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Dehradun To Mumbai – Male e****t

anal bava12 2018-11-18

And now she took off my shirt and started lick my body from up to down and finger and toes every were and I was licking her ear lobes it make them more and more excited and she finally came to my tool and starts licking the top cap of my tool with her tongue and slowly massaging my ball like she was hungry for this from several years and start jerking it hard in her mouth for 20 minutes and I came in her mouth and serious she drank that and loved it.

Anal Virgin, But Not For Long

anal Poppet 2018-11-09

I can feel his tongue working the delicate softness of my pussy and clit. I feel him stiffen, and know he’s going to give me the biggest orgasm he can. I’m rocked with pleasure, I feel like liquid, and my need for him still so strong. I can’t even begin to explain it, other than I don’t want it to stop. Our kiss is full of love, and a distraction as I get use to this new foreign feeling. He takes his time, I can tell by the expression on his face, he wants to bust deep inside me already. I know I’m going to come so good for him.

The SPA part 3

anal wills10 2018-08-30

The camera work was clearly hand held and panned around a room showing at least six black males. Once her had pushed his fingers in their full length his speed increased, Sara still stood not moving, some emotion now showing on her face, slight twinges in her legs as the sensation of his finger fucking started to run through her. He appeared to reach through and with one finger at first opened her ass, the camera changed to show his fat middle finger pushing deeper inside her rear passage. He left her in this position and sat back on the sofa, continuing to enjoy his drink he told her to swing the weights, she gyrated causing all of the weights to move, this clearly brought discomfort.

A Bisexual Man's Hidden Secret

anal windwriter 2018-05-04

I saw my friend, a big burly guy, bent over the workbench with the new neighbors cock buried in his ass. Other times I feel this horrible need to be used and fucked like some wimpy assed pussy. Withdrawing slightly, I watched as his puckered ass tried to turn inside out around my cock just before I lunged forward and drove it into him again. Raising his body like he was preparing for pushups, his stiff cock slid along my ass crack until it hit the spot. He slowly raised his body, pulling his cock completely out of my ass. "Too late Mary." He pulled his cock out and repositioned at my hole, waiting just long enough that my puckered ass tightened up again.

Leading Him Astray

anal wildest1 2018-03-23

I let my finger slide along the bridge of flesh behind his balls and before his ass hole. I promise, this will feel so fucking good, baby..." I spoke low, sweetly to him as I let my soapy finger slide through his ass crack. It wasn't easy, though, and he gave a small, whimpering groan, though his cock certainly showed its approval by getting harder, the skin was shiny for it's arousal and I loved the way it felt as I sucked it, licked and kissed along its throbbing length. More of everything, and best of all, I knew he was going to let me explore this part of his body more, give him pleasure this way again.

A filthy african gang bang.

anal TabooGirl69 2017-11-11

The dark male got a good taste of her sweet breast milk, and she felt his hands cup and squeeze more of it out. She moved her tongue around in circles, clockwise at first, opening her mouth wide and letting the homeless stranger's sweaty dirty cock slide deep inside. Tania turned to the right, looking up at the other erection as she opened her mouth wide and took his throbbing rod deep down her throat once more. Tania felt the warm draft caress against her saliva covered asshole when the male moved back a bit.