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Better late than never

anal Rubz 2018-06-26

After a few minutes of pretty frenzied, drunken fucking Andy pulled out and again began to tease his cock along my pussy lips, this time carrying on up to my arse. This time I managed to stay quiet as the pain began to heat it's way through me, Andy moaned quietly behind me as most of his cock head entered me. However, my frantic rubbing and deep fingering had me begging to cum, I deliberated for a half second before speeding up and allowing myself to surrender to an amazing orgasm, my legs spread wide and bumped into Andy's back, my back arched off the bed and my moans hit a high pitch, I sounded a bit porno to my own ears, and I knew it would of turned Andy on.

She loves my cum in her ass

anal schwedyballs 2018-06-25

Every now and then she would come up to me and whisper dirty little things in my ear such as, “I want your dick” or“You are making my pussy dripping wet.” Hearing these sayings from her was making my dick hard and the alcohol was helping to make me hornier and hornier. I started to push my tongue as deep into her cunt as I could to taste all of her sweet juices, and then I felt her hand massaging my balls and playing with them between her fingers. I knew she wanted something hard inside her so I inserted two fingers into her pussy and started finger fucking her rather fast. She moved one hand down to her pussy and rubbed her clit a little and then slipped one and then two fingers inside.


anal mike8253 2018-06-23

She’d ask questions: “Are you going to make me cum?”; “Do you like my pussy?”; “do you like my clit?”; “do you want me to suck your cock?” Linda had one long orgasm, body arched up to meet my tongue, long, loud moans, and her hands pulling on the back of my head into her pussy. I love the look of a woman’s back and ass when she’s being fucked doggie, pussy or ass; the sweat on her back rolled down her spine to her ass; her hair was all tangled and wet and hanging down to the floor; her face was all sweaty; she was breathing hard and moaning with pleasure; her big boobs swayed violently back and forth, her nipples brushing against the bed sheet.

Remembering Sarah - Our Night Of Sizzling Passion

anal leppy80 2018-06-20

By now Sarah had stopped sucking my cock and was now moaning and gasping as I worked my hand between her ass and pussy. Not needing a second invitation, I spread her ass cheeks with both hands and guided my cock inside her red, wet, swollen, puffy pussy. I reached around underneath Sarah with my right hand and rubbed her pussy, coating my fingers in her juices. I pulled my rock hard cock from her pussy and placed it at the entrance of her ass, gently pushing forward to gain entrance to her anal cavity. I pushed in hard and deep and held my cock in place as I shot my cum load deep inside Sarah's ass.

The Lecture Ch. 01

anal OneSilky 2018-06-19

"So, Silky, what are you going to present on?" George asked. But it was okay, because George made us follow the stupid change drivers every hour rule, and Craig went with us, and he took a turn, so in no time we were pulling off I-165 onto Water street, and then down Government. Craig asked if we had a room for him, and I just smiled and said, "Silly Boy, you're in with us." "You think we have to like use him up tonight, Silk?" Jess asked languidly. I had to pee, and then Jess did, and finally Craig took his turn.

Cleaning Up

anal LongWillie 2018-06-19

I released her rock hard nipples with one last twist of my hand and sat up a little straighter in the chair, letting her feel my now rock hard cock through my pants against her belly. I quickly withdrew my fingers and wet hand and brought them back down in a startling spank, right across her exposed pussy lips. I took a firm hold on her head and began fucking my cock in and out of her mouth, varying the depth from short mini strokes to long deep thrusts that buried my raging hard on deep into her throat. Reaching behind her with her right hand, she slowly lined up the butt plug and started working it up her tight asshole.

Back to Black with Mr Kain: Chapter 1

anal sexy_story_tella 2018-06-18

"Miss Young, what are you doing loitering in the corridors." Mr. Kain's deep voice said. 1 more finger and I came furiously, thinking of Mr Kain at the same time. "Hello, glad you made it on time." And then he saw what I was wearing and his mouth opened slightly. He started to slide his hand up my leg and he reached my pussy and felt that I had no panties on. He nibbled on my clit hard, bit the pain was quickly replaced with pure uncensored pleasure. "She won't be home in ages sweetie." Then I took out his rock hard cock and started sucking on it. He gently eased his 11 inches into my tight ass and moaned as he started to fill me up.

An Unexpected Bonus: At the Theater

anal TXGirl 2018-06-17

I’m still turned on from that kiss with Kyle (and even earlier kiss with Leah), and my hand grazes my silk panties as I try to decide whether I have the energy to pleasure myself before going to sleep. I’m going to fuck you hard tonight.” He slams into her and she gasps, “Oh, God!” then I can see his ass thrusting as he pounds his cock into my roommate. Finally, Nicole yells out that she’s cumming and Derek’s ass pumps harder, his thrusts getting more frantic as he tries to join her, and when he yells out “Oh, fuck…oh, FUCK…yes, baby,” I lose it myself, squeezing my eyes shut and clamping my lips down as my whole body dissolves in delicious shivers.

