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She's late

anal JohnnyJohn 2018-02-27

As she attempted to loosen her mouth around the bit a little he lifted her skirt up over her pert, beautifully round buttocks, revealing her thin, black cotton knickers and mismatched white suspender belt. Alexandra’s makeup smeared down her cheeks in black lines and when he looked down at what he’d done he smiled and thrust one last time, so deeply into her throat that his balls pushed against her sodden chin. He smiled and took them, tugging them against her gently and slowly from her cunt upwards between her buttocks, letting her feel their cold hardness. He pulled out and carried on, staring down at her still red-streaked buttocks, her stretched, cum coated holes and her stockings, wet and fallen.

I could do this all day...I knew she liked it!

anal ImaSteal1124 2018-02-24

I started to rub my index finger over her sweet little asshole because I knew she liked it even though she wouldn’t admit it to me. So we kept going and I decided I wanted a little more so I stuck about half my index finger in her asshole and rubbed it around a little bit while she rode me. I knew at this point that she was starting not too mine because she had a cute little smile on her face and everytime I took it out she pushed back on my finegr a little bit so I decided to go for the whole thing and I stuck my whole index finger in her ass and fucked her with it slowly.

Valentine's day with Trish and Nikki

anal prisonbreak 2018-02-20

Trish, whom I had completely forgotten about, was standing at our side, also assisted me, by removing Nikki’s black bra and immediately grabbing her beautiful boobs, squeezing and fondling them; licking and sucking her maroon, puffy nipples. I couldn’t wait any longer and got Nikki to get on the table on all fours, just like Trish lay there before Nikki’s arrival. Meanwhile, Trish had mounted Nikki from behind and without warning, shoved that insanely ribbed and cruel dildo into Nikki’s now well-fucked asshole. When I knew it was time, I pulled out and hurriedly reached forward, shoving my dick balls deep into Nikki’s gaping, and panting mouth; making her taste her own anal flavors through my dick.

Winter Takes Control

anal TinderWick 2018-02-16

"Excuse me Ma'am," a tall woman with blue dyed hair said walking up to Winter. First time?" asked the blue-haired girl, I looked up from her firm backside to her eyes again and restarted my chanting. "Well, yes," she replied "here look at this," she said pulling out a rather large purple dildo. "One movie, you are like a child in a candy store," Winter said. "Baby I am sorry," Winter said, and I felt bad. I looked up to see Winter leaning over me working her hand on my cock and fuck me at the same time. "You like that?" Winter asked, and I tried to answer but the pleasure took over, and all I could do was moan in response.


anal Metilda 2018-02-08

It’s OK that I think those thoughts, He likes to hear about my fantasies and I imagine it thrills Him entirely that I never fancy to let my lustful mind wander to the other men at work. I can’t stay like this, though.While He’s clearing the table and washing the dishes I do have a small bit of time to let loose and smooth out the uncomfortable kinks that have worked their way into my body. Even though I know it’s coming I can’t stop the shaky gasp that slips from my lips as his warm, firm hands touch my calves. Mid my orgasm streak I feel His hand fist tightly inside me, he pulls it to my entrance as He watches my red flesh stretch tight.

A Change in Circumstances - Part 3 - Jenny Watches Us Both

anal DarkSide 2018-02-05

“You‘re gonna fuck my arse with this cock,” said Melissa as she pulled on it, “so hard that I want to fucking scream.” “Do it, John, fuck your cock up me…” said Melissa as she looked Jenny in the eye. “This is how I fucked her that night, my cock was right up her arse just as it is now,” I directed my words at Jenny. I had only thrust into Melissa three more times but with Jenny pulling hard on her nipple her orgasm rushed through her body. It didn’t seem to matter how hard I fucked Jenny, Melissa’s finger was pushing into my arse anyway.

Adam and Sharon. The Monday after

anal Aussiemale50 2018-01-21

"I can't help myself Adam, I just keep wanting to feel your dick inside. Sharon spread her legs wide apart and Adam easily slipped three fingers and took his dick in her hand, stroking it quite viciously. Do it, come on, finger fuck me, make me wetter, make me climax." Adam ran his hand up her skirt into her slippery pussy. Home was only a few minutes away; in the car, Adam had his fingers up Sharon's skirt and into her pussy and she played with his dick through his pants. "I saw how much you enjoyed Scott's cock in your butt - I had told Mandy you had an ass fetish.

My Best Gym Workout

anal MonicaJane6969 2017-12-18

I felt his thumbs moving around on my ass cheeks, and I moaned, softly I thought, but Tony heard it. I must have sucked and licked that perfect cock for nearly ten minutes before Tony push my head back and stepped from the bench. Tony reached up and grabbed my breasts, squeezing then softly as I lowered myself down just taking the head of that great cock, just inside me. Tony stood back up and took his cock from my cunt and rubbed the head over my asshole. Tony let me control the past and held my hips as I took more of his hard cock into my ass. I felt Tony start to soften in my ass, as he pulled out and his cum leaked from my well fucked hole.

