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My Anal story

anal scorpiodragon 2018-11-29

, he was like yess yur ass is soo fucking tight, yess, he thrusted 3 more times and then said he was cumming, soo soon maybe less then 5mins he busted his nut in the rubber, then took the condom off, told me get on my knees... then he then spit on my ass he fingered it then spread it open, then he put his cock back into my ass, using the cum from the condom as lube, pouring it over my ass and his cock, now feel my cock in yur tight ass with my big dick, i moaned and said yes, more deeper/harder.....

Would you like to hear about my weekend?

anal charliefoxtrot 2018-11-27

I reached out and pulled her to me, my mouth finding her luscious red lips. As she began unbuttoning by shirt, I slid her out of her suit coat and managed to start unbuttoning her blouse. I didn’t have long to enjoy the view, because she dropped her head down and started kissing my chest and sucking on my nipples. I began to suck and lick her erect nipples as I caressed her breasts. When I felt myself about to come I pulled her off of my cock. I put the head of my cock against her ass and gently began to apply pressure. “Oh, yes, fuck me!” she moaned as she reached down and began to play with her clit.

Ana and a well hung black lover

anal Anitaslut44 2018-11-11

Few minutes later he rolled Ana over and stood at the foot of the bed pulling her down to the edge and began rubbing the head of his cock against her pussy as she almost begged "Fuck me, please… show no mercy". Her pussy began creaming all over his cock as he slowly slid it in and out as she laid on the bed with her face clinched moaning loudly. Ana got onto her hands and knees on the bed as Tony slowly slid his cock back into her from behind making her whimper loudly. He slowly pulled out and stood up, Ana fell to the bed reaching back trying to feel her asshole which was gaping as the cum began to run out.

The Foutain of Youth

anal _TheZone_ 2018-10-05

Once John and the girls had arrived at the door, he opened it slightly, slid inside, and then held the door open for Kristen and Jamie. She massaged it with her pussy through her g-string, and John began to moan rhythmically Jamie grinded her butt into him once more, then turned around and got on her knees. Jamie slowly lowered her pussy onto Kristen's face, who began licking her as soon as she could. Kristen moaned as John sucked and bit on her clit, and she drove the thermometer in and out of Jamie's asshole faster. Jamie bounced up and down on the hard cock even faster, and John clenched his teeth, slamming the thermometer up into Kristen's ass.

Inter racial MMF

anal maturemancock 2018-10-02

Ten minutes had past when George said to Shaft “My turn” and the two of them changed places, George laid on the bed as Donna straddled his cock, as it was pushed up deep inside her wet cunt she moaned, she soon was bouncing up and down his length as her tits swung in George’s face, he didn’t disappoint her either licking and sucking them. Only minutes had passed when both lads were close to coming themselves, Shaft pulled out and Donna slowed down riding George as she fed Shaft’s cock into her mouth, very quickly he grunted and his seed was soon pumping down Donna’s throat.

I was fully straight before this incident PART 2

anal madmax2k12 2018-09-24

Ben looked at me and smiled 'Davids gna fuck that ass so its ready to take my hard cock, are you gna be a good boy and fuck his cock for me, all i want you to do is go up and down on it like you see on porn can you do that?' he seemed genuinly nice, he asked very politly i was soo happy that Ben was being soo nice to me, 'yes ben i definatly will do that for you!' 'good boy' been smiled at me, i got tingles down my spine, i didnt know whther it was because ben smiled at me or because he now had his cock inside my mouth again or the fact that David had slipped to fingers inside my ass and was vigoursly fucking it.

Paper Boy gets his dues

anal maturegal4u2 2018-09-20

I reach down and slide my hand along the front of his shorts and his hard cock twitched as I rubbed it slowly. I released his cock and pulled my hand from his shorts and then looked at him and saw the lust in his eyes and got down on my knees in front of him. As he worked the dildo in and out of my pussy, I reached over and took his cock into my hand and began stroking it up and down. After his cock stopped spewing his seed into me, he got up onto his hands above me and looked down at me and said, “fuck your horny.”

Ride share turns into rough sex and my first anal

anal 2018-09-13

I went into intimate detail about how he held my head down on his cock the first time I sucked his dick and how this made my pussy throb with anticipation and make it so wet that I came almost the instant he started thrusting his fingers inside of me. I reached over and began rubbing his hard cock while his hand went to my breasts and he began playing with them. He pushed me to my knees and took out his cock, his hand guiding my head, urging me to put it in my mouth. I was unsure if he was going to stick it back into my pussy or deep into my ass and the anticipation made me very hot.

