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Can't Help but Cum

anal KinkyCalliope 2018-07-09

"It was hard, but I wanted to surprise you." You start laughing as I pull a huge rubber cock from the box, the cord to the attachment that makes it vibrate falling in my lap. "Yes. Even if you don't like it, even if you don't want to cum, you're going to, because you won't be able to help it, and as soon as you're finished shaking I'm going to push my cock up in that tight little ass of yours until I fill it with my cum." "It's going to hurt -- your cock in my ass, I don't want --" but you've already started sucking and flicking your tongue again, and here it comes.

An Encounter in the Shower

anal bazzag2001 2017-12-11

No longer gentle, each thrust stretches your ass almost painfully, but the fingers working your gorgeous little cunt is enough to distract your mind from the pain, only the pleasure of the act registers, your body offering no resistance to my insistent strokes. I am overwhelmed by the sensations, I have never wanted anyone as bad as I want you now, to keep pounding my tight little ass, to thrust deep inside my throbbing wet pussy together with my own fingers, exploring deep inside my folds, feeling the softness and tightness of my most intimate part.