That’s How I Want You

anal justaddkatie 2018-06-16

Thanks to Nolan, I had only messed up that one time during the entire week that I was supposed to stay away from Lane and focus on my husband. I moaned and wiggled as Nolan slid his finger deep inside me and sucked my clit into his mouth at the same time. I pinched at Lane with my fingers, like we were holding hand when the orgasm hit me hard. Eventually, the sucking and the stroking met a passionate rhythm, and Nolan was lost, not noticing my free hand rubbing Lane in between his legs. Guilt for fucking Nolan in front of Lane tried to consume my thoughts but was quickly overshadowed by Nolan’s cock pounding my pussy hard.

Was it a Dream? Ch 1

anal Kandikiss51 2018-06-14

Glancing around quickly you notice we are alone, you take me by the hand to a secluded spot away from the camera's lens, pull me close and kiss me hard. I kiss you softly turn and walk away, feeling your gaze watching me, making my skin boil with lust. We kissed long and hard, as his hand caressed my wet pussy. When you sucked in my clit and slid two fingers deep inside me I squealed, "Ooooooh fuck Michael, eat me, ooooh god just like that." I want to feel that pole deep inside me, fucking me hard, and filling every crevice with cum!” Kandy let out a soft moaning sound, as my cock penetrated and began fucking her ass.

A Growing Desire Ch. 2

anal Vinteuil 2018-06-13

"Oh, fuck, Jake, yes, babe, yes, god, I love when you -- " A moan muffled the rest of her sentence, as I snaked my wetted fingertip down toward her ass, and rubbed her asshole, gently. I want you to take anal virginity Jake," she was whispering in my ear now, her body perched sexily on top of me, her breasts hanging tantalizingly close to my mouth, "Ever since you licked my ass, mmm, I can't stop thinking about having something bigger, something harder deep inside of me. Her body started to shake and I could feel her hand rubbing herself vigorously, her moans filling the room as I filled her ass with my tongue.

So Glad I Caught Her

anal enjoysex52 2018-06-13

I looked down at the dildo and noticed it was one of those that had two heads, one of those made to work the ass and pussy at the same time. I released my cock from the restraints of my shorts and boxer briefs and started to stroke it as I watched my petite wife pound her ass hole and pussy with her toy. She asked, ”For what?” and my only response was, “To make you happier!” She handed it to me and I started to rub the smaller tip against her clit as I alternated tonguing her ass and pussy. I looked her in the eyes and told her, “You’re full of surprises, aren’t you?” She replied, “And I can make up a few more.” I kissed her hard on the mouth before telling her, “I can’t wait!”

Landing The Contract. The Tales of Dana Jones Part 4

anal AndreaDetroit 2018-06-13

This wonderful action was causing wave after wave of pleasure to ripple through her body, and Dana, unable to contain her feelings, threw her head backwards, closed her eyes and began moaning loudly as the two studs really started to get the hang of it. Looking past the monstrous dong, Suzie could see Dana kneeling in front of Robert Cranton-Smith as he sat there on the chair, and watched her boss swallow his greasy prick between her cherry red lips. On the left hand side of his big screen he was watched Mrs Dana Jones climb off Robert Cranton-Smith’s dick and such was the quality of the camera installed by his security services, he could see her juices making his cock all shiny.

Another Zander Audition

anal JefferyB 2018-06-12

The cameras will be on you, and you’ll want to make certain that the Directors can see how much you enjoy fucking.” Spencer patted her bottom and pointed toward the bathroom. Michelle giggled a little at Spencer’s reference to her ‘treasures.’ However, keeping in mind what he had told her, she looked into the camera and slowly removed her blouse and skirt, dropping them onto the floor at her feet. As Michelle continued to use her Rabbit and suck his thick cock, Spencer was checking the views shown from the different cameras on his large monitor. Spencer moved away, picked up one of his hand-held cameras and pulled her to the end of the bed.

A Chat With Maxine Part 3

anal bikerbear600 2018-06-11

My right hand grasped my hard cock and began to stroke it, as Max gently pushed back against the dildo. ‘It feels fantastic so far!’ Max gasped, pushing back a little harder on it and stretching her bum out a little more, ‘Oh fuck!’ I slowly fucked her arse, never pulling the dildo more than half way out and pushing it deep into her bum again, with every thrust. Max groaned but didn’t reply so I pulled my fingers out of her cunt and slid my cock up and down her lips, just pushing the head past the outer lips and rubbing her clit. Max got on her hands and knees in front of me and pushed her soft bum against my cock, forcing it deep inside her arse.

Steamy Sex

anal SexyGamerexy 2018-06-11

Kate slowly started washing her hair and body, laying back in the bath and relaxing, letting the hot water, loving smells from the shampoo and shower gel slowly take over her senses. He layed on the bed, his head hovering above her pussy, and she watched as his tongue extended and teasingly licked her dripping pussy, her head fell back and her eyes closed as she moaned, her feet resting either side of his head, on his manly shoulders. He lewdly spread her arse cheeks and attacked at her arsehole with his tongue, flicking and prodding at it till he turned his tongue rigid and stiff and started quickly fucking her arse, her hips pushing her arse back into his face as she pulled and grabbed at the sheets, her moans rising louder and louder.

