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A Patron of the Arts Part Three - Karen

anal Boss01 2018-12-04

Karen used one hand to direct my oral assault from left to right and back, moaning as I gently bit, tongued, and sucked each tit in turn, leaving my hands free to caress her hind-quarters; occasionally running a finger up and down her ass-crack. As she started stroking it, I glanced over at the porn still running on the TV, and noticed that the girl looked very similar to Karen, and was also dressed in a skirt with no panties and an open blouse. Cum in my ass!” I worked in and out a few more times, then shoved in as far and as hard as I could, and erupted; Karen let out a growl of pure lust as contraction after contraction pushed what felt like a quart of jizz out of my nuts and up her back chute.

She Was 22

anal older-wiser13 2018-12-01

One small hand encircled the base of his straining cock--just her thumb and forefinger--and she slowly pulled the skin of the shaft up and over the rim of the bulging head squeezing tightly, tightly all the way and oh yes, there it was oozing out---more of that glistening pre-cum, now running down the head and spreading out under the rim. Feeling the wet hole where she fucked, being in her like that urged him on and he began eating her gorgeous breasts faster, rougher, with a wide open mouth, covering her with his saliva while he fucked her as fast as he could with his fingers.

A Deal Made For Daddy, Part 3: Shelby's Surrender

anal Milik_the_Red 2018-11-21

The desire to be used like that, to be stretched open while Ben fucked me in such a taboo way, was too strong for me to ignore. I never thought I’d crave such a thing, but after his fingering and stretching of my hole, the idea of taking his cock in my ass made me weak with desire. Each time his fingers drew down, I rocked my ass up, hoping to feel him touch either of my aching holes. Moaning in a mixture of shock, pain, pleasure and pride, I dug my fingers into the seat as Ben leaned in, driving the remainder of his cock into my ass.

Mr Marco Johnson

anal SeanR83 2018-11-17

You like knowing that Marco’s big, juicy cock will pound your pussy and ass all night. I felt his huge cock slip into my tight hole, his hand sliding down to my ass to make it easier to get all the way inside me. He held my hips as he slowly pushed his hard cock all the way deep into my ass. Slowly, with long, deep thrusts he started to fuck my ass. He started pounding me hard, his cock sliding easily in and out of my ass. He held me close for nearly five minutes before slowly pulling his cock from my ass. I could feel his cum slowly oozing out of my ass and knew that it was going to be a great day.

No Substitute For Experience

anal Sleepyhead707 2018-11-11

I know I’m going to hate myself, but I can’t resist her any longer, my oily hands grasp her bosoms and knead them gently, then, turning my attention to her puffy nipples, I gently grasp them between finger and thumb and caress them erect. Penetration is deliciously easy and I’m giving her my entire length, grabbing her hips and pushing harder and harder inside her, I’m grunting like a wild animal as her pussy muscles seem to be coaxing another orgasm from me, but I don’t want to come inside her, so I withdraw myself and lie flat on my back on the sofa, beckoning her over.

My Daughter's Best Friend - Part 10

anal John_Doe 2018-11-09

She started to fuck herself with the vibrator, sliding it in and out, back and forth inside her tight wet hole. Amy licked her lips, not only at this new way to help me get off, but the feel of the vibrator still buzzing away inside her tight wet hole. She took hold of the vibrator once more, sliding it in and out of her tight wet pussy, picking up pace to a smooth rhythm of fucking herself with this sex toy. Her hips did most of the work, forcing me to see not only the delight of watching my cock slide between those juicy lips that clung so tightly around my hard thick cock, but also gave me a perfect view of the tight pucker hole of her ass.

Mr. Jordan (Chapter III - Final)

anal Safire 2018-11-06

It will only be for a moment.” His finger poked and prodded at my hole and it became clear to me he’d fuck my ass anyway and that he wouldn’t do it patiently. One finger pushed against my virgin hole, forcing the oil inside. “It’s okay, baby, just relax,” he poured more oil into my hole and pushed it deeper with his finger. I breathed in deeply and cried out as I felt his head force itself against my hole. His cock started to feel really good in my tight little ass, and soon I was grunting and meeting him with every thrust. “Yeah, baby!” Mr. Jordan cried out, “take my cock up your tight little ass!”

My Dream Penthouse

anal JuneFernan 2018-11-05

I giggle and try to let my head relax, while his hands put a firmer grasp on my knee, Jake’s a firmer grasp on my shoulder, so much that I know we’re getting closer to what I want, and I’m tingling all over. The outside world—I really don’t care about it anymore—not with these two men who know how to stretch my legs as far apart as they can stretch, and press my knees against my chest, who can wrap their hands around my neck while I’m wound this tight, make my orgasm bloom at length, put me through half a book of Tantra without dropping a touch of their stamina, while I get off, and off.

