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Swiss Girls Finishing School, Part 3

anal silkpantygirl 2018-06-27

He licked and sucked on her luscious cunt lips some more, then toppled her back onto the couch. He parted her legs wide, and buried his face in her pussy, lapping hungrily up and down, and pushing his tongue as deep as he could inside her. She ran her tongue up the underside of his shaft, flicking across his frenulum, and licked a big drop of precum off the tip. With her other hand, she took a firm grip and pulled his foreskin back. He stood and slipped his cock inside her pussy again, then squeezed a little lube onto his finger and massaged it into her asshole. He slid the index finger of his other hand inside, and carefully pulled sideways, stretching her, preparing her, still slowly fucking her pussy.

The Lecture Ch. 01

anal OneSilky 2018-06-19

"So, Silky, what are you going to present on?" George asked. But it was okay, because George made us follow the stupid change drivers every hour rule, and Craig went with us, and he took a turn, so in no time we were pulling off I-165 onto Water street, and then down Government. Craig asked if we had a room for him, and I just smiled and said, "Silly Boy, you're in with us." "You think we have to like use him up tonight, Silk?" Jess asked languidly. I had to pee, and then Jess did, and finally Craig took his turn.

The Teacher's Pet - part 1

anal Forbiddenwriter 2018-06-13

I don't know if it was my shoulder-length, curly, dirty blond hair, with a goatee to match, or my blue eyes, dashing smile, or just my reputation, but every female student wanted me. She wore a white button-up shirt and had her hair in pig-tails, she usually dressed pretty slutty, but today, I swear she was trying to look like a teen pop star. “If you can make me forget about my vacation before 3 o'clock (which was in 25 minutes) then I'll give you a passing grade, if not, then you'll need to bring one of your slut friends with you for a threesome to make up for the time you're making me waste.”

Nicole Heat - First Anal Journey

anal NicoleHeat 2018-06-12

I feel the tip of his dick sliding back and forth between my anus and my clit, then smacking my wet ass and finally penetrating my pussy, still gaped by the rough fucking it took not so long ago… Now he’s gonna bust me! Sex with an unwilling lady.’ Rolf sticks his finger in my pussy and comes massaging my ass through the thin juicy wall of my uterus. I don’t know what to do – should I ask Rolf to pull his cock out of my ass or to stick it even deeper? I know that Rolf is about to come – he is pulling on my hair so hard that he’s almost tearing it off.

Veterinary Vulva

anal Cheekymonkey2516 2018-06-10

Pete couldn't help himself, he reached over and squeezed hard on Katie's right buttock.  Come on!" Pete replied, pulling Katie by the arm and leading her to the storage barn. Soon they were getting into a steady rhythm and the sound of Katie's ass slapping against his thighs, soon made Pete reach his peak. Pete didn't need to ask twice, and released his warm sticky cum into Katie's agonising hole. Katie looked puzzled, but Pete just picked up the bucket and began to pour its contents into her gaping hole. Pete held in the last mouthful in his mouth, got up and spat out the ass tasting breast milk all over Katie's face.

One Thing Leads to Another: Semen is Mostly Sugar?

anal Magical_felix 2018-06-07

The class quickly emptied and Christine made her way to Vasiliev's desk where he was seated going over some papers. As Christine was admiring her teachers dick she fixated on a framed picture of Vasiliev's wife and two young children. He places his hands on the back of Christine's legs, got really close and began to slowly lick up and down her young wet pussy. Christine clenched his finger tightly and Vasiliev felt like his dick was getting harder than it had ever been before. Come on Mr. V fuck that ass..." Christine sighed loudly as she felt Vasilievs dick force it's way up her tight hole. Christine continued to push back and pull away until Vasiliev placed his hands on her hips and took over.

French Lessons

anal starbelliedboy 2018-06-05

Generally I didn't really like meeting my old teachers, it was always a bit odd being treated normally by people who had been authority figures for me only a short time ago, and even if Mrs. Woodcock (she was French, but had married an English guy) was far more attractive than the others with her long blonde hair, large breasts, sparkling eyes behind her black rimmed glasses, and most of all her sexy French accent, I was still not too keen to meet her. She took my glass from my unresisting hands, and as her tongue pushed its way into my mouth, she brought my right hand up and placed it on one of her large, firm breasts, squeezing it tight over it, then leaning closer, still kissing me, putting one arm around my waist while her other hand stroked the back of my head.

Don't Tell Mum

anal starbelliedboy 2018-05-26

Lisa let out a moan of pleasure, so I pushed onwards, feeling the tight ring of muscle work its way up my shaft. Lisa clasped my hands holding her with her right hand, and moved her other hand down to pull her buttocks apart. Unfortunately she didn't feel like continuing for very long, so she slowly turned around to face the other way, with my penis still inside, producing an amazing sensation as her tight flesh spun slowly over the tip. Lisa let out one final, long, loud scream as she orgasmed and I forced my cock hard up her arse and ejaculated, cum filling her anus and squirting out the sides with each of my eight spurts.

