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R & B

anal Samuelx 2018-12-01

Bianca looked at her man, and grinned. A five-foot-ten, jet-black woman in her mid-thirties with short hair and wide brown eyes, Bianca Dune was a vision of beauty. Richard took Bianca into his arms and she laughed as he made his way to the bedroom. Richard pulled Bianca into his arms and kissed her once more. Bianca looked at her man, and tenderly whispered that she loved him. Bianca grinned as Richard whispered sweet words into her ear. Bianca moaned when Richard's fingers gently probed her vaginal opening. Richard thrust into Bianca's mouth, moaning in pleasure as she sucked him. Bianca smiled and began fingering her pussy as Richard took her. As Richard pulled her into his arms, Bianca smiled and kissed him.

Black Love: Strapon Edition

anal Samuelx 2018-11-30

You're into the kind of porn that features women fucking men with strap-on dildos. It's mostly white guys getting fucked in the ass by women wearing strap-on dildos. There are one or two other black guys who appear as submissives in these BDSM strap-on fetish videos but they like to hide their faces. I once watched this really erotic online video featuring a black-haired white woman wearing a nurse's uniform as she fucked a black man with a strap-on dildo in a fetish dungeon. In one of them, a dark-haired white woman fucks a masked black man with a strap-on dildo after tying him up. Judith laughed and told me she always wanted to fuck a big black man like me with her strap-on dildo.

Victor and my new sex toy

anal Anitaslut44 2018-11-24

Then I pulled out the drawer on the stand by my side and found my new toy: a sexy nice huge strap-on, black color, eight inches with red straps. I reached around and easily tied his hands to the bed posts with a piece of my nylon hose. He was awake now, finding his hands tied upon his head to the bed posts. Then I pulled my fingers out and pressed my new strap-on against his now gaping hole. Victor turned his head around towards mine and kissed me hard, sucking my tongue with his. I pulled out of the kiss, telling him: "I love you, babe.

Dehradun To Mumbai – Male e****t

anal bava12 2018-11-18

And now she took off my shirt and started lick my body from up to down and finger and toes every were and I was licking her ear lobes it make them more and more excited and she finally came to my tool and starts licking the top cap of my tool with her tongue and slowly massaging my ball like she was hungry for this from several years and start jerking it hard in her mouth for 20 minutes and I came in her mouth and serious she drank that and loved it.

Booty Packer

anal Samuelx 2018-11-17

Joel is a tall, good-looking guy with light brown skin and curly hair. He's the kind of brother who lives his life the way he wants it and doesn't care what people think. We're talking about a brother who is going places and ignores the pull of the streets, unlike so many young black people. Usually, I don't like cops and I think most black folks would agree with me that they hate us but Joel is a brother with soul. I didn't know he was bisexual until Joel told me how they hooked up one time. So, one day, Joel and I went to the police station and got a restraining order against Talima Brown.

My first time being a cuckold

anal bisexdee 2018-10-04

It was at one of the meetings and in front of his wife, when he and Sandra were kneeling on the floor kissing, that he said to kiss Sandra at the same time, so that we both had our tongues in her mouth. Alan stood up and put his semi hard cock in her mouth, so I pulled away, he just said to stop being a pussy and ordered me to keep on kissing her, of course his cock was touching my tongue, but I could not believe that Sandra was enjoying it so much she pulled me into a deeper kiss.

Serves her right... True story

anal abitofeverything 2018-09-15

So she thought she'd outsmart me and she maneuvered my cock back quickly behind her, and pulled her thong string to the side so my hard dick rubbed between her sweet large cheeks. She kept at this watching me squirm as her great ass rubbed the head of my cock from all sides. But she kept at it, rubbing her nice round ass against my swollen cock. Rather than pull up she pushed back slowly trying to let my cock in. "fuck I love your cock in my ass she said" She kept rocking, but I'm not sure I actually moved deeper or if her squeezed asshole just held me still and it was her ass cheeks moving and her pussy walls move against my head.

Looking a Little Knocked-Up

anal swat412 2018-09-03

Once I discovered how good sex was and, how great it felt to have a cock in my boycunt, when I realized that most guys would gladly fuck me just to get relief; I was hooked on it. Living with a few dominant black lovers, serving them to the best of my ability, the only thing missing was me being a pregnant little whitey bitch for my man. He came home to find me dressed, made up a little and looking like he’d done his fatherly duties. She even took a few pictures, they were only Polaroid’s but, I really did look like a pregnant little GG in the end.

