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Amanda's Lesson in Love

anal Adelyn 2018-10-04

Randy went over to the dresser and looked in the mirror at Amanda lying on the bed, naked and legs spread. Letting his fingers lightly slide over her pussy lips several times before easing them in slightly then withdrawing them, he made Amanda thrash against her bonds. Randy poured more oil onto his hands and started massaging her ass, letting his fingers brush against her pussy and asshole. He picked up the butt plug he had laid beside her on the bed and pulling his finger out, he gently started to ease it into Amanda's ass. When Amanda started to moan and push back against him, he pulled his fingers out and leaning over her he shoved his cock all the way into her pussy in one thrust.

Fairytale Adventures Ch.6 Kristen Meets The Candle

anal shmoe13 2018-07-14

Her nipple immediately puckered beneath the wax in pain, and the candle stick dripped more onto it. So when the candle started dripping wax all over her right breast, and then made a steady line over to her left and that nipple, the most sound that Kristen let out was an agonized hiss. Wiggling, Kristen gasped and moaned as the candlestick began working its candles in and out of her holes, moving them deeper and deeper with each twin thrust. her breasts and nipples were encased in wax, and now two waxy candles were shoving in and out of her pussy and ass at a bruising pace, while her most tender area had hot wax slowly dripping on it.

Piercing for National Nude Day Ch. 05

anal Gussie 2018-07-08

Parlour Girl behaved provocatively; she let the towelling slip exposing a nipple ring here, and allowed her cunt to be exposed there. I was told that Parlour Girl needed lubrication before other jewellery was fitted, and the best lubrication was from me. I explored the hood, and her hole, over which my Partner had threaded two loops of the gold chain, before we went out to dinner on Friday. She took some time stopping Parlour Girls swinging rounded breasts. Just as they were leaving my Partner asked if I would like to wear the cock ring, and simple nipple jewellery like she had fitted to Chestnut. The magic Goldsmith had beaten the thin gold until it was springy enough to be pulled passed nipple bars, and snapped back onto my breasts.

In The Depths of the Library

anal harveybirdman 2018-06-22

She stopped suddenly and turned to him with a smirk, eyeing up the lump at his crotch, "Good to know that an old guy like you can still get it up." Her tone had changed suddenly from the ditzy young flirt to a more assured, confident seductress. He removed his mouth from her nipple, giving it one final flick of his tongue before he stood and whispered by her ear, "I'm going to make you so wet that it drips down your thighs and you beg me to fuck you right here." She moaned in response and he delved his fingers deeper, finding the damp crotch of her thong.

Anal Teen Folly

anal SexyBunHead 2018-05-30

Finally she let out a low chuckle, "I thought you were supposed to be a virgin, church boy" The nickname didn't rankle me as it usually did and putting my hand down to guide my cock out I extracted myself, looking round for tissues or kitchen roll to clear up the thick wet goo that covered my dick. Her panting got louder and closer together as my tongue licked her nipples faster and her hand worked harder, "I'm gonna..." She didn't need to finish, as her body began bucking forward and backwards, the heat from my balls rushed into my dick and we came together, rocking together like we were each other's rocking horse; both grunting and groaning as fireworks flew round our bodies.


anal kinkykathy 2018-05-27

Slowly his tongue traveled to my navel and there he spent some time kissing sucking and licking in and around it causing me to arch my back and moan with a deep need to be filled. Each side of the tops of my thighs was explored by that probing searching tongue as his hands made their way under my buttocks slightly lifting me to allow him better access of that secret flower. He leant forward and I felt his hard member brush between my legs as his mouth gave attention to my nipples again. Fingers rubbed my nipples as I sucked on the second penis lifting my head trying to get more of him into my mouth.

My X-Mas Vacation

anal samloverboy 2018-05-07

She had very nice large breasts (36 DD almost, she would not know as rarely local female need a bra with the huge long black dress) with a beautiful large dark pink nipple and medium size aureole. I said that I wish I had the chance to taste breast milk, she asked if I was breastfed as a kid? She said it is OK for a woman to accept money for breastfeeding a motherless baby (apparently a normal practice in that region, even considered to be a good religious deed), but not breastfeed a grown-up man. She smiled for the first time, and said No. After some small talk and me caressing her cheek, she pulled out the other breast and let me kneel down and take the nipple in my mouth.

