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Fucking The Wrong Sister In The Wrong Hole

anal AbigailThornton 2018-11-23

As I looked down at the white smear of Angela’s sex juices coating the top centimetre of my cock and the umbilical thread linking our genitals, my relationship with Tina came into sharp focus. “And then you’re going to sit here and watch the television or read the paper while my spunk dries on you.” Angela moaned and the way her pussy clenched made my cock vibrate dangerously. I want to see inside.” Angela was shaking as her fingers slid down either side of her pussy and tried to pull her labia apart. “I want to come with your dick in my arse, Master.” I couldn’t believe what was happening as Angela took control, masturbating furiously with her slippery fingers flying beneath my cock.

Biker Babe, Chapter Three

anal AmericanDreamgirl 2018-11-16

She came up to Bear, "Sir, I want you to fuck my ass in the stock room. Bear moaned as he placed his hands on the back of her head, gripping her hair which Leah loved.  Bear's other hand grabbed hold of Leah's hip as he rammed and slammed his cock deeper in her ass. Bear lovingly said, "Peanut, I'm very pleased with you and I loved watching you fuck yourself on me." He bent down, kissing Leah on the lips.  Bear said "Peanut, I'm going to tease you for a bit, then I'm going to fuck that wet pussy of yours." Peanut just smiled and nodded her head in agreement.  Bear loved seeing his sweet and dirty little Peanut beg to be fucked.

Morning Abigail

anal Sean Renaud 2018-11-09

Abigail took her time pulling her body along the silk sheeted bed. Knowing she wasn't likely to get another chance Abigail closed the last bit of distance between herself and Sean's cock. "Abigail-" he said knowingly, "-didn't I leave me door closed last night?" He couldn't see her eyes widen but he could feel her body stiffen. Sean grabbed Abigail by the hips, flipped her onto her stomach and slammed his cock back into pussy. "Shut up whore." He growled but she kept screaming, pulling the sheets off the bed and then digging gouges in the mattress with her nails until he pushed into her as deeply as he could manage and flooded her ass with his cum and leaned over her pinning her body for a few moments.

Hard Day

anal Lustybella 2018-11-08

Looking deep into his blue eyes I said, “Your brilliant to us, thanks.” I touched his arm, and got a grip on grease on my hand yuck. I felt heavy in my legs, Lee stood up and turned me round my nipples were on the cold tiles, and the hot water rushed down my back. “Before I fill you up with my cock I want to hear you come again.” Then he buried his head deep and his tongue darted in and out of my tight ass, and fingers again in to my c**t. He held me tight banging deeper, my orgasm still coming strong, then he yelled sinking his fingers deep into my ass cheeks, then he slipped down taking me with him to the floor.

Righting wrongs

anal UnJouet 2018-10-30

There was something intoxicatingly empowering watching his eyes roll into the back of his head, feeling his hands pull her onto his cock, hearing him grunt and groan as he spilled into her. His fingers skimmed over her arse, travelled between her cheeks and straight into her waiting hole. Soon, he was sawing her puckered little asshole with two fingers, whilst Emma moaned and sighed for him, raising her ass up to greet his fingers, then grinding herself down on the table, trying to get some friction on her clit. Emma was disappointed with what she needed to say to him, but she didn’t feel comfortable.

my master is my master

anal christopher-nebeker 2018-10-06

Ella looked up at Jason’s lustful face and smiled as she turned each vibrator on high ten she pulled out cloth pins out of the box and placed them on Jason’s nipples and balls, Jason winced at the pain and drooled at the feeling of the vibrators while he looked at his new mistress his dark green eyes begged her to make him her slave forever.

Helping Hand

anal MasterKrell 2018-09-28

Attempting to push that mental image from her mind, Mara concentrates on pleasing her Master, one hand fondling his balls as she works her mouth down over the head of his cock as far as she can. At the exact same moment the Emperor grips Mara’s head in his hands and shoves her mouth down onto his shaft, forcing himself all the way into her throat, his moans matching Vader’s in a f***e-synchronized mutual orgasm. Vader turns and steps back down off the platform while Mara moves to assume her usual position, kneeling beside the Emperor’s throne on his right hand side. As Vader turns to once more face his Master from the foot of the stairs Palpatine reaches a hand over and idly runs his fingers through Mara’s hair as one might stroke a favorite pet.

Olivia's new Master part 4

anal Acebottom 2018-09-03

There was a smallish hole on either wall at about waiste height and it was not long before she found out what they were for as she hered the door to the toilets open and she hered someone walking towards the cubicle and she watch under the walls as the guys feet came to the cubicle beside hers and she looked through the hole oin the wall and she watched and this guy unzipped his trousers and let them drop to the floor and reveal this thick 8 inch cock and she watched as he turned towards her and he slid his cock through the hole so Olivia got down on to her knees and she slowly rapped her hand round his cock and she satrted to rub it back and forth beofre slowly started to tease his cock with her tongue, she lick the head of his big cock exploring every part of it before she let it ease inside her mouth and she slowly started to suck it taking his full lengh inside her and she could hear his moans getting louder and then she felt his warm cum shooting into the back of her throat and she swallowed every last drop.

