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Surprise Waiting, ch. 2

anal tfrakes 2018-11-18

That kiss quickly turned passionate, and soon we were probing with tongues and groping with hands, and her pelvis was pushing against me, obviously trying to feel my cock. All too soon I started spraying inside her, and when Amie felt it, she arched her back, her head off the ground, her mouth wide open in a silent scream. “I think it feels really good!” I sawed the two fingers in and out several times, meanwhile adding some KY to the tip of my cock. I pulled back and this time pushed all the way, bottoming out with my balls slapping her cunt. The cloth sailed off the bed as Amie positioned herself between my legs and took my cock in her mouth.

Teaching a lesson.

anal Jeroen 2018-11-16

Her young breasts didn’t even need them, they stood so firm that sometimes she just sat in class in nothing but a t-shirt, driving the teachers crazy when her nipples started poking through. Naturally the teacher ended up discussing lingerie and started eyeing the girls in the class. Caroline on the other hand had looked every boy in the eyes before he touched her sheer lace-covered pussy. The teacher continued, “Now that we’ve all had a good idea of what fully covering lace panties look and feel like it’s time to turn our attention to Andrea again. As she took off his briefs even more the teacher’s shaved cock and balls started to show more and more catching the gazes of the girls and boys alike.

Becky's Surprise

anal Master_Jonathan 2018-11-06

I finished getting ready and then went into the living room to wait for Becky to arrive. "Oh God John, that feels soo good," she moaned as she began moving her hips around in time to my fingers. "Baby I would love to stay here all night playing with you, but we'd better be headed out if we are going to make our reservation," I said. We hadn't talked much about her previous boyfriends or her past love life, but I could only imagine that every guy she had ever dated had to have tried to fuck the daylights out of that tight, perfect ass. I want to feel your cock deep in my ass," she moaned.

The Urinal

anal Pearl_Necklace 2018-11-05

"Please sir," I said, my voice cracking a bit, "please fuck my hungry ass with your big cock." He thrust into my ass a few times with his fingers, scooping all the cum out and making sure he didn't leave much behind. When he was adequately satisfied that I had licked all the cum from his fingers he pulled them away from my face and began cutting the black electrical tape that held me in place. He placed two fingers in my dripping pussy, one in my ass, and his pinky rubbed against my clit with each slow and steady thrust of his hand. I moaned with each thrust of his hand, I cleaned all the cum off the bowl and started licking the back wall of the urinal.

Teaching My Wife's Ass

anal Tavlor 2018-09-30

With you sitting this way the robe rides up just a little giving me the picture just a hint of your cheeks. I begin to thrust as hard as I can, trying to send you over the edge even more. You ask me in that shy voice of yours if I wanted to try anal sex. Starting with very light pressure, my finger moves in little circles around your hole. As you begin to relax a little I work a second finger into you. A long "Ohhhh" escapes your lips and I begin moving the vibrator quickly in and out. You are moaning and breathing heavily and I can tell that regardless of how much you wanted to fight it, you are enjoying anal sex.

Sweet Buns

anal silverace1 2018-09-17

An amazing age difference – all our acquaintances were sure it wouldn't last out for six months but it has been a wondrous roller coaster ride of love and affection ever since. As I slid the crease of your pussy lips along my aching cock, your deep guttural moans told me that you were feeling the same need that I was. With you completely open to me like this, I quickly slid into your well-moistened pussy and I pulled you back gently until you were fully seated on my shaft. I wanted more! I was a willing captive and never, ever wanted to leave! I returned the towels to the bathroom, shut off the light and crawled into the bed bedside you and gathered you into my arms.

Does My Ass Look Big In This?

anal mklit74 2018-05-27

Once I am face down on the bed, she begins to work her hands over my back, my legs, all the time avoiding my ass, where we both knew she was headed. "I've been thinking about this all day," she says, "and, as the guest, I think I should get the say in what we do." My wife and I smile at her forwardness, and she continues, looking at me, "Lie on the bed and let me sit on your face so you can eat my ass. When I feel her body begin to quiver, I know my wife has found the spot and I wonder who's going to come first as I furiously tongue Susana's ass.

Fantasy Gets Real in Real Estate Ch. 02

anal manfromvenus 2018-03-03

I had left my shaving kit beside the bed and now I reached into it and came up with a small bottle of lube, as I poured it into my hand and started back to her back door she looked down between her legs at me and smiled, my finger slid in and out of her as she moved her hips in time with my tongue and fingers, breathing in ragged hisses she headed for a new climax, dragging air deep into her lungs and clamping down on my fingers.

Sheer Undies Lead To Sheer Delight

anal LittleHenry 2018-02-08

I thought of that powerful orgasm as I knelt behind her and rubbed my face against her left cheek, then the right. My old girlfriend occasionally liked the occasional anal, and I so desperately wished that Lynn would let me take her ass. Rather than rushing back to her ass, I gave her a slow backrub that lasted for a few minutes, then slowly moved the rubbing lower until I was massaging her cheeks and thighs. I could feel the outer rim relax, so my tongue, pointed yet soft, pushed in and out against the relaxing ass muscles. A quick spasm went through her body - it was a peculiar feeling as her outer rim squeezed against the tongue embedded an inch inside.

Surfing a4a led to my first gay encounter.

anal pennyhcd 2017-12-27

I am 6' 4'' 250 lbs bi-curious married black male who love wearing female lingerie (I have quite a collection) and has been fantasizing about sucking cock for a while now. Then one day during one of the IM chat session, he said, "by the way your lingerie pictures are hot", So smile and said happy you like them, because I can't wait for you to move my thong to the side and stick your cock in my ass. His response was if your ass is clean I can stick my tongue in it too :-) I basically when crazy when he said that, I told him to come over now and fuck me.

A Night of Gifts

anal Sithica 2017-11-14

While he was kissing me, his other hand lifted my lingerie and he started to rub my cunt with his fingers. Then I took his cock into my mouth, and at this point I was able to use my cuffed hands to massage his balls and cock while I continued to suck hard and deep. He climbed on top of me, lifted my legs up high and started fucking my pussy, while holding my hands above my head pinned to the wall above us. At this point, my legs are high on his shoulders, my hands are pinned above my head, my nipples are on fire and he is fucking me in the ass.

The Garter

anal PrincessErin 2017-11-09

She had almost wanted to drag Vanessa onto the dance floor as well, but knew that her boyfriend would not be amused. "Oh!" Tara blurted out her surprise when the bouquet of pink and white roses fell into her hands. Tara's eyes went wide, but before she knew it, Vanessa was pushing her onto the dance floor. "I have a cheesy pick up line if you want to hear it." Bill had stood up and helped Tara to a standing position. Tara entered the hotel room first and her eyes locked on the bed. "Do I get to take the garter off now?" Bill stood behind Tara and slowly unzipped her dress. You love being fucked in the ass." Tara moaned with pleasure.