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Veggie Tails

anal lizthewizz2000 2018-09-19

Vaginal massaging, clitoral teasing, breast brushing with the tips of my fingers....and anal play. Looking into the mirror I see my recently shaved reddening pussy lips glistening already with the thoughts of exploration. I begin to touch myself gently, feeling my body and mind respond as my fingers become slippery with my own wetness. I let the ridges of the wrinkles slide beneath the tips of my fingers and I gasp at my own touch. Taking the small carrot in my right hand, I use my left hand to spread my cheeks wide causing my rear hole to lewdly gape at me. Once again, I begin to massage my clit, feeling pleasure shocks shoot up my spine as my muscles involuntarily contract around the carrot.

shopping with her.

anal 2018-07-12

Your hands go to the sides of my jeans and tug them down to my thighs, then your left arm slips around my waist and your fingertips dive into the front of my thong, brushing over the top of my pussy before sliding two of your fingers between my lips, rubbing lightly for a moment as you hear my light moans and feel that I am already moist, causing another smile as you lean against my back and nip the outside of my ear, whispering "see, I knew you like it, I know you all to well my little slut." as you finish talking your lips move to my neck, lightly biting and licking along it as your fingers find my clit and begin rubbing it in little circles, occasionally pinching lightly just to make me jerk and yelp a tiny bit.

kate monday continued

anal sissychris 2018-07-01

Oh Kate don't stop , her knees started to tremble , her groans changed to a scream as she gasped for air ooh gods she screamed as her legs buckled, her body trembling , Kate lifted her mouth from Sally's neck , a huge love bite was left , both girls started kissing again