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Where's My Article?

anal AvaMarie 2018-11-22

Siobhan slowly sunk into her chair and placed her hands over her face. I want the article on my desk by eight o'clock tonight." Daniel slowly began to walk off. Just as she was about to gather more things to pack away, one of Daniel's personal assistants popped her head into Siobhan's cubicle. The door slowly opened, Daniel ushered Siobhan in with his arm. Daniel rose up from his chair and walked around to Siobhan. Daniel pressed himself against Siobhan and kissed her deeply. Daniel did as Siobhan asked and gentled eased his large cock into her hole. Siobhan brought one arm behind her, and began to rub her swollen clit as Daniel fucked her.

The Wake Up

anal RedTang 2018-05-02

Hank paused from stroking Ava's pussy and took his cock in his hand. Breaking their kiss, Hank murmured "I want to see just how bad you are." With that, he moved his fingers down to her bare pussy -- exposed under the sheer baby doll nightie. Thinking about their adventure from the night before, Hank was sliding his cock past Ava's asshole, towards her wet pussy. Ava had finally relaxed to the point where Hank could start stroking in and out of her ass, slowly at first, but soon achieving a nice rhythm. With a slow rhythm going, Hank reached back around to Ava's pussy, opening her slit with his fingers, dipping them into her pussy to wet them, and then rubbing her clit with his fingers.