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Dehradun To Mumbai – Male e****t

anal bava12 2018-01-05

And now she took off my shirt and started lick my body from up to down and finger and toes every were and I was licking her ear lobes it make them more and more excited and she finally came to my tool and starts licking the top cap of my tool with her tongue and slowly massaging my ball like she was hungry for this from several years and start jerking it hard in her mouth for 20 minutes and I came in her mouth and serious she drank that and loved it.

Victor and my new sex toy

anal Anitaslut44 2017-12-30

Then I pulled out the drawer on the stand by my side and found my new toy: a sexy nice huge strap-on, black color, eight inches with red straps. I reached around and easily tied his hands to the bed posts with a piece of my nylon hose. He was awake now, finding his hands tied upon his head to the bed posts. Then I pulled my fingers out and pressed my new strap-on against his now gaping hole. Victor turned his head around towards mine and kissed me hard, sucking my tongue with his. I pulled out of the kiss, telling him: "I love you, babe.


anal 2017-11-24

He loved pussy and would eat her for the longest time then fuck her cunt or ass hard. He loves sucking her nipples as he finger fucks her cunt and ass at the same time till she has cum running down her legs. In the taxi on the way back to the hotel he pulled her over his lap and rammed his cock deep into her cunt and as he fucked her he pulled the top of her dress down to her waist and sucked and ravaged her tits. They are a great couple with his big dick and her huge tits and thick sexy ass and his love of fucking while any one watches.

Cam Girl

anal 2017-11-17

Men paid to watch her strip and play with her huge tits and then she had a fuck buddy come in and show every one how he fucked her with his ten inch cock. Today Lori was on with forty two paid viewers and as she got naked and licked her own tits the men typed to see her pussy or to see her get fucked or suck cock. She finger fucked her own cunt before Sam with his big hard cock showed up. As he fucked her ass with his big thick meat men txt's to fuck her harder or spank her tits hard. He loved to spank her ass then fuck her rough and deep pounding her tight asshole till she screamed.

Play doctor

anal 2017-11-11

I love a good hard suck." As Sara sucked the big thick cock it did not take him long to fill her mouth. The doc then pulled his cock out of her mouth and put her hand on it and told her "Now stroke that dick and keep it hard for your wet cunt." As she stroked his dick he sucked a tit and finger fucked her cunt. Sometimes she put him on his hands and knees and as she tongue fucked his ass she would jerk his cock till he would cum twice. Her ass was a big blessing and he loved how his cock felt in it as he fucked her deep and hard then sucked his cum out of it.

A Night with Kimny

anal Lossst 2017-10-28

She started to sob a little and she said "Michael I am so sorry, I thought you would never understand my situation and I was all torn inside because yes I am turned on by you, but I knew you were straight and most likely not want anything to do with me" " I had to come in here to wank so that I could get what I was feeling out of my system for the night and keep my mind focused on our work" While we thrust together, I felt and caressed her silky thighs and nylons and tickled the back of her sweet thighs.We continued this for a good while, we were screaming each others name and she actually lost control and said she loved me.

Revenge I

anal delirium81 2017-10-27

When I came back in her arms from my small business trip, I was very excited to start a new life but she wasn't as enthusiastic at all. Knowing these details, it seemed logical that one time she will terminate communication with him, because he was that kind of person and I wasn't jealousy of him, because I didn't felt that he was competitive. I went to the bathroom and locked the door when I saw her phone on the washing machine, which she tried so hard to keep away from me. I went into my car and drove to a parking lot nearby and pulled out her cell phone, starting to read their romantic messages.


anal domslavelover 2017-10-07

He got hard as he watched Ken lick and then fuck Sadie's pussy and when he was hard she had never seen such a huge cock. As they got busy giving intense oral Ken pulled Sadie on his lap and pushed his cock into her fuck hole and as he watched the cocks and pussy get sucked he fucked her deep with his huge cock. The guys had all been eating pussy for about a half hour when Ken sat Sadie on his lap and pushed her down of his cock, sinking it into her ass and then as he fucked her asshole he slipped three fingers in her cunt and now fucked both holes as she came fast and often.

Never say never

anal adel5000 2017-10-03

One night as we were sitting in our porn watching position, him sitting down and me laying down with my head on his lap, he was surfing the adult channels on cable when he stumble across a film where a very petit woman was on all 4 and a man with a humongous cock was clearly deep inside her asshole I was about to say something but suddenly felt Steve’s cock got so much harder and bigger that it took my breath away. I thought I was ready enough to take him with ease but feeling his huge head throbbing at the door of my ass make my knees go week, he lubed my ass and his cock up like crazy and he took his time inching himself inside my back.

