Wrestler Kristen Easter had such a tight asshole.