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anal charliefoxtrot 2018-01-09

I reached out and pulled her to me, my mouth finding her luscious red lips. As she began unbuttoning by shirt, I slid her out of her suit coat and managed to start unbuttoning her blouse. I didn’t have long to enjoy the view, because she dropped her head down and started kissing my chest and sucking on my nipples. I began to suck and lick her erect nipples as I caressed her breasts. When I felt myself about to come I pulled her off of my cock. I put the head of my cock against her ass and gently began to apply pressure. “Oh, yes, fuck me!” she moaned as she reached down and began to play with her clit.

Ana and a well hung black lover

anal Anitaslut44 2017-12-31

Few minutes later he rolled Ana over and stood at the foot of the bed pulling her down to the edge and began rubbing the head of his cock against her pussy as she almost begged "Fuck me, please… show no mercy". Her pussy began creaming all over his cock as he slowly slid it in and out as she laid on the bed with her face clinched moaning loudly. Ana got onto her hands and knees on the bed as Tony slowly slid his cock back into her from behind making her whimper loudly. He slowly pulled out and stood up, Ana fell to the bed reaching back trying to feel her asshole which was gaping as the cum began to run out.

My Anal story

anal scorpiodragon 2017-12-19

, he was like yess yur ass is soo fucking tight, yess, he thrusted 3 more times and then said he was cumming, soo soon maybe less then 5mins he busted his nut in the rubber, then took the condom off, told me get on my knees... then he then spit on my ass he fingered it then spread it open, then he put his cock back into my ass, using the cum from the condom as lube, pouring it over my ass and his cock, now feel my cock in yur tight ass with my big dick, i moaned and said yes, more deeper/harder.....

Trophy Wife

anal ALFnl 2017-12-08

I walked to the other side of the table, pulled your head up by your hair, looked in your eyes and said: "Good girl!, now let's see what other effects this had on you". I pushed my cock all the way in, I could feel the dildo on the other side, filling up your wet cunt as I began to thrust inside your ass deep and slow. I grabbed your hair, pulling you back a little forcing you to arch your back and pressing your big tits against the table. I could feel that I was about to cum you I pulled my cock out of your ass, and made my way around the table to your face.

First Time With The Bartender

anal kbking70 2017-12-03

No sooner had the door closed he was on me placing a long wet kiss on my wanting lips , the scent of his sexual desire rising as his tongue flickered with mine , and the cold bottle he carried hard against my bare back. Before I knew it I was upon it, feeling his thickness swell in my wanting mouth as I licked and sucked on what must have been at least nine inches of man muscle. "Oh Man!", he moaned as I took his cock deep into my gullet, slobbering hard on the straining erection . Between the man scent and sweat and the moaning and the hard kissing as we fucked I could feel the surge deep in my loins and I knew I was going to come.

A Stranger in the Night

anal jill-closet-cd 2017-11-29

He told me that it looked so hot from back there and said he was going to take a video of this, and told me to start acting like a real slut for the camera. He said "come on baby just put the tip inside baby, you know you want it, and my big cock needs to feel the inside of your pussy. Are you a virgin baby?" I begged "yes I am a virgin, please take it out it is too big." He told me " my dick feels so good in your pussy, baby, just let me enjoy it for a minute, count to 60, sweetie." I said "ok, but don't you move". He started first slow until he had worked his entire cock deep into me, i felt like a real slut.

driving itup mya

anal satinexinhose 2017-11-21

Satinexinhose reached between their legs and fondled his cock as Tom's hands found the buttons and undid them hastily. Tom sucked loudly on her fingers as he grabbed her thighs and pulled her down all the way. Satinexinhose felt Tom's dick growing hard again and thanked youthful endurance. Satinexinhose swallowed his cock all the way down to his balls making him moan with pleasure. Tom slid a finger deep inside Satins analpussy and got it as wet as possible. The way he gave his command turned her on even more then He thought it would and soon He was pushing the chair back and spreading her legs as He knelt on the seat sticking her ass in the air for him.

