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My maaster Part 2

anal sexy_biatch 2018-11-20

You slowly insert a well lubricated finger into my hole, and hold still waiting for me to get use to the new feeling. I hear you pour the cold oil onto your huge cock, which is now rock hard after laying with my ass, you put me in doggie position and add more oil to my tight hole. With you fucking my ass, and that toy in my pussy, I soon began to feel the affects. You tell me you want to cum in my ass; all I can reply with is the moan of how good it feels. We kiss each other into the New Year and than fall asleep in each others arms, your dick still embedded deep inside my ass.


anal Delphi 2018-11-20

“My mother. “Your mother is an amazing artist.” His body weakened. “Yes, of course.” “You appreciate quality, and you are classy in every way I’ve come to expect in a man and in ways I’d never dreamed. His wife had never taken anything for granted, was as resolute about him getting a seat in politics as he was. Get on your knees.” It’s about you. “That was expensive couture!” It’s wrong.” His knees weakened. As if she could button up the memory of their time together, the sins they’d committed. Her lusty, sexual appeal was gone in favor of the cold and collected version of Tamara Coben, winner of the Congressional seat. “That seat is yours.”

Office Visit

anal enjoysex52 2018-11-19

You have everything open and in no time and reach up and pull my pants and briefs down to my ankles and return your wet mouth to my manhood. I take long slow licks the length of your slit from ass hole to the top of your wet slit, stopping to take your clit into my mouth and gently suck it between my teeth. You grind your ass back into my mouth as I reach one hand around to finger your hot wet cunt and tease your swollen clit. You let me know you were going to tell me to pull out before I had my orgasm because you wanted me to cum in your mouth.

Accidental Love III

anal 3262 2018-11-19

"What if I told you I was going to kiss you from head to toe, lick every inch of that big cock of yours, suck those huge nuts and stick my tongue so far up your ass you're gonna have two tongues in your mouth?" Ben moved to the nice tits he loved so much, kissing and licking them and sucking the large nipples into his mouth. It's gonna make me cum, darling." Lori was meeting every stroke now as Ben, unable to control himself any longer, was fucking that beautiful, tight ass like a madman. Sara, sitting on the side of the bed, applied more oil to her hands as she began massaging Lori's neck and shoulders.

Probed In The Name of Research, Part II

anal Ivyvines 2018-11-19

He headed down the stairs wondering what he’d been thinking to pull her hair like that and did he really tell her to say his name as if she didn’t fucking know it? He smiled to himself as he set the probe up to the right height where it was attached to the mechanical arm that he brought up over her ass. She got turned on as she watched it up on the screen, Gabe’s hand on her ass, holding it open as he guided it in. “Please, Gabe, pleeeeeaase.” She was moaning and begging while watching how he plunged into her and then completely pulling out showing just how much her ass licked it.

My Big Black Cock Slut Adventure - Part 3--A

anal Kee 2018-11-19

After standing up and moving my butt a bit to get used to it I told him, “You better have some good wine to go with the steak, I am going to need it!” But not before he stood behind me and had a good feel while I reached behind and popped him out of his string, enjoying some nice strokes while thinking of what the night would bring. “Oh god Cal, Yes, Yes, Eat My Pussy, I am cumming!” I shouted as I pounded the bed and tried to twist away. I want to feel every throb of your cock!” His orgasm started, hot cum shooting in my virgin ass, virgin to him at least.

Horny photo session

anal laradirtygirl 2018-11-19

Thinking about them showing their tits and spreading their legs began to bring that horny feeling back and I could feel my pussy becoming wet as Jim snapped away. As Jim snapped another picture of my wet pussy I leaned forward onto my knees catching him by surprise. The feeling of being spit roasted by 2 horny guys was to much as soon I was screaming with Jims cock in my mouth as I came. I sucked my pussy juice from my boyfriends cock as Jim fucked me in the ass. This caused Jim to pick up his pace as well and soon he began to groan as I felt his explode in my ass.

That’s How I Want You

anal justaddkatie 2018-11-18

Thanks to Nolan, I had only messed up that one time during the entire week that I was supposed to stay away from Lane and focus on my husband. I moaned and wiggled as Nolan slid his finger deep inside me and sucked my clit into his mouth at the same time. I pinched at Lane with my fingers, like we were holding hand when the orgasm hit me hard. Eventually, the sucking and the stroking met a passionate rhythm, and Nolan was lost, not noticing my free hand rubbing Lane in between his legs. Guilt for fucking Nolan in front of Lane tried to consume my thoughts but was quickly overshadowed by Nolan’s cock pounding my pussy hard.