My panties

anal Krystall 2018-06-10

When I got home I called Frank on the phone with one hand in my panties, and told him "What you did today after work really has me horny, I am rubbing my pussy thinking of you." After stripping naked in the boys locker room, I got a sexy idea, I took out a piece of paper from my bag, and a pen writing a note for Frank "I am in the shower naked waiting for you to come and fuck me in the ass!" My pussy was still off limits,but I was horny.

Sisterhood of Sin -- 19 -- Clothed Females, Naked Husband

anal LastWife 2018-06-10

Barbie coaches her through the rest of the process of removing the parts of the chastity cage and then asks Mindy to examine Dan's freshly liberated cock and tell everyone how it is different from her husband's. Only Mindy, myself, Barbie, and one of the other burqa clad women raise our hands. Melody coaches her and by reaching around behind Dan and pressing their fingers up against his perineum, right near his anus, Mindy learns to sense and stop her strokes on his cock. They bring him close twice and then Melody says, "The next time I say 'stop', pull your hand away, wait until the first spurt and then start tickling his belly like you're a spider crawling all over it.

The dinner party.

anal AndreaDetroit 2018-06-09

Who was I kidding, I wanted fucking, I wanted to feel that lovely, big cock pushing between my juicy cunt lips, stretching my silken tunnel inexorably, however, I wasn't in control today, so instead I enjoyed the feeling of love sap trickling down the insides of my thighs before soaking into my stocking tops. I looked up in the mirror and saw him watching me, expectantly and with a glazed expression on my face, I provocatively ran the tip of my tongue over my lips, moaned loudly with every thrust and a ran hand sexually through my hair while he continued to pound me in a steady, determined rhythm.

Allyson's New Adventures

anal Mysteria27 2018-06-09

Allyson was excited to start looking to buy her first home. After work on Friday, Allyson went to her apartment to move a couple of her things by herself to her new house. Allyson was a sight for sore eyes and Brian and his friends enjoyed looking at her and wondered what the treat would be for later. “We’re going to start getting the stuff out of here," Brian said. Allyson let the guys out of her house and Brian gave her a deep and passionate kiss. Brian was very excited that Allyson would give him anal sex. Allyson enjoyed anal sex and his cock felt good entering her. “Thanks for helping with the move," Allyson said in a loving manner.

I could do this all day...I knew she liked it!

anal ImaSteal1124 2018-06-09

I started to rub my index finger over her sweet little asshole because I knew she liked it even though she wouldn’t admit it to me. So we kept going and I decided I wanted a little more so I stuck about half my index finger in her asshole and rubbed it around a little bit while she rode me. I knew at this point that she was starting not too mine because she had a cute little smile on her face and everytime I took it out she pushed back on my finegr a little bit so I decided to go for the whole thing and I stuck my whole index finger in her ass and fucked her with it slowly.

The journey was worth it

anal Iain69 2018-06-08

Swiftly I pushed the door open and with two massive strides I was on the bed, my hard cock poking out from under my white shirt as I crawled between your legs on my knees. I eased my right thumb into your still soaking pussy, grimding the edge of my index finger against your aroused clitoris until soon another huge orgasm spasmed through your body.  I felt you rub your clit once more, maintaining pace with mine, it wasn't long before I knew you would come again, the ripples started slowly at first, building and building into another mind blowing orgasm. As we laid beside each other, we kissed passionately, I moved my fingers back to your still soaking pussy, slowly caressing your labia and clitoris as you fondled my spent cock and deflated balls.

Landing The Contract. The tales of Dana Jones Part 3

anal AndreaDetroit 2018-06-08

“Come on man, when was the last time you saw a gorgeous piece of ass like this, wanting it so badly,” Robert continued, desperately trying to convince Mark. “Ooooohh that feels so good,” Dana purred as she felt Mark’s thick bulbous shaft push past her petal like lips and she tensed her silky tunnel muscles as it enclosed around the thick meaty staff entering her. As Mark continued filling her rectum, Dana realised that Robert hardly moved at all, but now she could feel his dick pulsing deep inside her cunt as he tensed his muscles in a slow rhythmic tempo.

Wishing Herself into a Sweet Dream

anal myself 2018-06-07

I'm thinking each story will tell a little of this which, in a good day can consume me. She kissed him lovingly and wished him a good time knowing she would miss him and already did. Running her hand over her slit she thinks about that man of hers. His sullenness and what seemed like desperation has a way of worrying her. Working fingers over the already over fucked clit, she feels the swollen-ness and cunt juices on her hand. Tenderly she rubs the sweet thing thinking of her man gone. She strokes a long time wanting the release. Her cunt felt him in her ass. She strokes not knowing how to stop, wishing herself into a sweet dream.