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First Time Interracial Guy Anal Painfully Short

anal letsnotell 2018-05-27

He told me to make myself comfortable and we could start right away so without thinking I just took my clothes off like any other e****t I was about to shove my cock in, but this time around I felt very naked in front of this muscular black man, I didnt even dare look down to see his massive cock, limp and hanging and not even hard yet. I felt my cock slowly fading away and feeling as if I was being fucked like a little whore, and I began thinking disgusting dirty thoughts of myself if I was a girl, and how the situation would make me feel, and wished a pussy was around to play with in the midst of me getting my ass completely filled.

A wank with a friend continued.

anal JazzSands 2018-05-18

It felt naughty or taboo which made it feel extra hot." I started to stroke myself as I spoke to him, looking at him straight into his eyes. I wanted to take hold of his head and fuck his mouth but instead I let him do his thing. "You want me to fuck you, where, in the arse?" I started stroking myself as I asked. It was when I looked down to watch my cock fucking Pete's arse did it dawned on me what I was doing. I kept my pace of a solid fucking as I stared down towards where or bodies joined.  Pete's hands let go of his legs and gripped his duvet either side of himself.

my fantasy shared.... 3

anal andytmpson 2018-05-17

Slowly but very firmly i felt his thrusts untill he drew back and f***ed one last time, i let out a yelp as his clenched fist wripped past my tight ring and got buried deep in me, then he stopped wrist deep in me i was at his mercy and helpless. Then he said grab hold tight of sumat before i had chance to he pulled back his arm till his knuckles were at the point of popping past that little ring and hammered me like a machine would, thrust after thrust after thrust i took every one after hed wrecked my precious bum hole and withdrew his limb i was left a trembling mess with a gaping wide arse hole he stepped back to admire the view before him while i tryd bringing myself together after a proper pounding.

Pounded to submission

anal james_jones_03 2018-05-17

“I'm going to make you spew cum from that beautiful cock of yours like the undercover tranny lover you really are. Feeling her thick muscular cock twitch she knew it was a matter of time, besides she can only last so long in such a tight ass. At that moment the full weight of reality hit him like a Mack truck, as he could feel her load running out of his ass that was just used like a pussy, with no one else to turn to he put his arms around her and put his head between her big luscious breast and began to weep and sob uncontrollably.

Extra Credit

anal GypsieGirlandIvanhoe 2018-05-16

He strokes my head lovingly, "That's right..." He says as I begin to slide my mouth up and down his length, my hand stroking the base of his cock, "I can tell you've wanted this for a long time." He bends down and whispers, "I can smell the sex on your fingers when you hand in your assignments." He laughed softly then pushing me back. "Oh god..." He pulls the letter opener out of me slowly and runs it back up over my butt smearing my asshole with the moisture from my pussy, before sliding it back into my wet cunt again. "I want you to fuck me so so bad..." I hear myself moan, "I want your cock inside of me." I can feel my pussy spread wide and empty.

losing the virginity

anal sargam 2018-05-15

He clip open my bra, and immediately starts kissing my breasts, sucking my one nipple and moving to the other, and then back to the first one. Please do not stop." He just looked at me, and then he continued kissing my clit, and fingering me (although not so deep). I started to moan harder as he began to move faster, and I push my pussy towards his mouth. His dick moves deep inside me, the tip pushing against something inside me that makes me feel the most enjoyment I ever experienced. He looks so sexy above me, his face so serious, his strong, muscular body moving with such energy, and his strong arms keeping him up, flexing and moving as he thrusts.

batroom fun part 1

anal daniel1901 2018-05-14

Sara sat at the end of the bar and looked at the crowd. He was staring openly at her and look in his eyes made Sara feel as if she wasn't wearing any clothes. He pushed them open a little farther and she could feel his breath on the inside of her thighs and then her pussy. Sara could feel him at her back and then felt his cock rubbing up and down her opening. Sara felt empty as he pulled out of her and tried to encourage him to enter her again. Sara took a deep breath and when she started to open the door she was afraid everyone would notice.

My Neighbours surprise

anal maria2904 2018-05-13

I also laid out my black satin under bust corset, my deep laced black stockings, sheer black thong, my very short red tartan skirt, my white silk blouse, my long auburn wig, my red platform high heeled shoes and also my partners make up box. Next was my first butt plug, A bit of lube and in it went "Oh that's so nice" I thought licking my lips and gyrating my hips against the feel of it inside me. I took out the smaller of the two, lubed up the bigger one and eased it in "Mmmmm that's so big" I allowed myself to penetrate my hole a few times, feeling the wonderful sensation of my fat butt plug spreading my hole open and filling me up.

