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Her Perfect Match

anal Samuelx 2018-11-19

This big girl likes to fuck both men and women in the ass with her strap on dildo. Marla began sucking on John's thick cock like her life depended on it. Slowly, Marla worked a very flexible and long dildo into John's ass. Every time John backed up, the dildo's other end went deeper into Marla's asshole. John worked his cock into Marla's asshole, and began to fuck her once more. He was skilled enough and tough enough to screw her in the ass with all of his might and make her scream like a woman possessed, and yet he was also man enough and sexually adventurous enough to let her a dildo on his ass afterwards.

A Battle of The Sexes

anal Samuelx 2018-11-18

Evans was a big guy, standing around six-foot-three and weighing 250 pounds. Evans wasn't too keen on my idea but I told him that he would definitely like it. To his credit, Evans didn't scream when I began to fuck his ass with the strap on. I got down on all fours and shook my big sexy black ass in front of Evans. I think I love it as much as I love shoving a dildo up a man's ass. Evans fucked my ass hard. He slammed his cock into my ass for a long time, then he finally came. This boxer was a real fighter and he would never hold back against anyone, man or woman.

A Wrestling Good Time

anal Samuelx 2018-11-11

He looked in the kitchen, and saw his girlfriend Veronique Valentine walk by, wearing a T-shirt and black panties. Steve loved his girlfriend but she was somewhat messy at times. In a time when most black women had trouble finding available men, she had found a good-looking, educated young man who was going places in this life. These days, Veronique was studying hard and trying to get everything that fate denied her in previous years. He looked so wonderful these days, yet he was always so busy with his work and school. Steve caressed Veronique's curvy body, and fondled her large but firm breasts. When they were done, Steve and Veronique silently looked at each other and smiled.