Sandra's Dad

anal Bethan 2018-11-05

There was a long pause but before she could bring herself to enquire she felt Brian’s strong hands on her ankles rubbing the cool sun cream up her legs. Beth felt aroused, and said nothing when his fingers pushed up the back of her knickers exposing her buttocks and pulling her knickers tight against her pussy. Brian was now finger fucking her in time to her thrusting hips whilst rolling his tongue over her hard clitoris. Beth was amazed how sensitive she was to his touch and pushed her hand down between her legs and fingers her pussy. Brian held her hips and helped her gently slide back and forth on his cock until quietly Beth shuddered to her second orgasm of the day.

Cigarettes, Paper ...You? Ch. 04

anal white_on_brown 2018-09-28

I must have looked a bit strange as I tried to force a grin and racked my mind trying to think what to say. She's home now and the family's looking after her." At that moment, Jasmine's sister Sareeta appeared in the doorway behind him. Panting from the exertion and already erect in anticipation, I pedalled the last few yards to the thicket, hurriedly grabbed at the final two items and crashed my bike into the narrow opening between two trees. She yelped and locked her arms and legs feverishly round my back as I began to madly piston in and out of her, slamming her down into the mud, feeling its cool sliminess, squishing between our bodies.


anal ofloveandlust 2018-09-27

"I can't" she mumbled but her legs parted and after stopping just long enough to suck on one of her large tits he went down on her again, this time, licking her clit with his fingers, first one, then two, pressed into her. She struggled to close her legs but was stopped by his broad shoulders and he fucked and sucked and licked until he could tell she came again, her belly and thighs and tits a fat little wad of orgasm in his hands. It wasn't the load the first one was but with each contraction of his cock, a little more cum slipped into her ass and he moved more easily inside of her until he could finally let go and fuck her properly.

A-Grade Student

anal x_knightofpassion_x 2018-09-12

"Twenty years - and so many girls," Lucas thought warmly, casting his mind back to the many nubile bodies who had shared his quiet office with him: the moaners, the groaners, the squealers and screamers; the biters, the scratchers, the squirters; the coy virgins who spread their legs shyly and looked at his cock as if it was some potent and magical symbol of fertility, and the practised sluts who enthusiastically rode his tool for hours, grinding themselves to orgasm after orgasm; the big-titted asian student with the weak bladder who drenched herself with piss every time she came, and the quiet pig-tailed brunette who had moaned "Oh, daddy," over and over as he fucked her from behind; the mature student in her mid-thirties who had showed him pictures of her bikini-clad twin daughters as she bounced energetically on his penis, grunting every time his heavy balls slapped against the cheeks of her bottom; and now this girl, this beautiful blonde siren, this born cock-sucker.

His Sweet Girl Ch. 07

anal naughtysexmouse 2018-09-10

I leaned forward and after Peter had removed his huge erection from his pants, he kissed my ass cheeks gently and massaged my soft flesh. I love having control over your sweet tight body." I moaned again as Peter's whisper tickled my neck and I felt his hand slip round to massage my clitoris. My wide stance on the chair spread open my bald pink pussy and showed clearly where my boss' hand was tickling my clitoris to orgasm, surrounding my dripping spunk from repeated use and abuse by Peter. Some of my boss' precious cream shone obviously on my soft inner thighs as my boyfriend looked on, but I knew plenty was also stored up inside my clenching ass canal for future erotic fun.

The Lesson

anal Beautifullittlebaby 2018-09-10

The principal noticed this, and as the next three smacks were placed on her reddening ass, he began to rub the outside of his trousers. He took his throbbing cock out of his pants and began rubbing his mushroom head back and forth against the crack of her ass. It was painful for her at first, but she gave in to his movements and took much pleasure in the feeling of his cock deep inside her. He strolled over with his cock in his hand stroking it slowly and looking down at her soaking pussy. "Fuck me," Megan whispered, "fuck me hard." He continued to ravish her chest as he pulled her body right to the edge of the desk.

Pounding by Daddy in the Changerooms

anal 2018-08-27

I spent a lot of my time, stripping, rubbing my hard cock, fingering myself at the sight of and older man fucking a younger boy. My shaven ass revealed a bit, with my young cock shafting to the left of my leg. He stops and stares at my limp cock, I'm a bit scared to what I should do so I spin around and grab my speedo's to put away, I bend over in the process showing my hole. He whispers he wants to cum, so he puts me on the ground of the shower, my head pressed against the floor, with my ass raised up.

Leading Him Astray Ch. 01

anal CyberFrog 2018-08-24

He is so hard now, I relax my grip on his shaft and let my hand wander south, caressing his balls and working a finger between his arse cheeks, looking for his tight little hole. My finger slides in a little way and I look up at him, wanting to see the look on his face as for the first time he gets his ass fingered and his cock sucked together. He gets the hint and holding my head beings to thrust his cock hard, fucking my face as I work my finger in and out of his ass faster and faster.

