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The Good Wife Is Bad -2.0

anal Lauradj 2018-11-28

It felt like we dozed for a lifetime, but when Derek woke me up with kisses all along my face and jawline, I felt an urgency to return home to Bryan and the girls, in case they became suspicious. As I shifted my weight so I could play with my clit, it felt like I gave way back there, and the head of his cock was inside me. With Derek in my ass and me twirling my clitoris underneath my fingers, it wasn’t long before I felt the approach of an orgasm. “I told Bryan I was out shopping, I can’t go home with nothing to show for it.” Looks like I’m adding to the credit card with crap I don’t need,’ I thought.

The road to my first time as Christy (part 1)

anal Chrisjohnson45601 2018-11-27

She began gently stroking, it felt great, but I had obviously jerked off with lube before this, so I was a bit confused by what she meant by "best orgasm of your life". I moaned as she continued, she started down the shaft and began massaging my balls, not gonna lie, it felt pretty great. I had never in my life to this point even considered something like this, I was nervous, felt a little weird about it, and wasn't sure what to expect. She rubbed and rubbed, it took a little more pressure than last time, but my ass gave way and before I knew what hit me, she had two fingers inside and was playing with my cock.

exposing Cindy - educating our youth - Chapter 7

anal submissivemom72 2018-11-25

As Stephen went downstairs to his little basement fortress, Stacey raised her eyebrows and asked simply, “Okay, what was that about?” Stephen came home, but rather than immediately assaulting and fondling me, he wanted to know what Stacey thought about what she saw yesterday. I decided not to share the possibility of Stacey & Stephen hooking up with Jim. I did not feel I could explain why I agreed to do it; I was not sure I understood why I agreed to Stacey’s plan myself. It simply hurts me too much.” I wanted to get back to what happened with Stephen, “So Stacey liked being taken back there, huh?”

After Work Hours, in the Cupboard

anal story_writer 2018-11-22

With your free hand you reach into your damp knickers, peeling the gusset from your cunt, allowing you to play with yourself as you do likewise with me, rubbing a finger along your slit, toying with your hardened clitoris as you feel your mouth full with my cock. The hand I have on your chin helps curve your body for me, my wet finger again in your mouth for your to enjoy as I slip the end of my cock into your willing arse. You suck on my finger as I begin pushing in and out of your arse, my cock going from filling you to coming almost completely out, leaving the tip in each time, then plunging back in to the hilt, holding again, my balls and stomach pressed against your hot skin.

Where's My Article?

anal AvaMarie 2018-11-22

Siobhan slowly sunk into her chair and placed her hands over her face. I want the article on my desk by eight o'clock tonight." Daniel slowly began to walk off. Just as she was about to gather more things to pack away, one of Daniel's personal assistants popped her head into Siobhan's cubicle. The door slowly opened, Daniel ushered Siobhan in with his arm. Daniel rose up from his chair and walked around to Siobhan. Daniel pressed himself against Siobhan and kissed her deeply. Daniel did as Siobhan asked and gentled eased his large cock into her hole. Siobhan brought one arm behind her, and began to rub her swollen clit as Daniel fucked her.

Hot pleasure with David

anal Patrik3838 2018-11-19

I whispered : " David, I love you so much, I can smell your body and I feel like in heaven, yes, dear caress my fucking cock. " Last seconds and I so so changed my position, and with look at my boy's sexy body I felt such strong pleasure I almost lost consciousness. Your body also needs thorough sweating and I want your body." We went to shower, dressed and Alissa was smiling on us and asked : " I think you must feel amazing, boys, don't you? And day after David and me explored how amazing can be petting two boys, both sweating like waterfall and orgasm at same time.


anal marcosurbina 2018-11-17

I told the receptionist I had to go by saying it's too late for me now.  I headed towards  the  office   where my husband  would be waiting to fuck me specially when I finished my story on how great  this man had worked out my asshole to leave it so wide to take a larger penis. My asshole wasn't tight anymore I must say, but it felt great to get fucked again after  a stranger has   cum  before inside you: Perhaps lots of gallons,  and it  felt like leaking down my legs already, I had to hurry up or wouldn't make it home before finding a bathroom and had to waste this sperm!!

Starting The Weekend Off

anal anarchy0029 2018-11-16

“I wanted to surprise you in your bedroom, but I couldn’t control myself.” She gave her most naughty grin when she slid her hand across her flat tummy. Her sucking continued at a slow, steady rhythm while his hand slid across her body, finding its way inside her slit. “As you wish my love,” He pushed the head of his cock inside her and fucked her slow to maintain his steady rhythm. He didn’t need to look; he felt his way to her tight hole until he felt the head of his shaft pushing in. Ian’s shaft kept going in and out of her ass, while Zuli fingered herself furiously. “Oh god!” Ian cried as he shoved his cock deep in her ass, bursting another load inside her.

