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Early Morning Awakening

anal BarSinister 2018-08-24

I slipped into bed beside her and continued my work, by now all pretence of sleeping had broken and Debi rolled onto her back , smiling she opened her arms and we enjoyed a long lingering kiss , our bodies entwined touching at every possible point. Her legs fell apart and she drew her knees up towards her chest, I moved down and proceeded to apply gentle pressure to her whole pussy with my flattened fingers, until she produced her own natural nectar which lubricated her perfectly. I inserted my finger and proceeded to spread her nectar around to lubricate her asshole, to make the insertion of my now desperate member as trouble free as possible, her knees were across my shoulders and I again lifted her and positioned her bodily on my thighs my eager member pointing towards her ass.

Waking Up with a Smile!

anal TennGuy1963 2018-07-16

Kissing your thighs, while you continue to moan from your previous orgasm, I move towards your pussy. I turn you around so you can suck my cock as I continue to pay attention to your pussy and ass. I then pull you away to lay you down on the bed I move over you and place my lips to yours as my cock head slips into your pussy. I lift your legs over my shoulders so you can feel every inch of my cock and I can massage your ass cheeks. We both scream as we cum together, my throbbing cock squirting deep inside you as your pussy squirts your love juices.

Unexpected in Every Way Ch. 03

anal luckyfucker 2018-06-28

I felt like I was never going to get a better chance at making it a reality than with this boyfriend-having, big-titted, semi-submissive cum slut. After a few minutes, I felt my cum welling up in my balls, and I started to shoot, first filling her rectum with more than a few wet tablespoons of sperm, then I pulled out and blasted more thick ropes of cum onto the rim of her still-wide-open asshole, where it dripped slowly back inside, then I finished off by laying a couple final white lines of cock-glue on her smooth, sweaty, palpitating ass cheeks.

A Wakened Dream

anal FluffyLove 2018-05-17

My hand touched his half hard cock that was fitted snuggly against my ass. I slowly began stroking his fat cock to life and it hardened quickly in my hand. I felt his hand cupping my throbbing, swollen cunt and his fingers moving my pussy juice to coat my asshole. He was moving so slowly that I wanted to reach back and pull him closer but each time I tried he averted my hand. I felt his weight on my back as he continued thrusting inside me, one hand wrapped around my waist and the other clutching my shoulder. His hips thrust into me and stayed pressed deep inside my ass for a very long moment before he repeated the action.


anal mooneatertales 2017-12-16

But when I reached out and cupped Bri's ass as she walked by with her empty mug and plate, she laughed and said, "Why do I think I know what you want?" The mere thought of licking and tasting her hot, sweaty ass almost made me come a couple of times, but I wanted to stay as horny as I could for when we actually got down to it. I could tell she was getting close to coming when she began to grind her cunt against my face, but as my tongue sought her g-spot, she suddenly sat up and said in the most sexy hoarse voice, "I know what you really want to lick...."

Another Lazy Sunday Morning

anal ProfessorAshton 2017-12-16

With a finger inside of her hot pussy and others slipping through her folds and tickling her clit, Dee continued to moan and grind against me. Once we had developed a rhythm of my cock pumping in her tightest hole and my fingers playing in the wet lips of her pussy, Dee moaned and kept rocking on my hard dick. The gentle pressure of my fingers delving deeper and deeper into Dee's pussy, my cock sawing in and out of Dee's ass and my thumb rubbing her clit were having the desired effect on Dee. Yesss." Dee melted into gasps and soft cries as her pussy and ass convulsed on my fingers and cock, riding her orgasm through it's crescendo.

Taking the Good Girl Ch. 02

anal YogaVixen 2017-11-26

Then she felt tip of Tony's cock at the opening of her pussy, his fingers a breath away from her clit, and his teeth deepening their hold on her neck. "God, Tony...fuck me," Liz moaned, moving her hips, reaching for fingers and cock. But even though Tony's cock was wet with her pussy juices, and his fingers were itching to rub the engorged clit that was peeking through her warm, red lips, he repeated, "Yes what, baby?" this time in a tone that brooked no refusal. She arched her back, signaling his full possession her body and its pleasures, but it wasn't until he heard her panting, "Tony...Tony...keep fucking my ass," that the blood roared through his ears and he gave a shout of triumph, feeling the long sticky ropes of cum shooting from his cock into her hottest, deepest place.