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The Girl Next Door

anal Poppet 2018-11-16

The thought running my hands over her water-soaked body, and caressing her back, or reaching around to cup those magnificent breasts, drives me wild. 'Oh fuck, I want to bury myself inside her and shoot my load into her tight pussy.' My mind races with these thoughts, edging closer to my orgasm. What I really want now is for Sam to come and wrap her mouth around me and suck me clean before getting me hard all over again. If anyone would have asked, I'd say hell no, but Sam does it in a way that makes me want to drop to my knees and praise her. It isn't until I know she is fully ready that I take my cock in my hand and guide it slowly inside her.

Unknown Desires Fulfilled

anal cal_jack 2018-11-06

Becky felt Ryan’s cum slowly run down her thighs. Becky caught a brief glimpse of Ryan’s naked body and limp cum covered cock before she quickly closed her eyes. “Oh yes,” he moaned appreciatively as Becky took more of his cock into her mouth. Soon, Becky could make out the moans of Ryan’s wife along with the grunts and groans of the man sliding his cock in her ass. She then felt Ryan’s wife's face next to hers; she was licking cum off of Ryan’s cock and her face. The stranger could hold off no longer and Becky felt his hot cum fill her ass while Ryan’s wife pulled at her nipples clamps.

My New Neighbor Jenny Ch. 02

anal StoryCrafter 2018-08-06

Her pussy started clamping on my cock as I began a nice slow fuck of her. I couldn't imagine how any man wouldn't want to fuck her nice round ass, but thinking about what a clown her boyfriend was I started to doubt he was really a man at all. I entered her ass real slowly, stopping each time she whimpered as I felt her assuring opening up to my cock head. I let my hands reach under her to play with her nice little tits while I lay with about half my cock in her ass. I knew that because I had come not that long earlier I'd be able to fuck her big round ass for a long time.


Anal Alexa

anal BigTimmy30069 2018-07-25

She sat there on the couch in her matching panties and tank top with her head tilted back; looking forward occasionally to see was I was doing. I continued as before kissing and licking all around her pussy until she finally grabbed my head and directed me right to her cunt. She began slowly pumping her hands up and down together looking right at me with her coy blue eyes. Like before but this time it wasn't my tongue she was fucking my dick with her entire body. She climbed up my body like an animal grabbed my still wet dick and sat down hard on it. Just like she said when it went in she pushed down hard and I felt her asshole swallowing my cock in whole.

My Neighbor's Backdoor - Part 1

anal Banes1 2018-07-16

Pulling my hand away, Mac lowered herself down on the bulge in my shorts. Sliding my hand from the small of her back down to the top of her valley, that separates the two rounded cheeks, Mac let out a sigh as my fingers explored the length and depth. Her hands took hold of my cock and I watched as her lips parted, sliding over the mushroom shaped head. I placed my hands on her head and parted my legs as her mouth slowly descended over the veiny shaft. ”Please lick me, suck me, fuck me with your tongue!” Mac cried out as her hands mauled her breasts and fingers pinched those eraser sized nubs.

Ali Teaches Anal

anal onlyinmydreams 2018-06-15

"So what was it you wanted to talk about, dear." Ali was trying to sound calm, but I think she was starting to get a little damp. Meg groaned loudly, exclaiming,"holy shit, he's so thick it feels like he just stuck a baseball bat in my ass." I heard my wife's muffled voice,"stay there until she cums, let her get used to it." Meg evidently was returning the favor as Ali quickly added her voice, "that's it, that's it, ohhh fuuccckk, yes yes yes, oh fuck keep doing that with your tongue, YYEEESSS!" I knew she was really getting with it because of the way her legs twitched and extended.

The Blonde

anal ADirtyRottenScoundrel 2018-06-03

She moaned and forced her hips back into me pressing her tight ass firmly into my stiffening cock. My hands, clasped firmly on her ass, supporting her to just the right height for her to feel my hard cock press the fabric of her jeans against her soaked pussy. I held her at the perfect angle to fuck her deep and the thought of her cum squirting out of her pussy again, the way it had all over my face, had me ready to cum myself. With one hand still gripping the headboard, Dani slid the other between her legs and furiously rubbed her clit as my cock moved in and out of her tight ass. As my cock pressed deep into her ass, I could feel her warm juice squirting out of her pussy once more.

Being Neighborly Ch. 03

anal EveningMuse 2018-05-19

He moaned, asking me to grab him harder still as I clench, grip, relax, and clench some more, pulling him in deeper as I started to quiver, throbbing over his cock as he kept rubbing my clit. He slid his cock out, and knelt at the edge of the bed, sliding his face to my pussy, licking the cum, moaning as his tongue lapped gently and my legs moved over his shoulders. His balls tightened and I was so ready as he pushed in harder, deeper, and faster, over and over again until he erupted in my ass, his cock pulsing, my thighs shaking powerfully, deeply.


anal bossinmotion 2018-05-07

"Not heavy for a big strong guy like you," Mrs. Cox said with a smile as she straightened up, and as she playfully reached over and squeezed Mike's bicep - making him glad he wore the tank-top if not the revealing shorts - she added, "I used to play field hockey back in college and liked to mix it up but those days are long past." "Oh damn - so good - you like my ass honey?" Rita asked as the groaning of the bed frame got louder and the entire thing started swaying a bit, and after Mike said it was great she told him, "Don't worry about the bed babe.