Anal Virgin, But Not For Long

anal 2018-05-09

I can feel his tongue working the delicate softness of my pussy, and clit. I feel him stiffen, and know he’s going to give me the biggest orgasm. I’m rocked with pleasure, I feel like liquid, and my need for him still so strong. I can’t even begin to explain it, other than I don’t want it to stop. Our kiss is full of love, and a distraction as I get use to this new foreign feeling. He takes his time, I can tell by the expression on his face, he wants to bust deep inside me already. It feels so good; I know I’m going to come so good for him. His fingers begin to move a little quicker on my clit, he wants to feel me orgasm.

New York, New York

anal speed111 2018-05-08

We parted enough for me to pull her shirt over her head (I was in no mood to deal with the buttons), her skin was pale and beautifully smooth to the touch, her bra was all that now stood between me and her delightful looking breasts, cupping them in my hands I gently massaged them through her bra feeling her hard nipples in the palms of my hands. Denise let go of my cock a slipped onto the bed, looking me in the eye the whole time, she lay back on the bed stretching her arms above her head and parting her legs slightly.

My very first Story

anal ssbbwcuddlyslut 2018-05-07

In out lick suck, up down I feel your hips moving in time to my mouth your hands pushing and pulling my head back and forth I feel you speed up your body tenses as I feel jet after jet of hot sweet cum hitting the back of my throat I swallow and swallow not wanting to miss a drop, you slowly pull my mouth off your still hard cock, by now the sun is streaming through the window I did not even notice the sun come up I was so lost in the moment.

ProfNigma Stories #5: If Wishes Were Hornets #8

anal FrankSinner 2018-04-26

No matter how many times Nate heard variations on what Tori just said, he never got tired of knowing that the two of them were together and that he was the boyfriend of the hottest girl in school. She covered up a little bit, feeling exposed in every sense, but the look in his eyes wasn't one of wanton lust, but of deep appreciation for her body, and Nate pulled her back down onto the bed. Nate hadn't done this much, but as he became more confident, his hands gripped her sides tightly, desperately trying to f*rce his face deeper into her core as his tongue tried to reach places that Tori didn't even know existed.

Being a anal whore

anal urdirtylilwhore 2018-04-22

One of my favorites things that really makes me feel like a filthy whore that is dedicated to getting ass-fucked. I spread my cheeks as far as a good and started to fuck myself in really high tempo, ofcourse my ass has no problem. U slowly started fucking my head and I tried to keep my mouth in such a position that I will give u the best satisfaction when ur cock entered. I did as u wanted and started in slow tempo , my ass feeling and enclosing every part of ur fat cock. Things started getting more intense as I upped the tempo and I can feel my ass getting stretched real nice while his precum was dripping out of it.

Sex Emails from EX GF - Gail

anal rearwolf 2018-04-21

every time you try to enter me that way. pumping your hard thick cock deep inside of me. would love to watch myself put your long hard thick you stick your long hard cock inside of her while I'm I love to feel your cock get so hard and also would love to see it close up--your long hard cock is so thick, long and hard--it sends thrills I come I want to keep moving my hips so hard. feel every inch of you going deep inside of me. wet right now thinking about that time :). I've been thinking about your thick, long, hard cock barely squeezing your hard cock inside of my mouth. I want to feel your hard cock enter

My First Group Scene Part II

anal 2018-04-20

He began sliding his cock in and out of my mouth only not as fast as the guy fucking. "Your face is soaked," the guy whose cock was in my mouth said. "He got me fucking horny as hell with your cock in his mouth and the train behind him," the guy who just unloaded said as he wiped his cock clean on the side of my face. The guy who just came didn't even give me a chance, he just stuck his cock in my open mouth and I cleaned him off. Then, without warning, I felt his cock pusle in me and I could actually feel his cum shots inside me.

The start of something wonderful...

anal tkj22 2018-04-17

My kisses and nibbles move to the nape of your neck as I slide your bra off and cup each breast in my hands. The kisses trail down your spine as I unbutton your pants, sliding them down your legs. You step out of your pants and panties and lean over the end of the bed allowing my hand to move up your leg to your already wet and hot pussy. I slide a finger inside, feeling how hot you you are. My hands lift and part your cheeks to allow my tongue to taste the sweet nector from your pussy. My finger resumes it's place in your ass and begins to slide in and out as I suck on your clit.