Afternoon Nap Interrupted Ch. 04

anal sirhugs 2018-08-14

Any momentary doubt vanished as soon as Dennis saw that Sophie, gloriously naked, her body so fresh it looked unblemished, turned and bent, her hands up on the back of the couch, her ass presented to him. Dennis teased Sophie's labia with his fingers, his thumb gently grazing her engorged clit, watching her hips thrust back toward him, presenting herself for fucking in a primeval fashion. Dennis pressed the head of his fat cock against Sophie's well lubricated hole as he pulled her ass cheeks as far apart as possible. As she grinned, watching her final orifice being deflowered, her delicate pink ring began to stretch around the invading cock, As the head sank past that last barrier, Dennis could feel her sphincter tighten reflexively around his shaft, and she gasped lightly, expressing pleasure, not pain.

Golf Prose Pt. 04

anal OneSilky 2018-07-27

But Pramod also had a special touch, he made me feel like a professor and a trusted friend. I didn't mean to chortle, but when I looked down over my kootchie I could see his intense brown eyes burning up into mine with the rest of his face out of sight, and slick spots all the way up his cheeks. He struggled to shove into me as I rushed to take him deep, and as a result I knew an orgasm grew inside me like one knows a freight train is far away coming down the tracks. I reached a point where I had no volitional control, and my hips rolled and heaved, my breath whirled in and out, and then like Dorothy, I blew away in a tornado, swirling into blackness on a wave of overpowering pleasure...

Diary of College Slut Amy

anal AmyHenderson 2018-07-06

It isn't a huge ass like some guys like – it's a small, pert round thing that most of my boyfriends over the years have invariably wanted to squeeze, spank, and of course, fuck. It wasn't long after I began college that I started experimenting with anal, and after a couple of years of experience I now enjoy a thick pecker slithering up between my tight buttocks as much as getting fucked in the more regular way. The night before had been a college game and in the usual after match celebrations and drinking, Matt had grabbed my ass and told me that we were going to his dorm room.

Anal Sex With Older Men Ch. 01

anal notnice66 2018-06-21

But with Henry's big cock stretching and pounding my pussy and the sheer physicality of sex with this alpha male – well, I can't think of a time when I didn't come at least once. Then one afternoon as we sat in his truck after sex, he told me that his wife Rhonda was taking their 12 year old son and going to stay with her folks for three days – all the time she could get off work at the supermarket. As he thrust steadily into my rectum I wondered how often he had anal sex with his wife, imagining Rhonda up on her hands and knees, her heavy tits and big belly wobbling, whining voice complaining (or so I liked to imagine) as her hubby sought release.

Anal Sex With Older Men Ch. 02

anal notnice66 2018-06-13

The wife took it upon herself to help me meet people and, through her, I soon got a better paying job. I was loving having his cock in my mouth and showed him that I had good skills – took him all the way, sucked his balls till he groaned, licked his piss slit and the inside of his foreskin. I was taking his cock deeper, massaging his balls, when he said that he really loved my bum – loved playing with it, loved slipping his fingers in it, loved licking and tonguing it. I let his cock out for a moment, told him I had enjoyed what he did to my butt, then took him in my mouth again.

Meeting the Boss's Daughter

anal littleladyfun 2018-06-12

I grunt as I bury myself deep inside her, holding there, leaning forward, my hands reaching to her chest, to the fabric over and it and tear it open, exposing her beautiful round breasts. I turn her over on her hands and knees on the bed, I run the toy in it's highest intensity along her clit and slide it deep inside her. Only a few more hard thrusts and I feel her tensing up, i ram both my cock and the toy deep inside her and she lets out a scream without a thought of concern for those downstairs as her body convulses, tightening around me in quick pulses.

Wind Ch. 02

anal JenniferGreen 2018-05-15

He walked away, went to the bedroom, and started touching himself, thinking of his slut and her new boyfriend. He came in his own hands thinking this delicious thought, imagining his cock-hungry young Japanese slut taking two cocks at once, one impaled deep down her well-trained throat, the other ravishing her tight, sweet pussy. Then he started licking her wet, open pussy, which was well used and fully opened by now, having been visited many times by himself and her boyfriend, who had no idea she was her boss' personal slut. He told her to get on her hands and knees, and lubed them up well, and slowly started entering her tight ass.

Weekly Visit to Ralph

anal 36DD 2018-05-09

Angie didn't like to play rummy and cribbage but she always went along with it, after all Ralph had been so kind to her when she lost her job at the store and now her car was in need of repair, so she looked at him and said," My stupid car is broke down again. Angie said, "Pull my nipples while you fuck me" and he started to push his big mushroom into her asshole. Angie finger her clit like it itched and started to wail as her asshole was split apart, "Uugh! Finally, he had an orgasm years in the making and filled up Angie's asshole while she was starting to feel like he would never get out of her ass.