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My Neighbor's Backdoor - Part 1

anal Banes1 2018-07-16

Pulling my hand away, Mac lowered herself down on the bulge in my shorts. Sliding my hand from the small of her back down to the top of her valley, that separates the two rounded cheeks, Mac let out a sigh as my fingers explored the length and depth. Her hands took hold of my cock and I watched as her lips parted, sliding over the mushroom shaped head. I placed my hands on her head and parted my legs as her mouth slowly descended over the veiny shaft. ”Please lick me, suck me, fuck me with your tongue!” Mac cried out as her hands mauled her breasts and fingers pinched those eraser sized nubs.

Tales from Schooner Street: Phil

anal kurrginatorX 2018-01-04

"If your wife told you that she wanted you to eat her ass, would you do it?" My wife wants me to eat her ass. "You know, do you eat her pussy?" I looked at her and said, "Sorry, Lynn." "Yeah, I eat her pussy," Zach responded. "Zach, Lynn is your wife. "You want him to eat your ass?" Zach asked Lynn. "You ain't about to eat her pussy," Zach said in protest. He slowly moved his mouth to Lynn's ass, but once he had affixed it there, I knew he wouldn't be coming off it any time soon. Lynn began masturbating again while telling Zach how good his mouth felt on her. Zach said nothing; he just became an ass-eating machine.