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Bend over

anal Anitaslut44 2018-11-17

She was there; face down onto the coffee table, with her hands and legs handcuffed to it, her bare round ass up in the air, with a pillow tucked under her tummy. I moved around, trying to free her legs, causing me some shock to observe the whip lines all over her back and her ass cheeks. I imagined other man leaning against my sweet wife face with a hard cock, covering her mouth entirely, gagging her, filling her throat with his thick semen. "Not fucked in your asshole, not filled your mouth with someone’s cum, not punished by a whip???…And what happened? She had been whipped, chained, fucked and sodomized when I was at work during the early afternoon and probably she had loved it, or maybe she hadn’t.

My First Time

anal MichelleSissy14 2018-09-08

Being transgender and more girl then boy I would wear stockings, panties sometimes garter-betls under my boy things (UGH) when going to school. The teacher walked down the isle and stopped looking down "very nice" he said and continued on. He got out and open my door reached in helping me out (I had taken off my pants so all I was wearing was stockings, garter-belt and panties) I felt his cock tense up he held the back of my head and WOW he gushed a load of thick cum in my mouth "SWALLOW HONEY DON'T LET IT OUT" I swallowed over and over as he squirted his seed. short pleated skirt, black panties, pink satin garter-betl, white stockings, bra blouse and white heels.

Wife comes clean

anal adventureousmale 2018-07-07

Linda wants another and presses her wet lips against my willing mouth as my tongue delves as deep as it will go, I really need that cock now she says as her second orgasm sweeps through her. I reply, Oh honey it feels so good, I'm so glad you shaved it, you are so hot tonight, did you like it better when we just started, with your fingers and my cock? Linda looks at my puzzled face and says I really want to do this for you, put some lube on your cock and take it slow, this is the first time remeber. Linda moans loudly now I really am a hot wife you know Honey, a hot wife that loves you and needs to fuck some big cocks.

The Perfect Anniversary Gift Ch. 06

anal Shaved_wench 2018-06-05

When your fingers slide down between my rapidly swelling lips and plunge into my hole, I know you will feel how wet my pussy is from the fucking Taylor gave me with her big cock and dildo. As soon as I’m standing you push my skirt up around my waist and pull my panties down to my thighs, turning me around and slapping my naked ass hard. “I called the pizza in and called Pete to tell him to pick us up some beer and wine before he delivered it and I had a few other things I needed to do,” I say as I grab your cock and stroke it.

The green Sofa by CodeRouge Redcode

anal coderouge 2018-04-03

I'm not gonna tell you I love this...I don't want you to take advantage of the situation...After one last sonorous slap your hands starts caressing me...And without stopping to thrust yourself inside of me you...Pull out the plug...The lubricant is pouring out you withdraw yourself...Your hand takes hold of your member that's harder than ever you place your glans at the entry of my already gaping anus...You push yourself forwards, slowly, you enter in me as a caress...I moan you groan and you let out a : "Oh fuck"...

Honey's Story

anal funlovinamateur 2017-12-11

More time passes and just as you are about to shout out for me you feel a hand caress your inner thighs. Between Sugar fucking your tits and me sucking your pussy it all gets too much for you and you lose control and an orgasm starts to overpower your thoughts. Minutes later Sugar gets a full erection and you get him to fuck you while I am still in your ass. Moments later Sugar was starting his second orgasm inside your tight brown hole. When he finishes he pulls out and his second big load was running out your chocolate hole making squelching sounds as it runs down your inner thighs.