The Fantasy

anal akon217 2017-11-21

He buried his fingers deep in her tight ass causing her hips to jump, while forcing his other hand past her wet lips to the pink flesh within. Alissa was biting her lower lip holding back her moans, so D.J started thrusting his fingers in her once again trying to elicit those sounds. His hot dick throbbed each time he went deep, and as he pulled out it would rub against her most sensitive area making her breath catch in her throat. "Fuck me in my ass." She felt Jordan remove his hot member from her wet hole slightly disappointed at the loss, but as her ass twitch as he probed her asshole she decided it was worth it. Alissa felt his balls empty into her ass as she sprayed her remaining piss and cum across his chest.

A Phone Call Away

anal smithjon1919 2017-11-21

After what felt like forever with her four fingers in my ass, Randi attempted to push her fingers in passed her knuckles. I felt as though I was going to tear open and I jerked my hands away from my ass cheeks and lurched forward to escape the invasion. She began to rub my cock through my panties and remarked, "You are soaking wet you little bitch." The softness of her hand as it stroked my hard on, the poison in her voice as she called me a bitch, and the ruthless pounding she rendered to me finally became too much. I just handed Randi the phone and grinned a little as my cock started to get hard again.

Crawl My Kitten

anal Dhampie 2017-11-18

I could feel the 'pop' as his fat cockhead pushed inside my ass, I grabbed the sides of the table and held tight as I braced myself for the rest of his cock. I still clenched the table tight as I moved my other hand to my pussy, I pushed my wetness towards my ass and around his cock, as he thrusted slowly. I cried out as my orgasm built, my thighs shook hard, too much to keep either firmly planted, I let my leg fall to the floor and braced my legs firmly as I began to thrust my ass back against him.

This Is For Science, Tilly.

anal Irrumat0r 2017-11-05

Grabbing her soft, kinky hair by the scruff with my right hand, I pry open her jaw with my left thumb and thrust my cock past her teeth, fucking her mouth at my liberty. After making some notes on a chart, I walk back around to Tilly's face, and I shove my cock in her mouth again while turning up the nitrous to 100% for 25 seconds. Her oxygen saturation level go from green to yellow, and just as it's getting to red, I pulling out of her throat and spray hot cum into her mouth, her lips wrapping it behind the head. Here, in our private, soundproof laboratory, Tilly can wail and yowl with pleasure while I eat her pussy fast and sloppy-like, pushing the dildo once again into her ass.

Anal Invaders

anal sbhammer 2017-09-24

In that time Melissa managed to grab ahold of Barry's cock and pull it out through his fly, giving it a few hard tugs before exiting into the corridor leading to her condo. The waves kept crashing over her as Barry slowed his thrusting then watched as she turned her head to the side and pressed it hard onto the bed while deeply feeling each and every wave of pleasure wash over her. Melissa felt an initial wince of pain but was surprised at how good it felt as Barry worked his way forward in her ass. Melissa had her head in her hands above a pile of vomit that had been sprayed across the bed, and Barry still had his dick in her ass while remaining motionless, covering his nose with both hands.

Banging the Boss Ch. 05

anal veronicavonDee 2017-09-20

My mind filled with the events of the day, of watching the video of Jack's big beautiful cock ramming into my arse, seeing his hands spreading my cheeks to give him a better view, ripping my knickers to one side -- not even taking them off. I started to fantasise that another man was there too, I wanted to suck on cock while Jack fucked my arse and fingered my pussy, the other man playing with my breasts as I took him in my mouth. Jack took his cue, knew how desperate I was and rubbed the slippery wet head of his cock in my pussy and arse hole. The office was hot, the skin was coming off my knees and elbows, my arse hole felt like it was ripping in two, and Jack still kept fucking me hard.

A Touching Tale of Hardcore Anal

anal lourdez01 2017-09-06

You're going to tell me to put the small dildo in my pussy, super slowly, and to make sure I push it all the way in without making a single noise--to look like it feels good the whole time. While you're pulling your belt off you're going to tell me to shove the butt plug in my asshole as far as it will go, like a good, anal slut, and to twist it in a circle so it gets in further, trying to get past the big part at the end. You're going to tell me to put my face on the ground, so the butt plug is touching the floor and being forced further down my throat, and to spread my legs at the same time to open up my ass for you.

Cum Lover and Steve Pt. 08

anal cumlover969 2017-08-21

Sarah, "One thing that was especially exciting was watching a video of a girl being fucked in her cunt and ass at the same time. Sarah, "I would like you to fuck my ass. I pushed her legs over her head and began probing by rubbing my cock head around the entrance to her ass. As we moved over to the toy section a couple of guys were ogling Sarah's ass. Sarah picked up a flexible one with cock heads at both ends and put it with the other. Sarah said, "you are so thoughtful, I am soaking wet, being naked and thinking of what we are going to do." How wonderful, Sarah is going to fuck my ass.

