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Cleopatra's Masquerade Part Two

anal Coco 2018-11-29

So I need you to get a remote control bullet or egg, something that I can put in her pussy while we prepare for tonight, I want her ass squirming before she gets all this dick!” Anthony and Kenya didn’t notice Julian’s departure which was what he wanted; he noticed the intense sexual chemistry between them and decided to clear his head by going to the room early. Uhhh!” Anthony’s response filled the air and the sexual tension in the hotel room edged up another notch as Julian watched his beloved pleasure another man with her luscious mouth. Julian loved it when she was this way; her lips still forming words as the sounds died in her throat after her third ‘Oh god,’ her body drained of energy, and her mind incapable of coherent thought.

Big Booty Ghetto Bitches Ch. 02

anal Samuelx 2018-11-28

When I graduated from Brockton Community High School in 2004, I won myself a student-athlete scholarship to Bay State Tech Union College. I was chilling down South, near the Park when I ran into this big-booty ghetto chick named Marianna Mendes. That was more than okay with Marianna because this Cape Verde plumper was dangerously addicted to black cock. While Marianna sucked on my cock and balls, I pulled my bag of weed out of my pocket. After Marianna Mendes got done sucking my dick and licking my cum, I laid her on the bed and fingered her pussy. Marianna Mendes screamed like a woman possessed as my cum flooded her rear entry.

Doubled Up

anal DamonX 2018-11-27

I place my hands under your ass and push my face into your hot hole, thrusting my tongue deep into the wet recesses of your hungry pussy. "I feel so dirty for having it." "That's okay." "Well, there was me, you and another guy." "And?" "You filled my holes." "You mean..." "Yes. You were both fucking me at the same time." "And you're into that?" "Well, I never really thought about it, but that dream got me so wet!" I sit back in contemplation as I begin process the information you have just presented me. You push your head into Zack's chest, muttering numerous foul obscenities under your breath as your asshole opens up and my dick begins its ascent into your tight little hole.

Ellen's Men Next Door: Bisexual threesome with Jack and Jed

anal Wil_TX 2018-11-25

After standing to the side of Jack and Ellen watching his best friend's huge cock piston in and out of Ellen’s ass, Jed walked behind his first lover. As Jed pushed his huge cock into his man's ass, it seemed to Ellen that Jack’s member was getting thicker and harder inside of her. With that final push, Jack could feel his man lover's cock begin to pulsate deep inside of him, feeling his ass fill with hot cum. Jack and Ellen passionately kissed each other before Jack withdrew his dirty cock from Ellen’s ass; cum poured from her and pooled onto the ottoman. Jack pulled his dirty cock from Jed's stretched ass and laid his huge cock head onto Ellen’s waiting tongue.

Wife Takes Husband's Ass

anal HappyCouple74 2018-11-23

"Good morning, sex fiend!" I replied, as I came up behind her, pressing my hard cock in to the cleft of her ass, kissing the back of her neck and running my hands over her double-D breasts. I was turned on by the scene, thinking about a hot, hard cock up my own ass, when I felt her spread my cheeks and her tongue on my hole. I started really getting in to it, backing up on the dildo, trying to get her to fuck me harder, like the guy on the TV, who now had two loads of cum on his face and at least one in his ass. I rolled over, putting my own legs in the air, and Gina-Marie began to suck my cock while fucking my ass with the whole length of the dildo.

Wife Takes Husband's Ass Ch. 02

anal HappyCouple74 2018-11-11

I was sitting in my car outside of the gym, thinking about what Gina-Marie said, and about the lust in her eyes and probably mine as she fucked my ass with the dildo the week prior. My cock was hard and pointed at Luke, as Gina-Marie walked around next to me. Gina-Marie positioned herself in front of me, legs spread, playing with herself while watching me take this cock in my ass. Luke picked me up and put me on my back and pushed his still-hard, cum covered cock back in my sore ass. With cum in my mouth, dripping from my face, and my spent cock and my ass, Gina-Marie smiled and said "Think you can handle two at once?"

Let’s have a rest?

anal Jeroen 2018-11-10

Shifting a little lower in your chair, you moved your hands over your stomach and started to undo the button of your ski-trousers. As soon as you felt my index and ring finger at the back of your lips, you instinctively grabbed Marc’s swollen cock, as in a reflex that you didn’t fully control yourself. Slowly you started lowering yourself onto me, and with Marc’s helping hand keeping my dick stiff, I felt the tip of my cock get tightly wrapped by your lovely ass. With the state of horniness you were in and your ass already being fucked you weren’t going to need much in order to come, and you didn’t want to have that happen before you’d at least get two cocks inside your body.

Please Shave Me

anal WayneGibbous 2018-10-29

So, I sucked Adam for a few minutes to make sure he was good and hard (Actually, I knew very well that he was good and hard, I really just wanted to suck his nice cock), then got up over him and lowered myself down on his cock and lay forward on his chest as Justin smeared the lubricant around my butt hole and then up into it. Then, it rose from deep in my pussy, "UUH, UUH, MMM, oooh, oooh, wonderful, oh, so good, yes, mmm, oh, Adam, oh," and I dropped my head down onto the bed as he pushed into me as I was swamped from head to toe with the most erotic pleasure, oh, I felt fucked, totally, completely fucked.