Mistress B's House of Fetish

anal straponprince 2017-09-11

When the final roommate left Mistress B asked if I was ready for the day of my life. Before I knew it, she came downstairs dressed in her dominatrix outfit, 8inch heels, wearing the strap on and had all the other toys on display in the living room. She got in the tub with me, pulled her outfit to the side and just started pissing all over my face, mouth, chest, and dick. I got out of the tub and crawled back into the living room where it was time for her to sit on my face. After the cum was all on my face she took off her heels again and started to smear it around my face with her feet, making me open my mouth to lick it off her feet.

A 'loving' f****y.

anal chocandres 2017-09-07

Joyce had been divorced for 20 years and Gill always wondered why she'd never married again..never mind have another man in Did I hear right I said to myself...did my wife's mum just agree to be my sex partner till my d aughter was born!! Jack..I've been in a relationship with a woman for 12 years.I knew after I divorced Gill's dad that men were not the way I wanted my life to go.So basically I'm a 'closet' lesbian,none of the f****y know and I only told Gill last year.I was waiting for disgust from her,but instead I got a right talking to about 'wasting my life'.I thought she meant about me being 'gay' but she meant that I should be with the person I or woman!

A married female friend

anal samsin36 2017-09-04

Couple of days Sam came over to our place for dinner. I, my husband Sunil and Sam had a good time together. At times being a little immoral wont hurt anyone, sam said. The expressing in his eyes and way he made me feel, made me once again melt in his arms, this time on the sofa. I hear from you, that you have a great collection of these lingerie sets, would you please bless me the opportunity to fill my eyes seeing you in them sweetheart? I opened my collection for him and asked him to choose which one would he like me wear now. Then slowly he moved his hand to my pussy, made me spread my legs.


anal 2017-08-26

Jane released John’s cock and stood up, she kissed his mouth sensually, “fuck me big boy, please fuck me, please take me, take me hard.” This vision of loveliness, of wonderment, of sexuality stood in front of the naked man, he was in total awe of her, her hands dropped to the hem line of her very short skirt, took it between her thumbs and forefingers and raised her hands revealing the full length of her perfect stockinged thighs and her tight white silky panties to his unblinking gaze, she could see pure lust in his eyes, exactly what she loved to see in all her lover’s eyes.

Lucy Bruce and Janie (and me) Pt5

anal dlcalguy 2017-08-25

Janie does what I say." she'll help me with your ass and then you can fuck her, if you want. I watched the front of the dress moving as Lucy's fingers slipped up and she began to rub her friend's crotch. Lucy told me to spread my legs again and, when I did, she withdrew the butt plug. I lifted my legs, spread them, and Janie climbed up on the bed with the big plastic cock in her fist. Seeing my lovely Janie seemingly masturbate her big penis.... And then I was lying on my back with the lovely Janie between my legs, her cock inside me. Janie pushed herself up and gently withdrew the dildo from my ass.

I finally get a dick up my ass and i loved it!!!!!

anal laweemon 2017-08-11

Anyway I looked up the third friend on facebook and we began to have a chat every few days or so. He got so angry from me asking that and called me stupid talking about how everyoneone knows he loves lady gaga and went to her concert and what-not. We chatted on facebook and eventually we began texting after he got his phone back on like another week or so later. One day we were chatting fter he got off work and he asked where I lived. He got on his knees and began to work on my dick and it felt so mazing. After that we tried again like 5 mins later with me working on his dick.

monday morning

anal 2017-08-01

he asked me if i'd like to keep it up and i had to say yes my dick was getting hard just thinking about.after lunch he drove to the park and pulled out his cock and told me to suck it i went down as fast as i could i love sucking dick and his dick tasted so good in my mouth i felt his dick swell up and then he said swalow bitch and for thre first time i tasted cum i swallowed it all down(thats when i knew i love taste of cum) i wanted him to fuck but he said i'd have to wait till later.


anal gaybas94 2017-07-31

He walked up to my car and said “Hi beauty, want to come over for a cup of coffee?” I loved the way he looked. I felt the wetness of his tongue inside me and loved it so much that I relaxed my ass fully. Vince greased my nipples with a little KY and I felt his greasy finger sliding up my ass. I kissed his dick, sliding it slowly up and down my mouth. It did hurt a little but the pleasure of feeling that beautiful dick entering me overshadowed whatever pain there was. I didn’t have to wait long: a guy in a pick-up truck arrived, went up to Vince’s apartment and came back a few hours later.

