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Sisterhood of Sin -- 18 -- The Entrapped Man

anal LastWife 2018-11-18

Just one of those times when I didn't have enough hands free to hold everything that needed holding." Actually, when I added those teeth marks to the card, I had one hand rubbin' my nubbin while the other was tied up over my head as I lay naked and spread with vibrating plugs in my cunt and ass while I was surrounded by a sinister coven of sisters engaged in a lust ritual. Barbie and I both thought that an anonymous witness who would be known only as 'Esteemed Guest', and who ultimately gave her blessing to his admission would really sell the authenticity of the ceremony, after which, Dan would be presented with a new blank credit card for men only, a copper colored card.

Michelle's First Anal Adventure

anal Master_Jonathan 2018-11-08

I have had anal sex with other past girlfriends and I love the feeling of a tight tunnel hugging my cock like that. Then they started talking about what they liked in bed and that's when Michelle learned that Jessica loved anal sex.  She looked up at me as she hovered over my hard, erect cock pointing at her soft red lips Smiling a little "I know what you want" look she took the head of my cock between her lips and slowly slid down the length of my cock, her eyes never breaking contact with mine. She said she never knew how much fun anal sex could be and she loved that I took it easy and was so gentle and caring about it. 

In the forest

anal silverseeker 2018-11-02

I wasn’t sure if she was lining me up to fuck her, like I had heard women in remote areas, such as the Inuit, apparently did, getting their claws into any male who came along because there might not be another one along for a long time and a woman needs to be fucked. With my right hand I simply located her lips and got the head of my cock between them, then quickly (actually not that quickly) flicked it up, like taking a swab. “It’s okay, Marianne,” I said helplessly.  “I don’t want to spoil anything.” “That almost sounds like a proposal, the way you said it.”

Out-of-town Visit

anal ninalee312 2018-10-05

He released her hair and pushed her back onto the bed, her arms spread out above her head, fingers wrapped in crumpled sheets, ass high in the air as he pulled slowly out of her, realizing he had only moments before the wave of pleasure he was fighting back would eventually overtake him. "God that's got to taste good right now," she murmured to herself as she flipped around and moved down to his drenched cock, gently lapping up the mixture of ass and cum juices from his shaft, holding it in her mouth as she looked up at him, lying there with his eyes half closed.

Happy Ending Ch. 02

anal tcwild100 2018-08-15

This time she had some sort of special massage oil she worked into my organ with her fingers, even rubbing it into my balls and inserting a finger in my asshole before she took my cock in her mouth. With the head of his dick pushing at the back of her throat she slowly worked a finger up his ass, easing the digit to the hilt in his sensitive hole as her lips suckled on the entire length of his cock. I felt the ring of her sphincter relaxing as my cock pushed inside her mucky little chute, then her hips eased down until my organ was well and truly buried inside her ass.

New Found Glory

anal BiBabe2004 2018-07-19

I smiled and pulled his head in for another kiss, this time harder and with more hunger to explore the very depths of his mouth. I felt one finger leave my slit and slide its way into my nice tight ass hole. He leaned down to my now throbbing clit sucking and nipping all the while he finger fucked my pussy and tight ass. I continued to suck and lick his now softening cock and in no time he was hard and ready for my virigin ass, but I wasn't done yet. I moaned and cooed as I felt an orgasm coming and this one wasn't going to be stopped. He took up where I had left off pumping his hard shaft faster, harder, and deeper into my now swollen ass.

A Hot Night Out

anal AlecCarter 2018-06-26

His hands now moved from their grip, and grasped her ass roughly, spreading her cheeks so that his index finger could trace down between them, lightly passing over her asshole before resting just inside of her wet opening. She knows it too, and it shows when she turns away from him and bends fully at her waist, her dress riding up over her hips now, baring her perfect ass at first, and as she bends further, her pink little pussy gleams through in the middle, damp now with excitement. He attacks her breasts now, her shoulders, her throat, quickly and aggresively tracing up and down her body from stomache to earlobes and then traveling further and further down each leg, tasting, tickling, his hands unstrapping the shoes from her feet and grabbing her feet, kneading them as his mouth went everywhere.

