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Fucking Wife In Front Of Her Husband In Hotel Room

anal bava12 2018-11-05

I don’t know what will happen when I open that door naked. When I’m with her, I feel like a real man because I can dominate her and make her mine. I think back at my crush and in my mind I’m now fucking her. While I continue thrusting, I look up at the ceiling, close my eyes, and try to think of my crush again. Realizing that idea is doomed for failure, I open my eyes and try to focus on a desirable attribute of the woman I’m currently fucking. Eight thousands richer and feeling like I just made the world a better place, finally I go to That club where my friend is waiting for me.

Unexpected Pleasure

anal 2018-09-30

As I went through the intake process and was prepped by the nursing staff I felt a beautiful feeling of releasing power to others to do things to my body. I took a couple minutes to bask in the moment to be naked in a strange sort of public place before tying on the soft gown, feeling my so smooth body touching it. Later that evening as I wind down for bed and settle my smooth naked body between the sheets I reflect on what took place that day. I realize I had shaved and prepped my body and spirit for some kind of unknown sexual experience about to take place.


anal bustysue 2018-09-13

iwas stood there naked and scared have we got her all night the tall one said george said we have now as he walked towards me he told me to get on the bed he opend my legs and spat on my pussy then thrust his huge black cock in side of me it was so big as he pounded me he thrust his cock deep and hard inside me.take that you fat bitch he said then got off me turned me over and started playing with my arse . next he thrust his big cock deep up my arse fuckin take that you bitch he said i screemed yeh his mates were all gering as he kept on thrusting his cock up my arse by this time the were all naked george shot his load up my arse and said thats some lube for you.

A Bra And Panties?

anal ClassicCockx 2018-07-26

He told me that some guys at a club had invited him to a fetish party, but once away from the place they started to verbally attack him then took him to the woods and left him there. I stripped off and waited for the toilet flush, then when I thought he had gone back downstairs I walked out onto the landing to see him standing there looking at me in my naked state. We chatted and as darkness fell I took her home and she invited me round for a meal one night to say thank you for saving her. She smiled and told me that she was glad I had said that because she always liked to be Zoe in her own home and it would be especially nice with company.

Ashlynn: Daddy’s Little Girl

anal baddaddy59 2018-07-02

Ash Called me at work early Friday night, she said she would be going with Beth, to a school function and then spending the night coming home sometime tomorrow afternoon but before 3:00, I told her I loved her and to be careful. As she hiked her leg up to climb into the Jeep, Bobby could clearly see she had on no panties, with the wind blowing across her wet nether lips, her nipples got as hard and big as Gum balls, Ash asked Bobby if they were going to stop to eat. He drove her up to our house saw my truck, then pulled her naked ass from the car handed her the skirt and shoes pointed her at the front door gave her a little push.

Naked Weekend

anal mrmature4u 2018-06-27

When Carol came walking back to the table, I couldn’t help but notice how sexy she looked, naked with droplets of water all over her body. “I’ve been looking at your cock all day.” “Every time it got hard, I wanted to jump on it.” (Guess I didn’t do such a good job of hiding my erections.) I noticed that Bob was sitting in a chair to the side of the bed slowly stroking his engorged cock. When I returned, Bob was standing in front of Carol, who was sitting up on the bed with his cock in her mouth. After a few minutes of this, Carol pulled her mouth away from Bob’s dick and moved to straddle me.

From MCD to Semen Donor

anal boudin5 2018-06-13

I learned some of the basics: keep testes cooler, wear loose pants with no underwear, regular checkups, testicle massage, testosterone levels will be monitored, ejaculations limited to a specific schedule geared to optimize sperm count, sperm motility, and semen volume, and lots more interesting stuff. Each time, she would unlock the device and give me a thorough physical exam, concentrating on the sexual organs; testicle condition and size, penile responsiveness, erection stability, etc. As she spoke, her ministrations to my privates became less firm (but my dick became more firm) and she continued, "We will prescribe the best possible program for you, in order to foster the peak of sexual health; semen quality and volume, ejaculation control, as well as your ability to deliver."

b*****r and s****r's 1st Holiday

anal sanpeesua 2018-05-26

"Wow, Clare, this is some apartment," gasped Ryan as he "Wow," Clare had said, feeling a little funny inside Ryan's little penis suddenly grew hard and stood Ryan had looked at his s****r's naked body, taking in She parted her legs and Ryan saw her pussy lips open, "Holly shit, Clare that was so fucking good," Ryan Ryan turned over on his back, and lay back as Clare Ryan gently thrust up a little inside her and she Ryan took, a hard nipple on each firm little tit in hand, pulled them apart, and as Ryan let his pee gush Ryan rubbed his soapy fingers in her tight little anus Clare was hot and wet, and Ryan was rock hard, even


anal k1ztw 2018-05-17

“You still swimming?” she asked as the turned to me, and not waiting for an answer said "are you not cold?” By then I must have been almost blue but managed to say “no, I’m fine” trying to sound casual. As I was moving I caught a mischievous look in Em’s eye, and knowing that I was trying to manoeuvre myself to my clothes and not exactly being able to move fast, she darted towards them, gathered them up shoving them into my back swung herself into the branch of a tree overhanging the pool. “Well me and my clothes need to dry now, and I feel really guilty too” she replied looking at the floor.

Nude Day-A Pervert's Anal Field Day

anal SuperHeroRalph 2018-05-04

Even though Woodstock wasn't a National Nude Day event, by the old footage they have of the concert, there were plenty of naked people dancing in the rain and in the mud and having a good time. The one thing I didn't need was a nosy wingman, someone who knew me or recognized me, and especially a man who doesn't do anal sex, which I'd bet the farm he never fucked Jill up the ass or had his cock up any woman's ass. With so many naked people at the Nude Day event, I was on sexual overload and, buried between two warm ass cheeks, I knew my cock would find warm shelter soon.

