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Dirty Girl

anal DamonX 2018-12-02

Guys usually don't pay much attention to a girl's mouth, but I think that it can be far more sexy that a pair of tits or a nice ass. Bria took one of my hands and placed it at her pussy, obviously wanting more than a good licking. Hungrily, I lapped up her girl-cum from around her little pink anus before she pulled me up for another long wet kiss. As much as I wanted to fill this girl's ass with cum, the though of spewing in her cute little face again was too good to pass up. I placed a hand on her head as she licked my most private area, running that nimble tongue in circles as she stroked my cock.

TAKING ON A MONSTER: an old-fashioned stroke story

anal RumpleForeskin 2018-11-30

Try as she might, she inhaled sharply and tensed-up the moment Tony's huge cockhead slipped between the cheeks of her ass. Just when Cindy thought she could take no more, she felt Tony's entire cockhead pop into her burning ass hole. After a moment’s pause, Tony began slowly forcing his giant cock deeper and deeper into Cindy's rear. Tony understood, and slowly withdrew his mammoth dick until the entire shaft was out and only his cockhead remained inside her ass. After a short pause, he began a slow, smooth thrust that didn’t stop until his cock was back at the same depth inside her ass. Whenever Tony shoved in a little too deep, Cindy would emit a low moan of pain.

A Couple Play A Sexy Game

anal Mysteria27 2018-11-28

Emily wanted to look hot for her husband. Tommy took the dice and didn’t roll a six. Emily and Tommy were giggling while they played the game together. Emily made all kinds of sucking and slurping noises while she blew at her husband's cock. Emily was moaning and groaning and wanting Tommy to fuck her. Tommy played with his wife’s pussy while he slowly began to fuck her tight asshole. When they got to the bedroom, they just held each other and Emily held her husband's cock in her hands. Emily climbed on top of her husband and positioned herself over his hard cock. Emily spread her buttocks and positioned Tommy's hard cock up her asshole again.

First Time Anal

anal BedroomAngel 2018-11-25

Laying down on the bed she spread her legs and said “I want you to eat my pussy and massage my tits first. I wanted to take my time but Robin had other ideas, suddenly she grabbed me, wrapped her legs around my waist and fucked the shit out of me. Flipping Robin over I told her to get on her knees I was going to fuck her in the ass; I did not want her to be an anal virgin anymore. Pumping all that cum deep into her I could feel her orgasm as she fell onto the bed my cock slipped out of her ass.

Megan’s Transformation Into A Hotwife - Part 3

anal Kee 2018-11-25

He was more lovey-dovey; Derreck was direct, aggressive, and a bit domineering—all things, I realized, that I loved and wanted. The next morning was pretty much a repeat of the previous night, with a couple variations; I let George fuck my puss before he did my ass, and then he used the dildo harder and deeper. “Thanks, George,” and to me, he said, “Hang on tight, we are moving locations.” Up I went, arms and legs locked around him, prodigiously and wonderfully speared. Derreck then told me that he wanted to take me out to dinner and have me spend the night at his house, all without George.

A Treasured Memory, Chapter 3

anal oceanrunner 2018-11-24

Her legs spread a bit and my cock's head slid against her lips, and almost between them -- it took every ounce of restraint I had not to push myself into her virgin pussy at that very moment. But if she really wanted me to stop, she’d say “avocado.” So all that was really happening was that the reality of my thick, large cock going up her ass was bumping up against the idea she’d had in her head, which was not as immediate or real as my all-too-present erection. It was a good thing I had to wait, because the situation and the amazing tightness of her ass would have brought me to orgasm far too soon after having been on the edge for so long.

Late With The Rent Again

anal Mysteria27 2018-11-23

I don’t think he’s going to like that I’m three hundred dollars short. My landlord is a fat guy that has several missing teeth and terrible body odor. I looked at my landlord like he was out of his fucking mind. Beautiful girl wants fat ugly man to fuck her. My landlord got on his knees and pulled my legs closer to his mouth. He pushed his fat finger into my pussy and finger fucked me hard and fast. “I’m a cheap whore that spends my money and fucks for rent.” Cute girl in apartment twenty-seven having the landlord fuck her ass. My landlord pulled his cock out of my asshole and rammed it into my pussy.

Pushing Boundaries

anal DirtyOldBukowski 2018-11-23

The sight of this young man with his face buried in the folds of her arse and loving every moment of it made her feel sexier than she had in years. His rigid penis was pressing painfully against his denim jeans as he lay there in waiting, but all he could think about was getting his face back into the crease of Julia's arse. Daniel caught his breath as she stepped either side of his head and began to lower herself down, her glistening pussy parting itself on his nose and the beautiful rosebud of her anus hovering just above his tongue. Daniel tried to strain his neck up to continue lapping at the goddess above him, but Julia climbed to her feet and looked down at him with a renewed twinkle in her eyes.

