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Her Victorian Bottom Shared: part 2

anal Ian56UK 2018-11-06

Prudence glanced across at Lizzie wondering what she was thinking for their first meeting after the events of a few days ago had been an awkward affair for the Tea Room had been packed with patrons and conversation both casual and private would be easily overheard. Prudence shook her head and sighed as she took a seat, "Called away on urgent business I'm afraid." She smiled to herself at the fleeting look of disappointment on the younger woman's face as she prepared tea. A small amount of time was given to idle chit chat over a cup of tea in front of the fire so that her husband could warm his bones before Prudence brought forth the matter of their little get together for she sensed Lizzie was as distracted as she was.

Garden Pleasure Ch. 02

anal battleaxe_babe 2018-09-24

He felt a sting of guilt, and wondered if asking her to come with him on the Constantin wasn't too much for little, quiet Grace, the woman he had fancied since he started to grow hair on his chest. David's hands touched her waist and he immediately felt the tension growing in his pants once again 'Good, you know I want to teach you a couple of things tonight.' David moved with expert strokes to awaken her excitement himself; she was so wet his fingers were covered with her juices and her body felt so hot against his in the ocean breeze. His finger started circling rounds and round her puckered hole and she gasped with emotion, being torn between stopping David from his shameless intentions and enjoying the darts of pleasure shooting through her body.

The Diary of Antoinette St. Germain

anal rufun2001 2018-07-02

My despoiler had seamen's hands, calloused by a life at sea working the ropes and the rigging of sailing ships. My master blustered and bragged all the while I acquiesced and yielded my body for the obscene old salt's sleazy pleasures. When a monsieur has the urge to relieve the pressures of seamen's life, he might have only to bend me over a yardarm, and hoist my raiment up over my hips and I will bawl at him in my abandon to launch his manhood for to squirt his musky white fluid deep into my...

Carcasonne Ch. 03

anal bad_hobbit 2018-03-28

It begins to feel – uncomfortable." Taking my cue, I pulled back a little and began to concentrate on teasing the tight ring with my cock-head, extracting a few gasps of "Oh yes!" from my partner. As I progressed, raising Eleanor's sensations gradually higher and higher, I was aware of gasps from Marie that told me Rodrigo was probably now well advanced in his preparations of the young girl's tight passage. I had managed to insinuate perhaps a little over half my organ between Eleanor's nicely rounded cheeks, but each time I tried to press deeper, the tone of her murmurs changed and I knew this was her limit.


The Norseman Ch. 06

anal clarabella 2017-11-03

He pressed his hand to her chest and Emma felt the warm oil against her skin, dribbling from her breasts and down between her legs in a hot trickle. Stefan began to move his hands in slow rhythmic circles, coating her high, budded breasts with a sheen of oil and feeling the warmth of it against the heat of her skin. Once again he oiled his hand and gently moved it between her legs, running his fingers from the thatch of soft hairs that hid her folds right across her to the deep and willing hole at her centre.

The Gift of the Magic Lump of Coal

anal EllaRegina 2017-11-01

Jim, too, was transported -- and delighted to be doing something so clandestine and dirty that no other soul in the world could possibly have conceived it -- erupting again like a testy whale, coating Della's posterior walls with his warm milk as the scaffold man's tin of white paint covered the billboard by the Elevated tracks on Second Avenue. Mr. and Mrs. James Dillingham Young went back to the flat and Jim folded Della over the table once more and plugged at her coal until they both were absolutely spent. On the twelfth day of Christmas, while Jim was at work, Della had the notion to surprise him by completely shearing off the curls between her legs, using his long steel razor blade.