Jigsaw fucks Ariel

anal DirtySlaveGirl 2017-11-16

I had the shell bra, and a green skirt that looked like a tail. He didn’t say anything he just stood there looking at. He looked good with the scary mask, black outfit, and a red and black cape. Didn’t want the cops to make us stop! It felt like his cock was growing as he played with my clit. I looked at his mask and moaned even louder, to the point where I almost screamed. With the Jigsaw mask looking at me, I came screaming, not caring how loud, and if the cops heard. His cock disappeared inside his costume, and he turned and walked away, leaving me on the group naked and full of cum.

visiting my uncle eddie part4

anal happymeal621 2017-11-11

he kept Licking me for a while and then, I felt his wet finger piercing inside my hole,he pushed it little by little so,I didn't felt much pain,but yeah it made me 100 times more excited than I was before, He took his finger out and spit in my hole and then pushed two fingers inside and started finger fucking me,I wasn't prepared for two fingers so that was painful,I moaned louder.. I could only take his one ball at a time, because his walls were huge as compared to mine,now he pulled my balls out and started deep throating my cock,I said," i'm about to cum uncle eddie"

Heather, a maid for pleasure satisfaction

anal rakithanudes 2017-11-09

She grabbed the base of his penis and opened her little mouth to suck on the head of his cock. With a finger, she reached under his balls and pressed against the sensitive skin as she thrust his cock down her throat. He eased his index finger inside her, feeling how wet her silky pussy was getting. Then he thrust his cock inside her, tearing apart her pussy that was always so tight, no matter what he did to her. Despite his efforts, he could feel the climax building up in the head of his cock again. Her pussy contracted one more time as she squeezed his cock with all her might. At the same time, she kept squeezing, letting a stream of cum squirt from her pussy all over him.

Bored house wife part 3

anal redscarlett 2017-10-28

All she could do was nod, good he said as he unzipped her jeans pulling them down dropping to his knees he pulled her panties to one side, she felt his tongue on her clit, and moaned as he lapped at her pussy pushing his fingers into her, mmmm so wet he moaned as he sucked and licked her pussy, her knees buckling as she felt her pussy contract mmm he grinned getting up, he pulled off her jeans and panties, half naked in his kitchen she felt so bad, he undid he jeans pulling out his big hard cock, he turned her and placing her hands on the breakfast bar he spread her legs rubbing his cock over her ass reaching and biting the back of her neck spreading her ass cheeks with his cock, his fingers moving down pushing them into her so wet pussy.

The hairdresser

anal maturemancock 2017-09-27

After a few minutes Donna said "pull out", as I did she stood up and laid on the floor openeing her legs I resumed my position and slid deeper into her cunt, as she moaned she said "Gina come here" as Gina knelt next to her I said "Rub her clit" as she did it wasn't long before Donna was coming, ten seconds later she exploded and screamed out. I pulled out and Donna said "Right Gina your turn, as she knelt on the floor, I teased her crack and then shoved myself in, as she gasped she had her mouth open, as I poundered her young cleft.

i fuck the cheff cooking

anal veveylover 2017-09-23

late one afternoon. and rainy afternoon. was in the kitchen. the kitchen and went into the room. He started by licking her breasts. moving the hand in her pussy. and she soon got me on the stick. I put his hand inside the pants, and that nice ass .. acaraciei I put my bare finger her ass, she just gave a groan. obliged to give my ass. I put my dick in her pussy. and without waiting she shoved him hard and once my dick. that wonderful ass. that while you fuckin ass. her breasts. fuck that ass. she would soon come. enjoying my dick. she sat down on my dick and ass rapidamamente I enjoyed it.

sibling fun

anal flushing1 2017-09-22

"I don't know which angle I like better, the rear view of your fine ass and soaked pussy; or maybe the top view of your head bobbing up and down or the front view with that hungry expression as you gobble up my cock?" As I pulled back for the last time and rammed my cock home and felt my orgasm crash over me and the delicious spurting sensation of my cum painting her insides the shower curtains opened and there stood Carol all smiles... As my cock swelled again and stretched her tight little ass I asked her where she wanted me to cum.

Donna me and the Chemist Assistant

anal maturemancock 2017-09-10

Between us we laid Rukia down on the bed, then I sucked one nipple whilst Donna sucked the other, she had her hands running through our hair, after a while I moved upwards and kissed Rukia, as I ran my tongue onto her neck I said “Feel Donna”, as she moved her head to the side and Donna looked at her Rukia’s hands moved up and fondled my wife. After she’d calmed down she pushed Rukia upwards, kissed her saying “Thankyou” I pulled out and turned her over, parting her thighs pushed back in as Donna rubbed her clitoris as I fucked her brains out, as her orgasm approached Donna said “Let me” as I pulled out Donna took over, the dildo went up her and her clit was frantically licked.