A married female friend

anal samsin36 2018-09-02

Couple of days Sam came over to our place for dinner. I, my husband Sunil and Sam had a good time together. At times being a little immoral wont hurt anyone, sam said. The expressing in his eyes and way he made me feel, made me once again melt in his arms, this time on the sofa. I hear from you, that you have a great collection of these lingerie sets, would you please bless me the opportunity to fill my eyes seeing you in them sweetheart? I opened my collection for him and asked him to choose which one would he like me wear now. Then slowly he moved his hand to my pussy, made me spread my legs.


anal edinjohn 2018-08-31

Like I said, she was now 18 years old, 5”2, with long, brown hair, green eyes, perky and very exciting tits, and a great tight, bubble ass! My cock was now fucking hard, and pushing into those tight cheeks, when she said: “I love my pussy eaten, but no ones done it like you, you’re wonderful!” My cock was harder than ever before! When she said:“Do you want to fuck my ass?” I almost blew my load hearing that. “Put it in, all of your sweet cock, fuck my ass!” I could barely get any in, when she reached back, and spread her cheeks for me. Your cock felt so good in my ass, did you love it?” she said:

A 'loving' f****y.

anal chocandres 2018-08-25

Joyce had been divorced for 20 years and Gill always wondered why she'd never married again..never mind have another man in Did I hear right I said to myself...did my wife's mum just agree to be my sex partner till my d aughter was born!! Jack..I've been in a relationship with a woman for 12 years.I knew after I divorced Gill's dad that men were not the way I wanted my life to go.So basically I'm a 'closet' lesbian,none of the f****y know and I only told Gill last year.I was waiting for disgust from her,but instead I got a right talking to about 'wasting my life'.I thought she meant about me being 'gay' but she meant that I should be with the person I or woman!

Married Affair(Part 2)

anal hornylioness 2018-08-23

" yes I remember,you stood above me, your cock hard in my mouth, I licked it, sucked on it, you got harder and harder and then asked me "where do you want it babe?" I took you from my mouth, it was hard yet the skin was like wet silk, the knob red and swollen. "Oh baby, yes let me cover your tits with my love juice" "oh my god babe, I'm shaking, my legs have gone weak, oh babe your fantastic" you looked down on me, caressing my hair as I took your cock back into my mouth, sucking every last drop from your still swollen manhood.

Making Love to my Man

anal AfroerotiK 2018-08-16

His head lay serenely on his folded arms and I could hear him breathing peacefully as I worked my way lower down his body, to the backs of his thighs. I grabbed the base of his dick and began stroking it and licking it at the same time and he was thrusting his hips, trying to fuck my mouth. I took the tip of my tongue and started gently lapping at his hole, enjoying the way his body reacted to my tongue fuck. Prove to me that you love me fucking you hard and deep.” He grabbed his dick and started stroking it, gripping it tightly and working that hot white cum up from his tight nuts.

Cam Girl

anal 2018-08-06

Men paid to watch her strip and play with her huge tits and then she had a fuck buddy come in and show every one how he fucked her with his ten inch cock. Today Lori was on with forty two paid viewers and as she got naked and licked her own tits the men typed to see her pussy or to see her get fucked or suck cock. She finger fucked her own cunt before Sam with his big hard cock showed up. As he fucked her ass with his big thick meat men txt's to fuck her harder or spank her tits hard. He loved to spank her ass then fuck her rough and deep pounding her tight asshole till she screamed.

His control

anal 2018-08-01

His body jerked and he filled her with his cream then he went down to her pussy and pushed his tongue into her cunt and tongue fucked her as he shoved two fingers in her ass and gave both holes a hard workout. His cock was getting hard again and he put her on her hands and knees and shoved his big meat into her asshole and began fucking her then he pulled out and rammed her cunt and then back to her asshole again. He and his wife each sucked on her huge tits as they each shoved two fingers in her cunt and fucked her hard.

First M4M internet date

anal paulsuna 2018-07-24

This was unbelievable, being being fucked by a man I had just met for the first time forty-five minutes earlier but I was loving every second of it, pinching my throbbing sphincters, arching my buttocks back against him, responding to his grunts and gasps of passion. I must be a voyeur as I loved the sexual sensation, being a surrogate wife for him, hearing and feeling his loin slapping against my buttocks in the heat of his passion. This time, after mounting another condom Roger positioned me a missionary position on the end of the bed, me with my ankles up over his shoulders as he assault me again as if to make up for the sex he wasn’t getting from his wife.