Second Round

anal powelldonovan 2018-06-08

In response, I wrapped one arm around her, pulling her tight against me while I returned her kiss, letting my tongue slip between her lips. But Lia stepped into the shower and held the curtain open for me to follow her, so I climbed in and watched the hot water run down her beautiful body, and then I held her close and kissed her again, passionately. Lia screamed when she felt my tongue on her clit, and she grabbed hold of my head so she could pull my face even tighter into her pussy. I let go of one tit and reached under her belly with it, going straight for the clit while my other hand continued to roll her nipple between my fingers, stretching it out away from her chest.

Wake Me

anal Morrigu 2018-05-15

Lips parting on a moan of delight as I slip my fingers under the fabric and grasp your cock, hard and straining in my hand. Pressing yourself down on top of me, your cock hard against my stomach and your lips hard against mine, your tongue slips into my mouth as you swallow my moan of desire. Slipping off your cock and further down your body, my hand once again grasps your hard flesh, fingers tight. Lips pressed to the tip, softly parted, my tongue flicking over your sensitive skin, licking the underside of your shaft in one long stroke. A long low moan spills from my lips as I feel you breach my body, the head of your cock in the tight grasp of my ass.

Brown Coffee

anal Iloveallbutts 2018-05-02

I could feel her tongue vibrating on the bottom of my dick, as she started slowly bobbing her head up and down the shaft of my cock, with her hand right outside of her mouth. From where I was standing, I could see her bare ass curving like a heart on the rim of the toilet, slowly rocking forward and back as she stroked my dick with her mouth. I like a lot of cream!" Her right hand was still stroking my dick, and a string of saliva connected her mouth to the head of my cock. Yes!" I moved my middle finger down, and slowly worked it into her asshole while I shifted my mouth to her pussy and stroked it with my tongue.

Chloe's Way

anal Naughty_Witch 2018-05-01

He was right all Chloe could think of was Mr. Bates thick cock slamming into her pussy, "God yes," she moaned, "I love it when my tight pussy gets stuffed with a big hard cock. "You want me to fuck that tight white ass of yours and tell you what a whore you are?" Chloe moaned in pleasure, Mr. Bates' demeaning making her as hot as her fingers in her ass. "It felt so good Daddy," Chloe moaned, "But you fuck me better with you big cock than those little boys did." Chloe moaned and gripped the arms of the chair, "Oh god your cock is so big daddy, it feels so good in my ass."

Birthday Present Surprise

anal Author77 2018-03-17

I withdrew my fast-softening cock, noticing the anus closing behind it and a string of cum stretching from there to the tip of my penis, which I now presented to John, who took it in his mouth and sucked out the remaining juice. Having ejaculated I was much less keen than I might have been, but I felt I had no option, so I took John's limp cock in my mouth and started to play with it, pressing the tip of my tongue into the little hole in its end. I turned so that I was crouched, with my arse just above her face and, by leaning forward, I was well placed to give her pussy a good licking, which I now did while John took over the cleaning of her anus.

My Anal Queen

anal dirtyjoe69 2018-02-13

Well I like a lot of things....I like to feel a nice hard cock deep down my throat (yes I swallow)...I love being fucked hard from behind when I am on my knees....but what I love more than anything else is to feel a nice big throbbing cock deep in my ass as it fills my bowels full of warm sticky cum.... "Come on stud fuck my tight ass with that hard cock....I want it now!" "Oh you fucker...I want that fuck stick up my ass....mmmmmm it does feel good in my pussy....Ohhh ya keep fucking me...." Not one to disappoint I pulled my cock out of her soaked pussy and slammed it up her back entrance.

