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Utah mountain bath connection

anal 3102yuma 2018-11-30

My bibs are off, her skirt still hung from her hips; our shirts in place when ‘Toter softly suggested “The best of us still needed to be cleaned.” She dropped her skirt and pulling her shirt off she moved close enough to help me with my boxers and shirt. I didn’t know what to do so I followed her lead and let her impale herself on my digit until I could feel her ass starting to grip and suck at my finger. It didn’t take long for her to pull up far enough for my dick to pop free of her pussy and with a quick wrist movement she had me lined up to take her up the ass.

Kate's Anal Correspondence Course: Lesson 1

anal ByronLord 2018-11-29

If she had been alone, Kate would have torn the box open to see and touch the smooth steel object inside. The box arrived on Thursday but Frank was off work on Friday with a cold and then came the weekend and so it was early Monday morning before Kate was alone in the house. Unable to stop herself, Kate opened the small brown cardboard package that she had thought about every minute since it had arrived. Inside the box, on a little cushion of black silk lay a small silver colored object that looked a little bit like a strawberry with a handle on the end of its stalk.

The Malaysia Option

anal TransitionalMan 2018-11-29

I don’t deserve it, not with all the attention I’ve been able to give her lately.  My dream job has become a nightmare; long days, power lunches, Chinese delivery for dinner, midnight oil, when I come home she’s usually asleep, or doing crosswords in my old flannel shirt. I get to see what they really make before the profits are shuttled to other, foreign subsidiaries.  But Wes thinks we could make more in Malaysia.  Making more is what matters, not the workers who make the money for us.  But I don’t get to decide.  He’s CFO. Jackie heads for the wives, I’m pulled to a group of execs, all talking about Malaysia.

A Tight Fit

anal WSCLG 2018-11-27

You drop your right hand to mine, trying to push my finger in deeper to satisfy that craving, that urge, that need to be filled. Gathering your fluids on my fingers, I remove my member from your clenched muscles and spread the lubrication all over the head of my phallus. As my cock begins to slowly retreat, the sensations roiling through your body and mind rush through you, exploding like fireworks. My cock splits you, driving inside your ass like a piston. I begin the ageless motion of advance and retreat, driving in and slowly withdrawing, fucking your ass as you give it to me. You need and desire the cock that is alternately deep in your ass and then slipping back out.

Northern Line Adventure

anal onthedottedline 2018-11-20

She pulled her skirt up slightly at the back, exposing half her ass cheeks and her damp cunt, covered in the increasingly wet thong. The stranger slowed but kept up a rhythm, running his fingers around her cunt, spreading her juices all over her ass. Sensing she was on the brink of orgasm again, he started rubbing the fingers of his other hand against her clit until Cara's groans became so loud he had to stuff his handkerchief into her mouth. When she returned to her body, Cara noticed the stranger had removed her fingers from her relaxed ass and was slipping the head of his thick cock into her anus. The stranger started finger fucking her roughly, letting his hand and his hips fall into rhythm with one another.

The Thrill of Almost Getting Caught 2

anal Kim 2018-11-19

“Melody, here, likes people to watch her finger fuck her pussy. He trailed the blunt tip of his thick fingers down my left breast, stopping to tweak my nipple, before traveling down my belly to my weeping pussy. Scott, who had suddenly appeared, was standing to the side watching Ben finger my cunt. Ben had jump started the greedy slut in me, and when he laid me down on the blanket, I immediately shoved two of my fingers inside my pussy, trying to regain the intense chills that had been coursing through me. From behind, I was able to push four fingers inside my hungry snatch, as I watched the young waiter jack off.

My Affair

anal TheDevilsWeakness 2018-11-16

Who knows when you could ask me to sit on your lap and ride your rock hard cock, bouncing up and down while you fiddle my clit all the way to an explosive orgasm. You slid your hard cock into my tight pussy, made even tighter because we never took the butt plug out of my ass. My fingers on my clit, your hands on my tits and me slamming your dick deep in my backdoor, I see stars as my orgasm rips through me and I feel your spunk painting the inside of my asshole as you unload buckets of cum into me.

Welcome to Amsterdam

anal MajPaddy 2018-11-10

A German film, it showed a succession of scenes: a young stud takes on two women at the same time - one riding on his cock while the other covers his face with her cunt, a dominant long-haired brunette seduces and vigorously dildoes a young woman who resists at first and then complies as she feels the pleasure from the glistening black rubber cock, wet with her juices, as it pounds inside her only to repay the pleasure later by fastening on a large rubber cock and fucking the arsehole of the latex-clad woman.

