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Your Weekly Massage

anal tadgh64 2018-02-26

He starts by warming his hands and then touching the skin of your shoulders gently as you lay your head on the bed close your eyes trying to relax. As he kneads your shoulder muscles gently, you start to release and a small smile forms on your lips. You feel his warm hands again on your shoulders, kneading the oil into your soft skin. You feel wetness drip from him as he slowly slides his shaft between the skin of your cheeks and across the puckered bud of your anus. Feeling him you press his cock firmly against you and groan with pleasure at the sensation. Then in a panic you feel the head of his cock against your anus, pressing gently but firmly.

You're too Old? maybe Not!

anal Filmgoer 2018-02-26

Then I plan on licking and sucking every body part and when you want me in you-when you can't take it anymore I want to put a condom on my pulsating cock and have you sit on it-with your back against mine and just at the right time I'm going to put your vibrator in your wet pussy and you're going to explode! I licked my way down to her asshole where I took a latex covering and placing between her two cheeks I let my tongue dart in and out as I rubbed her clit and massaged her breasts. When she had my entire cock in her asshole I told her-"don't move up and down." I licked her neck and took each earlobe in my mouth.

Boarding School

anal ChrissyDPfanatic 2018-02-24

My mouth suddenly shot open as I moaned loud and three fingers were now sliding slowly into my ass, I guess he thought this meant I wanted to suck him, because he adjusted and pushed his massive cock head between my lips. I could feel her spread her fingers each time they slid outward and soon I was moaning over his cock head. I was able to look back over my shoulder as the table shook quite a bit, to see him mounting me with her holding his rock hard cock and pointing it right at my ass as she slipped her tongue in his.

A Lost Day Dream

anal Bunny12 2018-02-22

I could feel his breath on my face as our hands wondered all over each other and we kissed for what seemed like forever. His back and shoulders were perfect and my eyes streamed pleasure directly to the heat burning between my legs as I looked upon him, rubbing more massage oil on the object of my desires. Watching every reaction on his face I gently slid my finger right up his little ass hole knuckle deep and began tickling his prostate. He looked up at me and as I inserted another finger up his sexy ass I leaned down taking the mushroom shaped head of his hard cock into my hungry mouth.

Professional Pounding

anal thepanther 2018-02-18

I gave her an up and down body scan with my eyes and said,  “I see you haven’t stopped going hard in the gym since we finished college.” She rubbed my abs and squeezed my bicep and said, “ Ooooh , and it looks like you haven’t lost that beach body. We had fooled around a few times, but I had blown her off when it came down to going all the way. The truth was that I had a crush on Ashley and wanted to fuck her more than anything, but based on her rampant sexual behavior I knew that she would never be satisfied with my dick alone. She took my dick out her mouth just long enough to smirk and then  squeezed my ass with both hands and focused on the head of my cock with an intensity I didn’t even know was possible.

An Escort With A Twist

anal JayCohen80 2018-02-10

Kandy is a Tantric masseuse, and had ways of “making me feel like I’m in Nirvana.” She explained to me what Tantric massages were like since I’d never experienced one. She positioned herself between my legs, again massaging the inside of my thighs and contacting my balls and anus, and lightly blowing on my dick, making it jump with anticipation. She proceeds to fuck my ass slowly, then faster, all the time sucking my balls and jerking my cock which is so engorged that I’m ready to blow any second. Kandy wraps her lips around my cock as I spew my hot cream into her mouth, each time I squirt my ass constricts and reminds me of the lovely member in it.

The Gearjammer and the Homo

anal pornoperson 2018-02-09

I didn't think she could look any better than she had but Callie took off her faux fur coat, revealing just how shapely her figure really was. "Get the fuck off of him!" Bobbi screamed as she reached her flannel-clad arms around Callie, pulling her reluctant body away from me and tossing her on the floor. Before I knew what was going on, she undid her belt buckle with one hand while hoisting one of my legs over her shoulder, pulling me to the edge of the massage table, with the other. As it was, Bobbi looked pretty natural with a cock between her legs. Loud sobs filled my ears and I felt bad for Callie but, when I looked over to her, I saw she wasn't crying.

The Ballerinas Next Door - Part 3 - The Orgy

anal ChrisM 2018-01-30

As she left Natasha said, “I need to go home and have a long nap.” Before she left she told Sandra, “I am looking forward to our Saturday BBQ and pool party.” I suddenly realized that Sergei and Sandra, as well as Natasha and Josh, were nearby and looking at us. “Natasha, I see you have already started and from the look in Josh’s eyes I can see you are doing a great job, girl.” She turned her attention back to Sergei and in a sudden move, took his cock right down her throat causing him to moan with pleasure. Josh smiled and said to Natasha, “Do you feel like you want some practice also?