Bathtub double

anal 2018-04-09

I slapped my nipple roughly with the vibrator, this only caused the intensity in my pussy to quicken. My body became ever more alive and I enjoyed watching myself fucking my own pussy roughly with the thick blue cock. I let the thick blue slip from my pussy on his own accord, he bobbed and floated in the bathwater as I opened the container of lube and tantalizingly drizzled it over the pearly slim. His face came to mind once again and I exploded as I pictured myself riding him, his cock in my ass and my blue vibe in my pussy. I looked down at my body, my huge tits, my nipples tiny peeks, my pussy and ass filled to the brim with not one but two dildos.


anal 2018-03-29

To confirm that she really wants something from me i offered her a body massage. She agreed, now i was sure that she wants my cock in her pussy. I asked her if she wants a ass massage? I ran my hands all along her upper body and cupped her breasts and without any hint, I mouthed her right nipple and she gave a loud moan as my lips surrounded her nipple. She requested she wants to suck more, I fingered her pussy while she was rubbing my cock. She said she wants my cock its time to insert and bang it hard..But still having so many movies seen, it wasn't difficulty for me to insert the cock. she shouted and said fuck my pussy harder..

Sable In The Stable

anal spanksalot 2018-03-24

"Sable, we are now ready to begin your punishment." "First I will start with my hand and then I will show you each implement I will use next." "Don't worry, you don't have to count." "But I hope you have been taking notes, because I want you to write about how you felt and your feelings during your punishment." "Do you understand?" "Just nod." Sable nods, yes. "Go in the house and wash just your face, and meet me on the front porch, with a beer." "I still want you naked" "yes, sir." I'm sitting on the porch and she comes out and sees her spanking bench next to my chair.

A Doctor's Dream Ch. 03

anal inkyscandal 2018-02-25

I repeat every rhythmic input over again and add one more: Instead of just kneading the girth of her right breast with my free hand, I pinch its raised ruby-red nipple and lift straight up -- letting the weight of her massive tit distend her areola. Jessica begins to hum and pant as I suck on her swollen clit and slide the vibrating egg up and down the pink valley between her outer labia. Her moans become almost worried-sounding as I grind my face in circles on her clit while the little buzzing egg works its magic on her interior. Her eyes wince as my downward strokes continue to hammer tiny body, but she consents by darting her pink tongue out and licking the outstretched nipple.

Nurse Sylvia, My Mommy Domme

anal LITTLESHAVER 2018-02-16

In the first, Sylvia, my GF was a tall tan blond with really long legs, short blonde hair, a 36D chest and nice but "boyish" ass. So when the butt plug was all the way in and my anus clenched tightly against the narrow neck of it, Sylvia would make me fuck her. And I was so afraid to come because I knew that my ass would clench so hard and the plug would be f***ed against my prostate. I was afraid again and cringed from her touch, but she said in my ear, " Don't worry, baby michael, Momma's going to make you feel all better in a minute." At that moment, she gripped the plug with one strong hand and my right nipple with the other.

A Proper Young Woman's Guide to Anal Etiquette Ch. 11

anal lordodie 2018-02-08

As the new mother started to lubricate her teenager's asshole for her short, stubby workout plug, the daughter began to put on quite the show of agonizing pain and supposed parental mistreatment; despite the fact that her mother barely had her hand up the young woman's pert little bottom; it was barely past her wrist for God's sake! Turning her attention back to her coworker, Big Tits asked, "Can you harden her nipples a little bit while I select a pair that she's sure to just love?" The woman behind the counter wasted no time in grasping each of Laura's exposed and already quite hard nipples and brutally rolling them between her thumb and forefinger; exactly the way Laura loved.


anal bell_end 2018-02-03

Ronald kissed and licked my ear, then worked his way down my neck while Justing finished my nipple and began shaving my balls. Once Justin had finished my shave, he left a cute little tuft of hair just above my penis, he asked me to lay on the bed and raise my legs above my head. While Justin and I kissed and stroked each other, Ronald caressed my shoulders and rubbed his hard cock against my ass crack and between my legs. Ronald stiffened, he began moaning and his cock came to life in my mouth, a huge warm load down my throat, across my tongue and spilling down my chin.