Sheila's Training

anal CeliaisAliena 2018-11-06

And I know you’re gonna need all your energies to wrestle with all those Great Thoughts, and the last thing an intellectual hero like you can afford is to have his nasty little cock trying to intrude upon all his Heavy Thinking. I remember vividly how I felt when I read “The Secret History” at that scene where (this isn’t really a spoiler, unless you just don’t want to know ANY DETAIL before you read it for yourself, but still, “spoiler alert” if you’re so inclined) those guys were telling Richard about killing the farmer in the woods and about how they had to spend all night and the next morning trying to figure themselves out and clean up the evidence and they finally crash and sleep for like twelve hours straight?

The Special Thing About Me

anal vicburress 2018-11-05

Of course I remember the day I met you...I noticed you first. I had not looked at myself (I never do), but, as you would confirm for me later, there was a little bead of ooze at the end of my sweet thing, emerging through the back of my skirt like a droplet of milk from a breast. When your eyes returned to my face, I looked you right in the eye and smiled, tossed my head so that my hair and my earrings danced, and pushed out the biggest fart I could summon. As we lowered ourselves to the grass, you murmured, "Lie down on your side, facing away from me...I think you'll be more comfortable." You were so right.

Han Jobs (Hand Job Series)

anal Uranus999 2018-09-15

Han reached around me to try jerking me while I sat on her face.   She had to use a backhand grip, which affected her smooth technique.  She might have got the hang of it, but I was so close that I was already envisioning splashing her tits.  I took over from Han, pumping my cock with a finishing determination.  With her hands free, Han pushed my cheeks apart allowing her to probe even deeper.  It felt like a button had been pushed inside me.  Feeling the unstoppable surge, I pointed my shaft down at her body.  A thick white ribbon of cum flew across Han’s midriff all the way to her mound.  Pushing my cock down further, I pressed its head against her pert nipple.  The next gush of sperm rushed around her dark nub and down the underside of her breast.

Afternoon Nap Interrupted Ch. 04

anal sirhugs 2018-08-14

Any momentary doubt vanished as soon as Dennis saw that Sophie, gloriously naked, her body so fresh it looked unblemished, turned and bent, her hands up on the back of the couch, her ass presented to him. Dennis teased Sophie's labia with his fingers, his thumb gently grazing her engorged clit, watching her hips thrust back toward him, presenting herself for fucking in a primeval fashion. Dennis pressed the head of his fat cock against Sophie's well lubricated hole as he pulled her ass cheeks as far apart as possible. As she grinned, watching her final orifice being deflowered, her delicate pink ring began to stretch around the invading cock, As the head sank past that last barrier, Dennis could feel her sphincter tighten reflexively around his shaft, and she gasped lightly, expressing pleasure, not pain.

Anal Virginity

anal bitterandtwisted80 2018-07-18

Dane looked up at her, green eyes smiling, "You just came from me finger fucking only your ass, Cindy." His hands parted her and she felt his fingers withdraw from her ass, to be replaced with the head of his cock. Pressing into her, she felt the head slip inside, the pain making her whimper, but it wasn't as bad as the times he'd tried before, his fingers had been stretching her all night. Finally he was fully inside her, she could feel him throbbing, as her tight little ass gripped his cock with everything it had, trying to expel the invader.

A Present

anal Amber87 2018-07-10

Lauren isn't as concerned with sex as a lot of people are, which can be good and bad, I suppose. It means she doesn't dress up as much and isn't too interested in me, but it does mean that she will occasionally just do crazy things like skinny dipping or a three some. I slid a hand down while I pulled out stuff to get a bowl of cereal, before sitting on a stool to eat. I started thinking about the night before my boyfriend had left. As soon as he'd seen me, one hand had tangled in my hair to pull me toward him, while the other started kneading my ass. A lot of people probably thought it was fucked up, how he first got me to try anal by pretty much raping me.

A Hot Night Out

anal AlecCarter 2018-06-26

His hands now moved from their grip, and grasped her ass roughly, spreading her cheeks so that his index finger could trace down between them, lightly passing over her asshole before resting just inside of her wet opening. She knows it too, and it shows when she turns away from him and bends fully at her waist, her dress riding up over her hips now, baring her perfect ass at first, and as she bends further, her pink little pussy gleams through in the middle, damp now with excitement. He attacks her breasts now, her shoulders, her throat, quickly and aggresively tracing up and down her body from stomache to earlobes and then traveling further and further down each leg, tasting, tickling, his hands unstrapping the shoes from her feet and grabbing her feet, kneading them as his mouth went everywhere.

Hotel Ballroom

anal Loristwosides 2018-06-10

He grabs both of her breast pulling them toward him as he lowers his mouth to suck on her nipples. "God, babe you look beautiful, deck out in your fucking red hot toes, you have to dress this way all the time." he tells her. He is relentless on her pussy, licking, sucking, biting, and pulling her wide open, fucking her with his tongue. "I am going to fuck your mouth, get ready to take my cock deep down your throat." He commands. She has nothing left, she is laying on the table arms above her head trying to process all of the orgasms as he empties himself into her, filing her well used pussy with his cum.

