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An Escort With A Twist

anal JayCohen80 2018-11-16

Kandy is a Tantric masseuse, and had ways of “making me feel like I’m in Nirvana.” She explained to me what Tantric massages were like since I’d never experienced one. She positioned herself between my legs, again massaging the inside of my thighs and contacting my balls and anus, and lightly blowing on my dick, making it jump with anticipation. She proceeds to fuck my ass slowly, then faster, all the time sucking my balls and jerking my cock which is so engorged that I’m ready to blow any second. Kandy wraps her lips around my cock as I spew my hot cream into her mouth, each time I squirt my ass constricts and reminds me of the lovely member in it.

A Girl for Hire

anal LMML 2018-04-23

Sucking the butt plug back inside, the base being all of it that was left outside of her body, she got the empty water bottle off the bed-side table. She licked it off her hand, set the butt plug down on her bed next to the bottle, and began pushing again, until she prolapsed. It trickled down to her pussy and she rubbed it in to her hair and between her dripping lips as she pushed her fingers inside herself and fell forward, no hands, on to his cock, letting her wait plunge it down in to her throat. "Fucking hell," she said, looking down between her legs, looking at the deep red prolapse that drooled and dripped on to the bed, twitching and waiting to be sucked in to take more abuse.

The Escort Ch. 15-16

anal bunny3374 2018-03-03

Joanie handed Antonio a warm wet washcloth and he proceeded to clean Toni's ass and pussy with it. At this, Toni blushed, and couldn't help looking at Antonio, who flashed her that 'devil-may-care' grin as he said, "My body is always at your service, my Mistress." He held out his hand and helped her sit up, using a fresh washcloth to wipe off the sweat from her skin. As she stood, Antonio handed her purse to her then he slid his shorts back on, covering his now flaccid penis and his sexy tight ass. She knew she would have no qualms about performing anal sex with her next client as long as he was gentle and went slowly, like Antonio did.


A Classy Night Out

anal LWeaver 2017-12-21

They will hear you." Instinctively, Lizzie's hands went out grasping at the man's grab; he expected nothing less, and took advantage by pushing her into the wall. He tightened his grip on her mouth, rammed her against the wall and pinched her clitoris at the same time, hard enough to make her whimper through serrated lips; Lizzie heard a woman in the adjacent loge asking "what was that?", and a single tear rolled down her cheek. During the quietest moment in the music, Lizzie felt two fingers finding their way inside her; she moaned, surprised, not realizing how wet she already was. The man's fingers, rough and big, twisted around inside her, then came to a stop, pushing hard against her g-spot.

The Escort Ch. 13-14

anal bunny3374 2017-12-10

She felt Antonio pull his hand out of her wet pussy, and his fingers began probing her anal opening, spreading her juices over the small puckered hole. Toni opened her eyes to see Mrs. Williams lubing up a small dildo and handing it to Antonio, who took it and gently rubbed the head of it over her anal opening, pressing slightly on her hole with it until she opened up for the head of it to slip inside her. After a couple minutes, Antonio started moving slowly within her tight ass, the juices from her pussy lubricating her passage well along with the lube that was on the dildo and on his condom.

Aaron's Trip to Vegas Ch. 02

anal LittleFeather 2017-10-15

Seeing the escort dressed in orange still sitting at the bar, Vanessa told Aaron that she would give her services for free; her way of supporting the troops. Aaron almost declined again, but thought better of it as he remembered the amazing sensation of feeling his cock slide inside the ass of the front desk clerk. Looking down at the pleasure evident on Aaron's face, Vanessa decided to give the sexy airman a better show. Placing her feet on the bed next to his hips, she rolled her skirt up and pulled the top down, allowing him a better view of her heavy breasts and large nipples. While it had taken more effort to slide inside the desk clerk's ass, Vanessa's ass seem to have better muscle control.