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Irish Encounter

anal sexmadman 2018-11-21

On the one hand I was a mild-mannered professional with a good job, house and fantastic circle of friends but on the other hand I was this sex enthused guy whose sole desire was to fuck as many sexy girls as possible. As we got into the bedroom I bent Shannon over my bed and started kissing her back, her legs and her cute ass cheeks before licking her sexy black thong. Being only too happy to send Shannon back over the Irish Sea with a saucy souvenir of a night of passion in the European Capital of Culture I squirted some in her arse and rubbed some on my cock before gently fingering her arsehole and sticking my dick in her.

Mr Archer Ch 2

anal Celtic_Lad 2018-11-07

Juliette pulled away but Michael still held her and then half pushed, half guided her through the doorway of his bedroom, straight onto the bed, pulling her knickers down so her buttocks and sex were fully exposed. He stepped forward to slide his cock against her inner thighs and then slowly fed his shaft inside her, roughly moving her hips until he was properly in position. Juliette was making small pleasured noises as they fucked hard on the bed with Michael standing behind her. As Juliette began to relax her muscles just slightly, Michael very slowly fed his length one inch at a time inside her arse until he was hard against her buttocks.

kate monday continued

anal sissychris 2018-07-01

Oh Kate don't stop , her knees started to tremble , her groans changed to a scream as she gasped for air ooh gods she screamed as her legs buckled, her body trembling , Kate lifted her mouth from Sally's neck , a huge love bite was left , both girls started kissing again

Sophie's Release

anal sweet_as_candy 2018-06-12

She couldn't believe she was stupid enough to get herself in this situation, but the thought of him opening her tight cunt with his thick, raging cock was enough to make her want to pull down her black see-through knickers and masturbate in front of the class. FUCK!" she called, not caring for a second as to where she was as her violent orgasm crashed through her body, her juices gushing onto Adam's hand as his fingers continued to milk her. Sophie giggled in response and return to her 'just-fucked' reflection looking back at herself in the mirror, smiling sweetly as she fixed herself up, feeling her young lover's spunk inside her.

step mummys son helps auntie

anal bluebird101 2018-05-24

Her big fat round belly and huge pendulous tits made her dress look skin tight. Suddenly she stopped and started to rub her thighs together oh oh she said I need to visit the ladies, junior is pressing on aunties bladder. A couple of good tugs and my spunk exploded over her tits and face it went on for ages she seemed to be covered in it dripped down onto her nipples and I rubbed it in tweaking and pulling till my spunk went sticky and was absorbed by her skin. She pulled up her knickers and sucked the excess spunk of my cock and as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened said come on I’ll buy you a burger as you’ve looked after auntie so well.

she made me hers

anal pcarter 2018-05-20

After a little fumbling to get the two stockings attached to the suspender belt I pulled on my knickers which were fortunately not of the g string type but had enough silky material to cover over all of my six inches of stiff cock except for its head which was now popping over the elastic at the top, it was as tall and stiff as I could ever remember. I thought that if I could handle this 8 inch monster cock my ass could take a real mans penis like Jane had when I entered her ring and how much better it would be to be filled up with real cum and how good it would feel spurting into my ass. I lay there silently pretending to be asl**p, then I felt her cock pushing against my ass, it opened up for her easier this time and she started to slowly fuck me.

Lucky shopping

anal gardener46 2018-05-15

"I hope you weren't offended by my admition that I had enjoyed looking at your bum" isaid, and Betty looked at me and said:"well as it happens I wasn't,and I was going to ask you if you wanted to see it properly!" I nearly fell off the stool, and said:"Not here surely?" "Of course not, you can follow me home, as my mother is away on a pensioners holiday" As Betty went up the stairs I got a better view if her delicious botto and her brief knickers. Betty was in her bedroom and turned and said "Do you really want to see it?" Well I could hardly wait, my prick was semi hard at the thought of her derrier.

Ass Chronicles 01

anal iTaboo 2018-05-07

I turned around to look at Sheila's ass through the patio doors and quietly started to masturbate hoping she wouldn't move from her present position. I still had the white knickers to my face and the black lace ones over then end of my dick, my shorts down around my thighs, when I turned around to look out of the patio doors to get one last look at Sheila's ass. I stopped using my tongue and continued to sniff, the smell an amplified version of her knickers I had sniffed so many times before. I sniffed for a long time, my nose slipping up and down her bum crack; there couldn't have been a more perfect smell.

Mandy's Netball Day

anal luigi99 2018-04-05

Mandy went over to the cupboard where the towels were kept, and as she bent to pick one up Luke got a great view of her gorgeous arse, clad in tight white panties underneath her very short pleated sports skirt. He'd got as far as getting her to enjoy a finger up there, and now she was going to let him fuck her tight arse. Mandy felt her arse being stretched open by Luke's erection. Luke looked down, seeing his cock deep in Mandy's bum, with her little skirt up round her waist and her tight white knickers stretched around the top of her thighs. Mandy smiled her cheeky smile at Luke and said, "Let's have that shower now babe."

