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Sex Slave - Annual Event - Part Five

anal Poppet 2018-11-24

That isn't what I think of when I'm masturbating to this idea, so I wanted it to go just like my fantasy goes, you know? But let me tell you, I didn't need or even think of sex for like a month after that.” The smile that spreads across her face turns into a longing to do it again. Marcus' groans out, pulling his legs up slightly allowing me to move in more, truly feeling like I'm in the man's position, watching him do all the things I've ever done when being fucked by a man. Edward tells me how wonderful of a job I did with Marcus, and is really going to look me up next time he fancies a good fucking by a girl.

The Girl Next Door

anal Poppet 2018-11-16

The thought running my hands over her water-soaked body, and caressing her back, or reaching around to cup those magnificent breasts, drives me wild. 'Oh fuck, I want to bury myself inside her and shoot my load into her tight pussy.' My mind races with these thoughts, edging closer to my orgasm. What I really want now is for Sam to come and wrap her mouth around me and suck me clean before getting me hard all over again. If anyone would have asked, I'd say hell no, but Sam does it in a way that makes me want to drop to my knees and praise her. It isn't until I know she is fully ready that I take my cock in my hand and guide it slowly inside her.