Inter racial MMF

anal maturemancock 2017-09-09

Ten minutes had past when George said to Shaft “My turn” and the two of them changed places, George laid on the bed as Donna straddled his cock, as it was pushed up deep inside her wet cunt she moaned, she soon was bouncing up and down his length as her tits swung in George’s face, he didn’t disappoint her either licking and sucking them. Only minutes had passed when both lads were close to coming themselves, Shaft pulled out and Donna slowed down riding George as she fed Shaft’s cock into her mouth, very quickly he grunted and his seed was soon pumping down Donna’s throat.

just to observe

anal little_bookworm 2017-09-07

,Finger fucked into oblivion i sank to the floor on wobbly legs , i uttered no protest as i positioned all 4s , i screamed in delight as a thick cock pounded my pussy , i cried with ecstasy when 2 men each sucked one of my titties as the party host filled my ass with is experienced cock .

A to Z Fuckstories - C is for Cassidy

anal jurrjens 2017-09-06

My look of confusion must have showed, because Jess smiled and told me Cassidy ate her out every day during their eighth hour PE class. And it’s REALLY effective if it’s pointed at your face and you smile up at him,” Jess said, as she reached around and grabbed my shaft. I could feel my heart beating in my cock as she stroked it slowly, no knowing she was going to get a very large load right in her face. The person that grabbed my hips stuck it in my ass and I would have woken up the neighbors screaming if I didn’t have that cock in my mouth. I got hard again, and jacked off, but it didn’t take long before I was blowing my third load of the day on Cassidy’s face.

Using Andrea Like a Whore

anal xerosheartx 2017-08-26

I then told her to follow me and I got in my car and drove off I was going to my apartment, when a friend called asking if I wanted smoke and I arranged to meet him. Phil had hid dad coming to get him as they were going away together to see relatives before he went back, so I suggested a goodbye fuck was needed at a price of course, he was up for it and Andrea said she was ok with it seeing as I was her whore for the day, she even joked it would cost me extra later.

Mary's human-kittypet adventures (1)

anal filledcreampie 2017-08-26

Mary trembled anxiously, full intensity of the balls leads into an instant orgasm, even 3/4 speed was torture when she wasn't allowed to come, but she fought down her own desires and started sucking on his cock. Sam stood up und pushed his chair back, then he took Mary's head again and held her still, as he started to fuck her mouth. Her body shakeing and trembling, Sam thrusting his cock deep inside her, the loveballs vibrating on max, Marc nibbling her tits and she was coming again and again. Sam put a bigger lubed plug into her opened ass to prevent spilling his cum all over the place, then he shut off the loveballs and crawled over to Mary, sat beside her and took her into his arms.

Bi-Curious: Part 3

anal adblman 2017-08-22

Uhhh!..." After seeing that I was comfortable, Ryan proceeded with the act, carefully pulling his cock back out all the way before plunging it back in and I gasped before moaning louder as he actually began to fuck my tight virgin hole. Uhhhh!" I continued to hold my legs back as I remained in my laid back position with my legs spread to either side of his waist while Ryan started pumping his cock harder into my ass, making light smacking noises every time his hips collided against my bum. Ohhh!..." I was moving my hand up and down on my hard cock fast enough so that it was in sync with Ryan's deep thrusts into my ass, when suddenly I moaned loudly saying, "Uhhh...

BBC in a Gloryhole

anal klammer 2017-08-04

“That’s right, suck my huge black dick, white boy.” On cue, I took my mouth off his balls and started going down hard & deep on his big black cock, deep-throating it as far as I could before gagging. The glory hole booth… the stranger… the huge black cock in my asshole… and the now rhythmic sound of his cock pounding my ass was slowly but surely becoming all too much for me to handle, making my tiny erect dick spill cum all over the seat in the video booth, moaning in ecstasy as this built black stranger continued pumping his huge cock in my asshole.

A Prayer Answered

anal fotisampini 2017-07-28

when she saw Father Matthews enter from a side door and approach her. screaming out the Lord’s name, just as Father Matthews pulled out of her kneeling on the pew, and she did not hesitate when Father Matthews came letting him thrust into her mouth then sucking him as he pulled out. and started rubbing her pussy and pulled out a huge dildo. cock in her ass and the dildo in her pussy at the same time. of her, both of them feeling a spurt of pleasure when he pulled his cock kneeled before the altar and gave her thanks for her answered prayer Father Matthews stood there remembering the past hour and his cock

make this fantasy come true! bbc

anal bobbysue69 2017-07-19

he slowed down and told me to relax my throwt act like i was chugging a beer.I did what he said and slowly he buried that big black cock all the way down my throght My cock throbbed as he started really fucking my face. It really turned me being talked to like that, and i moaned "yes please master please give me another finger and he stuck another finger in me, god it felt great and he was sucking my dick and before he said anything he stuck another finger in my ass.