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Ana alone in a dark alleyway

anal Anitaslut44 2018-11-26

His friend, who later told me he was named Markus, positioned himself behind me and stuck his long tongue in my ear which actually started to make me breathe faster. Seeing how wet my slit was, Markus pushed his friend out of the way and immediately stuck three full fingers in my long slit, making me cry in pain. When they finally stopped, Markus immediately pulled his pants down to expose a long hard black cock. Next they made me to go down on all fours while Markus stuck his rock hard cock in my wet cunt from behind while his friend stood in front of me sticking his cock between my lips.

First and only

anal Buns2squeeze 2018-11-12

Neither of us were in any shape to drive, so we wound up sitting in an easy chair together in the back of the room and actually fell asleep for a few hours.  When I woke up, it was about two in the morning and I awoke to see her looking at my face and smiling.  We started kissing.  She positioned herself so she was sitting on my lap and craned her neck back so we could continue kissing.  I started rubbing her breasts through her shirt.  She lifted her shirt up and I put my hand on her bare breast (she wasn't wearing a bra).  Finally, I thought I'd go for broke and I slowly moved my hand down to her crotch.  Not only did she not object, she spread her legs open wider to give me better access.  I rubbed my fingers up and down over her jeans for a little while, then I unbuttoned and unzipped them and put my fingers inside, first caressing her hair, then rubbing her clit.

Sandra's Dad

anal Bethan 2018-11-05

There was a long pause but before she could bring herself to enquire she felt Brian’s strong hands on her ankles rubbing the cool sun cream up her legs. Beth felt aroused, and said nothing when his fingers pushed up the back of her knickers exposing her buttocks and pulling her knickers tight against her pussy. Brian was now finger fucking her in time to her thrusting hips whilst rolling his tongue over her hard clitoris. Beth was amazed how sensitive she was to his touch and pushed her hand down between her legs and fingers her pussy. Brian held her hips and helped her gently slide back and forth on his cock until quietly Beth shuddered to her second orgasm of the day.

Sex with a Stranger

anal d4david 2018-10-05

I looked at my new friend and asked 'are they going to be taking pictures, 'not of our faces just the penetration parts, you know when my cock enters into your ass hole.' I thought that I had come to far to turn away at this moment, beside my new friend was stroking his now erect cock and it was a massive size. My new friend moved slowly between my legs, adjusting them the way he wanted them I could feel his cock head rest at the opening of my rectum. He pulled from my body as I trembled from his exit, on of his other friends mounted the bed and rammed his erect cock balls deep in to my open butt, holding my feet he pounded my ass like he was bull riding.

Kimberly, My Plaything

anal theladycroft 2018-09-14

She trailed off into sleep leaving Steve with his still hard cock in his hand and visions of fucking her friend Kimberly's ass in his head. "You know Kimberly, with a body as sexy as yours and the way you dress, you must really like men staring at your ass, and fantasizing about it". His cock was rock hard and he thought he would cum just at the thought of fucking Kimberly up the ass. She smiled lightly "No Steve, I'm simply asking you to take me into the bedroom and fuck my ass until I feel you shoot your cum inside it". "Steve...don't stop...please...fuck me faster...cum inside my ass". He rammed it in with full force and she moaned again "Fuck, you slut, I'm going to cum inside your tight little whore ass".

Summer Nights

anal Reeve 2018-09-08

His hands quickly found her hips and he pulled her closer to his body still, his cock brushing teasingly against the join on her leg and a soft moan slipped from her lips as he probed her mouth with his tongue, longing to hear that sweet sound again. Within five pumps of his shaft, his legs threatened to buckle and he groaned, gripping the counter with his spare hand as he came, shooting long, hot streams of cum over her face and onto her tongue, groaning as she swallowed and he pumped the final strings of sticky cum onto her cheeks, groaning at how hot and sexy Kay looked with his cum dripping over her face and from her chin onto her glistening breasts.

My Wet & Wild Fantasy

anal BarbieLez 2018-08-23

In fact, it was so bad that, by the time she finally reached my apartment, she was soaked from head to toe. I barely had time to be thankful for my roommates being out for the evening that my lover decided to escalate things. "FUCK?!" I moaned in a mixture of surprise and arousal as I felt her transfer the lesbian toy to my asshole. "Did you hear what I said?" asked my friend in an oddly lust-free voice. Unfortunately, that was only because the person speaking was my real friend, not the fantasy version of her. As I followed my friend out of the room, I realized my fantasy had given her time to remove her soaked clothes and slip into the outfit I had lent her.