Anal Virgin, But Not For Long

anal Poppet 2018-11-09

I can feel his tongue working the delicate softness of my pussy and clit. I feel him stiffen, and know he’s going to give me the biggest orgasm he can. I’m rocked with pleasure, I feel like liquid, and my need for him still so strong. I can’t even begin to explain it, other than I don’t want it to stop. Our kiss is full of love, and a distraction as I get use to this new foreign feeling. He takes his time, I can tell by the expression on his face, he wants to bust deep inside me already. I know I’m going to come so good for him.

The Sir And The Bitch

anal Poppet 2018-11-08

I stand before you, as you look at my naked body; I bite my lip feeling like I’m being put on show. You engulf my lips, and clit, sucking hard now, and I feel as though I’m going to shatter like a broken mirror. Sir, please, may I come??” I arch my hips upwards, allowing your finger to go just a wee bit deeper. “Come for me, my sweet Bitch, do it now!” It’s all I need, those sweet words, I let go, and feel myself lift my hips a bit further into your thrusting body. You’re invited in the moment of pure ecstasy, feeling me squeeze your cock as you fight to push it deeper inside me.

Remembering Sarah - Our Night Of Sizzling Passion

anal leppy80 2018-11-07

By now Sarah had stopped sucking my cock and was now moaning and gasping as I worked my hand between her ass and pussy. Not needing a second invitation, I spread her ass cheeks with both hands and guided my cock inside her red, wet, swollen, puffy pussy. I reached around underneath Sarah with my right hand and rubbed her pussy, coating my fingers in her juices. I pulled my rock hard cock from her pussy and placed it at the entrance of her ass, gently pushing forward to gain entrance to her anal cavity. I pushed in hard and deep and held my cock in place as I shot my cum load deep inside Sarah's ass.

Cindy's Doctor Visit Ch. 01

anal cindyexposed 2018-11-07

As I lay there panting, with a nozzle and an inflated balloon in my rectum, fully exposed to the gaze and inspection of this handsome, young, black medical technician and the nurse, I could feel myself becoming increasingly wet and aroused. I cannot explain how or why, but the combination of being exposed to this handsome young black medical technician as I was, the nozzle in my ass, the fluid flowing so violently into my rectum and bowels, and Jerome's knuckle coming in contact with my clitoris shot me over the edge with the most unexpected and profound orgasm of my life.

Mr. Jordan (Chapter III - Final)

anal Safire 2018-11-06

It will only be for a moment.” His finger poked and prodded at my hole and it became clear to me he’d fuck my ass anyway and that he wouldn’t do it patiently. One finger pushed against my virgin hole, forcing the oil inside. “It’s okay, baby, just relax,” he poured more oil into my hole and pushed it deeper with his finger. I breathed in deeply and cried out as I felt his head force itself against my hole. His cock started to feel really good in my tight little ass, and soon I was grunting and meeting him with every thrust. “Yeah, baby!” Mr. Jordan cried out, “take my cock up your tight little ass!”

A different week end in the woods

anal Anitaslut44 2018-11-05

Anita´s eyes flew open wide and she screamed as he began to pound his hard cock into her. But every time that old bastard grabbed her by the hair and pull it so her face looked directly into mine. Sweat began to form on her face while the old man fucked her mercilessly. My lovely Ana screamed in delight and she began to throw her head from side to side and scream as her body shook and shuddered, she seemed to be having an orgasm every few seconds. I watched my wife having wild orgasm after orgasm as this old man fucked her. He grabbed my wife's head and began to fuck her mouth.

Anita Slut at the party

anal Anitaslut44 2018-11-03

I had a shower and rested again on the sofa just naked, touching my swollen wet pussy lips very softly, as I watched now a romantic movie. I really was not in the mood, but hearing Cecilia`s voice, I started again to feel a little bit horny, rubbing my pussy lips. I heard my own pleasure moans as he licked my pussy lips, his rude hands taking care of my ass cheeks very softly. I closed my eyes still moaning; then I heard a zipper getting undone and before I knew it his huge monster cock was pushing its way between my open swollen pussy lips. I was getting sore now and asked him to pull it out, but he said: "No way, bitch, I will fuck you until you are filled up".

Honey I'm Home

anal DrLargo 2018-11-02

She longs to feel his hands cup her breasts, grazing lightly over the sensitive nipples as he kisses her neck. Her breath slows as she fights to regain control, her hands move as if outside her control, brushing one nipple to reach across to the other and pinch it, slowly rolling it between her fingers. Grabbing his neck she pulls Adam’s head to her hard nipples, urging him to suck and bite, rocking up and down, forward and back, riding him headlong from her first into another orgasm. Eve stands now and straddles him again, staring him in the eye she slowly lowers down onto him, taking his cock into her tight ass, little by little.

