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A Patron of the Arts Part Three - Karen

anal Boss01 2018-12-04

Karen used one hand to direct my oral assault from left to right and back, moaning as I gently bit, tongued, and sucked each tit in turn, leaving my hands free to caress her hind-quarters; occasionally running a finger up and down her ass-crack. As she started stroking it, I glanced over at the porn still running on the TV, and noticed that the girl looked very similar to Karen, and was also dressed in a skirt with no panties and an open blouse. Cum in my ass!” I worked in and out a few more times, then shoved in as far and as hard as I could, and erupted; Karen let out a growl of pure lust as contraction after contraction pushed what felt like a quart of jizz out of my nuts and up her back chute.

Drunk Off Lust - Nightcap

anal Lydia_ 2018-11-27

Sarah flipped her long blonde hair over her shoulder and gazed up at me with wide blue eyes, “Hi, Victoria.” Her smile was genuine. My arousal made me impatient, and I managed to make my voice work, “I want you to finger my ass, Rob! Your ass is fucking perfect!” His voice was hot in my ear, and a sudden lurch of his hips told me he was getting close. His fingers wrapped into my hair and pulled until my back arched, biting my neck with an almost desperate groan, “Where do you want me to come, slut?” I took a shaky breath, his name-calling strangely arousing, and moaned, “Come in my tight, needy, slutty ass, Rob. Please!

Working Late

anal gogo_shibari 2018-11-25

He thought how easy it would be just to pull her onto his lap and slide his hand up the thigh that was barely concealed by her skirt. Sarah grabbed the stapler and smiled at him to which he replied in kind as she turned and walked back to her desk her perfect arse swaying from side to side. Hastily Paul undid his trousers and unleashed his now throbbing 7 inches he then pulled Sarah off the desk and onto his lap thrusting his cock deep inside her sopping wet cunt. Paul grabbed her shirt and pulled it open revealing her large breasts, he took the nipple of one inside his mouth and nibbled it gently, Sarah's moans were now reaching fever pitch as he felt her spasm against his cock.

Temp Job

anal nickitaylor 2018-11-22

Well, the queue kept on growing and the baristas were working as fast as they could, but, as it happened, Larry and my drinks came up at about the same time. Larry went to a sink and filled it with water, then started dabbing at the coffee stains on his shirt. He held my head in his hands, and started to gently rock back and forth, like he was fucking my mouth. Larry's rocking became more of a thrusting, and I was gagging on his cock--it really was huge, and it even felt like it was getting bigger. He leaned over me, his hands on my hips and whispered, "I am going to fuck your tight little arse."

I Still Dream About That Ass

anal pinkysurprise 2018-11-22

My cock still pressed against her, and as the fabric rubbed against the sensitive tip of my head, I could feel her get more and more wet. Her breathing was short and shallow with anticipation when I finally pulled her thong to one side and rubbed the head of my cock between her lips. I pushed forward and felt the length of my cock easily slip into her. She gripped the edge of the desk even tighter and bit her lip as I pushed deeper and then started to fuck her. I felt my cock swell inside her, and suddenly she swore loudly, her body shaking until she collapsed on the table, breathing heavily.

Where's My Article?

anal AvaMarie 2018-11-22

Siobhan slowly sunk into her chair and placed her hands over her face. I want the article on my desk by eight o'clock tonight." Daniel slowly began to walk off. Just as she was about to gather more things to pack away, one of Daniel's personal assistants popped her head into Siobhan's cubicle. The door slowly opened, Daniel ushered Siobhan in with his arm. Daniel rose up from his chair and walked around to Siobhan. Daniel pressed himself against Siobhan and kissed her deeply. Daniel did as Siobhan asked and gentled eased his large cock into her hole. Siobhan brought one arm behind her, and began to rub her swollen clit as Daniel fucked her.

Landing The Contract. The tales of Dana Jones Part 3

anal AndreaDetroit 2018-11-19

“Come on man, when was the last time you saw a gorgeous piece of ass like this, wanting it so badly,” Robert continued, desperately trying to convince Mark. “Ooooohh that feels so good,” Dana purred as she felt Mark’s thick bulbous shaft push past her petal like lips and she tensed her silky tunnel muscles as it enclosed around the thick meaty staff entering her. As Mark continued filling her rectum, Dana realised that Robert hardly moved at all, but now she could feel his dick pulsing deep inside her cunt as he tensed his muscles in a slow rhythmic tempo.

Executive Decisions Part 3

anal SeanR83 2018-11-16

Mia got to her knees in front of her boyfriend, taking his cock into her mouth, sucking him deep. He loved her body and pulled her close for a deep passionate kiss. Robert stood up, pulling Mia close to him, guiding his cock inside her. He was a bit apprehensive but pushed his cock into her ass slowly. He slammed his cock in her ass as hard as he could, kissing and biting her shoulder, trying to delay what he knew would come. Mia slid her hand back resting it on his ass as he slammed as hard as he could. Slowly Robert pulled his cock from her ass, droplets of cum spilling out too.