Getting Dirty With My New Cleaner

anal Anonoauthor 2018-04-15

Sam smiled and got back to scrubbing while I made my way to the kitchen yet again rearranging my pants to accommodate my excited dick that was sticking up like a tent pole. This of course forced her boobs to push tighter against her already skin-tight shirt and it looked as though her nipples were going to cut right through the material. "Good," she said with a grin as she stroked my dick a little faster before bringing her head down and licking some pre-cum off its tip. Realising my softly softly approach was not to Sam's liking; I used my hands to spread her butt cheeks and pushed my dick into her anus.

Synergy Longer and Dirtier Ch. 03

anal BBArms 2018-03-22

I like playing her games, they always end with me feeling stiff, sore, satisfied and with an incredible story to tell. Anna slowly parts her legs and smiles. I kiss her deeply then work my way down her neck to her breasts. I work my fingers into her as I continue to kiss my way down her tight body. I comply, Lifting her off the ground and carrying her under the waterfall where we continue to fuck as the water washes over us. She sticks her hand between us rubbing herself feverishly until she cums causing her ass hole to contract repeatedly around my cock. Together we make our way back to the house both knowing that this weekend has gotten off to a great start.

What happened afterwards.

anal badpenny72 2018-02-16

If I'd been able to think objectively I'd have realised my scratch that itch plan of curing my curiosity by tasting cock had totally failed.I couldn't remember being so swept away with the feeling,sensations,the whole experience in years. I think Mike sensed my bewildered,yet incredibly aroused and excited state.He later told me he knew fine my try it and move on notion hadn't a hope in hell of working but he'd fantasised about me n him so many times since we were about 10 he was sure as hell getting me to suck his cock if the chance arose. Laying back n enjoying how it felt he looked me in the eyes,smiled then leant forward and kissed me.I almost jolted with sudden shock and recoiled.This was not what I wanted,men don't kiss.

Icelander Magnus Anally Fucks Becky

anal SusanJillParker 2018-01-26

Continuing to sexually tease the men, Becky slid slow hands seductively over her breasts while fingering her big nipples through her blouse and bra. With those standing deep behind those who were sitting, the crowd of drunken men that surrounded the coffee table where Becky was standing and was about to strip herself naked at a frat party swelled. While laughing and wildly smiling, Becky was obviously having a good time sexually teasing the men with her willingness to voluntarily strip herself naked. Only and alas, especially in the drunken state she was in, if she dared to willingly remove her clothes by stripping herself naked, men would take that as their green light signal to have sex with her naked body.

Anally Submissive Gilly Ch. 01

anal evilbugger 2018-01-20

I was naked in front of her from the very first night; I knew my skinny body was no great shakes but I saw no point in hiding it. By her own account, she thought "Why does he want to see that?" In her mind it was all about her ass being violated for the very first time, and she met this prospect with the appropriate mix of fear and longing and the feeling of sheer exposure. She was up on all fours, ostensibly to aid my inexperienced cock in finding her puss-hole, but also displaying her puckered, hair-ringed asshole in a way that, I know now, was more lascivious than not.

Anally Deflowering Sue:...Ch. 2

anal Powerone 2018-01-15

Michael's cock hardened as he watched Sue manhandled by Jim. Her breasts were thrust out as her arms were locked behind her back, the pained look on her face almost making him cum. Michael followed Jim and Sue to the jail, rubbing his cock in his pants as he thought of Sue naked, bent over, her pussy and asshole stretched open during the strip search. He pushed his two hands down and grasped her between the legs and pulled up, forcing Sue to stretch up on her toes as his fingers dug into her pussy lips. "I'll help you honey, put your arms down," Officer Johnson, Kate's fingers moved to the bra snap and quickly unsnapped it, the pressure of holding up Sue's breasts now released.

Walking Naked and getting cock

anal 2017-12-30

Of course as we chatted he started to show an interest in me, would I like to go for a walk down one of the many quiet waysides within the grounds, he openly asked, to which I replied, 'Amber first, then we shall see', the smile on his face said it all, I was offering a shot at my pussy if he succeeded to screw my best friend. As girls we had witnessed each other having sex, so watching her with John was not a problem as far as she was concerned, in fact I susoected she knew I would like a fuck from him after she had been satisfied, so when sha asked me to make sure to coast was clear of anyone watching, I knew she wanted to start ASAP

My 18 year old slut wife and my co-workers

anal cwp342020 2017-11-08

She said she was going to stay in the pool and swim a little until I got back, as it was too hot to do anything else. When I left, I forgot to lock the front door, because my friends would usually drop by about 4 PM when they got off work, and it was a little earlier than that when I went to the store. She said she sat up right away and saw 6 young guys in swimming trunks standing over her and all looking down at her naked body. Dee Dee was outside swimming, and as they walked out into the backyard she got out and came over and gave them a big hug and a kiss.

Risque Ashley Trusts Again

anal TheEroticPencil 2017-11-04

After spending some time with Janice from the project team, Rob had excused himself and gone to the bar for a drink, where Ashley surprised him by sliding onto the stool next to him. It was too hard to yell across the table at people and, as everyone seemed to be pairing up into smaller conversations, Rob did the natural thing and turned his attention to Ashley. He knew this was going to be a normal yoga class, not naked or anything but still, the image of Ashley gleaming with sweat in various positions - always with her mat right in front of his, with a great view of her ass and between her legs - filled Rob's nights with more than a few solo stroking sessions.