Swimming with a larg man.

anal Echoes90 2018-08-16

I was going to pool with my dad but we wouldn't get close to each other because my father liked to see other men's come around me and sometime tried to touch me. I start to swim and he could see my big booty he waited there then he came and start to talk, some ordinary question then he start to rubbing my ass , it was so quick and a my face turn to red , but I didn't move I was speech less , he asked me do I know that man( my dad) and I said I met him few time here that's it. On that time my dad come and said hello again then his friend said he's going to take me to his home and see u later.

My First Three-Some

anal itsmerachel 2018-08-14

Then I suck on his head and slide his dick into my mouth and start bobbing my head and moaning on him, knowing by now B must be awake… A is now ready to fuck me and can’t wait any longer. We both moan in pleasure, and he begins to thrust me forward, my face onto the crotch of now aroused B… I waste no time pulling his boxers down and letting his dick fall out and throb in my face. We switched many positions and at one point both of them were fingering and rubbing on me and my holes and I began to need lubrication so it started to hurt, and I even said “ow” a couple times but my yells seemed to engorge their cocks and made them only thrust and twist faster and deeper.

My bbw friend and husband

anal 2018-08-10

So I decided I just watch they will never notice me she was to busy sucking my husband hard dick like there was no tomorrow and he loves eating pussy and believe you me he can eat pussy as good as any woman. Then she said feed me this cum I want your hot semen down my throat and I am going to feel your mouth full of my sweet pussy juices. It was feeling so fucking great and I needed to explode and I knew the way I had my husband fucking that ass of hers it wasn't going to be long before he spewed hot cum deep into her ass.

My best friend and I part 1

anal 2018-07-19

as a joke i said suck my dick. so he started sucking my dick. then i was sucking his and thats it and that went on for a few days. one of the times i wanted more so i jumped on top of him and started makeing out with him. and started sucking his huge dick. he just started moaning please fuck me in the ass so i was like hell ya nd turned him around bent him over the couch and slowly put my dick in as he was in pain. so i pulled out and started fingering his ass and tounge fucking it. then i tried to shove my dick up his ass agian and it went in.

Caught Red Handed

anal zappbranigan 2018-05-14

Using both of her hands Jen spread Amy's lips and sank her tongue deep into her pussy, only to pull back a moment later, flicking her tongue across Amy's clit as she withdrew. Amy looked deeply into Jen's eyes and slowly leaned her head forward to taste, for the first time, another woman's pussy. Breathing hard she looked me straight in the eye and said "Now it's your turn." I was halfway laying on Amy's naked form and I could feel my rock hard dick pressing against her thigh. Amy looked straight into my eyes and wrapped one hand around my cock and the other reached up and began fingering Jen's pussy.

Bikini fall off

anal cassiya80 2018-05-13

His friend resumed fingering me as my stepfather continued to feel my tits and pull on my nipples. While this was going on, my stepfather took everything off and inserted his dick into my mouth. His friend started pumping my ass faster and I started to suck on his dick quicker. I stopped sucking my stepfather's dick for a few minutes to get in a kneeling position. Not even a couple minutes went by before I felt my stepfather's dick get really hard in my mouth. I started sucking him faster and then I felt his cum shoot into my mouth. The only thoughts running in my head before I came was his friend pounding my ass and how hot it was sucking my stepfather's dick.

Easter fun with Kellykins2u

anal assman56 2018-05-11

I lift the back of your dress and free my cock and start to run it along your pussy lips feeling it getting wetter as I know we are being watched. You take my cock in your mouth and suck the tip as I finger your wet pussy making you moan as I draw out more of your juices. He drops to his knees by your ass and leans forward and starts to lick your asshole making you jump at the feeling of the second tongue. I look behind her and see my friend fucking her driving her mouth and tongue deep into your hot wet pussy I can hear her moaning as she sucks your juices from your pussy.

Shanti's Sexual Odyssey

anal shanti2010 2018-05-09

After finding his bulging cock with her right hand, Shanti pressed her lips hard against Dinesh's and offered him an intoxicating kiss, her left arm around his back. He embraced her tightly, smashing her large, firm breasts hard against his strong chest.As the two swapped tongues in a series of heated kisses, Shanti's right hand was already pumping and frigging away at Dinesh's enlarged cock, through his slacks. Her right hand trapped between their pressed bodies, Shanti could feel Dinesh's cock bulging against her abdomen as she kept squeezing and pumping away at it. Shanti's right hand continued to grind away upon Dinesh's cock, as both of his hands kept up the squeeze-assault upon her magnificent ass.