Saturday Surprise

anal Cleokitty 2018-09-13

She wasn't sure if he knew that she wasn't sleeping so she just relaxed and moaned slightly, she didn't want to ruin what ever it was he had thought up for her, and she enjoyed the thought that she made him so hard without having even touched him. When he did this her moans intensified and her hips rose to meet him pushing his cock firmly against the lips of her pussy, and when he bent down to suck her nipples into his mouth it slipped between her swollen lips meeting her clit with its warm velvet touch. They held each other there for a long time kissing and touching each other hungrily and lovingly until finally he spoke first asking her if she would like to take her shower now.

Indian bbw at the post office

anal smallcock 2018-09-12

As I pulled down the zip I slipped my hands inside her dress and onto her tits, removing her bra I rolled her nipples in my fingers, she moaned and said "My husband won't touch me anymore". Pulling her gusset to one side I started to lick her cunt, clit and slipping a finger inside she was moaning, as I also touched her ass she said "No not there", but I just carried on, using the juices from her pussy I lubricated her asshole, "No please" she said.


anal wtoni102 2018-09-10

Another week to start, I went to ready myself for school. Anyways, Lucas is not shy to me when talking as we hang out often, so when we ride in the bus to get to my place, he started a conversation, it was the first time that he initiated to talk about something. He squatted his ass in my chest, and I went to lick the head of his cock. Now I went to detach my mouth from his tool, he leaned over me and kissed me again. He went to dig it using his hungry mouth and wrapped the head of my cock. I went to rub him, squeezed his nipples,, kissed his arms,,, till he released his cum in my stomach.

visiting my uncle eddie part4

anal happymeal621 2018-08-23

he kept Licking me for a while and then, I felt his wet finger piercing inside my hole,he pushed it little by little so,I didn't felt much pain,but yeah it made me 100 times more excited than I was before, He took his finger out and spit in my hole and then pushed two fingers inside and started finger fucking me,I wasn't prepared for two fingers so that was painful,I moaned louder.. I could only take his one ball at a time, because his walls were huge as compared to mine,now he pulled my balls out and started deep throating my cock,I said," i'm about to cum uncle eddie"

Bored housewife

anal redscarlett 2018-08-18

She moved her hands to her bra slipping her fingers in the cups she felt her nipples, squeezing them she felt them grow between her fingers, squeezing a little harder, she felt a buzz between her legs, her hand moved from her bra and moved down to her skirt, hitching it up she rubbed her pussy thru her knickers god she felt horny, she contemplated going to go get her plastic friend, and was just about to move off the lounger when she heard a cough, startled she jumped up pulling her sunglasses off and looking to where the sound had come from, grinning at her over the fence was her neighbour blushing she smiled back, bitng her lower lip not really sure what to say.

i fuck the cheff cooking

anal veveylover 2018-08-11

late one afternoon. and rainy afternoon. was in the kitchen. the kitchen and went into the room. He started by licking her breasts. moving the hand in her pussy. and she soon got me on the stick. I put his hand inside the pants, and that nice ass .. acaraciei I put my bare finger her ass, she just gave a groan. obliged to give my ass. I put my dick in her pussy. and without waiting she shoved him hard and once my dick. that wonderful ass. that while you fuckin ass. her breasts. fuck that ass. she would soon come. enjoying my dick. she sat down on my dick and ass rapidamamente I enjoyed it.

A to Z Fuckstories - C is for Cassidy

anal jurrjens 2018-08-10

My look of confusion must have showed, because Jess smiled and told me Cassidy ate her out every day during their eighth hour PE class. And it’s REALLY effective if it’s pointed at your face and you smile up at him,” Jess said, as she reached around and grabbed my shaft. I could feel my heart beating in my cock as she stroked it slowly, no knowing she was going to get a very large load right in her face. The person that grabbed my hips stuck it in my ass and I would have woken up the neighbors screaming if I didn’t have that cock in my mouth. I got hard again, and jacked off, but it didn’t take long before I was blowing my third load of the day on Cassidy’s face.

Trophy Wife

anal ALFnl 2018-08-10

I walked to the other side of the table, pulled your head up by your hair, looked in your eyes and said: "Good girl!, now let's see what other effects this had on you". I pushed my cock all the way in, I could feel the dildo on the other side, filling up your wet cunt as I began to thrust inside your ass deep and slow. I grabbed your hair, pulling you back a little forcing you to arch your back and pressing your big tits against the table. I could feel that I was about to cum you I pulled my cock out of your ass, and made my way around the table to your face.