Blonde Fucks Blacks Ch. 09

anal Samuelx 2018-05-24

Darren wanted to watch a sexy blonde-haired white chick suck on his long and thick black cock. I was so excited about fucking a sexy black man with my strap on dildo. I've never fucked a black man with my strap on dildo before. I've dreamed of fucking a sexy black man in the ass with my dildo for ages. Lots of women love getting fucked in the ass. His big black cock actually got harder while I fucked him. I told him I loved fucking black men in the ass with my dildo. I had gotten fucked in my pussy and asshole, and I also got the chance to use my strap on dildo on a sexy black man.

Blonde Fucks Blacks Ch. 08

anal Samuelx 2018-05-22

I shoved the dildo into Jamal's ass and stroked his big black cock while fucking him. I like fucking black men in the ass. When I got done fucking Jamal, I pulled the dildo out of his butt before kissing the sexy black stud. Pounding a sexy black man in the ass with my strap on dildo got my Irish pussy horny and wet. The sexy black stud came up behind me and slid his dick into my ass. I've had anal sex with other men before but never a man Jamal's size. I love men, especially sexy black American studs. When my vacation ended, Jamal and I parted ways, with both of us feeling like this was the best time of our lives.

The Private Final

anal Water_Melanie 2018-05-20

I put both my hands on her ass, spread her pussy lips wider with my thumbs, and lick again, deeper inside, and she moans, and my dick gets so hard I have to shift in my seat. I squeeze her ass hard with my hands, really dig my fingers in, and lick one more time, giving her sweet pink-grapefruit pussy a deep French kiss, and then I let go, back off and watch the white marks left by my fingers fade back into the redness of her skin. Stuffed all the way inside her, feeling her soft ass cheeks nestled cozily against my hips, her wet pussy next to my balls, I lightly stroke her exposed lower back, counting her vertebrae with my fingers, and wait.

Mollie and Thom

anal greatchoice 2018-05-13

It will start with a couple of drinks (Grey Goose on the rocks) before a long hot shower where I will encourage her to use the detachable massage head and spend as much time and attention on her beautiful shaved pussy as she wants. I squeeze lots of oil on my cock with my right hand and stroke it for a minute while I kneel behind her admiring the view of her cheeks high in the air, my fingers wedged between them, her pussy wide open with her fingers sliding in and out, my cock leaking cum as I stroke it, her face contorted in pleasure pressed against the mattress, her hair strewn about her damp forehead, her firm breasts with her rock hard nipples rubbing on the sheets.

Harry Potter and Queen Dianna of the fairies 2

anal dgoodall1701 2018-05-02

Put it in me love…I want you to take my bottom now,” Dianna huskily purred into Harry’s ear as he slid his prick slick with her nectar between the cheeks of her bum and pressed the tip against her anus. Then Harry let her drop and Dianna felt his hard tool plunge into her back passage once more. His strong hands continued to lift Dianna’s light frame with a ceaseless grip on her thin waist before he dropped her onto his shaft. The blonde bit her bottom lip in concentration and began clenching down tightly on Harry’s tool every time his strong arms lifted her up and relaxing as she dropped back against his lap.

Christine's First Anal

anal Donkeepuncher 2018-04-30

"You are very pretty, how old are you Christine?" Juan asked as Roberto formed some lines from some coke he had cut up beforehand. Roberto does look pretty good and his friend Juan isn't bad either," Christine thought. Are they really going to try to fuck me in my ass?" Christine thought as she bent over and put Roberto's dick back in her mouth. Juan slowly moved his thumb in and out causing Christine to suck on Roberto's dick and harder and faster. Juan pulled his dick out of Christine's butt-hole slowly and waited for it to clench shut then he shoved it right back in hard. "Yeah they both fucked my ass, we didn't have a condom and I didn't want to get pregnant," Christine said defensively.

Boning of Wendy

anal NYTimesBest 2018-04-26

'Fill my panties,' she said with lust as she stroked me dick harder into them, 'and then you're going to recover and fill me, and you'd better please my pussy,' I burst. I fucked those big tits hard for a few minutes while her panties were in her mouth. 'Oh this tastes so good,' she moaned, 'I love this big fucking dick so much, making me cum so hard.' I had to have her from behind. She loved it, and within minutes was begging me, 'stick that fucking big dick right in my tight dirty ass. When I finally pulled our of her ass she turned around and sucked my cock hard, telling me how good it tasted and how she was such an ass whore.


anal LenNeal 2018-04-14

He felt the turquoise jewel, another one, between her breasts, twisted it to pull her tits together, then letting go to catch a hard nipple between a finger and thumb. He pulled the fingers out, looking again at the impossibly sexual, dilated hole between her fabulous, round, tight ass cheeks, and carefully but rapidly spread as much liquid on his rock hard cock as he could. He pulled back, almost all the way out, and she exhaled loudly; when he pushed back into her she collapsed on the table, cursing and writhing, grabbing the cloth and shoving her ass over his cock.