The Neighbor Girl Grew Up

anal bman34 2018-05-06

She was still very fit with nice muscle definition in her legs and abs, but looked so much more like a woman with amazing tits barely covered by a small triangle of material great curves packed into a tanned little body. I started rubbing the oil directly on her ass and even began slipping my hand under her bikini a little. "So Julie, how was your first year in college?" I said softly as I applied a little more pressure in the center of her glut muscles causing her to let out a subtle moan. She spread her legs wider, tucked her feet under her ass and started pushing her crotch towards my face like she was trying to make me eat her pussy.

Admiring the Gardener

anal VeryDirtyMind 2018-05-05

Mike Zostant wasn't all that big on flowers or plants but when he would notice his next door neighbor working in her garden on warm days, he usually made a point of giving the middle-aged woman a glance either from his bedroom window or if her attire warranted a closer look, going out to engage in conversation with Rita Cox. "Not heavy for a big strong guy like you," Mrs. Cox said with a smile as she straightened up, and as she playfully reached over and squeezed Mike's bicep - making him glad he wore the tank-top if not the revealing shorts - she added, "I used to play field hockey back in college and liked to mix it up but those days are long past."

Love Thy Neighbor

anal sparksdrgnfly 2018-04-20

Making plans in my head to landscape my quaint little yard when I noticed the neighbor guy raking leaves. I wanted this since that first evening he asked if I had seen his dog! My hands on his head, fingers weaved through his hair, grinding his face into me; rocking against his face, his fingers deep inside me. His hands gripping my ass and hips, pounding me harder and deeper with each thrust I'm yearning for more," I want to feel you inside me again so bad it hurts..." "I love the way you feel..." he said with a low groan My favorite vibrator danced inside my pussy, and him in my ass?

First legal time

anal Pennis17 2018-04-19

(As I knew his, and his pool, and his living room, and his car, etc.) I was on my knees with my neighbors cock in my mouth instantly. By now my neighbor was shoving his good sized cock deep in my love hole. I was moaning loudly as my insides were being pounded by the cock that introduced me to gay sex 6 years ago. That cock and my ass are great friends, so it was like having a housewarming party in my ass as he splooged deep inside of me. My neighbor took a moment to catch his breath and turned me over to his friend.

A Hot Day

anal Renni 2018-04-12

You pull back and smile, "It's pretty hot in here, why don't we take a quick dip in the pool?" My eyes light up at the suggestion and I allow myself to be pulled back outside. I look over my shoulder at you, questioning, and just as I open my mouth to speak, you begin to shove your cock into my ass. You begin to fuck my pussy with your tongue, pushing it in and out of my wet cunt. Just as I begin to have another orgasm, you stand up and shove your cock into my waiting pussy. Withdrawing, you shove me around and to my knees, and begin to come all over my face and into my mouth.

Neighbor Girl Needs Help

anal badguyloki 2018-03-16

"Good..." she says, still breathing heavily, pulling my pants and boxers down in one swoop, grabbing my rock hard cock and strokes it a couple times "..because you're not getting blown" she quickly says as she lowers her head and wraps her lips around the tip of my dick, licking the head in the process. She goes down on my cock a couple more times, and then finally slides back up, keeping just the tip in her mouth, sucking harder while swirling her tongue around on the very tip, then letting go while licking my piss hole at the end of my dick, and then looks up to me with a huge smile and says "you're not getting blown, 'cause you're getting fucked".

The New Neighbour

anal MarkStevens 2018-03-14

How did Chris, a 32 year old and average looking guy, get a girl like Maria? I got behind her, wet my fingers in her pussy and rubbed her juices over her arsehole. Luckily she was getting very into it and was rubbing her pussy so I just kept my cock inside her until she came then I gave a couple more thrusts and came too." "I'm really sorry about the other day," Maria said, "I want to explain and I have a big favour ask. "I've had fantasies about anal sex since I was 15," Maria began nervously, "I used to touch my arse when I played with myself.


Tales from Schooner Street: Phil

anal kurrginatorX 2018-01-04

"If your wife told you that she wanted you to eat her ass, would you do it?" My wife wants me to eat her ass. "You know, do you eat her pussy?" I looked at her and said, "Sorry, Lynn." "Yeah, I eat her pussy," Zach responded. "Zach, Lynn is your wife. "You want him to eat your ass?" Zach asked Lynn. "You ain't about to eat her pussy," Zach said in protest. He slowly moved his mouth to Lynn's ass, but once he had affixed it there, I knew he wouldn't be coming off it any time soon. Lynn began masturbating again while telling Zach how good his mouth felt on her. Zach said nothing; he just became an ass-eating machine.

Mid-Life Adventure Ch. 05

anal oldeman 2017-12-21

Rick, enjoying the time Kellie was spending down there, was beginning to feel the need for some attention to his dick. When Rick bent down to get their beers from the refrigerator, Kellie took the opportunity to rub her pussy against his ass, and reach around to stroke his cock. Well big boy, just let me tell you what to do." Turning and leaning on the picnic table, Kellie's ass was just the right height for Rick to enter, but she stopped him. Rick was getting ready to fuck that ass, just as Kellie said, "I'm ready! Rick slipped another inch of his steel-hard dick into Kellie's ass, then pulled back gently.


The neighbor

anal lightning34m 2017-11-21

As I washed off, I heard the door to the bathroom open, I poked my head out the curtain to see Amanda walk in, she said, "I don't want to be alone." She undressed and jumped into the shower with me and we held each other. Pop my cherry!" We fucked for twenty minutes when my dick popped out and Amanda said, "I'm going to take something else away from him" she inserted my dick in her asshole, when she really screamed, "pop my anal cherry babe, that feels good!" This went on for ten minutes when we were interrupted by her mom, but she joined in and both Amanda and miss rose both took turns sticking my dick in their pussies and assholes.