Journey Into Darkness - 2

anal THIRDCOAST 2018-04-16

My body's needs cool off but I can still feel the juices from my wanton pussy leaking down my thighs. The sounds of my wet pussy being fucked and Jamal’s hips meeting my ass is more than I can take and my orgasm floods both of their cocks. Jamal grabs the back of my collar and pulls me back onto his throbbing cock. Jamal tells me that he wants to have my nipples and clit hood pierced and to wear his tags. I can feel his cock start to swell and brace for what I know is coming (no pun intended). He places his hand on my head and holds me there as his cock erupts into my waiting mouth.

batroom fun part 1

anal daniel1901 2018-04-13

Sara sat at the end of the bar and looked at the crowd. He was staring openly at her and look in his eyes made Sara feel as if she wasn't wearing any clothes. He pushed them open a little farther and she could feel his breath on the inside of her thighs and then her pussy. Sara could feel him at her back and then felt his cock rubbing up and down her opening. Sara felt empty as he pulled out of her and tried to encourage him to enter her again. Sara took a deep breath and when she started to open the door she was afraid everyone would notice.

Dominated by Candice Swanepoel - Part 1

anal stiffallday 2018-04-09

Dominated by Candice - Part 1 Candice was watching the whole time while i was getting assfucked like never before. He was spreading my asshole so wide, it just felt phenomenal. His balls slapping all against my butt, i could feel how much cum he had ready for me in those tight balls. After he pulled out, my ass was so open, you could propably put a whole fist in there without a problem, best feeling ever. But i was more excited for what was coming next. Candice was shouting from her chair at me " get on your knees boy, you gonna get your candy" [

One hot wild night stand..

anal jason1000 2018-04-09

So instead of staying at home like a dummy, I called up one of my girl friends and we decided that we would go out to the bar that night. So, feeling brave and betrayed at that moment, I walked up to him and asked him if he wanted to dance with me. At that time he winked at me and said “well, we should put on a show that he’ll never forget then.” And that’s when he moved his hands from my waist down to my ass. But this guy was making me feel so good, and I wanted nothing more than to forget about my ex on this night.

first time at a porn shop

anal divedog1960 2018-04-05

and the next day at school was hard to think about anything but how soon I would be back at my new friends shop... soon I am being fingered and lubed and it is feeling real good and he starts to rub his dick up and down the crack of my ass and then pushes between my thighs and is rubbing my balls with his dick and then up and down my crack and pressing against my hole... and then he starts to mention watching the movie and how slutty I look and that my ass feels so good and how he does not want to stop fucking me...and he is sucking on my neck, ears..

Cleaning in the kitchen :)

anal 2018-03-29

I feel so horny and I move over to get the cleaning products out, opening the oven and spray inside...I bend over and start to scrub, feeling the vibrtating butt plug in my ass - now it's time to get some help. He smiles and says of course, moves in behind me, as he pushes in close I feel his hard cock in his jeans. we start to bend move and I feel the edge of the vibrating butt plug touching his cock through his jeans. He starts to fuck me hard doggy style and pulls out my boobs and starts rubbing my nibbles, his right hand moves to my ass and gives me a gentle spank, then removing the butt plug and replaceing a finger.

Anonymity Guaranteed

anal souchie 2018-03-26

I step right next to him and he pulls me hard against his body as his mouth crushes against mine, forcing my lips open with his own, pushing his tongue into my mouth as his hands grab big handfuls of my fleshy ass cheeks. He drags me, impaled on his cock, to the door way again and perches himself on the lowest step, lifting me into his lap o straddle him, my feet barely reaching the ground.I start to lever myself up and down, riding his cock hard, in an attemot to release theunbearable sexual tensin thats been gathering inside me for more than an hour now.

One litle fantasy..

anal bassen1978 2018-03-22

you feel my tongue while I enjoy your juices and not crazy Mmmmm but is far from juicy enough of bling .... hours after begging you now on break, just a little while you hear I start some things ..... My eyes look deep in your while I then flashes a few times you are exactly in the state I want you to now see my eyes shines RAYS irresistible of all the HOTTEST thing in the most wonderful jobs of untested challenges were you unimaginable because now IMAGINATION to my personal proof of a wild fight female fountains are truly been turned ON and horny sick ready to live out my chronic SEX disorder is ❕❕❕