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Anal Adventures of Alex Ch. 05

anal Goldeniangel 2018-11-04

Alex pushed his ass back out a little and then froze as he felt the slick, slightly cool head of the dildo press against his asshole. Jen moved her hips slightly, letting just a little of the head push in and out of his ass, getting him ready for when she popped the whole head in. Pulling himself back upright, he put his hands on her hips and gave several punishing thrusts, ramming hard into her body as he enjoyed the view of his cock splitting open her asshole, her cheeks quivering as she continued to orgasm, his dick pressing deep into her hole.

Out-of-town Visit

anal ninalee312 2018-10-05

He released her hair and pushed her back onto the bed, her arms spread out above her head, fingers wrapped in crumpled sheets, ass high in the air as he pulled slowly out of her, realizing he had only moments before the wave of pleasure he was fighting back would eventually overtake him. "God that's got to taste good right now," she murmured to herself as she flipped around and moved down to his drenched cock, gently lapping up the mixture of ass and cum juices from his shaft, holding it in her mouth as she looked up at him, lying there with his eyes half closed.

Natalie Ch. 01

anal Nicholas_Granger 2018-04-05

Never one to waste the opportunity to get close to a bald pussy, I began kissing the back of her legs, working my way down to her ass and began teasing her by brushing my lips and tongue lightly against her bare lips. Reaching her soft lips, I gently parted them and she slid her tongue into my mouth briefly before pulling back and saying, "Let's go get cleaned up before the next act" with a mischievous little grin. She bit her lower lip and smiled down at me as she started rocking her hips back and forth just a little, slowly driving my cock deeper and deeper into her ass.