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Big Bang For The New Year?

anal AbigailThornton 2018-11-10

“I’ll show her boring.” The ‘her’ in question was Karen Foley, fifty-something kilograms of unadulterated sex – the kind of woman who could reach into a man’s underpants with the suggestive flick of an eyebrow or gouge-out his brain by leaning forwards in a too-short skirt, or a low-cut top. That lifestyle was going to hit a financial brick wall… and when it did, Carson knew that Karen Foley would move on like a sexual wrecking ball. Carson didn’t care about anything other than Karen Foley. “Whoo hee!” Carson brayed, adding his own orgasmic excitement as the contents of his ball sack and prostate vented into Karen’s bouncing bottom with the power of a New Year’s firework display.


anal DirtyFilthyInk 2018-11-07

We shared a lovely shower earlier, where our removal of sun screen and sweat had led to me gasping against the wall of the shower as my cock pulsed in your mouth, spending myself against your tongue. I remain standing a moment longer and you quickly lean over and take my hardening cock in your warm mouth. You scoot down in the chair and pull your legs up and apart, hands at your knees, opening your heated core up to my ravenous mouth as much as you can. Stepping back, my cock slipping from your mouth, I take your hand and pull you gently up. You are quickly on hands and knees, head down, feeling all of that water pound against your gorgeous ass and back.


anal Fullmoonfever 2018-10-04

LIz loves anal sex and has had lovers with cocks that are bigger than mine, She's said she took them all the way with no trouble, but she treasures me most for my artful, deep rimjobs that often make her come. Liz was moaning and wiggling her ass in my face, clearly anticipating and eager for what was coming next: my tongue on and then in her asshole. This was clearly something to be avoided, but the heat, the sweat, her soft purrs and moans, the musky scent of her ass, the sight of her wet cunt and sexy asshole and the intense horny pleasure I felt as she sucked and stroked my cock made me want to explore a new frontier and know her totally and in complete intimacy.

Three-Input Lady

anal powelldonovan 2018-10-01

When she didn't stir, I switched to licking her butt, then letting my tongue slip around and around her asshole and even darted it between her cheeks to tease the opening itself. Unfortunately, I could hardly feel my feet any more because the water was so cold, and Jasmine told me she needed to go back to the cabin to warm up, as her insides were starting to turn blue. I held one of the quarters over Jasmine's ass and pulled on her thigh to get her to open her legs just a little. The muscles of her forearms tensed, and she said, "Slowly, go slowly." I took a firm grip on the base of my cock and prodded my purple head against her pulp-covered asshole.

Her Mom's Hot Friend Ch. 02

anal bbw4youngercocks1 2018-06-13

From where she stood, Cara had a clear view of Robert thrusting in and out of the man who lay beneath him and heard both grunting practically in unison before the other man cried out, "Yeah....oh God, Rob, fuck me!" Cara continued to watch in amazement as Robert reached down and stroked Mark's cock while he continued to fuck the other man's ass. Cara's mouth dropped open as she watched Robert pull out of Mark's ass and removed the condom. "Oh, baby, watching me and Mark fuck must've really got you going," he said breathlessly while her mouth slid up and down his shaft. Robert started slowly fucking her, going in and out slow enough until she was used to his cock positioned in her ass.

Knotty Pleasures

anal sexkitten79 2018-06-04

As she was reminded yet again of how great a lover Steve was, she decided that they would explore another of these smaller trails today. Steve's mouth quickly found the tender spot on Gabby's neck, and began to kiss, lick, and suck. Legs spread open; heels resting on the log, Gabby began to feel a soft breeze play across her now naked bottom. With her finger making slow circles on her clit, Gabby's breath began to quicken. Steve began pumping his dick in and out of his wife's tight ass. Steve began to pound harder, until Gabby's scream brought them both over the brink. And with that, Gabby and Steve began to limp back to the car.

The Case of the Torn Asshole

anal Funsman 2018-05-03

Cherry now pulled her panty off and knelt on all fours in front of Brad and began licking his cock head. The guys also took all their clothes off and Brad instructed Cherry to get busy on Shawn's cock, which now grew into a massive throbbing monster. Now I could feel Shawn's hot cock head pushing hard against my asshole, and my already painfully throbbing orifice was stretching wider and wider. The world seemed to explode as Shawn's cock suddenly grew rock hard inside my ass, and I could feel him cumming as he gripped my buttocks and fucked me harder than ever. We all lay on the ground exhausted, my head somehow on Cherry's inner thigh with her sopping wet black pussy right in front of my face.

Nine Holes of Golf

anal charles_dickings 2018-03-25

The superintendent thinks it's best if I work after dark so the water won't evaporate under the hot midday sun, so every night, except when it rains, I roam up and down the course in a beat-up golf cart, making sure all the grass gets watered so it will look at least semi-green during the day. She took the pin out of the cup and said, "Sit down with your butt over the hole and spread your legs." As soon as I did, she began to stroke me with her right hand, the forefinger and thumb not quite able to make an "O" around my fat cock.

The French Visit Ch. 04

anal christinamonroe 2018-02-03

Laura was watching intently, fascinated with Vivette's movements, the constant stimulation she was applying to Georges cock and scrotum, working him with her hand, tongue and throat. Laura watched Georges's face: he had closed his eyes, and his hands held his wife's head to his cock, gently forcing her down. She watched as her husband moved closer to Laura and they kissed, Georges's tongue exploring the teenager's mouth, and Vivette knew he tasted his own come, a taste he enjoyed. Vivette had pushed back Laura's legs, her face buried deep between her thighs, her mouth working frantically, tonguing the younger woman's pussy and licking down her perineum.

Lust For Ass

anal VeryDirtyMind 2018-01-12

"You're a real ass man, aren't you Mike?" Roberta had asked back at the bar after I kept pawing at her rump. She came in about a minute, the combination of my tongue up her ass and half of my hand in her pussy causing her to squeal like a pig, and then I was getting up and dropping my pants and underwear. I enjoy seeing the woman's gaping anus after I pull out, but the dim light wasn't enough for me to get a good look into her hole, so I pulled up my pants and helped Roberta get her slacks back on like a gentleman.