A Deal's a Deal

anal Shobha 2018-03-22

He dropped to his knees and opened his trousers, immediately stroking his cock to a very firm state, rubbing the head and using the other set of fingers on the base, unselfconsciously getting himself as hard as possible. After a bit, and another helping, he placed his thick middle finger on the small, pulsing ass-hole in front of him and firmly pressed inward. When she rocked forward slightly, he quickly placed the sensitive head just below his fingers, and in as smooth a motion as he could manage slipped the fingers out and pushed with his cock-head. He almost fell forward, caught himself, and put an end to it, pulling out, leaving, to his shocked surprise, a trilling spider-trail of semen from her ass-hole to the tip of his cock.

Aly Michalka At First Sight

anal 2018-03-22

On the last take she had looked into those ocean eyes, stared at the shell-pink lips, and suddenly had an image of the shore, with Aly emerging from the waves like Venus, naked, walking toward her … Oh, God, where was she?! As she did, she slowly rocked up and down, rubbing their bodies against each other, breasts to breasts, belly to belly … She could hear Ashley groan beneath her at the wonderful friction, and feel her part her legs, letting Aly’s hot slick pussy lips and excited clit slide more tightly against her own. Ashley looked up adoringly at her and Aly gently slipped her tongue between her parted lips, letting her share the wonderful pussy juice.

Quicky Ch. 03

anal Jack_Love 2018-03-02

Gripping and slowly squeezing the outrageously soft and perfectly sculpted round cheeks of her young ass for purchase, and spreading them wide apart, stretching open her naked asshole for my delightful viewing pleasure, I slowly push my rock-hard meat-stick up into her slippery hot heavenly pink depths. Her 'wedding ring' defines every bump and vein of my rock-hard cock-shaft as I slide it fully in and out of her hot, tight, sexy, slippery teen asshole. And she cums- her tight wedding ring spasming violently around my fucking meat-stick, her shaved teen pussy gushing an extraordinarily violent stream of pussy-juice underneath her completely soaking my balls and the sheets, wailing in lustful ecstasy, assgasming hard.

Anal Therapy

anal towhead 2018-02-19

We try to get our clothes somewhat presentable, then I head down the hall with Dominic coming a moment behind me, knowing that the Officer downstairs could have us on camera. I love watching his cock get harder and thicker in front of my eyes as he slides his hand up and down the shaft, alternately cupping his balls, almost seeming rough in how he handles himself. When at last I am completely filled, Dominic grabs my hips and pulls me forward and up, setting the pace for us and I ride him as his hands slide around to grab my ass. I slide two of my fingers into my pussy and thrust as deeply as I can, feeling his shaft pumping into my ass.

Picking up a Surprising Swede Girl

anal patapata 2018-02-09

That day, I was enjoying a quiet beer, reading my book and occasionally stopping to observe people, when I noticed a girl doing the exact same thing as me. Her thin face was intent on her book, but as my gaze started to get a little more intense, she lifted her eyes and met mine... My hands ran all over her lean body, gripping her tight little ass, cupping her small breasts, while she moaned and quickly started to stroke the bulge in my pants. I buried my hand in her hair and slightly pulled while I leaned more into the kiss, and she moaned with delight, as my mouth went wandering on the soft skin of her neck.

Served in the Supermarket

anal jaykayen 2018-02-06

Throwing some packs of cotton wool to the floor she knelt in front of me and looking straight into my eyes Ruby wrapped her arms round my thighs, and ran her tongue from my balls, along the smooth seam underneath my shaft before taking me into her open mouth. Her all over tanned body was a divine sight; her long blonde hair spread out, her eyes sparkling in anticipation of what was next, the mounds of her tits rising and falling with each rapid breath. I took a moment to savor the sight of my cock buried to the ball sack in Ruby's rectum, her wet pussy spread open by her own hand, her amazing rack displayed for my appreciation and her gorgeous face expressing her sexual desire.

Christine Visits the Head Shop

anal Donkeepuncher 2018-02-06

Christine thought as she perused the DVDs. Christine took a quick glance out through the beaded curtain and saw that Mike was showing Maria a bong. "Talk about bongs 'n' shit obviously," Mike said as he pushed Maria out the door. Christine cupped Justin's balls and sucked hard on his cock when she felt Mike really start to work her button getting her juices flowing. "Damn girl hold up, you're gonna make me cum," Justin said as he pulled Christine off his dick. Christine grabbed hold of Mike's thighs and readied herself to take Justin's cock. Mike slipped right into Christine's cunt and they both fucked her for several minutes before they all started feeling the urge to cum.

Don't Tell Mum

anal starbelliedboy 2018-02-03

Lisa let out a moan of pleasure, so I pushed onwards, feeling the tight ring of muscle work its way up my shaft. Lisa clasped my hands holding her with her right hand, and moved her other hand down to pull her buttocks apart. Unfortunately she didn't feel like continuing for very long, so she slowly turned around to face the other way, with my penis still inside, producing an amazing sensation as her tight flesh spun slowly over the tip. Lisa let out one final, long, loud scream as she orgasmed and I forced my cock hard up her arse and ejaculated, cum filling her anus and squirting out the sides with each of my eight spurts.