My Stranger

anal NaughtyKitten69 2018-11-21

He then slowly and gently rubbed his hands down the sides of my legs a little and then back up to my waist as he began walking around me.  He stopped when he was behind me and I could feel his breath on my hair. “ooo” I gasped.  And I could sense his smile widening.  This cold object was moved in and around my pussy as his tongue continued to lick my arsehole until he slid the object up between my cheeks and placed it directly onto my arsehole.  Slowly and gently he pushed and I could feel my arsehole slowly being stretched.

My First Threesome - Pt 2

anal Cassiter 2018-11-21

Then he starts to fuck my ass with his tongue and slides two fingers between my wet pussy lips. I whine as he pulls out his tongue only to revel in the feeling as it’s replaced with his finger, nicely lubed from being in my pussy. He removes his fingers and replaces them with his thumb and the next thing I feel is his hard cock entering my pussy. After one or two more strokes to empty him, I feel him pull out and I hear him say sternly, “suck my cock clean baby!” I quickly turn around and take him into my mouth without even thinking about it.

A Night to Remember

anal luvkitten69 2018-11-21

She reached down between her legs spreading her lips, imagining Christian's mouth on them. Christian's hand slid between her legs and he spread her lips with his fingers. And that pretty little pussy looks amazing with that pretty ass up in the air." He smacked both cheeks and she cried out again. "You like having that ass spanked, don't you baby. Quickly, three times in a row as she had her mouth on his nuts, the belt smacked her ass quickly and noisily. "Oh Christian, I want it bad baby. He stood still, allowing her to feel him stretching her pussy, spreading her lips. Since you like that......." He pulled his dick out and pressed the head into her asshole.

Was it a Dream? Ch 1

anal Kandikiss51 2018-11-18

Glancing around quickly you notice we are alone, you take me by the hand to a secluded spot away from the camera's lens, pull me close and kiss me hard. I kiss you softly turn and walk away, feeling your gaze watching me, making my skin boil with lust. We kissed long and hard, as his hand caressed my wet pussy. When you sucked in my clit and slid two fingers deep inside me I squealed, "Ooooooh fuck Michael, eat me, ooooh god just like that." I want to feel that pole deep inside me, fucking me hard, and filling every crevice with cum!” Kandy let out a soft moaning sound, as my cock penetrated and began fucking her ass.

She's More Than Meets The Eye. - Ch 3

anal MrNudiePants 2018-11-17

Rebecca went in first as they entered the brightly-lit vending area, and she let go of Damien's hand so she could open her purse. Ada's gaze roved from Damien's round ass, to Rebecca's eyes, and then to the hard, sexy cock Rebecca was still stroking gently. The last thing he saw before Ada pulled him around the corner was Rebecca giggling as she buried her face against Damien's hip. Rebecca's soft breasts pressed against Damien's back, as her stiff cock nested in the cleft between his cheeks. I love fucking your ass, baby," Rebecca whispered. "I'm gonna fuck you so good." She continued pushing and pulling her fingers in and out of his ass, working the hard ring of muscle, loosening it.

The Story About George - Chapter Three - Snorkel and Grass

anal Mysteria27 2018-11-13

George knew she probably wanted to have a little fun with him again, by the look in her eyes. George didn’t want to disappoint Pamela. George got excited and watched his cock grow in Pamela’s hands. George wasn’t sure he wanted to lick her pussy again. Pamela got on top of George and pushed her tongue through his mouth. Pamela straddled George on her bed and eased down on the G's cock. George sat on the bed while Pamela opened up the drawer and pulled out a latex cock. Pamela took the lube and wiped it all over George's asshole. Pamela went very slowly into George's asshole. George had no idea what Pamela was planning, but he did hope it involved cock-sucking.

Taking it Like a Bitch 2

anal NancyAllbright 2018-11-13

You see, for me, the preparation for a fuck is the best part, but as I kissed Cassandra on each cheek and bade her goodbye, I realised that I needed to know exactly what Jonah had planned for our second date. As I selected a pair of patent high heels in the next store, I suddenly remembered what Jonah had said last time about giving me anal. Jonah had said to wear a pair of black knickers but surely he was expecting a bit more spice than that? ‘Do you understand what I’ve just said?’ he asked, leaning his face close to mine, gripping my hair and pulling my head to one side.

The Commuter: Days 17-18

anal seemywowzza 2018-11-09

You stopped just inches from me, just like the first time we fucked on the train. You reached for the top of my head and grabbed a handful of my hair, pulling my face into your soft sweet smelling shear blouse. Your hips pushed back and forth against my hand as I finger fucked you hard. "You like having your cunt fingered hard slut?" I growled as I lowered my head near yours. Long hard powerful thrusts delivered my cock deep in your pussy, bouncing you off of the door. I felt my cock losing it's hardness as it slipped from your body. My hands retraced the curves of your body as I gave your ass one more hard swat.

