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It's better with the belt

anal JoAnneWiley 2018-11-16

The coach took a step closer and extended his hand, opened his fingers. Melanie abruptly went all weak inside. He led Melanie with the belt, pulling her from the sidelines toward a squat athletic office near the bleachers. Melanie got that watery feeling inside again when he reached around and worked the button free. She found his hand resting on her shoulder and she bent forward at the waist until her cheek lay along the wood. He moved around, pulled the belt forward; it bit her skin, stretched her spine. He was stroking her lower back with one hand and had reached around with the other; fingers playing in the thick patchwork of hair. He reached forward and placed the chestnut on the top of the desk in front of her eyes.

Please, Be Gentle

anal IrishMaster76 2018-08-06

She heard him squirt the gel into his hands as he rubbed them together then began to massage her scalp as she felt the shampoo run down her hair, back, and into her crack which now had a large, hard object pressed right against her hole. It hurt a lot at first, but you were gentle with me, until the very end that is, but I would love to do it again, but it would be a special treat kind of thing, to spice up our love life," she told him as she got on top of him and darted her tongue into his mouth before she grabbed a fresh pair of panties and wandered across the hall and into the bathroom for another shower as Alex laid there and stared at the ceiling with the biggest smiled splashed across his face.

My Vivid Imagination

anal queenbeeslut 2018-03-06

I am stiil quite the kinky nasty whore that they trained me to be and I am still unable to cum unless I get down and dirty and use myself in painful and kinky ways and I yearn to be used more and more each day because I like it and the pain in a pleasure to me and if you enjoy something than do it and do it till it hurts and never be afraid to try new and different things and you will find that your sex life will be fulfilling and the orgasms will be the best .