Butt Sex

anal KarennaC 2018-02-09

"How come you never fuck my ass?" Corinne demanded. "I'm talking about my asshole, which desperately wants a cock inside it, and the fact that you never fuck it." Either that or he wasn't into her, but given how hard he'd fucked her a few minutes before, Corinne didn't think that was the case. "Go slow, just a little at a time." She wanted his cock in there so badly she didn't know if she could stand his going slowly, but it would hurt too much otherwise. Slowly, cautiously, Alan kept pushing his cock into her ass until finally, Corinne felt him resting against her.

Don't You Like It?

anal powelldonovan 2018-01-15

Pretty soon her hand was sliding up and down my dripping wet cock and her other hand was pressing on that magic spot between my balls and the asshole she was still so enthusiastically tonguing. She looked up into my eyes, feeling my cock grinding against her pussy mound, and she kissed me on the lips sweetly and lovingly, her tongue going into my mouth and circling my tongue timidly, as if she was afraid that I would reject her now. "Oh God, fuck me up the ass." It seemed to me that my cock had grown so long that she'd feel it coming back up her throat at any moment.

I Came Screaming Last Night

anal brklyn_romp 2017-12-27

With my left hand shoved firmly between my pulsing lower lips, thumb on my clit, ring and middle buried deep, pinky just there rubbing toward my rosebud, I lapped his tip. When Mister was nice a wet, I took my left hand out to my cunt to balance on the arm of his chair, my right off the desk and wrapping my thumb and first two fingers around his shaft. Mister caresses my back as he prepares to enter me, then he pulls me up, so my back is flush with his chest, his cock nestled between my cheeks, as he plays roughly with my breasts.

Alternative Action

anal KarennaC 2017-12-17

Just the touch of Heath's hand made Justine's body react; her pussy moistened, her nipples hardened. Heath leaned back and made no sound as Justine slowly, finally, exposed his thick cock. Without looking away from Heath's eyes, Justine slid her mouth down over his cock. When Justine was sure Heath was only seconds from coming, he grabbed a fistful of her hair and said, "Stop. Justine hurried to the bathroom to get the bottle of lube Heath had brought the first time he'd fucked her ass. She wanted Heath's cock; needed to fuck him, whether it was with her pussy or her ass. Heath fucked her harder, and Justine felt an orgasm building. "That was fucking incredible, baby," Heath said.

Happy Ending

anal tcwild100 2017-12-05

I offer the usual, you know, hand job to completion along with the normal massage." she began. so is there anything in particular you want me to work on for the massage?" Michele asked, her hands doing their usual exploration. The massage proceeded as usual, her hands working their magic on my back and legs, with a few thinly disguised strokes from her fingertips between my legs that wouldn't be a part of the normal therapy. "You want my butt?" she asked, squeezing the two fingers inside her with her rectal muscles. Her skills were clearly not confined to her hands and her lips, I felt the controlled contractions of her rectal chute massaging my penis without any motion of her hips.

Happy Anal Slut

anal wiley4377 2017-11-01

Two years after Wiley was seduced and discovered anal lust, he was receiving hard cock three to four times a week. We entered a familiar booth with a mirror—the same one Bill seduced and taught me the pleasure of anal fucking. I alternated stroking and sucking until his cock was very hard. I stood, turned and without letting his stiff cock go, directed it to my horny ass hole. His cock head penetrated my anal lips and maybe two inches of hard cock buried up my ass. I realized that the three or four men in the booth area could hear the slapping noise of a man fucking some ass. I pulled my ass off his cock, squatted down pulled off his condom and sucked him off.

A Request in the Heat of Passion

anal Inspired735 2017-10-24

I love the way my cock feels in her mouth when she moans. I suck a little more and then she gets up off the bed, looking so sexy with her teddy pulled up and her bare ass showing and her tits out of the top of the teddy. It is an incredible turn on to feel the inside of the slick walls of her pussy with my dick and my finger can feel my cock in her. My fingers can actually feel the contours of the head of my penis from inside her ass as she pogos up and down on my hard veined cock. The feeling of power that knowing my wife wants my cock deep inside her ass really turns me on.