Maja's Student Bodies - Part III

anal TheTravellingMan 2018-01-29

She turned to look at my foam-spittled body, locked her eyes with mine and grasped my stiff cock in her slight hand. My body spasmed hard as I let go, my stomach muscles tightened and then released to deliver her wishes as my cock jerked repeatedly relieving me of what little cum I had left for her. Maja tensed her arse gripping my cock harder, eager to milk out every last drop as she pushed against my spent shaft. My hands took hers as I kissed her tenderly and longingly, wanting to revive the woman from the whore that let me fuck her in the arse. Easing my fingers from her arse and pussy, I looked up at her as she cupped my head in her hands.

My Fantasy Nights - Part I

anal vatiger2 2018-01-26

The stories included ones about wives who would fuck their husbands asses with strap-on dildos or use double-headed dildos, with one end in the husband's ass and the other in their pussy. This went on for a while, with me dreaming of her coming in and telling me that it was time for her to give my ass a good fucking. She then began the body massage on the front, starting at the shoulders and working her way to my abdomen, but skipped my cock and moved to my feet again. She always wants me to shoot my come deep in her pussy and I wanted to feel her cunt squeezing my cock again, so she rolled off me and got on her back.

Sg Fuck buddy getting analed

anal Labouroflove 2018-01-23

Used to chat about normal mundane stuff, never really cared if she was a 'real girl' or some guy pretending to be one, until one day she said something like 'I hate my breasts, they are too big' She set the seat back to normal position and said "OK, but don't think I will let you touch my private parts." I promised not to, and I took her palm out and gently kissed and licked her wrists and palm...and she reacted to it! I went up to her and said "Ok, let's start your massage." To my surprise, she lay face up on the bed..

Busty Back Pain

anal grunit89 2018-01-17

Jack then leant forward, grabbing each of her amazingly huge tits and started to fuck her in earnest, his cock almost leaving her pussy completely as he slammed back down into her. She stood off Lara's face as Jack made her cum, cock in arse and shudder as her legs fought to free themselves from behind her head. Lara was getting her pussy stretched by the dildo and her throat was mostly filled with cock as she got pounded by a huge titted Sam. She was soon cumming again, screaming into Jack's cock as her orgasm built through her. Sam pulled out of Lara and guided her to her knees, she placed Lara's hand on Jacks cock and told her to make him cum all over her.

My first Black Masseur

anal lovearub 2017-12-26

"Since I am going to put massage oil on you to loosen you up, would it be okay if I took off my T-shirt and pants so I do not get them oily?" "Sure," I said, turning my head to watch him stand up, walk to the head of the mattress and pull his T-shirt over his head and peel his track pants down, letting an incredibly long, thick BBC jutting from incredible abs swing freely. He slid his hard (and already oiled) cock back and forth between my butt, applying presure with each movement until the head was "knocking at my fuck-door." And one of those long fingers penetrated my asshole which made me u*********sly lift my needy ass for better access.

Asia Blue

anal OUTFUCKWITTED 2017-12-16

Anna-Lisa said something to her in Chinese and Jo-Jo walked up to me, embraced me, started kissing me, wrapped her arms around me and proceeded to grind her pelvis into me. She reached her hand between my legs and played with my balls and cock whilst I concentrated on massaging Anna-Lisa. Jo-Jo would pinch my nipples and play with my dick, bending over to take it into her mouth and suck me whilst I continued massaging Anna-Lisa. I stopped Jo-Jo's actions on me and positioned her on the opposite side of the massage table, instructing her by gesture to follow what I was doing to Anna-Lisa's body. Jo-Jo disappeared out of the room as I spread Anna-Lisa's legs and started a deep massage on the insides of her thighs.

My First Erotic Massage

anal EmmaLoveXXX 2017-12-06

I'm disappointed as he moves away from my hips and begins massaging down my legs. I hear the sound of him working the pump and feel warm, scented oil drip down the center of my ass and into my pussy. After I raise my hips, he spreads my cheeks and rubs the massage oil into my rosebud, circling it sensuously. As he leans over my torso to massage my rib cage, his hips press forward and his cock bumps my lips briefly by accident. He pushes my hips forward and gently starts circling my ass with his thumb while using his other hand to fingerfuck my pussy. He pushes my legs back further and begins licking my ass and pussy alternately.

Sweet Surrender

anal hoosieryank 2017-11-30

Still focused on the movie, I reached over and slid my hand under her shirt and started scratching just below her bra. I then took my time and checked the rest of her back, slowly letting my fingers just glide across her creamy skin. I slowly ran my hands over the newly exposed skin, still scratching lightly. I stood and pushed my shorts to the floor letting my hard cock spring free then bent forward and kissed her ass cheeks. She reached back, grabbed my wrist and pulled my hand, pushing my thumb into her. While I stroked my cock to reach maximum hardness, I pushed my thumb back into her.

