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Irish Encounter

anal sexmadman 2018-11-21

On the one hand I was a mild-mannered professional with a good job, house and fantastic circle of friends but on the other hand I was this sex enthused guy whose sole desire was to fuck as many sexy girls as possible. As we got into the bedroom I bent Shannon over my bed and started kissing her back, her legs and her cute ass cheeks before licking her sexy black thong. Being only too happy to send Shannon back over the Irish Sea with a saucy souvenir of a night of passion in the European Capital of Culture I squirted some in her arse and rubbed some on my cock before gently fingering her arsehole and sticking my dick in her.

A Conference of Interest

anal sexmadman 2018-11-09

Knowing full well that I love boots on women she whispered in my ear, “I wore them for you, sexy!” and as she did I could feel my cock in my trousers looking for a way out. As soon as the doors of the lift opened I dragged Kellie inside and kissed the back of her neck as I was rubbing my hands up and down her body. My hands were reaching under her skirt and the next thing I remember was Kellie dropping to her knees, looking up at me mischievously and putting my cock in her mouth. I want your dick in my arse right now!” I pulled Kellie up, bent her over the table and she yelled, “Come on sexy!

The Coffee Shop

anal mrlargo 2018-10-01

Innocently reading a book at the local coffee shop, Lima a short curvy dark haired olive skinned woman from Bhutan, with eyes so light green they looked as if they were lit from the inside; realized that the section she was in was curiously empty. Before she realized consciously what was happening the creature opened his mouth and a long blue/black tongue shot out like a chameleons and started lapping at her sex. Now completely inside the back room of the coffee shop the creature's full form could be seen; it had the look of being half goat, half monster.

Crazy Threesome

anal ThorOdinson 2018-09-16

She straddled my legs, sitting back on my knees, leaning forward to continue pashing me as she reached between us, her hands working their way past my pants and grabbing my iron hard cock. Caitlin fell back into my chest as I reached around and cupped her boobs, pinching and pulling her nipples while she rolled her fingers over her clit, my hips thrusting and pumping my hips as I plowed my cock into and out of her tight, hot pussy. The sounds of fucking filled the room, the slapping of my hips as they thrust into Alison from behind, the sucking noises of Caitlin working over her tits. Alison slowly stroking my chest, as I turned my head to kiss her, cock buried in Caitlin's ass still.

strapon via bbw

anal 2018-06-15

She walked toward me and grabbed at my cock with her latex covered fingers, the latex felt slick and cool as it rubbed against my shaft, she grabbed the back of my head with her other hand and pulled my face towards hers and started to kiss me hard, pushing her tongue into my mouth. slowly she fingered my arse and played with my balls until I felt like I could explode, then she stopped and put some lubrication on the strap-on and pushed that inside me, slowly pushing in deeper until the balls were hitting me, my cock was rock hard and wanted to release hot cum everywhere.

The Gift of the Magic Lump of Coal

anal EllaRegina 2017-11-01

Jim, too, was transported -- and delighted to be doing something so clandestine and dirty that no other soul in the world could possibly have conceived it -- erupting again like a testy whale, coating Della's posterior walls with his warm milk as the scaffold man's tin of white paint covered the billboard by the Elevated tracks on Second Avenue. Mr. and Mrs. James Dillingham Young went back to the flat and Jim folded Della over the table once more and plugged at her coal until they both were absolutely spent. On the twelfth day of Christmas, while Jim was at work, Della had the notion to surprise him by completely shearing off the curls between her legs, using his long steel razor blade.