Wifes Slutty adventure before marriage while away

anal oddtastes 2018-05-04

This night they fucked 2 times, Paul took her over his bed doggy-style the first go and came again fairly quickly. Paul got up and rolled on a condom and began fucking her again. Paul added more spit to the sides of his dick and slide in all the way very slowly. Paul grabbed her and said “I want you to fuck the two of us”. But when his friend came to sit on the couch she grabbed his cock and began to stroke it. She took his friends cock deep into her mouth and grabbed his balls. She delicately stroked his friends cock as she started to ride Paul again.

Three turns into a four

anal BigTank6972 2018-05-04

I'm a big guy and having Kelly and her friend Beth ther was a fucking turn on! We started with a shower together and playing with each other, I never had that much soap on my cock but they had made it hard, I was sucking their boobs and rubbing Kelly's clit! She was fingering Beth, they both wanted to eat some pussy and suck my balls while jacking me almost to the edge! Beth asked me if Kelly grabbed my cock at work and I said with a smile it was a mistake! We are all super horny and we start taking Kim's clothes off, I start finger her ass hole, Beth licking her pussy and Kelly motor boating Kim's juggs!

Double entry accounting

anal 2018-04-25

Still it was difficult as she had certainly been playing a fox and it was obvious I had a hard on most of the time, she smiled as she left and I thought if I didn't go out for a drink that night I would be wanking my cock raw. She turned round and smiled and said "go on slip it into my ass" after a couple of attempts and a lot of lube he managed to get his cock into her ass, she squealed with delight as we had a cock in her ass and pussy, moving together I could feel his cock through the wall of her pussy.

First legal time

anal Pennis17 2018-04-19

(As I knew his, and his pool, and his living room, and his car, etc.) I was on my knees with my neighbors cock in my mouth instantly. By now my neighbor was shoving his good sized cock deep in my love hole. I was moaning loudly as my insides were being pounded by the cock that introduced me to gay sex 6 years ago. That cock and my ass are great friends, so it was like having a housewarming party in my ass as he splooged deep inside of me. My neighbor took a moment to catch his breath and turned me over to his friend.

Lily’s Anal Curiosity

anal HeyAll 2018-04-07

Plus we need an anal virgin to help show that these techniques actually work." Miranda crossed off on her mental checklist. While lily stood still with her bare bottom and crotch exposed, Miranda got behind her and snapped different pictures of the naked ass. When she turned around, there was Miranda holding her phone out to show a highly revealing picture of Lily's pink anus. Miranda had gotten the answer from the company she worked for and wanted to meet with Lily as soon as possible, and in the privacy of a dorm room. Lily counter back, "A cock going in and out of my ass for sexual pleasure sounds like a porn video to me." "What about the anal instructional video for doctors?" Lily asked.

Bi MMF, FemDom, Cross Dressing, Cuckold - Part 1

anal chrissylegs 2018-04-03

Since I often fantasized about having sex with my friend, I wondered what he looked like naked many times or fantasized what his cock looked like if I was to suck it but I often fantasized about dressing him up in stockings, heels and corsetts or something just as sexy! He looked so sexy in the black suede heels, sheer pantyhose, red lips, long eyelashes and blushed cheeks as he licked his wifes pussy juice off his friends cock. As I kissed her, I put my right hand on my friends head and shoved his face hard into my cock and her pussy. After I was totally hard again, I twitched it over and over just to give him a little pleasure and he in turn he wiggled his gorgeous ass on my cock to let me know he could feel it moving inside.


anal kmail 2018-03-26

I moved my hand so that a finger rested at her entrance and I slowly rubbed it in a circle as my tongue continued to work on her clit. She grabbed my ass and pulled me deep inside of her mouth urging me to fuck her face a little and I was happy to oblige, my hips moving, my hands keeping her mouth aligned so I could move easily, my breath ragged at this point. I pulled back a little then I spat in my hand and rubbed it onto the head of my cock to provide some more lubrication then began to press it inside of her again.

first time at a porn shop

anal divedog1960 2018-03-23

and the next day at school was hard to think about anything but how soon I would be back at my new friends shop... soon I am being fingered and lubed and it is feeling real good and he starts to rub his dick up and down the crack of my ass and then pushes between my thighs and is rubbing my balls with his dick and then up and down my crack and pressing against my hole... and then he starts to mention watching the movie and how slutty I look and that my ass feels so good and how he does not want to stop fucking me...and he is sucking on my neck, ears..

Wife's interview

anal 2018-03-20

I was thrilled when he said that and he went on to tell me how he would like for me to conduct myself and all and how I can't buddy around too much with the other girls in the shop as much. We dated for about a year and a half, so yes, many times I went to his office and got on my knees and sucked him. He got turned on by me telling him that I could feel him leaking out of me when I went back to work. I sucked his friend again on the bed while jack fucked me doggie style. I went back to my place (she had her own apartment) and that evening Jack called and came over for a little while.