Penny Loves it Public

anal scuik 2018-06-10

"Looks like she's thirsty," observes Laura as she picks up Don's beer and pours some of it over Penny's face. "Be a good girl and keep hold of that, will you," he commands as he pushes his dick into Laura's ass and starts to fuck her. "You're right, she does look thirsty," agrees Don. He pours some of his beer into Laura's gaping ass hole. Laura positions another stool in front of Penny's face, sits down and leans herself back against the bar; thrusting her hips forward for Penny to lick her pussy. As Penny moves the sticky, cum and beer stained dress from over her eyes, she sees the backs of her friends as they readjust their clothing and leave the bar.

Honey Trap

anal Giselle_Renarde 2018-05-27

God, he couldn't wait to fuck her, and she'd be begging for it in a minute, but Jack liked to take his time, to tease his managing partner. "Jack seems to like them." Brezida shrugged, grappling with the images flashing through her mind, of Valentine fucking her doggy-style. When she arrived at the stack of plush dining chairs in the dark back room, Valentine was right behind her, so close she could almost feel his jeans against her dress. "My ass loves devouring a big cock," she cried as his fingers fell down to her wet slit. Handing the camera back to Valentine, Jack swaggered over to Brezida and traced his fingertips down her chest. In its place, I want to watch Valentine fuck you up the ass every night.

Weird Fantasies 04: Driving Somewhere

anal TessMackenzie 2018-05-20

We have anal sex in a crowded car with people right next to me, pressed against me, talking to me, and no-one realizes. Sometimes, because this is a fantasy and so sometimes it's different, sometimes he says, "Oh my god I'm fucking Tess's ass." Or something like that. I hadn't finished, and want to fuck more, but I can feel him getting soft and know he's about to slide out of me. Quickly, because I can already feel the semen inside me about to slide out, and don't want to make a mess, and I need it as lube, too, if I'm going to keep doing anal.

The Basketball Team's Bitch Ch. 01

anal HawaiianShirts 2018-05-17

Isabel picks up the clothes I've dropped to the floor and stashes my t-shirt and jeans by her blue Nike Hoops Elite Max Air Team backpack while setting the jock briefs and socks on top of my team-issued Nike Hyperchase sneakers under the exam table. After Isabel finally pulls her fist out of my ass, slowly but surely, I feel my asshole gape completely open then squeeze shit, back and forth, back and forth, until Isabel slides the large butt-plug in. I can barely stand up at first, but I somehow put on my underwear, socks, and sneakers, then walk down the hall, butt-plug making sure my ass stays stretched out for my post-practice fucking.

Ladies and their Butts Ch. 01

anal Primate_House 2018-05-09

"Better get it nice and wet first, I imagine." She took me in her hand, pushed back my foreskin, and started, gently, slowly, to jerk me up and down, before sliding me into her mouth. She seemed to sense my resolve, and slowly - looking up into my eyes, never breaking eye contact - she pulled her lips back along my shaft and off me, giving the helmet of my cock a little goodbye kiss as she went. But the loud, low moan she gave as she fucked herself on me was testament enough; yes, I was finally up her ass. A girl like Beth was worth spoiling, worth working for, and yes, even being a little bit pussywhipped for.

Let Me Look At You

anal cerection 2018-04-02

That's a stupid question, you were hard the second you asked to look at my ass, right?" A beat, "Take it out if you want more from me. I promise I won't look, but I want to feel it in my head while we play." Her hips kept moving here and there while she pulled the jeans down some more, keeping her ass covered with her underpants' sheer material. Yet." Sure thing, she was into it, as she pushed the jeans to her knees and let her hips rip once and her butt really started to shake. Maybe when she let me come over I could out my hands on her waist, bend down and put my tongue in her ass, lick her hole a little?

Cum Lover and Steve Pt. 08

anal cumlover969 2018-03-11

Sarah, "One thing that was especially exciting was watching a video of a girl being fucked in her cunt and ass at the same time. Sarah, "I would like you to fuck my ass. I pushed her legs over her head and began probing by rubbing my cock head around the entrance to her ass. As we moved over to the toy section a couple of guys were ogling Sarah's ass. Sarah picked up a flexible one with cock heads at both ends and put it with the other. Sarah said, "you are so thoughtful, I am soaking wet, being naked and thinking of what we are going to do." How wonderful, Sarah is going to fuck my ass.

High School Reunion

anal MelissiusIntent 2018-02-11

His intake of breath made me moan against his head and he put his hands in my hair and started fucking my face. I promise I won't hurt you." I couldn't believe that my boyfriend of three years had never tried this and here I was ready to agree to give my childhood nemesis my ass cherry on the hood of his car in the wide open night air. He swirled his finger around my hole again as he said, "Girl, you look like moonlight spread across my car. His fingers stroked in and out of me in time with the cock in my pussy and my grinding on the hood of his car got more and more intense.