The Invasion Of A Stranger's Ass

anal Remington 2018-11-18

Josh was already sitting there with Emily's friend, deep in conversation. Wanna go back to our place with us?" I asked Emily while Josh asked Carly. Josh and I came to the bar together as well as Emily and Carly. Josh, Carly and Emily were sitting on the couch. When they reached Josh's room, Emily looked at me then leaned over and planted a soft, wet kiss on my lips. I walked over to Emily and took one of her nipples into my mouth while kneading the other breast with my free hand. "Fuck my ass harder!" Emily demanded. Emily could feel my dick getting harder in her ass. I wanna feel your cock in my pussy now." Emily demanded.


anal iauraha 2018-11-18

Teasing all but my breasts and aching pussy with the feather, taking your time and delaying each new touch longer than the last. Finally you leave my pussy, glistening still and work your way to my head, I feel the head of your cock against my lips and eagerly open my mouth for you to invade. Your balls slap my ass with every hard push and I cry out as another orgasm blasts through my body with a shudder, my pussy clamps down around your hard cock and you stiffen, trying not to cum with me. The feeling of fullness makes me groan and as you finish with your balls laying against my ass I massage your cock with my inner muscles, a trick I'd learned to please you.

Stockholm Story, part 3

anal Natalia 2018-11-18

Azem bounced scared on the chair he was sitting, like a school boy caught by a teacher during the break. "Here are my balls baby, you can push them a little, but please, do not use a racket," Azem said as he approached me. I went down on his balls to lick and suck them, and he stroked his penis at the same time. "Anyway, I was only to ask you how you would feel about anal sex, and then all this conversation happened; maybe it's good that I didn't ask..." Azem finished the topic, but in fact, he hoped I would continue. It was the second part of feeling good, but Azem realized the danger.

A City Meeting

anal OldGeezer 2018-11-17

My hand slid under her bottom, she was so light that I was able to lift her to my mouth, and as I licked her pussy hole, her lips and gently sucked at her clit, she started to cum, twisting in my hands, and I found my fingers stroking and pressing against her tight asshole. Somehow, the sensuality of her body, the skill with which she worked on my cock head, or maybe the fact that her fingers strayed to stroke and squeeze my balls, and to caress my asshole, but it took no more than 15 minutes before I was welling and starting to fill her mouth.

Maybe, Someday

anal sassys 2018-11-17

I moan as I feel one hand slide around to cup a breast, his thumb rubbing roughly against my nipple, instantly making them both hard. He moves is mouth back up to my neck and then my ear as he says, huskily, “Baby, let’s go inside.” Reluctantly, as I don’t want to move, but knowing something better is about to happen, I slide off his lap. I feel his cock slide out and posed at the opening, I push my ass back and he stops me with a hand on my waist. He continues to slowly fuck my ass, gradually picking up speed, as I slide my hand to my clit and rub it hard.

Kelly's Passion Ch 7

anal Milik_the_Red 2018-11-17

“It’s really my pleasure Kelly.” Alex saw the joy in her face and felt her body melt against him. Although Kelly was obviously enjoying their lovemaking, Alex feared that their night together might start to feel too much like just another liaison with a client to her. She had no fear of the pain that would soon come and by the way his finger felt, she expected that when the time arrived it was going to feel divine to have him inside her. Alex held her there for several long moments as he pumped slowly, letting his throbbing shaft expend the last drops of his cum, and then he slid off of her back and took her into his arms.

Cleaning Up

anal LongWillie 2018-11-17

I released her rock hard nipples with one last twist of my hand and sat up a little straighter in the chair, letting her feel my now rock hard cock through my pants against her belly. I quickly withdrew my fingers and wet hand and brought them back down in a startling spank, right across her exposed pussy lips. I took a firm hold on her head and began fucking my cock in and out of her mouth, varying the depth from short mini strokes to long deep thrusts that buried my raging hard on deep into her throat. Reaching behind her with her right hand, she slowly lined up the butt plug and started working it up her tight asshole.

Filthy Compliance

anal smiler77 2018-11-17

“Do you know what I’m going to do to you?” you ask me in a voice that intimidates me and makes me ache in places you’re keen to meet. “Hush little girl”, you say to me but I can’t and really I think you like inducing a reaction, you like that you’re stretching me, that I’m trying to inch away from you for a moments mercy. “Fuck me hard” I tell you and I deserve it, you think, so you push back my legs and give it to me the way you know I like it. I can’t take anymore now but I asked for it so I’m going to get it and accept it like the good little girl that started this.