Just An Experiment - Part Two

anal Mysteria27 2018-11-08

Mike and Wendy got into Mike’s car.  He drove them back to her house.  Wendy sucked on Mike’s cock while they drove home.  She was really liking his cock tonight.  He was really digging that.  He knew he still liked women.  Soon he’d be tasting her cunt.  He needed to taste it.  He needed to know he loved it still.  He liked sucking Jack’s cock.  He liked tasting his cum.  Now he needed to think about pussies and cream.  No thinking about dicks and balls. “Get undressed, Mike.  You can watch me fuck Brenda.  Be a good boy and if you’re good, I’ll fuck that nice ass of yours too.  I know you like dick!”

Out of the Blue

anal mingemuncher 2018-11-08

“Enough of all this talk, I need to get to sleep, but I am not finished with you yet.” She rolled over beside me, and as my hand came free, she grabbed it and guided it back between her legs. But I was very aware I had to behave myself, as it was going to be hard enough to call a stop on our affair, without my pissing Lynette off even before we got to the end of the night. After midnight Lynette came back to join us and said she wanted to go home, as again she was on early mornings and needed to get some sleep.


anal DirtyFilthyInk 2018-11-07

We shared a lovely shower earlier, where our removal of sun screen and sweat had led to me gasping against the wall of the shower as my cock pulsed in your mouth, spending myself against your tongue. I remain standing a moment longer and you quickly lean over and take my hardening cock in your warm mouth. You scoot down in the chair and pull your legs up and apart, hands at your knees, opening your heated core up to my ravenous mouth as much as you can. Stepping back, my cock slipping from your mouth, I take your hand and pull you gently up. You are quickly on hands and knees, head down, feeling all of that water pound against your gorgeous ass and back.


anal mike8253 2018-11-05

She’d ask questions: “Are you going to make me cum?”; “Do you like my pussy?”; “do you like my clit?”; “do you want me to suck your cock?” Linda had one long orgasm, body arched up to meet my tongue, long, loud moans, and her hands pulling on the back of my head into her pussy. I love the look of a woman’s back and ass when she’s being fucked doggie, pussy or ass; the sweat on her back rolled down her spine to her ass; her hair was all tangled and wet and hanging down to the floor; her face was all sweaty; she was breathing hard and moaning with pleasure; her big boobs swayed violently back and forth, her nipples brushing against the bed sheet.

He met her at the bar

anal SweetKitty 2018-11-05

He takes some of her cunt juices on his fingers and brings it up to her ass.  He massages her asshole.  She moans, "hmmm, I'm not sure about this."  "Just relax baby, I'll be gentle, and you will enjoy it."  He keeps probing at her hole.  He puts more of her dripping cunt juices on her hole.  Then he sticks his finger in her asshole.  She moans, "hmm" but it hurts a bit.  He doesn't move his finger.  Then he feels her relax a bit, he moves his finger in and out a couple times.  "hmmmm."  She starts to move with him, pushing his finger into her a bit more.  Then he sticks a second figure in her hole.

A Homecumming Delight

anal xanniex 2018-11-04

I feel my pussy stretched with my vibrator, now switched off, and I run my fingers down farther to the toy poking out of my tightest little hole. The toy in my ass, your fingers in my tight, wet pussy, and your mouth sucking and nibbling on my senstive, swollen clit are all just too much. I reach a hand around to my ass and start to thrust the toy in and out of my tight little hole, matching your thrusts like the most perfect yin and yang. I moan as the warm oil slides into my ass and drips down my pussy to my electrified little clit.

Alley Anal

anal stockingluvr 2018-11-03

Sitting down, I was pretty sure that I was going to go with the company that did the second presentation, unless of course these guys really blew my socks off. Steven asked me if there was anything he could help me with and I told him that I was hoping to meet with a rep from his company today. I went back to meet with the rep from company four and, after the thirty minute meeting, was almost positive that they were the one. Pulling on my clothes to leave, I told him that I really enjoyed morning sex and gave him my hotel info as I walked out of the alley.

Working Over

anal Ruthie 2018-10-30

“Well, for starters, I'd like you to eat my pussy while Bernie fucks you in the ass.” I took Jenna's ass in the palms of my hands and buried my face between her legs, letting my tongue slip down her moist lips, opening her inner labia, and tasting her. I felt Bernie withdraw his finger and rub more of my pussy juices on my asshole. Putting my tongue into Jenna's pussy as far as I could reach then taking it out and licking her love button seemed to excite her a lot. I felt her reach forward, touching my pussy, finding Bernie's dick busy inside me.