A New Milestone

anal ATasteofChocolate 2018-10-03

She could feel his hardness again, and then his hand pulled the back side of her skirt up and he began playing with her bare ass. He threw her down on the bed, and reached forward to slide her skirt up again, grabbing her ankles and pulling them apart, then he lowered his head between her legs. She rubbed the head of his cock back and forth across her ass, and for a moment thought about sliding it in her pussy. She continued to pick up her pace, realizing that she was now thrusting her hips downward with greater force than she would have imagined possible, and could tell from the look on his face that he was getting close to cumming himself.

mom Fantasy come true!

anal savita009 2018-09-30

I told my son that he had the choice of either staying here with his dad or coming with me and he eagerly said he would go with me, well moving forward to the juicy stuff lol...we moved down south mid April and I got the new office open and everything was going well and we had finally settled into our new home and back to going nude around the house, my hours changed from night to days so that meant I would be home during the evenings and night (oh boy), everything was fine until I came home and walked past my sons room only to find him stroking his dick to porn and of course I stood there in a trance watching finding myself getting wet so I decided I would go into my room and play with the kitty.

Seducing Jennifer Pt. 11

anal jacktar48 2018-09-30

I waited a few seconds, which seemed like forever, before I began fucking my cock into her ass with shallow strokes of no more than half an inch. After a few moments to let her relax, during which time I massaged her clit with two fingers, one on each side of it, I began to fuck her in earnest. My urge to come built slowly and surely, and when my balls drew up tight against the base of my cock I knew the moment was near. Her asshole still gripped me like a velvet finger-trap, but soon enough my shriveled dick popped out of her, followed by a gush of spent come which stained the bed sheet pink.

Shelby's Troubles

anal dirtygirljenna 2018-09-29

Dr. Michaelby, in the midst of the massage, told Shelby that the table was going to adjust once more to make it easier for him to adjust her and relax the tension that was in her muscles, causing the misalignment. The only thing that would make her orgasm better, Shelby thought to herself, was to have Dr. Michaelby drop those pants, whip out the big cock she knew was hiding underneath and spear her, quickly, and fuck her pussy. The soothing music ended and Dr. Michaelby spoke quietly, "Shelby, please feel free to stay as long as you need to enjoy the relaxation. With this technique, I've been able to speed past the relaxation part and get you directly to orgasm." With that, Dr. Michaelby took his fingers and played ever-so-slightly with Shelby's clit.

batroom fun part 1

anal daniel1901 2018-09-28

Sara sat at the end of the bar and looked at the crowd. He was staring openly at her and look in his eyes made Sara feel as if she wasn't wearing any clothes. He pushed them open a little farther and she could feel his breath on the inside of her thighs and then her pussy. Sara could feel him at her back and then felt his cock rubbing up and down her opening. Sara felt empty as he pulled out of her and tried to encourage him to enter her again. Sara took a deep breath and when she started to open the door she was afraid everyone would notice.

Cum into My Anus - the First Time

anal anythinghewants 2018-09-23

Just bathing, putting white dream on, coming out to him, having him take his time removing, it, exploring my ivory skin, tasting my breasts, kissing my recently waxed pussy, so small and smooth. He's an incredible lover, putting my pleasure equal to his, and even though trying new positions, tricks, treats is usually my idea, he's definitely had some surprises for us, including a crotchless body stocking we took turns wearing, card game, and other delights. Yet he is a master at giving me pleasure with his body, and making me feel completely free, whole, captivated in ecstasy in a given moment. I'm burning with anticipation, hungry to reach new heights of pleasure, push all our limits, learn to find complete ecstasy from every direction, in any way.

What gets me off

anal joker977 2018-09-19

He has never had any problem making me orgasm, something about that cock of his hits me just right. But my absolute favorite is when I'm sitting upright on his cock riding away like I'm on top of the world. That's when I'll lean forward and whisper in his ear "Please finger my ass." His strong hands will work their way down my back and massage my ass cheeks and they are spread apart to reveal that "special spot" ;) And once he works a finger or two past my tight ring it doesn't take me long before the floodgates open and my entire body is alive with an electric fire! Well, that's my "Magic O" trigger, what works for you?

A HOW-TO not just for men: Sparkling Orgasm

anal 2018-09-19

Today I want to give you guys a little tutorial on how to experience a great and somewhat special orgasm. You should take yourself some time for that because it will not get you to the orgasm as quick as if you would do it the "normal" way since you are not stimulating the head of your dick, but once you are there it is great. You maybe want start jerking off your cock the regular way and switch to the dick-ball-grip 10 seconds or so before you are ready to shoot. In addition to the great orgasm, you can get the feel of jerking off an extra fat dick of yours ;)