Office pussy

anal mrmuff696 2018-04-02

She was bending over the table absorbed in the papers on the desk as i crept up the stairs from locking the office. her pert bottom swayed left to right, there was a glimmer of her red laced knickers... I caressed her pussy through her knickers.. my face deep in her pussy... my face glimmering with her pussy cum. i lifted her up and bent her back over the table, legs push apart, she had her hand underneath her legs pushing her pussy lips wide apart... i pushed deep into her soaked pussy! deep and hard i fucked hands around her pert botton, my fingers making there way to her arse! i knew i was going to cum soon, i push my finger up her arse...

Cheating on my girlfriend with some guy in the loo

anal KaiCook 2018-02-04

"Very good it, suits you" he stuttered a little, I bet he was nervous, this sort of opportunity doesn't come round very often "and what else does a sissy crave", Without thinking, my inner slut completely took over Praying to get caught she said "a ass full of cum" And with that he hooked his thumb under my panties and pulled the flimsy bit of pink fabric out the way exposing my vulnerable hole, and as i heard him use his spit to lube up his cock and ass i closed my eyes and prayed that when i opened them again there would be a load of guys waiting their turn.

My First Story, Go Easy On Me!:) (Lynn's Knic

anal 2018-01-13

"You're a horny little fucker aren't you, get on your knees boy." She said, I complied as I was more turned on at the fact she seen my cock, she walked over to me, removed her skirt and pressed my nose and mouth on the crotch of her tights,"how do you like the fresh scent?, lick my pussy you perv" she shouted, my tongue started going crazy on her tight clad clit, after a few minutes she ripped a hole so that I could get a clear view, but she lay me down and sat on my face, "my arsehole is hungry too, tongue me now" I began licking her tight asshole, getting her pussy moist at the same time, she dropped the whole dominant act as she was enjoying herself thank god, then she pulled me up "let's fuck".

cuming up behind me

anal sweetcheeks09 2017-12-18

Mmm my story starts with getting ready for work. my boyf[user][/user]riend loves me to wear a pencil skirt with a white shirt, its abit see through but to much showing. i wear my stockings and heels with no knickers. I kiss my boyfriend goodbye and go to work. all day i send him texts talking dirty telling him how much i would like him to come to work and everyone has gone he we tease each other, licking, kissing, feeling n touching everywhere. He start to pull my skirt up n then realise i have no knickers on. he bends me over and licks my arse while sliding his finger over my dripping wet pussy his tongue fuck my arse while his fingers fuck my pussy!

Second encounter

anal Classiclover200 2017-12-11

As my gf jumped onto bed the first think she done was stick jer hand in my boxers and started playing wiyh my cock it must have still been a little wet from her s****rs pussy . I heard her goin out the door so i pulled my boxers of so i could give myself i nice wank i grabbed a pair of her dirty knickers that were lying at the side of the bed and wrapped them round my cock just as i was about to start wanking i heard staceys room door opening and she came running down the hall she opened the door and she was just standing there in her knickers her huge tits just hangin there perfectly.


anal KITTYSTOKES 2017-11-13

"I have a question for you Nick, a couple actually." , the start up screen came to life, asking for the password, above which was an 'arty' picture of me, it looked upside down, but it was actually taken on a bed whilst I had two cocks in my mouth. "It's ok Nick, I don't mind you looking, I mean it is quite obvious you like my underwear isn't it?" my voice turned to a tease, "Now answer my question properly, have you seen me anywhere else? By now Nick was straining his neck to kiss me, his cock presently in my business hole (that's my pussy by the way), I strained back, now it would be really kinky if Moses came in.

Greetings to the New Brunette

anal Mag58 2017-10-24

Two drinks in fifteen minutes later I was giggling at the most obscene joke in the world and sharing my cigarettes with Nikki, a punk girl with pink hair, a Marilyn Monroe look a like, a 6 feet tall muscular skinhead and a girl wearing a red PVC dress. Eventually I was crammed into the back of a taxi between Nikki and the big skinhead who both kept lifting my dress up to my waist so that the taxi-driver could get a good look at my stockings and knickers in his rear-view mirror.

kate tues night

anal sissychris 2017-10-19

I left the room and went to my room , I put on some music, I could hear the girl talking and laughing, I heard sally scream as she cum I could feel my self cuming, I moved away from the door it was to late , thick cum was squirting out of my cock into my knickers , feeling the hot fluid rolling down over my balls, just as Kate screamed yes yes YES, oh god , oh fuck I pulled my knickers down and washed my cum off, then washed my balls and legs and dried my self , I walked pat Kate's room , it was silent Sally said you look really cute dressed like that's it suits you, let your hair grow longer, and you won't need the wig laughing