Landing The Contract. The Tales of Dana Jones Part 4

anal AndreaDetroit 2018-11-13

This wonderful action was causing wave after wave of pleasure to ripple through her body, and Dana, unable to contain her feelings, threw her head backwards, closed her eyes and began moaning loudly as the two studs really started to get the hang of it. Looking past the monstrous dong, Suzie could see Dana kneeling in front of Robert Cranton-Smith as he sat there on the chair, and watched her boss swallow his greasy prick between her cherry red lips. On the left hand side of his big screen he was watched Mrs Dana Jones climb off Robert Cranton-Smith’s dick and such was the quality of the camera installed by his security services, he could see her juices making his cock all shiny.


anal ledlizzy55 2018-11-13

I want to know what’s it like to be fucked by two cock’s at once, what does a mans come taste like, what’s it like to swallow, have all blokes got 10 inch cocks, probably not I think. I looked at her and said, "Karen, One, it takes more than that to offend me and Two, I would love to, as I think you’re a very horny woman, not a slag and I’m up for whatever you want to do. After about five minutes she stopped the film and asked me if she was doing okay, I nodded, and said, “Make sure you properly suck as you come up the shaft.” she started the film again and took my cock deep into her mouth.

Breakroom Buttfuck

anal Master_Jonathan 2018-11-11

Matthew continued taking his time and holding tightly to Barbara's thighs, her whole body was tossing and bucking, while her pussy fucked strongly up into his face. With a final shove of three fingers into her drooling pussy and a simultaneous thrust of his tongue into her ass, Barbara exploded in a massive orgasm, sending her pitching and bucking and twisting like a snake on a hot plate. He knew Barbara was getting close to cumming too, from her moans, which had begun ending in whimpers and from the way her body was swaying from side to side as he plunged his cock in and out of her ass.

The Joy of Anal Sex

anal Master_Jonathan 2018-11-07

Soon I was able to work with Joy without always thinking about sinking my perpetually hard cock deep inside her wet pussy. Push it inside me, I want to feel your cock in my tight, hot ass!” Joy said, and got on all fours in front of me, pushing up her ass and spreading it with her hands. I pulled out the dildos that Joy felt were too small and I aligned one of the new larger ones at her pussy entrance, and pushed hard. Suddenly Joy reached between her legs and grabbed the dildo from me shoving it inside her pussy hard, fucking herself with it violently.

The Present

anal naughtymongo 2018-10-30

Casey reached into her file cabinet and pulled out the small gift box. Her thoughts went back to the beginning of the week, when the mysterious gift box had appeared at work following their last date. Michael took his time, tracing fingers softly around the rim with one hand as he pushed the toy into her with his other. She felt herself open again as he pushed the head of his cock inside. Keep doing it… just like that…” Soft moans rose in chorus as she worked him, pleasuring the head of his cock. Throughout the following week, Casey didn’t hear from Michael.

She couldn't afford to pay the bill

anal marcosurbina 2018-10-30

I couldn't see my penis, for nothing was left out, until the rod began to move  in and out, drenched by the vagina liquids.  While I stared at her,  I noticed  her face expression, the only thing I could do here. I didn't pay much attention to this remark –too frequent in hers.   Finally my client  won her daughter custody, as well as  food assistance in a court law.  This would be last time we'd meet in my office for counseling  and, as I was going to give  her the good news,   she suddenly hurled on  me, took off her top and said: As I left the law office, I found my female client  waiting outside, dressed in her usual outfit, same blue jean, and boots;  I told her: "Let's go to a cloches store to buy clothes that  can fit you better than this." 

Office Quickies - The Executive

anal MercyB 2018-10-29

Because Justine was one of the principal partners in the organization, her executive assistant also had an office – the office right next to hers with door that connected the two and would allow Craig to come to her office without having to entering the main hallway. Justine and Craig entered her office and, instead of sitting at the desk, they sat in the area that was situated off to the side with two comfy, red living chairs and a love seat. Slowly Justine stood up straight, removing her jacket, allowing Craig to see the swell of her breasts as they stretched her blouse tight across her chest. Justine knew the emphasis on ‘now’ that meant that Nadia was horny in need of Craig’s services.

Holly's First Day

anal thebigbeast 2018-10-29

Holly gripped the bench as Alex slowly tugged on her long, lush blonde hair, and began to pulse faster, until he was fucking her as hard as he could. Eventually, Alex came close to the point of cumming, so he pulled his dick out and pushed Holly to her knees. "Come back to my office after work when everyone has gone home," Tim said, "I have some - some - jobs for you to do." She pulled her dress up a tiny bit as she bent over to pick up the pen up, Tim got a nice full view of her red lace panties. Tim reached around to her pussy and began to slap it as hard as he could, making Holly pee all over his hand.