Olivia's new Master part 6

anal Acebottom 2018-08-19

Once Her Mistress had settled down she got up and climbed down off the table and walked over to the wall and grabbed the Vibrator again and placed it against Olivia's pussy and turned it on to full power and it only took seconds for Olivia to start squirting out more cum so she switched off the vibrator and then removed Olivia's blindfold and she lent in close and kissed Olivia on the lips and she told her that her Master would be back any minute now and then the real fun would start.

Weekend with Mistress and Master.

anal bisubtaylor92 2018-08-14

Unexpectedly Mistress says, "try to stop him." Still blind-folded and hand-cuffed, I was picked up by my throat and I knew what was going on. I was doing as mistress said, but with my hands behind my back I couldn't do much. My face was in the floor and he fucking me deep then pulling out slowly. He slapped my ass really hard, I felt someone around my cock. I felt like I was going to cum, I was saying, "please master, please, more." He was fucking me even harder. Mistress made me cum again while she was sucking my cock. The world all seemed right with cum in my mouth, cum on my face, gaping ass, hand-cuffed and feeling used like a slut.

Crawl My Kitten

anal Dhampie 2018-08-05

I could feel the 'pop' as his fat cockhead pushed inside my ass, I grabbed the sides of the table and held tight as I braced myself for the rest of his cock. I still clenched the table tight as I moved my other hand to my pussy, I pushed my wetness towards my ass and around his cock, as he thrusted slowly. I cried out as my orgasm built, my thighs shook hard, too much to keep either firmly planted, I let my leg fall to the floor and braced my legs firmly as I began to thrust my ass back against him.

My Perfect Weekend Turns Into My Nightmare

anal dirtysub31 2018-08-01

Pouring them a drink each, my Master told them “It hasn’t had any spunk in its arse yet, I hope we are all up for putting that right, tonight.” The black guy grins “Oh yes, we’ll fill the sissy till spunk comes out of its mouth.” They all laughed. The younger man, still rubbing his crutch, says “I’m gagging.” My Master tells him “Well in that case, you’d better get started, This Cock Whore hasn’t had any spunk in its arse yet.” Whilst I was in the shower, my Master came in and said “Well my Nephew can say honestly that he’s fucked a good Whore now” “He just won’t have to tell them it was a Sissy Faggot with a cock” He chuckled

The New Slave Ch. 03

anal opels 2018-07-24

As Billy thrust in and out of Vanessa, he was also fucking his Master's cock with his ass. Billy grunted loudly every time he pushed back onto Master's cock, burying it deeply in his ass. Finally, Master gripped Billy's hips and rammed his cock in deep, crying out loudly as he filled his Slave's ass with cum. "Come on, Master wishes to fit us with our final plugs for the evening," she said, taking his hand and pulling him from the room. Vanessa saw the look in his eyes and with her hand still gripping his hair, she spread her legs and pushed his face between her leather clad thighs.

A Little Late

anal VeronikaJean 2018-07-03

I pull back and leave his cock wet with my saliva and start to suck the head of his dick like a lollipop that I can't get enough of the flavor. I drove his fingers into my hot wet cunt while twisting and twirling them within me, I plied his fingers well with my girly cum before he pulled them out and went back to working on my ass, he stood up and stuck the head of his cock into my pussy as his fingers prepared my ass for a real fucking. "But sir, it feels better on my end in my opinion." I wagged my ass, I was feeling daring; I wanted him to fuck me good and hard, I was also a little drunk, so I needed it to be rougher than normal.

Master's Whore

anal masterswhore 2018-06-30

Since I was being a good whore, he had a present for me, I opened my mouth and I what felt like a pipe was being placed in my mouth, this was the biggest cock I had ever sucked he forced my mouth open as he kept on feeding his cock into my mouth, I started by sucking the head and then more and more was going into my mouth until Master had forced nearly his whole 10 inches into my mouth, I was gagging and saliva was running down my chin onto my tits as I continued to try and take this beast in my mouth.


anal 2018-06-28

I am all too aware of the cameras on me, and try to lie on the bed, hoping to fall asl**p to pass the time. Then I sense Master sitting on the bed, and with his hand in my hair to guide me, he positions me between his legs. "Lick" is the one word command, and I immediately begin to pleasure Master, licking, and finally taking them into my mouth one at a time, sucking carefully. Finally, as tears begin to run down my face from under the blindfold, he releases me, and I gasp for breath, but almost immediately, his cock is down my throat again. I finally explode into violent orgasm, holding completely still so that Master can feel the contractions with me.

