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Black Tie Affair

anal 15alitaimoor 2018-11-22

Underneath I am wearing a black lace and blue silk demi-bra from which my hard nipples are protruding for the touch of your lips and hands. I kneel in front of you, pull you close with my hands on your ass, and press my face into the fabric of your pants feeling the hardness within. You kneel beside me reaching down and pressing your hand onto my bushy mound slipping in between the swollen lips to find my hard little knob of pleasure. I suck the head of your cock, curling my tongue around it, making you moan with pleasure. Your fingers are hard at work in my tunnel when I feel you thrust your thumb into my tiny puckered ass hole.

First Time Interracial Guy Anal Painfully Short

anal letsnotell 2018-11-06

He told me to make myself comfortable and we could start right away so without thinking I just took my clothes off like any other e****t I was about to shove my cock in, but this time around I felt very naked in front of this muscular black man, I didnt even dare look down to see his massive cock, limp and hanging and not even hard yet. I felt my cock slowly fading away and feeling as if I was being fucked like a little whore, and I began thinking disgusting dirty thoughts of myself if I was a girl, and how the situation would make me feel, and wished a pussy was around to play with in the midst of me getting my ass completely filled.

Blown by Daddy (but not like you think!)

anal 2018-10-03

I can't move my ass, he has tightened the ropes and i can only moan that it "feels so good, Daddy", "never stop Daddy", and "thank you so much Daddy", all while he's going faster and faster, and i feel him getting thicker and thicker...And then i feel a giant blow against the back of my head, i dizzy out but i can still hear him grunt over me, like a pig: "OOOwwww yes baby that's so good, i just LOVE it when an asshole clenches tight around my cock, when i smack a guy in the back of his head....Asshole always do that you know, the brain tightens the sphincter as hard as it can, and that's a very good time to have your cock in it"...

Caught Crossdressing by my wife

anal 2018-10-01

I was now getting an erection so I relaxed and opened my legs a little further as I wanted him to touch my cock again…and again…oh wow, this was really turning me on and as I looked over at my wife again, she just smiled. I was well on the way to making a mess in my swimsuit…and really wanting to, even in public, I was so turned on but, the next thing I knew we all got up and were standing with fresh drinks in our hands and walking over to the beach area where they had large umbrellas set up together with windbreaks creating quite a secluded area.

batroom fun part 1

anal daniel1901 2018-09-28

Sara sat at the end of the bar and looked at the crowd. He was staring openly at her and look in his eyes made Sara feel as if she wasn't wearing any clothes. He pushed them open a little farther and she could feel his breath on the inside of her thighs and then her pussy. Sara could feel him at her back and then felt his cock rubbing up and down her opening. Sara felt empty as he pulled out of her and tried to encourage him to enter her again. Sara took a deep breath and when she started to open the door she was afraid everyone would notice.

Oil massage

anal yelloducky 2018-09-26

Oh my god, that feels so good.  Your hands continue to slowly rub my ass as you lick me from asshole to pussy.  You once again slide 2 fingers deep inside me as your tongue wiggles and teases into my tight ass.  I moan deeply into the pillows.  I raise my butt into the air a bit giving you better access.  You work some oil onto your cock and position yourself at my rear hole.  You add some more oil and begin to push into me as your hands pull my hips back.  I take a deep breath and relax my body as much as possible.  The résistance breaks suddenly and the head of your cock slides into my ass.

First Anal

anal southerncaptain 2018-09-26

Pushing your little bottom up as you try to relax, knowing what I want to do with you, opens you to my gentle insertion. Rubbing it up and down in your wetness, I spread the creaminess over your tight puckered opening and gently push inside. Just as gently as the first time, I push back inside you as I feel you once again trying to accommodate my cock in your tiny bottom. Ever so slowly, you begin to draw me in and out as you feel a new type of pleasure building deep inside you. Pushing harder and deeper, my cock stretches you more as I feel my own passion coming to a peak.

The Mediterranean Guesthouse - Chapter 2

anal arsch_chiis 2018-09-23

My heart seems to swell and rise as I think that tonight I will get to make love to Christine, my dick will slowly slide inside her moist, tight pussy as she looks deep into my eyes. I try to focus on the nice tired feeling in my legs and my body, and the feeling of the cooling breeze and the warmth of the sun's last rays on my skin, but I succeed only to think about the curve of Christine's neck and her delicious earlobes and the way her breasts bounced last night as Julien was fucking her on the bed.