Wifes s****rs Titties

anal pornaholic63 2018-01-28

One night I was walking my s****r-in-law home at the insistence of my wife. She let me rub her nipples for a couple minutes and then laughingly pushed me out the door and told me to go home. After that I went back into the bedroom and started rubbing her tits taking extra time to massage those big nipples. About this time she reached down and pulled her pussy open and started rubbing her clit in time with my nipple attentions. Just as I started coming in her mouth she looks up at me with my dick pushing against her cheek from the inside and pulls out to let some get on her face.

nmdwji wants to cum inside....

anal Lateshay 2018-01-23

I want your cum in my pussy,slave." You dismount the dildo and mount my huge, throbbing cock. When we got to the bedroom you turned on the light and said "I'm going to give you the fuck of you're life." Suddenly I noticed several bird cages hanging from the ceiling and each cage had a little man about a foot tall in it. She thought, "After i shrink him, I will make him my little cunt slave." Conan looked on her, and immediately began to lust for her . She clamped down with those mighty cunt muscles so that Conan could not withdraw his huge cock, and his cum began to mix with her pussy juices.

My weekend with a Domme begins

anal imornery81 2017-12-29

Do you understand me?” I immediately replied, “Yes Mistress.” Her face melted suddenly back into that wicked smile and she stepped again back up as she repeated the biting upon my other nipple!!! As my head cleared I could feel her breath on my ass and then I felt her bite first one cheek and then the other. She went to the bath and returned with a soapy cloth and I felt her begin washing my ass crack and she kicked my feet so far apart that I had to go back to standing on my toes. One arm snaked up and grabbed my shoulder and held me to her while the other went to my cock and began stroking me in time with the thrusts of her hips into my ass.

Beautiful View

anal Cherry_Rose 2017-12-19

Tilting my head I let out an appreciative moan as I watch my hand stroke down the length of your cock, letting my thumb run across the tip, spreading the buds of pre cum. I groan louder bringing my free hand to my breasts, catching one nipple in between my thumb and forefinger and tugging it hard, rolling it on every thrust your fingers take in and out of me. I give you a cheeky grin and feel one of your hands slide up my back you firmly press between my shoulder blades and push yourself up again, this time easily capturing my nipple, you take as much as you can into your mouth, sucking it hard I close my eyes and moan, pushing down on your cock I grind against you, your cock full into me.

nipple orgasm

anal cubangal 2017-12-19

I am a straight male, and for many years I have been aroused - or aroused myself - by stimulation of my nipples. Its now got to the extent that I find it hard to orgasm without reasonably intense nipple stimulation. The most intense feeling is when they are scratched rapidly with fingernails, and now when my partner squeezes them pretty hard with her nails. Its weird I know, but the intense pain is so arousing for me! My partner thinks I'm definitely a one-off, for some inexplicable reason, although she now gets increasingly aroused when I do the same - but much gentler - to her. Maybe the female who can only orgasm with severe nipple pain is not as unusual as she may feel.

Not a word was spoken

anal wolfdenay 2017-10-29

As the fingers move back to my breasts, tracing lightly and slowly and teasing, I feel a pressure on my nipple thru my night shirt. I want to hurry the process and feel the mouth open and take my nipple into it but I lie there and wait. The mouth moves to the other nipple, I arch my back eager to feel the sensations again. The mouth pulls away and begins sliding its way down my stomach. My knees up and legs spread wide open, wetness all over my covers and down the crack of my ass and down to my knees. I'm screaming my pleasure as I feel his cock empty into my ass as his body convulsed.

Untitled fantasy

anal wolphman007 2017-10-27

I used two fingers to spread her lips apart as I used my other hand to turn her head towards me and I kissed her hard as I pushed my tongue deep in to her mouth. Before we met, when her and I would chat, she would tell me how much she loved giving head and when I told her how big I was she said it made her really horny thinking about the first time being able to play with me and trying to suck my cock and get it down her throat. With her small hands stroking my cock nice and slowly and all slippery from her saliva she would suck on the head then go all the way down.