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Football Party

anal HappyCouple74 2018-11-30

Finally, Joanne said "And for rule number four - the boys have to be naked." Almost as if on cue, Gina-Marie started pulling off my shirt, while Joanne turned to kiss Marc. Marc got on his knees in front of her, and began sucking her fake cock as Gina-Marie played with me. Gina-Marie pulled the cock out of my ass, leaving hole hungry for more, but I was too excited to fuck Marc's ass. Knowing everyone was watching me, I pulled out of his ass, letting my remaining cum shoot and drip on his cock and balls, dripping down to his fucked asshole. Gina-Marie broke off the kiss, looked at Joanne and said "I think the game is back on."

Adventures with Theresa

anal portsladebilly 2018-11-28

I tell you to unzip my fly – you do this and take my cock in your hand – only 7 or 8 soft strokes, followed by a few really violent and painful yanks, and I come, whispering your name Theresa into your ear. The other couple have stopped, you can see a large stain on the front of the man’s jeans and shirt as obviously he’s come, and great stripes of semen have found their way out of his cock, covering his jeans, his shirt and reaching as far as his cheek and nose. The girl smiled, and said ‘Wow, that the best sex I’ve ever seen, and I don’t think I got my full quota!’ I’m Roz, and my man here with one of the longest thickest cocks I’ve ever had is Chris.

My Big Black Cock Slut Adventure - Part 3--A

anal Kee 2018-11-20

After standing up and moving my butt a bit to get used to it I told him, “You better have some good wine to go with the steak, I am going to need it!” But not before he stood behind me and had a good feel while I reached behind and popped him out of his string, enjoying some nice strokes while thinking of what the night would bring. “Oh god Cal, Yes, Yes, Eat My Pussy, I am cumming!” I shouted as I pounded the bed and tried to twist away. I want to feel every throb of your cock!” His orgasm started, hot cum shooting in my virgin ass, virgin to him at least.

Fashion Man 3

anal WickedDrX 2018-11-19

I could feel the beginning of her orgasm in the insistent way she pulled at my head, in the fluttering of her vagina, the thrust of her hips, the moans that seemed to come from deep inside her begging for just a little more. You know me, never one to turn down a reasonable request from a woman in heat, so I thrust my hips forward and sank deep into Anna’s quivering pussy, rocking forward as our hips ground together, putting pressure on her hard little clitoris, rubbing the little bud of lust, feeling her shudder, feeling her cunt contract inside squeezing my cock to within an inch of it’s happy life.

Night that almost wasn't-part two

anal dc6370 2018-11-07

He never said a word, pulled down his pants and started fucking Lora. He fucked her hard, the whole time Lora was looking into my eyes as she tried to suck my cock. Lora told me he came so hard she felt it gush in her ass. I asked her what took so long, she said when she was washing her hands, another woman saw the cum dripping from her ass and started eating her. Lora said there was no way she was going to stop that woman because it felt so good. Lora said after a minute or so, "Are you in my ass"?

My Virgin arse

anal Roxanne 2018-11-06

Then some one climbed onto the table and I could feel a cock rub my juices and then begin to nudge forward and enter my pussy. Little did I know at that time I had six well hung guys all lined up ready to stick their cocks into my mouth each having a go at each end and changing when Alun stopped the music. Another cock was then pushing at my little arse, and he went in and out until he came. The competition had decided who was the first to fuck my virgin arse and who had sloppy seconds, dirty bastards but I was loving my birthday present. Alun then climbed the table and slowly inserted his cock into my now sore and sloppy arse.

Screw My Spouse Foundation

anal shandy 2018-11-06

Dave felt that too, and said, “We’ll get you ready for John so when he comes in here you guys can get a bond going right away.” She dropped her pants and sat down. She nodded, said, “I like sucking your dick too.” Dave smiled and said, “I got a feeling you’re gonna get a blowjob on the way home.” She started throwing her ass back at him so hard that he lost balance a couple times, stepped backward and somehow ended up sitting on the couch behind them with Candy sitting on his cock. John lifted her off his dick, stood up, forced her to her knees, and started stroking his cock Turned on by his show of strength, Candy eagerly licked the head of his ass-sodden cock and said, “Yeah.

Anal Bet: My Ass For A Car

anal dirtyjoe69 2018-08-28

Well the other day I was getting my shit hole fucked for the umpteenth time by the captain of the football team, after he shot his hot seed deep in my rectum we had a beer and chatted for a bit. I said if he could get the whole team of 32 guys to actually go through with it then his hot sports car was as good as mine. All the guys were cheering him on, telling him to fuck that slut's ass. So the guys kept taking turns shooting their loads up my ass, the puddle of cum that was underneath me from the leakage was obscene.