Lesson Plan Ch. 03

anal GettingItDone 2018-09-21

I reply with a simple head nod as I drop to my hands and knees to begin picking up the discarded Chinese food boxes from the floor with my mouth. I love knowing how quickly I become an anal loving slut, from the moment when he first slipped his thick thumb into my hole I knew I would enjoy having my ass stuffed full. With each ball that I press into place, my asshole loosens, but the time it takes to push it all the way is extended. It is remarkable to think that I now have at least ten inches of golf ball sized anal beads stuffed up my ass, and if anyone would to see all that would be seen would be a plastic ring nestled up against my asshole.

My First Anal Experience

anal 2018-09-20

I feel his manhood stiffen beneath his coveralls as he rubs his hand between my legs, my pussy juices soaking through my jeans. Kissing me he tells me he wants me to sit on his face while I suck his cock. I get on my knees, face smushed into the blanket and ass in the air, I feel the cold lube as he squirts some on my pussy, he lubes up his hand, and I feel him enter one finger inside of my wet tight pussy. Slowly he enters his cock in and out of my ass, not fully in, but just enough to feel the slight twinge of pain, and pleasure.

Popping the cherry

anal aussie_alterego 2018-09-11

I go to get my first mystery item and leave you to feel the sensation of heat from the fire on your ass, thighs, feet as well as your sensitive cunt. I push it in and say "bite" and as you do, you feel the taste of the sweetest cherry burst inside you mouth. With the head of my cock resting inside you, I grab a handful of hair and give you one big pound. As I pound your ass you hear the skin on skin slapping and feel your body ripple as it takes the impact. As i untie your legs and wrists I whisper "because you broke the rules and didn't hold my cherries, I'll have to set aside some time to punish you again."

The Public Toilet

anal 2018-09-10

He follows me right in, but keeps the door wide open and I feel his hands run up the back of my bare thighs, past my shorts and then pinging my jockstrap against my ass, before cupping my cheeks. He has pushed the entire length of his dick straight up inside me, all the way to the hilt, and I hear the unbelievably satisfying slap of his hairy low balls slapping against me, and his wiry pubes rubbing against my ass cheek. His dick moves into a good rhythm, pulling half way out in one motion, hesitating for not even a second, before slamming it straight back into insides and his balls swinging towards me, every time hitting a little harder against my thighs.

Roommates Ch. 02

anal hroy2 2018-09-07

He loved feeling the warmth of her body and the soft skin of her butt pressed up against his penis. Heather felt her body tense up a little as the tip of his penis tickled her ass, wet from a mixture of her excitement and pre-cum. Its slick head pushed its way inside about an inch or so, and Heather let out a scream of pain and dug her nails hard into his thigh. Although me was a little distracted by her face, twisted in pain; he couldn't help but notice how good this new sensation felt. After a few moments, her sore ass was numb to the pain and a feeling of euphoria washed over her, covering her body in pleasure that she had never felt before.

Forest Nymph-o

anal heaven684mike 2018-09-06

The warmth of my hand and the cool of the water such an erotic combination I began caressing my breasts until my nipples were hardend nubs and the ache growing between my legs was screaming for attention. Another shiver ran through me and I thought to run but my legs wouldn't move, the feeling was so sensual I just couldn't tear myself away, I had to know who or what was making my body hum. He kept his pace as he probed my mouth with his tongue so sweet was his taste with his free hand he rubbed my clit making my body shudder harder I could feel my climax coming as he pumped into me harder and harder I couldn't clutch him tight enough as it over took me.

"Home Sweet Home"

anal fotisampini 2018-09-03

Zach walked over very close to us and said "Shy, believe me, you aren't spoiling anything." Maybe I had relaxed to much at this point or maybe it was my drink talking but I responded quite boldly, "What do you boys have in mind?" With that, Dylan started to raise my sweater as he ran his hands across my ass. I grabbed Dylan by his cock and asked him did he want to fuck me in front of Zach? He says "Oh baby, you can do whatever you wish." Hearng those words, I wrap my mouth around Zach's cock and sit down to meet Dylan's waiting cock.

ProfNigma Stories #5: If Wishes Were Hornets #8

anal FrankSinner 2018-09-03

No matter how many times Nate heard variations on what Tori just said, he never got tired of knowing that the two of them were together and that he was the boyfriend of the hottest girl in school. She covered up a little bit, feeling exposed in every sense, but the look in his eyes wasn't one of wanton lust, but of deep appreciation for her body, and Nate pulled her back down onto the bed. Nate hadn't done this much, but as he became more confident, his hands gripped her sides tightly, desperately trying to f*rce his face deeper into her core as his tongue tried to reach places that Tori didn't even know existed.