My education continues Part 2

anal juanmoretime1 2018-11-17

“Well, after Brad came in John’s ass and John came in my mouth, we all arranged each other so we could and did have a three way kiss, with John’s cum in my mouth being shared amongst us. "I had been kneeling, and leaning forward to kiss Brad, John’s resuscitated hard cock nudged my left hard nipple and streaked it with spare cum. “OH, I was so hot, and I felt a huge sexual feeling welling up and waiting a sec and then, as John fucked my ass rapidly and hard, he suddenly thrust all the way in, screamed, and held and I felt the heat of his huge load flooding my rectum while I screamed and simultaneously jerked, orgasmed, and shot fluid out my vagina all over the bed!

Honeymoon fun

anal sccatcher4 2018-11-16

Without thinking or asking I rolled her onto her stomach, spread her legs, start licking her ass and fingering her soaking wet pussy. I pushed her to bend her over the bed, and she looked over her shoulder and said, "Fuck me like my husband can't, JT. I was looking at her asshole and thinking to myself that I had already licked and fingered it, and I would never see her again after a few more days, so I was going to try and fuck her ass. She looked up with a little cum left on her lips, licked it off and said, "If you don't fuck me every day that I'm here, your wife will hear about this."


anal DamonX 2018-11-16

"This is really, really soft!" I nodded in agreement as Michelle climbed onto the bed, lying on her stomach facing the TV with her head resting in her hands like a small child watching Saturday morning cartoons. "Is this all you've been waiting for?" "Hehe....Noooo." I began fucking Michelle, holding her hips firmly in my hands as I moved in and out with slow, steady strokes. As I felt my dick grow larger in my hand, my eyes remained locked on Michelle as her fingers continued to penetrate her own pussy and ass in tandem. "I want you to fuck me like a dirty little slut and cum in my asshole!" I slapped her ass again and pulled her hair, encouraging her to continue.

Happy Birthday

anal silverlining 2018-11-16

Shawn took a moment to admire her bent over in front of him, legs spread, firm little ass displayed and pussy wet and open and waiting for him. Keeping her hair in his hand, he pulled a little harder, forcing her back into a deep arch and her hips to widen, her head tilted high and back, her ass lifting and spreading so he could see her little knothole as he slid even deeper inside. Taking his thick cock in his hand, he rubbed the head of his dick against her swollen wet pussy, enjoying the sensation and the way Melissa began to moan again at the contrast between the hard fucking of a moment ago and the teasing softness now.

Sex Slave - Annual Event - Part Five

anal Poppet 2018-11-15

That isn't what I think of when I'm masturbating to this idea, so I wanted it to go just like my fantasy goes, you know? But let me tell you, I didn't need or even think of sex for like a month after that.” The smile that spreads across her face turns into a longing to do it again. Marcus' groans out, pulling his legs up slightly allowing me to move in more, truly feeling like I'm in the man's position, watching him do all the things I've ever done when being fucked by a man. Edward tells me how wonderful of a job I did with Marcus, and is really going to look me up next time he fancies a good fucking by a girl.

She loves my cum in her ass

anal schwedyballs 2018-11-15

Every now and then she would come up to me and whisper dirty little things in my ear such as, “I want your dick” or“You are making my pussy dripping wet.” Hearing these sayings from her was making my dick hard and the alcohol was helping to make me hornier and hornier. I started to push my tongue as deep into her cunt as I could to taste all of her sweet juices, and then I felt her hand massaging my balls and playing with them between her fingers. I knew she wanted something hard inside her so I inserted two fingers into her pussy and started finger fucking her rather fast. She moved one hand down to her pussy and rubbed her clit a little and then slipped one and then two fingers inside.

My education continues Part 3

anal juanmoretime1 2018-11-15

“If you are looking to get me excited, you are doing a great job!” I said as I took her hand and moved it to my hardening cock as we walked. “Yes, you feel sooo good,” I said as I leaned over her back, my now erect cock sliding long her ass crack while I hugged her back and kissed her neck. I didn’t move for a couple of minutes, she turned her face to mine, and we began to kiss, hardening me to a straining point while she massaged my cock with her ass. I moved my way down and pulled her ass apart with my hands and just went right in and kissed her hole.

Dark Tails: Mick

anal Irene 2018-11-14

"Funny, the wife says something familiar." However Amanda was looking out the window, her red face strangely appealing under the orange glare of the street lights. Mick tried hard not stare at her breasts, prominently displayed in front of him like yet another dish. One hand travelled up to grasp the hair at the back of Micks head. Amanda moved her mouth round to the side of his face, nibbling on his earlobe as she whispered, "Fuck me" Mick removed his hands from probing her cunt, and brought them round to finish undoing his trousers. Mick slipped his hands under the waist band of her bottoms, groping her rear. Mick roughly bent her over the bed, his hands pulling her bottoms to her knees.