The Two Miss Yomikos

anal 3FingerKelly 2018-08-21

I tried to hide my impossible affront to her sensibilities but as I squirmed to my left to hid my outline, she reached out to push Miss Yomiko number one’s skirt down to hide her friend’s shameful display of almost naked appeal right in front of a barely introduced male with visible evidence of his urgent need to discover their hidden charms without delay. Finally, I could stand the stress no longer and shouted into both their ears that I was on the verge of flooding Miss Yomiko number two’s pretty backside and we all cuddled together in a mass of weak human flesh to enjoy the spilling of seeds and the orgasm that both girls seemed to be in the midst of with shuddering convulsions that threatened to toss all three of us right off the bed and onto the floor.

Discovering Virtue Ch. 02

anal MasterTiberius 2018-08-16

I have set some lube handy for you and please use it before using her with you cock." She heard the men echo agreement and then Master ordered her to stop sucking cock and move so her knees were on the picnic table bench and her body was lying across the table instead of along it length. But this time Master positioned himself in front of her, took out his rigid cock and as the new man explored her ass he grabbed her head by the hair and began to face fuck her. Master was pounding her mouth mercilessly now and then she felt the hand supporting her head pull her into him hard and he came too!

Adventures of Ariel Ch. 02

anal celestija 2018-08-03

As luck would have it, Ariel lost her first hand and boldly elected a dare in lieu of removing an item of clothing. All too suddenly the timer went off, and the hands disappeared, leaving Ariel more desperate than ever for a good hard fuck. She would not need to complete any more dares, but for each hand she lost until the end of the game, Dan would have her for half an hour to do with as he pleased, with the payment due immediately following the game. Ariel screamed again, the pain mixed with pleasure finally too much for her as she pushed back against Dan’s cock and started shuddering with her first orgasm for the night.

The Bet

anal BigPin76 2018-07-05

"Peggy, this won't work, feet on the floor, bend over the bed." Karen yelled as she gave Dan's cock a couple good yanks to keep him hard. "Push hard Dan, make her scream," Rose said as she smacked Peggy's other check. "Assume the position," Rose said and used her hand to turn Peggy around and push her head towards the bed. With Peggy's ass spread, and Dan and John's cum leaking, Frank knew right were to place his head. As Josh moved away Peggy humped the bed frantically hoping to cum before the last guy came for his turn. You wait until everyone has had their fun, then if Karen and I think you deserve it, you can have an orgasm." Rose pulled Peggy's head back by her hair, "Understand my cum dumpster?" she whispered into Peggy's ear.

Carmen: You're a Virgin?

anal Donkeepuncher 2018-07-04

"Don't be scared girl, come sit that fine ass on my lap, Johnny said while he motioned Carmen to have a seat. "Damn, you're rock hard," Carmen said as she closed her eyes and wrapped her lips around Johnny's dick. Johnny got rock hard again and reached down to grab Carmen's hair and moved her head up and down his cock like a pro. "I'm going to show you how to really fuck a hoe like Carmen Johnny," Roberto said while he pulled carmen to her feet and instructed her to get on the couch in a doggy-style position. "Fuck yes I did, this bitch loves it in the pooper." Roberto started to slide his dick in and out of Carmen's ass.

A College Education Pt. 05

anal captain_kinky 2018-06-30

Josh turned his eyes down to Lexi, who continued to bob on his cock, opening her mouth as wide as possible to accommodate his shaft and bulbous tip. Lexi stood, reaching for a bottle of body wash from the shelf behind Josh, purposefully pressing against his chest for a moment. In the center of the shower, with the water jetting across her body from all directions, Lexi squirted the body wash across her chest, her eyes locked on Josh as his focus danced between her and the TV behind, where the action continued to escalate. Lexi applauded from off camera, walking up to her new roommate butt-naked, taking the monstrous Bam dildo from her hands and slowly withdrawing it from Emma's hot pussy.

Bad Girl

anal fiestyyredhead 2018-06-10

James and Jordan stroked their dicks, watching their friend devour Amber's tight pussy. Amber closed her eyes tight and opened her mouth, allowing his cock to slide in. James laid on his back and right before Amber sat down, he shoved her and forced her down onto his dick, but with her asshole. "Shut her up!" He yelled to Tony, who ran over and held her jaw open, shoving his cock so far down her throat she gagged. Amber kept on crying, the tears rolling down her cheeks but she closed her eyes tight just as Jordan's nine inches slid deep inside her tight pink pussy. James' thick cock stretching her ass hole wide open while Jordan rammed without mercy into her now red pussy.

A Bad Influence Ch. 02

anal EmeliaBell 2018-06-02

After what seemed hours of this tantalising tongue-action she took the head into her mouth and let her saliva flow round it, then swirled her tongue around and around, fully encompassing the bulging tip of his cock. His big, hard cock grazed her pussy, touching her clit at last, but she pulled her hips away. Despite how much she had wanted to be penetrated this didn't really feel that pleasurable, just odd, but then Alistair pushed up on her hips, whilst pulling his own back, then drove into her again. The sensation of Alistair's cock ramming into her arse blended into the buzzing feelings she created with her fingers on her clit and with an animalistic howl she exploded into orgasm, clenching Alistair inside her so hard his dick went numb before triggering his own enormously powerful orgasm.