Prostate Massage and More

anal scmale2000 2017-11-12

I don't know who was moving more; Eve stroking my cock and finger-fucking me or me panting and trying to fuck her hand and push against her invading fingers. After a long, slow massage of my chest, arms and legs (always avoiding my obvious hard cock), she said she had a one-time birthday surprise for me. She said to keep my eyes closed and then I felt her gently grasping my hips as she normally did to make me lift up for the pillow that went under my lower back. Anyway, I was there, eyes closed, laying on my back with my legs pulled up, Eve's legs in firm contact with mine...then I felt something hard, thick, slick and heavy fall against my erect cock. Eve laughed as she removed her cum-covered hand from my still-hard cock.

happy day

anal stif266 2017-11-11

Salvatore continued massaging me, while Joseph and Vincent were licking and adoring my wet cunt. Then Salvatore stopped rubbing me and he joined the other two men and they took turns licking at my juicy pussy. Pia pushed through my pussy lips and tongue fucked my wet and very creamy cunt. Pia and the women licked and enjoyed the sweet and tangy juices coming out of my pussy. "Lay down Emma we'll all lick your gorgeous cunt and then bring you to orgasm one more time and then your day of pleasure will be over." I then got dressed and put five hundred dollar tips in Salvatore, Vincent, Joseph's, Pia, Elsie and Dawn's tip envelopes.

A Friend in Need

anal Sluver 2017-11-10

My eyes flew open and I was shocked to see Kate sitting next to me and Frank at the bottom of the bed, their hands rubbing all over my body. Her hands kept rubbing my stomach, moving up towards my breasts, gently massaging them, while Frank continued to stroke my legs. I started to relax and when Frank's hands moved closer to my pussy, I spread my legs to give him access. I felt his gentle hands slowly rubbing up and down my wet pussy, my hips starting to move in sync with his carresses. I felt Frank's dick pulling out of my pussy and Kate gently removed her fingers.

Sports Medicine

anal Leezy 2017-11-02

I went through the door from the Ladies Locker Room into the massage room, and Julie was waiting patiently. It seemed a little too personal, but it felt good, and I know massage therapists see many people naked, so I thought why worry? Believe me, it is just what you need." It did begin to arouse me, and I had been hoping that Julie would get me off, so I put my head back down and waited to see how it went. His hands are big and strong, as I said before, and his finger almost felt like a penis in me. He started to push, and I felt the pressure build, until suddenly the head of his cock went into me.

The MILF Club

anal Stormysailor 2017-10-30

"Well actually there is, he does relaxation massage and hypnotism mainly but a few of his clients add ass training to their sessions." Beth replied, "And if you didn't believe the first part you are going to have trouble imagining that he has the world's thinnest dick; it's used used in the therapy sessions, and that's true too." Jake asked permission to remove the towel and he massaged the areas previously missed, then asked Sandy to turn over. Jake said the next part normally took place with the client face down but he thought that Sandy might like to stay on her back, knees raised, bottom at the very end of the table.

Ass Massages are the Best

anal cherylblossom44 2017-10-29

But now her best friend was married and had a special someone and no longer needed Stacey in the same way she used to -that person you call anytime of the day or night, like when you've eaten too much oysters and you're not sure if you have food poisoning or if you are just allergic to oysters. Noah massaged her shoulder blades and Stacey involuntarily moaned in pleasure. They fell into a comfortable silence as Noah began working his thumbs along each of her ass cheeks, slowing pulling them away from each other. "One thing I regret not doing in high school, is not fucking your beautiful juicy ass." Noah breathed as his dick grazed her ass cheeks.

Kala's Teasing Ass

anal AsssMann 2017-10-28

Kala wanted to spend two weeks training and preparing her ass for my cock. This discussion is an extremely important part of the training to ensure that when it is finally time for my cock to enter my lover's ass, it will be the most intimate and incredibly pleasurable experience for both of us. After fingering Kala's ass and working her into an intense orgasm, it was time to try out the first plug. I then returned to my position behind Kala's ass, applied a generous heaping of lube into the neon pink plug, and pressed it gently against Kala's incredible pink rosebud. However, today we agreed that I could keep my rock solid cock pressed firmly between Kala's incredible ass cheeks.

The Forbidden Road

anal PrincessDeeDee 2017-10-27

He would then roll me onto my back and, with my temples between his hands and my shoulders under his elbows, bring me back to earth with kisses across my eyelids and cheeks and nose and chin and, lastly, lips. I feel the cool air at my opening for a moment before its lips close again. He feels it to and shifts one of his hands from my shoulder. His thumb finds its way along the crack of my ass to my opening. His other hand presses against my other buttock and its thumb, too, finds its way into me. I push my hand between my legs and cover myself.