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My Session with a Domme

anal SubjugateMe70 2018-12-04

She then placed clothes pins, in a row, along the skin underneath my cock and on to my balls. Next came a careful exam of my ass hole with her latex gloved fingers and lube. I want to mention, at times, she would stand at my head and whip my back and ass from this position. After brutalizing my ass, then providing for her slave, the beautiful Mistress moved me into a full body "glove" if you will. My chest, arms, legs, and yes, my poor little cock and balls are whipped mercilessly. It was so intense, my head felt light for several seconds, then hurt like crazy for a short time.

90% dom

A Night to Remember

anal luvkitten69 2018-11-21

She reached down between her legs spreading her lips, imagining Christian's mouth on them. Christian's hand slid between her legs and he spread her lips with his fingers. And that pretty little pussy looks amazing with that pretty ass up in the air." He smacked both cheeks and she cried out again. "You like having that ass spanked, don't you baby. Quickly, three times in a row as she had her mouth on his nuts, the belt smacked her ass quickly and noisily. "Oh Christian, I want it bad baby. He stood still, allowing her to feel him stretching her pussy, spreading her lips. Since you like that......." He pulled his dick out and pressed the head into her asshole.

The Phone Call

anal Ash_sub 2018-11-11

I expect you are wearing a skirt like I have told you to, right?” he said in a highly amused voice. “It’s four inches long and an inch thick, sir.” I put the cucumber in my mouth and sucked on it like a cock. I dribbled more saliva on the cucumber and then bent over and spread my ass cheeks with one hand and locating the star with my index finger of the same hand. I brought the cucumber closer to my ass and slowly pushed it in a bit, forcing the muscles to relax. I picked up my bags and stepped out of the bathroom, clenching all my lower muscles so that the cucumbers did not drop.

Claiming Her Ass

anal MasterDarwin 2018-11-07

The normal color of my cock head, reddened by the rough face fucking, looked wonderful against the pale skin of her ass. I rocked back and let my cock slowly drag down the crack of her ass, past her tight virgin asshole and falling against her pussy. She tried to speak and I knew the guttural sounds were her attempts at a “Yes Sir.” I drew back until I felt her tight sphincter gripping my cock head. I began to set a pace and she screamed out, “Oh Fuck, Yes Sir, I’m your anal slut!” She let her head collapse on the bed which just made her ass rise up onto my cock.

I'll Spank Your Ass, U Kiss Mine

anal brewster926 2018-06-04

Of how patterns are repeated or of how it seems as though an intelligence is at work and maybe if you did, you would know that that is how it felt when the arc of Bruce's right hand rested on the apex of Kate's right buttock. Lick my ass because I really want to know what it feels like. She made sure he was very clean even getting a finger up in there an inch, then she had him turn over on his hands and knees and stick his butt up in the air. Kate rubbed her tongue against the top of her mouth and she smacked her lips.