First M4M internet date

anal paulsuna 2017-07-28

This was unbelievable, being being fucked by a man I had just met for the first time forty-five minutes earlier but I was loving every second of it, pinching my throbbing sphincters, arching my buttocks back against him, responding to his grunts and gasps of passion. I must be a voyeur as I loved the sexual sensation, being a surrogate wife for him, hearing and feeling his loin slapping against my buttocks in the heat of his passion. This time, after mounting another condom Roger positioned me a missionary position on the end of the bed, me with my ankles up over his shoulders as he assault me again as if to make up for the sex he wasn’t getting from his wife.


anal 2017-06-15

Then I am going to fuck that wet hole then fuck your mouth and stick every inch of my monster cock down your throat and let you suck more cum from me." His cock was rock hard as he thought about fucking this sexy slut. He loved fucking her hard and deep then shoving all eleven inches of his cock down her throat and watch her suck him till he could cum again. Then he pushed his tongue deep in her cunt and began to suck and tongue fuck her as she moaned and let the cum flow. I am going to shove this cock down your throat." Then he really started tongue fucking her wet hole.

story of ass to mouth loving wife

anal 2017-06-12

blowjobs, and ass-to-mouth. After all, in porn everybody looked like they were years of having my ass licked and fingered, and a plug or a dildo put in, and finally, my husband's penis, my ass, after my clit, has become the center of my utmost goose,' my husband acknowledged a long time ago that a finger up his ass during a blowjob gave him the best furiously playing with my clit gave me the most intense suck my swollen clit, the source of most of my pleasure. same time my clit was. that little bit of intense pain until the sphincter relaxes. of my ass down my thighs after we've had anal sex is husband would like to see me get both nipple and clit

Silver Haired Devil

anal captjim51 2017-05-07

Kate had an oral fixation and was happiest when she had a dick in her mouth, I’ve never seen a woman who liked sucked cock like her, she absolutely loved it, especially my seven and a half inches of firm man-meat. Kate knew just what I meant; my cock popped out of her mouth as she wrapped her tongue around shaft and began licking every inch of my saliva coated rod. Kate knew just what I meant, she placed my cock halfway in her mouth and began sucking the upper third, then she began working more and more of my shaft into her wide open mouth. I pulled my cock from her throat but kept the top three inches in her mouth so she could suck what remained of my semen from my now spent organ.

Married Affair(Part 2)

anal hornylioness 2017-05-02

" yes I remember,you stood above me, your cock hard in my mouth, I licked it, sucked on it, you got harder and harder and then asked me "where do you want it babe?" I took you from my mouth, it was hard yet the skin was like wet silk, the knob red and swollen. "Oh baby, yes let me cover your tits with my love juice" "oh my god babe, I'm shaking, my legs have gone weak, oh babe your fantastic" you looked down on me, caressing my hair as I took your cock back into my mouth, sucking every last drop from your still swollen manhood.

old man in the grocery store part 4

anal 2017-04-30

He!then said, "then maybe I could help " as he started lightly rubbing the outside of my arms as if trying to create heat. As he was rubbing my arms, I felt him lean forward and he lightly kissed the back of my neck. He loved it because he let out a moan and turned my head to give me a deep tongue kiss. I could feel the pre cum instantly start dripping off the head of my dick as he worked his tongue in and out of my hole. I started moaning a little louder at this time and said " you're gonna make me cum" and he quickly turned me around and still kneeling took my cock in his mouth and started sucking.

Fucking Sarah and Dave

anal sexlover19 2017-04-25

I enjoyed having the place to ourselves, and loved the way I could make Sarah laugh with stories about some of our colleagues, who were all new to her and she was enjoying getting to know. Sarah shared some stories of her home life with her husband Dave - a Scots lad like myself, who was into his football and going for a pint with his mates on a Friday night. I'd seen pics of Roisin on Sarah's Facebook page and loved the look of her - curvy, with big boobs and long red hair and a real glint in her eye. "I've got to taste you, honey," I said, kissing my way down that perfect, slender woman's body, so like a teenage girl's in the subtly-lit bedroom.