Truth or Dare with Beth Ch. 03

anal Patrick2380 2018-09-29

Beth turned her head and looked down at me and asked, "Do you like licking my ass hole, bitch?" "I want to take you in one, let everyone watch us shop for a new strap on and some lube, and then take you in a video booth and fuck your ass. I felt her hips and the fake balls on the toy hit my ass, which pushed me forward, forcing my mouth further down the man's cock until it was now in my throat. Evidently Beth decided that I could take her "cock" anytime she wanted now as easily as it my dick were slipping into her wet pussy because she started pounding my ass right from the get-go.

Ahhhhhhhhh! An Anal Invasion!

anal libidinal 2018-09-02

Jimmy turned to look back at Sharon, his eyes sparkling with volcanic lust, licking his lips like a cock-crazed animal as he just kept taking it and taking it, taking it up the ass! And now, as Sharon kept driving her fist deeper and deeper into Jimmy's slimy, semen-filled rectum, she looked straight ahead to watch Jimmy snake his tongue into the Cuban's crack, into his anal groove, and start to rim his hot, sexy, male ass! Could it be any hotter than this, she asked herself minutes later, finally pulling her slippery, sperm-coated hand out of Jimmy's ass, Jimmy and Sharon and Carlos now collapsing into a pile, their bodies fusing, sweaty, sticky with cum, The Cuban's cock starting to thicken again.

The Girl with the Perfect Arse

anal bunbun8 2018-08-11

He roughly pushed my face against her left bum cheek, and rubbed my face in his girlfriend's arse, up and down her thighs, forcing me to kiss and lick her beautiful flesh. Some of his cum had dribbled down between her bum cheeks, so I delved in her crevice with my tongue, probing closer and closer to her anus, tasting the arse sweat that had built up there all day. I could smell and taste the sweet flavour of her pussy, mixed with the slightly sour flavour of a girl's arse at the end of a hot day. I hesitated for one second, but he simply pushed his penis past my closing lips and fucked my mouth with his dirty cock.

It Hurts

anal wanderinjoekidd 2018-08-10

She finally broached the subject at hand, she began telling both the guys about the porn she had been watching and how it had made her feel and how she really wanted to see two men have sex together in real life. Once again the two men began enjoying each others like old lovers do, each one knowing by instinct what the other likes, the older one licking and nipping on the head of the cock in his mouth and the younger one reaching around touching his lovers ass crack and hole. The younger man kept a steady pace and looked at the woman and told her how good it felt to fuck his lover, she told him how hot and excited it was making her to watch it.

Experimenting with Penny Ch. 03

anal muffin928 2018-07-05

Even though Penny didn't come out and say it, I knew she enjoyed watching me suck John's dick. I watched her face as I slowly slid the cock into my mouth, and at the same time I started rubbing her pussy with my free hand. I went back to sucking her cock as intently as if she were watching, and working hard to push her toward an orgasm with my fingers in her pussy and on her clit. I spent a little extra time in the shower making sure I was thoroughly cleaned since I knew I would be on the receiving end of Penny's dildo later on that night. Although she knew she didn't need too, Penny pushed my mouth down to John's lap where she was holding his hard cock.

Ahhhhhhhhh! An Anal Invasion! Ch. 02

anal libidinal 2018-06-25

Jimmy had himself quite a show, quite some scorching eye candy: his girlfriend Sharon, a gorgeous hottie with a perfect body, raw, blazing lust written all over her, and sleekly muscled, deeply tanned Carlos, the Latino stud with that monstrously thick, impossibly long twelve inch cock. Soon I could hear the telltale groaning from Carlos as he hammered it in hard, digging his big hands into Jimmy's hips, sweat pouring off him, his eyes closed, his mouth open, his hard body taut now, poised for pleasure and release, a power fucker at work, fucking male ass.

Dinner for Three

anal Ronnie 1946 2018-06-07

I just smiled and in a flash Mark was out of his chair, alongside mine and lowered his mouth to mine as his hand slid straight up my skirt and found my sopping wet cunt. It wasn’t to be though and I felt my hubbies cock explode inside my cunt, drowning my pussy inside with his come. Just when I thought I couldn’t come any more I felt my hubbies mouth on my cunt licking and sucking all his and my juices. Mark then proceeded to thoroughly pound away at my cunt, he lifted my legs up over his shoulders to get maximum penetration and I proceeded to scream and orgasm continually.