Emma's Weekend Ch. 03

anal FluteMaster 2018-06-27

When he filled her mouth and throat with his thick flesh and his salty cum, her world was bounded by the scent, taste and feel of him, and she felt safe and comforted, overjoyed to be pleasing him. All this time her legs had been spread apart, and everyone behind her had been treated to the tantalizing site of her glistening cunt behind the gently swaying fronds of the horsetail plug. She had cum with the awareness of being in public, sucking her Master's cock, and feeling someone else's tongue buried in her sensitive arse hole. He re-positioned her, again with her back to the other people and her legs apart, but this time her arms straight onto the table, leaning forward slightly.

Used at School

anal Acebottom 2018-06-27

Olivia sucked her Master for a few more minutes before he grabbed her head and pulled her off his cock and he squirted another load of cum over her breast and he then untied her and ordered her to get dressed and not to wipe any of his cum off her body as he wanted it to show through her shirt so she did as she was told and he ordered her to wait until he had gone and then head to her next class and he would make sure she came a few more times before the end of the day with he vibrators.

Master makes my roll clear

anal hrnyarssub 2018-06-24

He had said most of the day would be spent sucking his cock or licking his ass. Mark takes hold of his cock and turns towards Beth. Then Master pulled me from his ass and stepped back so Beth and I faced each other She had his cum splattered on her face, and dripping to her tits. I continued to lick her ass as best I could while Mark fucked her, his balls swinging in my face. When Mark stood, Beth again sat up and positioned her pussy over my mouth. I was told not to suck this time and so I just rested with his cock in my mouth, thinking about my new position as slave to Master and his girlfriend.

A Master Using his Slut

anal Spmdsb 2018-06-22

I lower my hands and begin tracing the outline of my cunt, teasing myself and teasing Master at the same time. "I want to hear how wet your cunt is, slut." Master orders gruffly. I roll over, face down on the bed and ass in the air, still thrusting fingers in and out and playing with my clit, knowing that this is his favorite position to see me in. Master rubbed it into my ass, and slid a finger inside of it as I continued to play with my cunt. With just one hard thrust into my ass, Master held himself in place and dug his fingers into me as he released his warm, delicious cum, deep inside of my ass.


anal clearly 2018-06-20

Tina Brown is just fifteen and a very pretty girl with quiet large tits for one so young, she already wears a very short skirt, she reddens as she sees what might be in store for her, that’s if she’s accepted by the Headmaster. “Oh yes “ say’s Mrs Brown, “we most certainly do, and what a wonderful way to keep a girl in check” Some of the Masters wander in to see the milking, they like to see the cows poop and see the cunts open and close, they like to see the cowhand cane the bare arses randomly, it does increase the yield after all.

The Master and the Ring Ch. 01

anal jasliz 2018-06-19

If Henri had reached climax he would have deposited the needed lubrication into Yvonne's rectum in preparation for the Master, giving Serena a few spurts for good measure. Henri watched on as Serena did all she could to coat the Master's mammoth cock with her saliva before he turned and took Yvonne. Assisting her sister more, Serena leaned over and licked and spit upon the Master's shaft as it left Yvonne's body while she stroked him. As he watched the Master continue with Yvonne as Serena stroked fanatically, Henri recalled the last days fondly, knowing his time with them was now over. Yvonne proceeded to show Henri what she taught Serena by beginning to stroke his shaft with her hands and suck his head with her mouth.

Lil One - 4

anal THIRDCOAST 2018-06-09

When I’m finished I send her off to wash herself off in the cool waters, then I want her to look for shells. She reaches up and squeezes her breasts as her spasms take control of her body, washing over her like the waves on the beach. He holds my hand and tells me that his gift is nothing, just a small token for my working really hard to become a pain slut for my Master. I know that Master will be angry for telling his secret and he will act like he is understanding when Sir is around then he will beat me or even kill me.

Future Anal Slut

anal scarlettesubgirl 2018-06-06

If she weren't blindfolded, she'd be able to look on the rumpled sheets that further attested to the fucking she had received at the hands of her new Master and Mistress, who had continued their fun long after they'd bound her arms behind her back and blindfolded her into the corner, where they taunted and teased her with the animalistic sounds of their lovemaking, leaving her needy and wanting, a low-powered vibrator taped inside her dripping cunt, just low enough so that she could not crash over the wave of climax, and drove her mad with unspent desire. Thicker than Mistress' fingers, she felt Master's hard cock nudge at her hole, and grunted as it slowly, but determinedly forced itself into her tight canal, not stopping until His balls were resting against her cheeks.