I Still Dream About That Ass

anal pinkysurprise 2018-10-01

My cock still pressed against her, and as the fabric rubbed against the sensitive tip of my head, I could feel her get more and more wet. Her breathing was short and shallow with anticipation when I finally pulled her thong to one side and rubbed the head of my cock between her lips. I pushed forward and felt the length of my cock easily slip into her. She gripped the edge of the desk even tighter and bit her lip as I pushed deeper and then started to fuck her. I felt my cock swell inside her, and suddenly she swore loudly, her body shaking until she collapsed on the table, breathing heavily.

All-inclusive with Benefits Ch. 05

anal dutchpantyraider 2018-09-21

The male assistants and the male guests lined up on the stage, and one by one they put Helen's butt to the test. Since Helen's butt was so high from the floor, starting where her very long legs ended, steps in different sizes were ready to level the height difference. Most men used one or the other step to get their dick up where they had to put it: inside Helen's backdoor. The men who had worshipped Helen's butt gathered around the new arrivals. For instance I'm sure if I would have told you yesterday afternoon that all men on the premises would participate in an anal gangbang tonight, you would not have believed me."

Conference Call

anal Zrnko_Pisku 2018-09-19

When the meeting started they heard, "Okay, who's on the call," Harry quickly responded, "Harry and Allison in Houston," immediately hitting the mute button. "Harry," she said loudly toward the phone, "I want you to fuck me in the ass." Nearly tripping, he worked his way out of his pants, grabbed her purse and came back with the lube. "We better get dressed," Allison said grabbing her pantyhose. When Allison appeared he gently grabbed her ass and said, "Hey that was the best conference call ever." After a few moments she moved his hand from her ass and said, "Okay, people will soon be getting into work here."

My Picture Perfect Day Ch. 01

anal FatherMuck 2018-09-19

To be totally honest, I was looking forward to them too, I'm pretty sure I got some great black and white shots of her going down on me, and at least one of her on all fours with my hard cock right up her asshole, a la gonzo porn. Cupping my heavy balls in one hand, she placed the other hand at the base - fingers facing upward - gently jerking me off, watching my cock get bigger and bigger, licking it occasionally. Then, almost scared my cock would come out her mouth; I finally shot a huge load of cum right into her welcoming bowels.

The Joys Of Middle-Management Ch. 02

anal Leezy 2018-08-23

Were you imagining what it would be like to take that huge cock up your ass?" When I imagined what it would feel like when he pushed it up my asshole, I got weak in the knees. Like I said, I have never killed anyone." He pushed a little, and my asshole resisted. Then I touched and felt his cock, all the way from his balls to where it disappeared into my asshole. He couldn't hold back any longer, so he pushed his cock all the way into me, and started to cum. "I'll get the KY if you want me to, but I actually liked the way it felt when you had to push real hard.

Oil and Leather

anal emilyrose 2018-08-22

As she moved closer, he could see her seductive smile as she slowly loosened the belt and let the coat drop open. She moved one hand to the tip of her chin and with her middle finger slowly drew an imaginary line down the front of her body, hesitating just a little as she approached the hairline of her pussy. Lowering the vial slightly, she continued to let the shining liquid spread over her body, slowly tracing a path of oil down to her stomach, parting to her left thigh, then her right. He let his muscular body slide over hers, pressing her into the leather couch with his weight, the oil becoming the only thing between them, coating every part of their bodies.

Turn The Other Cheek

anal R. Richard 2018-08-08

Brenda and I watch as Morty tells Fiona that he isn't going to screw something that looks like a rat, so Fiona can just get her ass into the bedroom! I mention to Brenda that it looks like there is going to be some payback for the humiliation people have suffered at the hands of Freddy and Fiona. As Warren works his huge dick into Fiona's suffering ass hole, someone walks by and tells us that Freddy is getting the same treatment in the other bedroom. This time, Fiona doesn't appear to climax, but the new guy shoots still more cum inside Fiona ass hole and withdraws only to be replaced by Ray.

My First Day at Work Ch. 03

anal nakedindian 2018-07-27

I was getting turned on by this woman -- dressed in her trademark green cotton saree, her cleavage exposed down to almost her nipples, her breasts heaving with every breath she took. No employee ever had screwed her over and then shoved it up her ass. I need you to fuck me up my ass. My ass is craving for your big cock. For a woman who does not truly enjoy giving head, she was remarkably good at it. I knew I was going to have that ass. She was a good lay -- knew exactly how to gyrate her ass to meet the thrusts of my cock. All those years of being fucked up my ass were now paying dividends.