Banana Surprise

anal nikkicd777 2017-08-02

My wife Christina is a complete ass-play freak, and tonight she prepared a wonderful dinner for me while dressed up as a sexy french maid. "Mmmm, I love banana surprise..." as I stared at her ample ass cheeks, noticing that the rosebud jewel was now gone. With my tongue deep in her ass, I locked my lips around her anus and sucked out her sweet treat. I sucked until the protruding three inches was entirely in my mouth and my lips touched her hot, thinly stretched anus grasping tightly around the banana. I fell back into my dinner chair and Christina produced a medium size butt plug that she quickly shoved in her ass before any of my massive load leaked out.

His Fantasy Brought To Life

anal ksha 2017-07-27

"Yes mistress," Stefan managed to moan as Alisha slapped his ass again. Within only a few minutes Stefan managed to moan out, "I-I'm going to cum mistress." Alisha promptly turned up the massager to full, and Stefan let out a stream of cum. She moves her mouth next to his ear, "You better get ready Stefanie, I'm going to fuck your ass all night till you are just a limp pile on my couch." These words made Stefan shiver with excitement as Alisha slapped his ass once more. As time went on and Alisha fucked him even harder and faster, Stefan felt a warming sensation in his cock.

An Interesting Afternoon with April

anal AcidSpeed 2017-07-25

I began pulling down the panties, exposing her pale, nice, white ass. I finally stuck the tab of acid to the tip of my pointer and slid it into her hole- leaving it in there. Spreading her again, I started to lick her ass- tasting the acid on her hole. We fell silent and I started to lick her ass again, but this time I slid a finger into her pussy. I spread her ass to see her little pink, moist, tight, little shit-hole. She began laughing again, and I ( once again) climbed up to the position- spreading her cheeks. I was about halfway in her ass when she began to spread her cheeks and lie down all the way, her face cringed in pain.

A New Salon Experience

anal fetishguy81 2017-07-20

"After you cum in her mouth, you're going to suck her cock and let her cum in yours," Ashley said. Ashley continued to guide my head down Brittany's cock until I couldn't go any further. The cum stopped and Brittany slowly pulled her cock from my mouth. Come fuck my hubby's ass Brittany," Ashley said. Ashley grabbed Brittany's cock and guided it into my ass. Ashley dropped to her knees and took Brittany's cock in her mouth. I kept eating Ashley's asshole and waited for Brittany to remove her limp cock from my filled hole. All I could do was try to focus on something else as Brittany rode my cock with her tight ass so that I didn't cum early.

Threesome Fun

anal anallover29 2017-07-14

Jordan slurped up every bit of her juices and looked up at Alex and said, "Hey man, let her sit on my face and you can get her ass. Jordan got a first hand glimpse at Alex's big cock slamming all the way into Selina's ass, down to his balls. Jordan was still in the mood of course because he only came the one time and loved to eat Selina, he moved behind her and began to lick and suck on her pussy and on her ass. Her ass squeezed tight around Jordan's cock which got him to the breaking point, and he also began to cum right in her ass filling it up again after it had been licked clean by him.

Ass Play: Make Him Love It

anal MsGenevieve 2017-07-09

I saw his dick throbbing freely, with what looked like a significant amount of pre cum oozing out of the head. He raised up, and I saw some pre cum ooze out of his throbbing dick, drooling up his abs, toward his chest. I let his dick drop out of my mouth, and slap against his pre cum soaked abs. I inched it slowly in, watching his dick throb, and feeling his ass clench against the smooth skin of the dildo. I continued twisting and turning the dildo, and then I pulled it out quickly, hearing a little squirt of juices, as his ass clamped shut. I took his softening dick in my mouth, allowing the cum drops to coat my inner lips, and drip down the sides of my mouth.

Chubby Anal Banquet

anal passionforass 2017-06-20

She had showered that morning and just as she was walking out she said, "Damn, I gotta hit the bathroom before I go." She took long enough so that I knew it was number two, and after five or so minutes I heard a flush and out she went, wearing leggings beneath her jeans as it was indeed a cold day. While coming down from her anal orgasm I continued lightly kissing her anus and licking thoroughly around it, cleaning up excess saliva. I had secretly wanted to but didn't feel comfortable saying, "Hey babe, let me know when you have a nice solid dump, I'd really like to lick you after that." She must've read my mind.

The Wake Up Ch. 03

anal RedTang 2017-05-31

His pants falling to the floor, Ava reached inside Hank's boxers and closed her hand around his erect cock. With his right index finger buried in her asshole, Hank now took his left hand and reached for her pussy, spreading her lips open and sliding his index finger into her wet channel. "I know how you like it, baby," Hank said as he pushed a bit, but then relented to let her anus stretch to accommodate his head. "Good, now close your eyes and relax." Ava felt Hank reach around her and begin to rub her clit gently. "Oh, keep going, keep going..." Ava was frantic now, trying to keep the liquid in her ass, feeling Hank thrusting as deep as he'd ever been, his fingers moving fast on her clit.