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Football Party

anal HappyCouple74 2018-11-30

Finally, Joanne said "And for rule number four - the boys have to be naked." Almost as if on cue, Gina-Marie started pulling off my shirt, while Joanne turned to kiss Marc. Marc got on his knees in front of her, and began sucking her fake cock as Gina-Marie played with me. Gina-Marie pulled the cock out of my ass, leaving hole hungry for more, but I was too excited to fuck Marc's ass. Knowing everyone was watching me, I pulled out of his ass, letting my remaining cum shoot and drip on his cock and balls, dripping down to his fucked asshole. Gina-Marie broke off the kiss, looked at Joanne and said "I think the game is back on."

Extra Credit

anal maddieslapiswaiting 2018-11-26

I looked up at the headmaster, Professor Dawes, unsure of what to say.  Maybe I could get off easy.  I really didn't want to leave the university; I'd worked hard to get in for a long time. I looked back up at Professor Dawes, wondering in the back of my mind exactly what he was thinking.  Everyone said he was a weird headmaster, known for his strange ways.  Sure, he seemed a little kooky, but so far nothing too far out of the ordinary had happened to me at his school. "Yes, Mr. Killigan," said Professor Dawes.  "You are nineteen, barely on your way into the world, and you are failing out of college.  Now why is that?"

How Embarrassing

anal Tailteller 2018-10-02

"Well, despite what has happened, I'm not gay, so I don't really know how I feel about fucking a guy's arse." After what felt like ages with me kneeling on the bed, face down, arse up with the towel over my head I heard the two enter the bedroom and come around behind me. Having carnal knowledge with my arse was bad enough, but now you know what all my most intimate parts look and feel like." "Well, I can tell you I never thought of fucking you let alone having it feel so good." I know you enjoyed the fuck, my cum-filled arse is proof of that, but how do you rate the whole experience?"

Mario, Me and Maurice

anal Peccato 2018-09-26

"I don't want to have sex with you anymore." Mario said moving his head away from Maurice insistent lips. He felt his balls revived with pleasure and Mario found himself wanting the kiss as much as the friction Maurice was giving him. So, he made a move to get his hand wrapped around his dick again, when suddenly, Maurice sank his cock hard and deep into his ass and held both of his hands above his head. "You're going to cum on my cock like this..." Maurice said giving another forceful thrust, hitting his prostate. His body shook from the hardest orgasm he had ever felt and his ass squeezed and clutched at Maurice's cock.

Anything for Her

anal TheMentalOne 2018-09-26

The stranger started fucking Adam harder, moaning loudly. Adam held her gaze, despite being more embarrassed than he had ever been, and wiggled his ass on the stranger's thick cock. Faith reached between his legs, stroking his cock, and whispered in his ear. "I love that huge cock fucking my butt, making my asshole sore and wide." Obediently, Adam reached back and spread his cheeks, displaying his cock-filled ass for his wife and the other man. As if on command, the stranger began pounding Adam relentlessly, and soon exploded a load of hot cum deep in the bottom man's bowels. Adam obeyed, keeping his face hidden while his wife cooed in appreciation over his gaping asshole, dripping with the stranger's white cum.

Anal Sex: The Penis Perspective

anal dirtyjoe69 2018-09-20

The best feeling is when I get to go spelunking, nothing like traveling into a nice warm cave. I know one thing for sure the tighter the cave is he has me explore, the more I puke! Sure it is good for him, I mean when I go into the smelly cave I puke so hard he almost passes out. Then another time he put a piece of paper on his tongue and my two friends that are always hanging out below me got so tired because he had us working all night long. I ended up puking six times that night. I wasn't going to stand at attention for him for at least a week after that punishment no matter how much he tried to make me.

Unexpected Ending

anal GoodTimesStrangerAdventures 2018-08-16

I was about to set my right leg back down on the table when Su again looked straight into my eyes and said, "Stop." Now I am laying naked my left leg flat on the table and my right leg raised in the air like a woman spreading her pussy and Su very much still inside me. Su had her right middle finger in my ass and her left hand showing Ajima the "pretty pussy pubes." I don't speak Korean but I caught the gist of the brief conversation that followed and it would seem that both were assessing me to be gay or "sissy" or at the very least non very manly.

Femberly: Worth the Trip

anal hobbnobb77 2018-07-20

I wasn't surprised that the warm body next to me was a handsome young guy completely naked except some of my red lipstick smeared all over his cock and balls, and i started thinking back to my child hood. He asked if I wanted to go back to his place for a nightcap ,I smiled and slid my hand over his very hard cock while whispering in his ear that I wanted to very much, but first go by my rental house and let me throw some clothes in a over night bag. I pushed him onto his back, not want to waste a second I started licking his cock thru his shorts getting them nice and wet, I bit the elastic band of his underwear and slid them down, down, and off.

