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My Crazy Business Trip!

anal sexmachine 2018-11-23

I released Bill’s cock and dropped my head to the bed again as I felt the last of Cal's pressure swell the walls of my pussy and like an electric shock, an orgasm welled within me as I let out a squeal from my mouth against the bed. The two men spoke briefly to each other and I felt soon Cal pressing his lips against mine and telling me to have a wonderful evening, then with a smile he faded and I heard the door close. "Mmmm I know you'll like that..." I let out a drowsy giggle and felt Bill pull out of my pussy and guide the tip of his cum covered cock up to meet my coated back door.


anal pidnes 2018-11-01

When she pulled away Sam smiled again, brought a hand around to my cock, feeling it through the shorts, and looked at me. Sam replied by taking the head of my hard member in her lips and let her tongue swirl around the shaft. “Mmmm.” She moaned some more and her hand left her breast to pinch and squeeze my balls (I love that). While her head started to bob up and down the length of my dick, Sam’s hand and fingers never stopped their constant rubbing of her pussy. Sam gave me a wicked look and let out an “Ohh.” Without further instruction I wet my middle finger in my mouth and probed her ass some more, slowly inserting it.


A First In The Rear

anal Art 2018-05-24

"I hope you like it too." He was right behind her now, and placed the tip of his hard slick cock firmly against her crinkled little anus. After letting her have a few seconds to get used to something in her backside, John began to push again, and slid most of his cock slowly into Mary's tight little ass. Usually she blew the guy until he got close and then finished him off with her hand, holding the cock tightly as her lover started to cum, making the sperm squirt high into the air. John resumed thrusting, more like pounding away at her ass, as squirt after squirt of his thick hot cum sprayed out of his cock and landed deep in Mary's tight climaxing little ass.

Buffalo 08

anal Reggie1 2018-04-12

At this point Angie came back to take my order and Mike saw the look on her face and went back to the bar. My husband has wanted to do things to my ass since we started having sex, but this is one area I never felt comfortable about, and therefore I never let him get his dick or tongue anywhere near my butt. I felt Mike hard cock working to get into my ass. Mikes friend was taking the juices that were running down my legs and started rubbing them onto my ass. While Mikes cock was all the way up my pussy, his friend started to put is cock in my ass.


anal kmail 2018-03-26

I moved my hand so that a finger rested at her entrance and I slowly rubbed it in a circle as my tongue continued to work on her clit. She grabbed my ass and pulled me deep inside of her mouth urging me to fuck her face a little and I was happy to oblige, my hips moving, my hands keeping her mouth aligned so I could move easily, my breath ragged at this point. I pulled back a little then I spat in my hand and rubbed it onto the head of my cock to provide some more lubrication then began to press it inside of her again.