First time dominating

anal london-girl 2018-08-28

It’s not long before I feel his cock start to pulse and hear his moans getting louder I don’t know if I should let him cum in my mouth or stop him either way I don’t have much time to decide... As I continue to ride his cock and he thrusts up into me with each of my downward strokes I feel myself getting closer, my stomach tensing and pure pleasure spreading through my body, my head rolls back and a loud moan escapes my open mouth, my nails trail down his chest as my inner muscles start to squeeze and contact around his cock milking him. I slide two of my fingers inside me and curl then up as I start pulling them out, my breathing now getting quicker as I use the palm of my hand to rub against my clit moving my hips and thrusting hard into my pussy.

My First Group Scene Part II

anal 2018-08-26

He began sliding his cock in and out of my mouth only not as fast as the guy fucking. "Your face is soaked," the guy whose cock was in my mouth said. "He got me fucking horny as hell with your cock in his mouth and the train behind him," the guy who just unloaded said as he wiped his cock clean on the side of my face. The guy who just came didn't even give me a chance, he just stuck his cock in my open mouth and I cleaned him off. Then, without warning, I felt his cock pusle in me and I could actually feel his cum shots inside me.

The Christmas Gift

anal Honey123 2018-08-23

I close my eyes enjoying how you feel against my skin and can tell you are watching as I slide one bra cup over, exposing my hard nipple, and run the tip of your cock along it, the pre-cum making it glisten. Slowly you caress my body, your hands moving up and cupping my breasts, your fingers sliding inside my bra, teasing my already hard nipples. You bring your hands down along my stomach, your fingers sliding inside my thong, moving them around my hips to my ass cheeks. I feel your cock sliding along my ass, I close my eyes and push myself out to you, wanting you in me.

My first attempt

anal 2018-08-19

Once his balls were slick with my spit, he pulled his cock back slightly and I let the head of his meat stick enter my mouth. Every once in a while I slip his cock out of my mouth and glide my tongue down his shaft and lick his balls again. I use one hand to slide up and down his shaft, while using my other hand to cup his balls with my mouth sealed over the head of his magnificent cock. I feel his cock lurch and a gush of cum explodes in my mouth, then another and another. His ball juice is so hot, it feels like it is scalding the membranes of my mouth.

A wank with a friend continued.

anal JazzSands 2018-08-13

It felt naughty or taboo which made it feel extra hot." I started to stroke myself as I spoke to him, looking at him straight into his eyes. I wanted to take hold of his head and fuck his mouth but instead I let him do his thing. "You want me to fuck you, where, in the arse?" I started stroking myself as I asked. It was when I looked down to watch my cock fucking Pete's arse did it dawned on me what I was doing. I kept my pace of a solid fucking as I stared down towards where or bodies joined.  Pete's hands let go of his legs and gripped his duvet either side of himself.


anal moonmullins 2018-08-12

On a more basic level you love her long thick auburn hair and green eyes—and her wide hips, full thighs and especially her round ass that looks so good in her tight black jeans. You're kissing, running your hands over the incredible softness of her skin, sliding your fingers over and into her warm cunt, feeling the lips part and how wet she is, hearing her moan as she presses her pussy against your hand. "Well, look at you!" she says with a sly smile, coming over and gently grasping your erection, planting a kiss and a slow lick on the head before she glances at the clock and returns to the business of slipping on a long black skirt and zipping it up.


anal kittkatt71 2018-08-08

I feel your tongue bathe each one and I sigh as I try and raise up my body to meet your mouth. The bed moves, irritating my bum, as you move up and put your hard cock in my mouth. I feel you breathing against my panties as you move your cock in and out of my mouth. Your tongue is moving around the edges of my panties and despite the pain on my backside I move my hips to get closer to that glorious mouth. The bed moves again and I feel your mouth on my clit, your tongue plunging into my wet hot pussy. " I missed you baby" you pant as you plunge your fingers into me and I explode again as I feel you fill me with your hot seed.

Her Presents

anal naughty_bi_interest 2018-08-08

I don't know why, but the thought of her watching me suck some nice juicy cock filled my head and pushed me right over the edge. I could barely hear her words as my mind was all about the flesh-like cock sensuously massaging my lips in the most suggestive way. "I want you to think about how wonderful it's going to feel between your lips...when the time comes." "Mmm...watching you do that makes me so horny," she said rolling her finger over the tip of her cock. I ran my tongue over the soft tip knowing this was exactly how a real cock tasted, how it felt. I could feel her legs jerking against me as my hand worked the taste into her cock.