Up His... My... Your... Ass!

anal libidinal 2018-07-19

Fuck me, keep fucking me while Alice gets you ready," Gina purred as Ted kept slamming it inside her while she reached around to spread apart his smooth, hard buttocks. Fuck me while you take some more up your ass," Gina hissed, not letting on that this was no longer Alice fucking Ted with her dildo, but Brad fucking Ted with his cock! And most of all, telling Ted with heartfelt passion just how much it turned her on to see him getting fucked like this, right up the ass, and not by a dildo this time -- which had always been great too -- but by a real one, by the well-used, massive, and steel hard penis of a young sexy porn star!

Annie and Her Neighbors

anal LemonsPlease 2018-06-27

Paul still seemed so concentrated on his frustration with Tim that he didn't even notice Andrew sauntering over to him until his hands were on his shoulders, slowly massaging. Paul dipped his head to Andrew's chest and began to kiss each peck, sucking on his nipples. Paul could feel himself building and hesitantly grabbed Andrew's face and guided it off of his cock. "Now that I've tasted my cock, I want to compare it to your sweet, fat, cock!" Andrew slipped off his boxers and dangled his cock in front of Paul's mouth. When he could feel Andrew coming close to orgasm, he pulled his cock out of Paul's mouth. "I think to massage your ass better, I'm going to need to you push it up closer to my face." Andrew said seriously.

An Ass Lover

anal briareos_otaku 2018-06-11

He wasn't interested in the waste of the human body -- it was the orifice itself, the tight ring of muscle and the crinkled skin surrounding it, the way it would give itself up to pressure, open wide and welcome one inside with the right kind of urging... Stretching his hand out, he laid the tip of his middle finger in the center of the little folds of skin, pleasure immediately shooting up from the point of contact, arching through his cock and scrotum to a place behind his eyes. I love opening up my ass to someone, and having them open theirs for me." He punctuated his descriptions with little touches on his partner's asshole, and finished by quickly wetting his middle finger in his mouth and then sliding it inside.

Good Neighbours Pt. 01

anal Shady_Lady 2018-06-09

Sue wanted to say so many things but she couldn't find any words until she finally blurted out, "marvellous, fucking marvellous." Rick started to move the finger in and out, encouraged by Sue's murmurs of approval, and soon her fingers took over from his on her clit, as she rubbed herself while he fingered her ass. And after I have thoroughly fucked his ass, I am going to fuck yours as well." Sue tried to turn her head away but Andy grabbed it and snarled, "watch him get fucked." With that Andy smeared a large gob of gel on his cock and started to push into Rick's ass. "So Rick liked having his ass fucked did he?" smiled Kate as she lifted her head from between Sue's thighs, where she had been for the last half hour, licking and sucking as Sue recounted the story.

Victoriaslice - Footballers Whore

anal Victoriaslice 2018-05-27

Whilst I was busy with my mouth, Tom had parted the opening of my cunt lips and slipped his cock into my dirty, hungry whore hole. I pulled Harry's cock from my pussy and thrust it into my arse hole but it was too late and I had already cum into the lad's mouth. As I pulled my mouth from the lads cock, I screamed 'please let me cum' and I knew Harry was spunking into my arse hole as Tom pulled his meaty cock out and shot his spunk onto my clit and pussy lips, rubbing it in to help me climax.

The Case of the Torn Asshole

anal Funsman 2018-05-03

Cherry now pulled her panty off and knelt on all fours in front of Brad and began licking his cock head. The guys also took all their clothes off and Brad instructed Cherry to get busy on Shawn's cock, which now grew into a massive throbbing monster. Now I could feel Shawn's hot cock head pushing hard against my asshole, and my already painfully throbbing orifice was stretching wider and wider. The world seemed to explode as Shawn's cock suddenly grew rock hard inside my ass, and I could feel him cumming as he gripped my buttocks and fucked me harder than ever. We all lay on the ground exhausted, my head somehow on Cherry's inner thigh with her sopping wet black pussy right in front of my face.

Does This Dildo Make Me Look Gay?

anal bjking 2018-04-30

I ran my hand down across my chest and belly, over my hard cock and balls, and got the same little thrill I got the first time I touched myself in a sexual way, when I was about 10 years old. I turned on my back, and she took my cock in her mouth, still fucking my ass with the dildo. Cindy worked my cock in and out, getting a nice ride, and when we were both really into it, she said, "Close your eyes and try to imagine you're fucking Brian." I closed my eyes and I swear, it was as if I was actually fucking Brian, filling his ass with warm, sticky cream, feeling his sphincter squeezing every last drop out of my cock.

Distance Makes the Heart Grow Horny

anal whoruwhoami 2018-04-16

I pulled his pants and underwear down his legs until they touched the floor and ran my hands up and down his now bare legs, caressing his ass, pulling him into my mouth as I bobbed my head slowly over his member. I could feel Jeff's hardness pushing between my legs as we lay together, and with my hands I urged him to roll over. Jeff removed his finger and added more lube, pushing it again inside my ass, making sure it was ready for him. I felt each stream of semen as it left Jeff's penis, and I could feel how I was making a mess on his hand as he continued to pleasure me, even through his own orgasm.