Turn About's Fair Play

anal ofloveandlust 2018-08-08

"That's a good little fuck toy." Then firmly, with her full hand, surprising herself even, she slapped his ass. She ran her fingers over him and cupping the head of his penis, edged the rip of the small black plug to his ass. Take it like a good boy." The plug finally hit its widest point and his ass took it, swallowing it to the wide hilt. Reaching beneath him, she stroked his cock, still hard, viciously hard, me moaned and thrust his hips as if to fuck her hand. "Yeah baby, come for me!" He growled into the gag, unable to speak, he tugged against the cuffs, pressing his ass to her.

just to observe

anal little_bookworm 2018-08-08

,Finger fucked into oblivion i sank to the floor on wobbly legs , i uttered no protest as i positioned all 4s , i screamed in delight as a thick cock pounded my pussy , i cried with ecstasy when 2 men each sucked one of my titties as the party host filled my ass with is experienced cock .


anal 2018-08-07

It looked like Jamie had fallen asl**p with her head leaning against the outside glass of the shower door, one hand hanging limply at her side, the other lightly pressed against the glass by her face. Jamie was surprised, herself, when her uncle turned in her arms and took the bath puff from her, moving her hair over one of her shoulders so that he could scrub the neck and shoulder on the other side, watching the puff rather than looking at her. "Good," she echoed his thoughts, "because that makes it all the hotter when I suck your cock, or take it in my pussy, or when you shoot your cum on me." David groaned at her words as she teased him, pressing her body hard against him, her lips a breath away as she spoke.

Beautiful yet Ugly

anal Aden46lb 2018-08-03

I was hard and just dropped my pants, turned him over and pushed against his boy pussy. I let him control the pace for a bit, then slapped his ass and said "stand by, "Baby." He whimpered, and then "please." I bent his head downing the bed, grabbed his shoulders and started to hammer him as hard as this old man could. I could not concentrate on taking care of him, and just fucked him, pulling his shoulders and his lank long hair. He opened his throat, pushed in deeper and I felt my cum stream out, I looked down and his lower false teeth had dislodged, hisis eyes were rolled back, the cum was bubbling around my cock, his rolling tongue, and his offset teeth.

Shower time with kelly

anal hungsolow8 2018-07-20

Without any hesitation I clutched my length with one hand the other still on her breast, I started to push my throbbing cock in inch by inch, her eyes rolling back letting out little moans of extacy as I went deeper and deeper. Obliging what she had demanded I started to pump harder and faster than before , one hand holding her leg up , the other on her thigh, lightly nibbling on her nipple then moving to her neck , still thrusting hard and deep, the moans became louder and more frequent, the look on her face of pure pleasure smiling at me as I slowed to a steady pace catching my breath.

my sissy

anal chefjohn2112 2018-07-17

I turned my head, and asked him what was wrong, because the look on his face was one of surprise, awe, and lust. I slowly reached my hand out to him, taking the back of his head, and gently pulled it towards the front of my shorts, until his face was lightly pressed against it. When he stripped, I saw he had on a pair of black see thru panties, and I smiled at him, and said I knew he was a little sissy boy. He hung his head, and said yes he was, and I told him he was going to be my sissy boy for tonight at least. I grabbed his head, pulling his face to mine, and kissed him hard, and passionately, making him moan, and fall against my body in surrender.

My first gloryhole and BBC experience

anal njny 2018-07-12

"That's right, suck my huge black dick, white boy." On cue, I took my mouth off his balls and started going down hard & deep on his big black cock, deep-throating it as far as I could before gagging. The glory hole booth… the stranger… the huge black cock in my asshole… and the now rhythmic sound of his cock pounding my ass was slowly but surely becoming all too much for me to handle, making my tiny erect dick spill cum all over the seat in the video booth, moaning in ecstasy as this built black stranger continued pumping his huge cock in my asshole.

My Night With the Queen

anal amor_vincit 2018-07-06

However, the Queen said, "Lieutenant, I think I shall need some assistance in getting to bed, would you be so kind?" I reached for the smaller towel, knelt down and began to dry the Queen's legs. Her breasts were like the rest of her body perfectly white, full and well rounded with large deep red nipples. The Queen moaned slightly as I slowly rubbed the towel across her clit. I spread those rounded white thighs and before me lay exposed Her Majesty's large hairy bush and visible though the thick hair her parted cunt lips wet and open. Those beautiful violet eyes were wide open with pleasure and her full red lips were parted as she continued to emit soft gasps and moans.