Cin 24: 3:30 to 4:15

anal GentleGeorge 2018-05-24

She lay on top of Mark, stopping her fucking him, but having his cock deep inside her cunt. She turned her head, and saw Mark quickly approaching, with his ten inch cock long, hard, thick, and pointing upward at her butt. Cin then screamed through her climax, it felt so good to have her pussy pounded by such a huge cock. She began to rock back and forth faster, and soon, she pulled her hands off of Mark’s hips, and then said, “OK, it feels great in my ass, now start to fuck me slowly.” She loved the feel of a dick in her ass, and Mark’s cock felt every bit of her. Mark banged harder, and suddenly Cinnamon felt the hotness of his spunk insider her ass.

Husband's Horny Ass

anal dancassidy 2018-04-29

"If you expect me to fuck your ass, you need to give up control to me totally so I know your ready." "You will have to say the most nasty thing you can think of," Jane demanded. I heard myself saying, "Fuck my ass sir." "Stick your big warm wonderful cock all the way up my ass and make me your bitch." "I need a real dick so bad!" I heard Jane ask me from somewhere across the room, "How's that big cock feel in your ass?" "Show me your appreciation for your birthday present by giving our new friend the best ass he has ever fucked."

Buffalo 08

anal Reggie1 2018-04-12

At this point Angie came back to take my order and Mike saw the look on her face and went back to the bar. My husband has wanted to do things to my ass since we started having sex, but this is one area I never felt comfortable about, and therefore I never let him get his dick or tongue anywhere near my butt. I felt Mike hard cock working to get into my ass. Mikes friend was taking the juices that were running down my legs and started rubbing them onto my ass. While Mikes cock was all the way up my pussy, his friend started to put is cock in my ass.

Threesome Delight

anal impact499 2018-03-19

Amber wasn't into anal so Alan never did it but with Stephanie this was a free for all and as John watched he mounted Stephanie's ass after her third climax from a stiff tongue to the clit and he fucked her. Alan watched as John pushed in slowly his cock stretching Amber's tight asshole. Lots in fact all of the KY was used on her ass just as Alan had used and now John was humping her at a decent pace her tight muscles squeezing his cock. Any other time John would have probably come after two strokes in such a tight hole but Alan had taught him well and he let himself go when he was fully ready.

Birthday Present Surprise

anal Author77 2018-03-17

I withdrew my fast-softening cock, noticing the anus closing behind it and a string of cum stretching from there to the tip of my penis, which I now presented to John, who took it in his mouth and sucked out the remaining juice. Having ejaculated I was much less keen than I might have been, but I felt I had no option, so I took John's limp cock in my mouth and started to play with it, pressing the tip of my tongue into the little hole in its end. I turned so that I was crouched, with my arse just above her face and, by leaning forward, I was well placed to give her pussy a good licking, which I now did while John took over the cleaning of her anus.

Beautiful Assets Ch. 02

anal _TheZone_ 2018-03-02

Pravin thrusted upward into her pussy while Julia fucked his cock as best as she could. Pravin continued his pounding, and, with a spare hand, pushed the back of Julia's head forward into Nick's cock. Nick was fucking her mouth, Julia was sucking it, and Pravin was helping the whole thing along. Nick had a strange desire to see that cock fuck Julia's ass. Nick moaned upon hearing Julia's gasps; there was no way that Pravin's cock would fit in her ass. Nick used Pravin as support as he slammed his cock in and out of Julia's pussy. Julia's eyes popped wide open as she felt Pravin's hot semen splash against the insides of her ass.

Teri's Story Ch. 01

anal scuik 2018-01-10

The last guy she picked up fucked her ass long and hard, but he cruelly, purposefully withdrew every time she got close. She feels the orgasm rising, just as the man behind her (she doesn't know their names) puts his hands under her knees and lifts her as he moves into a standing position. Teri leaps off the current guy and moves her ass over to and down on the bigger guy. Teri sucks him off greedily as she forces her ass further down over the bigger dick, faster and faster as she frantically tries to bring herself off. Suddenly Teri feels her ass open even wider as he forces his cock in there too.

A Birthday to Remember

anal SxyEyes 2018-01-09

While sucking on her nipple through the night gown, I slid my hand down to her leg once more and caressed it while moving back up to her pussy. "Oh yes," she moaned as I moved a finger inside her thong and between her pussy lips, sliding my finger up and down and paying close attention to her clit, using her wetness to stimulate her clit even more. You're stretching me so good baby!" Keith let go of both ankles for a moment and grabbed both wrist to pull them over her head. Keith lubed his cock, got on top of her, and plunged deep in her ass as I reached under her to rub her clit hard and fast.


anal CandiNyse 2018-01-07

Phil’s tongue began to explore her asshole, delightfully, while Ben pulled his pants and underwear down and Linda’s face was suddenly confronted with the firm warmth of Ben’s hard on. Phil began to lose control, wanting to fuck her beautiful ass deeper and faster, to feel his cock head pop out of that tight hole, slide back between those slippery buttocks, to push back into the wonderful friction between them, and jam inside her again, through that tight hole and up her hot ass. I’m cumming in your fucking mouth!” Ben felt Linda’s hot mouth sucking the cum right out of his testicles, through the length of his cock, using his dick like a straw to drink his cum.