My Trick or Your Treat

anal Sexcess 2018-03-26

Born with gorgeous bone structure and deep blue eyes, the red of the gloss just pulls the deep dark hues of my skin to the forefront. But I work a lot myself to put it together and pull of the perfect look. He will want to slide his hand inside my skirt and touch the silky skin on each side of my thong while I clench my tight ass and giggle at his jokes pretending he isn't crossing a line. Yes, this guy is looking for something different, I can tell. As he starts to protest, I smile and slide back down pulling his penis into my mouth again. "Oh Jared, you have to please me now." He looks at me knowing his penis is still rock hard and ready to go again.

Anal with American's in Oxford

anal Victoriaslice 2018-03-19

On his knees he pulled my knickers to one side and just looked at my cunt, my eyes were wide open while I sucked Michael's cock and I started at him as he looked up and down my legs and back to my pussy. The chair was comfortable and supported my body well, I couldn't see what was going on any longer but looked up at Michael's face, he was watching Anthony as he parted my arse and began to lick it. Anthony lifted me a little as Michael pulled his cock out of my pussy and spunked onto my clitty as he rubbed it in, it felt absolutely amazing.

High Card Game Night Pt. 01

anal Andrecd 2018-02-15

After all Lee mentioned once that he was curious but Sam never dared act on it until now. Sam: Alright, I am going to get a beer, you want one Lee? Sam grabs Lee's hand, his heart racing. SAM smiles and grabs the deck of card, Ok, here is the deal, I open the first card, you choose high or low. - so you choose high or low for the next card, then it will be my turn. SAM: ummm Low. And turns an ace ... Three, Sam promptly pulls Lee by his arms and slowly removes his t-shirt kissing the perfect torso and sculptural abs. Sam giggles and turns a king. Lee displays a large grin, my turn, let's see now 12 actions of my choice, giggles.

Will's Story Ch. 01

anal 34Will 2018-01-14

She had us lying comfortably on the bed, stroking over each others sensual bodies, I received quick brief kisses to each part of me while she worked her way down, going slowly past my stomach she brushed her sweet seductive lips very gently over the now sensitive skin just above my crotch, my dick twitching slightly with the need for her wet lips to make contact, at not even an inch away from my cock I feel her hot jittery breath lightly brush the tip of my cock head that's peaking out past my foreskin, sending shock waves to my balls making them quickly jump and tighten, they relax as she slowly moves her focus down my shaft, still just an inch away, breathing getting heavier as her eyes widen at the sight of my pre-cum glistening at her lustful eyes, she knows how to tease me and boy does she enjoy it, smiling cheekily up at my wanting face.

Hot Young Ass Harvester

anal Cocktopia 2018-01-09

I pushed him down into the quilt, and sank my cock balls deep into his tight teen anus one more time, then streams of cum shot out of me, like gunfire into his asshole as he screamed and writhed. I moved on top of her and took her missionary position, sucking her nipples into my mouth and chewing each of them, then leaning back and grabbing both of those huge tits together at the same time, massaging them as my cock finished off her pussy. She moaned and sucked at my nipples as I kept rubbing my cock head at her pussy opening, frotting myself in her soaking mess of a cunt until I let out grunts and moans- shooting a final big load all over her pussy.

Beautiful Black Woman Miss Chivalry

anal Alluring_Crimson_Shifter 2018-01-07

It was Avory's first time licking and sucking a cock, and he kept teasing and sucking it hard until the man came in his mouth while he held the man's ass with his hands. Avory is urged to try on a silk robe, gets naked in an airy dark room puts it on, then urged to try another but to close his eyes first, then finds himself under a robe with a naked Muslim body and a cock bumps his face, he licks, then sucks it. They approached the young man and Avory felt of his firm bottom, fondled his balls, rubbed his crotch and ass crack.

Holiday to Remember

anal trueorfalse 2018-01-02

He started slowly thrusting his cock inside me, the rhythm was slow, I tried not to make a noise so that Alex didn't know about our secret and bit the pillow hard, he was now going for it and I felt his wiry pubes on my ass cheeks, I now knew he was completely inside me and felt some achievement at taking this 10 inch monster inside of me. Joe had me wear a pair of Katy's knickers we had found in the bed sheets, he had me twice more during the night, the first time in doggy position and the second time with me on top collapsing on his chest as I came over his belly, all of which he made me lap up until he was clean.

Used in the Night Ch. 02

anal kinkygay87 2017-12-24

"That's what you asked for." Danny said, with a smile. "I can't help it, mate." I said, trying to look away. Danny started to swim back to shore and walked up onto the beach. Knowing that I didn't want to get hard while in my tight shorts, I quickly looked away and swam around for another couple of minutes. My cock grew a little more, each time I caught sight of Danny's crotch. Just as I was finishing in the shower, Danny came walking into the bathroom and started to strip off. Danny was quick to reach around me and slap my hand away from my cock. Danny jumped off the bed and quickly took hold of my hand.