Lost Bet

anal Kinxx 2018-05-13

As they started to get up, Jill cut in, "No, they like to watch the game together, I think they should pay off their bet together too!" I was getting a really bad feeling about this and it got even worse when Jill went into the bedroom and came out a few minutes later with a couple of our sex toys and some lube. Ok, this was at least a little bit better and as I saw Karen's body come into view I started to get hard and when I looked over at Jim to see if he was ok with it, he was staring at Jill and getting hard himself.

My Sweet Sociopath

anal 3FingerKelly 2018-03-10

The last ten years our love-making was curtailed somewhat because of the proximity of little Alice’s bedroom and we did not want to expose her to the weaknesses of the flesh before it was time for her to take part in normal sexual relations with a partner of the opposite sex. My little darling Alice kept the mature woman’s face buried in her cunt and Rose was unable to look behind her to see me slowly begin to rub my impatient dick on her pretty camel-toe target peeking out at me from under her delicious heart-shaped ass. I usually timed my arrival to that point when the pretty young things were on the verge of total release and managed to insert my business with little objection as they shuddered in submission to their normal carnal desires.

A Walk on the Hills

anal Bianalhub 2018-03-09

She started taking our cocks into her mouth one at a time as she continued to wank the other one and rub it on her tits. As she sucked on his cock I pulled mine away from her hand and lowered my face to her tits, sucking on her nipple. As his cock slid in and out I moved my head closer, caressing his balls and licking his shaft as it went in and out. Soon he was yelling "I'm going to cum!" I jumped forward and turned round to use my mouth on his cock, tasting both myself and my wife this time.

A Birthday to Remember

anal SxyEyes 2018-01-09

While sucking on her nipple through the night gown, I slid my hand down to her leg once more and caressed it while moving back up to her pussy. "Oh yes," she moaned as I moved a finger inside her thong and between her pussy lips, sliding my finger up and down and paying close attention to her clit, using her wetness to stimulate her clit even more. You're stretching me so good baby!" Keith let go of both ankles for a moment and grabbed both wrist to pull them over her head. Keith lubed his cock, got on top of her, and plunged deep in her ass as I reached under her to rub her clit hard and fast.

The Anal Game Ch. 02

anal underbar 2017-12-30

Jane moved in front of me and put her hands on my tits and squeezed them but beyond that I got a moment to rest I saw the 3 other BS's being spanked viciously hard by their visitors. It took a bit of a push to get in the first few times but was much easier on me than taking a cock, and I was sure the toys were going to get worse I decided just to take it, get some early points and try to relax my ass as much as possible. I watched the other girls take their punishment, some huge dildo that surely couldn't fit in their ass was slowly forced in until the head was inside.

My Deepest Desire

anal newbie74 2017-12-29

Until this day I never had the pleasure to experience being with a man but lately at nights as I go to bed, this desire wanting a man is for real and it's like a ticking time bomb ready to go off as everyday passes by. I love playing with it and rubbing my fluids against my belly and spread it around my body as it feels like it's smoothens my skin. He turns me around to face the wall as he has me pinned and kisses me from behind and spreads my legs apart and grabs my cock (Clit) from behind and started stroking my clit, while at the same time he probes my pussy (Ass) gently with his finger.

The Anal Game Ch. 01

anal underbar 2017-12-28

As I put my hands back on the wall, I felt Jane's fingers enter my pussy. I started to lick Jane's pussy, moving my whole head up with my tongue as she moaned softly. As I went back to licking I felt the hands on my hips move to my ass, and a male voice said I felt the man's hands pull my ass cheeks apart and his cock put in place on my hole. Unable to move I felt the handcuffs restrain my arms, ropes tie my legs apart to the table then when Jane was sure I was unable to move physically, she moved me onto my side, and spanked my ass and unfroze me, although I still couldn't move at all.

An Anal Slut is Born Ch. 02

anal dirtyjoe69 2017-12-17

Angie couldn't believe how hot Tina's tongue felt in her mouth, it was the first time she had ever frenched with another woman and she was really enjoying it. She hungrily sucked in the other call girl's wet tongue, as she continued she felt a hotness burning deep in her pussy. Licking the sweet hot pussy Tina moved to Angie's clit and sucked it in between her crimson lips. He took her hand and lingered in the touch, the soft gentle feel sent shivers down Angie and felt her pussy heat up again. The feeling of Tina's hot tongue sliding all around her pussy and John's hard cock plunging in and out of her hot ass sent her to the point of no return.