Aphrodisiac Transformation Ch. 04

anal Fitofjealousy 2018-07-15

Jimmy Green didn’t want to bring his wife’s sister, Adrienne, or Addy as they called her, on this cruise. As for Addy, Ginger knew the problems, of course, but respected her sister’s differences and just hoped Adrienne would find a like-minded man soon. Looking straight ahead, Ginger saw that Addy was on her bed, her naked body laying across the pillows which where strewn about as though a fight or robbery had taken place. Jimmy gladly obliged, rhythmically fucking his wife’s pussy while his tongue lavished attention on Addy’s lovely anus. Pumping his cock with his hand, he shot thick streams of white cream first onto Addy’s upper back, then onto her lower back and ass, where it pooled and then dripped like a small stream from her lower ass, down the crack and eventually onto the lovely gray Egyptian cotton sheets.


anal 2018-07-13

I just love the way they look like and the thought that they really know what to do with a guy just turns me more on than any girl of my age could. I swept my finger across her cheek getting a bit of cum on it, fed it to her and said: "leave it on while I make you cum and fuck you like an a****l". I started to blush but thought that it was to late for games and decided to be honest so I answered with:" I like it very nasty with anal play, looking, toys, a little peeing from time to time and anything else you can think of".

My First Time as Sara... Pt. 05

anal naughty_bi_interest 2018-07-07

Soon he was thrusting harder and faster and while I loved his fucking my face, I wanted him to cum in my sexy ass. I could feel his cock against my cheeks and as I kissed him hard, I took my lubed up hand and guided him straight to my wet and wanting sissy ass. I put on my skirt and blouse and before I left I walked over and put my panties back on, kissing him hard and promised him that next time, he'll have my ass. Two weeks later, at my new place I delivered on my promise and he fucked me in my bed, filling my ass with very wet and very sticky shots of cum.

old man in the grocery store part 4

anal 2018-06-28

He!then said, "then maybe I could help " as he started lightly rubbing the outside of my arms as if trying to create heat. As he was rubbing my arms, I felt him lean forward and he lightly kissed the back of my neck. He loved it because he let out a moan and turned my head to give me a deep tongue kiss. I could feel the pre cum instantly start dripping off the head of my dick as he worked his tongue in and out of my hole. I started moaning a little louder at this time and said " you're gonna make me cum" and he quickly turned me around and still kneeling took my cock in his mouth and started sucking.

​M​y friend Rosa

anal YourDimplesOfVenus 2018-06-09

She didn't accepted to do that there in her room, even when her parents were out of the house, but we agreed in meeting other day, at my home. ​The first day she came to my home, she was trembling ​since the moment she ​arrived​, so I first managed to make her tell me all her fantasies, with a cup of tea in her hands. I suddenly started hearing clearly how her breathing got loud and ​her ​heart ​beated ​fast again, and that made our forbidden kiss much more hot. The taste of the pink Rosa's ass hole after a shared shower was delicious to me, and I loved to have her kneeling, while spreading her buttocks for me.


anal 2018-06-09

Jane released John’s cock and stood up, she kissed his mouth sensually, “fuck me big boy, please fuck me, please take me, take me hard.” This vision of loveliness, of wonderment, of sexuality stood in front of the naked man, he was in total awe of her, her hands dropped to the hem line of her very short skirt, took it between her thumbs and forefingers and raised her hands revealing the full length of her perfect stockinged thighs and her tight white silky panties to his unblinking gaze, she could see pure lust in his eyes, exactly what she loved to see in all her lover’s eyes.

A Boss and His Admin Assistant Ch. 01

anal walterio 2018-05-15

The excitement in the office grew when Paul's tongue moved between the cheeks. Paul let the head touch the hole again as he pulled the cheeks even further apart. Suddenly, Paul grunted in pleasure and began to pump his thick sperm deep into Crystal's waiting hole. They parted slowly and Paul looked at his lovely assistant sprawled out on the conference table. Crystal left the office and Paul got another cup of coffee and finished up his admin work. Two weeks later Paul and Crystal were on the plane on the way to the Caribbean resort. It was absolutely beautiful and Paul was looking forward to a great vacation and a week of great sex with Crystal.

Back to Bareback!

anal butt4everyone 2018-05-13

I loved watching his face and body as he came, seeing those long white jets of hot cum shoot out of his cock, and feeling them on my naked skin or shoot down my throat, we both wanted the pleasure and intimacy of him being able to drain every single drop of cum in his nuts deep inside of me. We fucked without worry as his pre-cum leaked inside me. Unlike many guys claim, I could not feel his cum shoot in me, but I could feel the difference of his bare cock, and the difference of his orgasm.