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I'm Fine

anal smiler77 2018-12-02

I look down at myself, at your hand and grip it pushing it into me deeper, it’s hard work but I want it, then I look at your face and the serious expression, the curious look you wear is too much for me to bear. Your body isn’t touching mine though, it’s not pressed up against mine as I wish it were, you don’t need to wrap your arms around me and pull me close, you don’t feel compelled to put your face next to the warmth of me. You put your hands on the back of my head and force me down, your cock hurting my throat, making me gag around you, saliva spilling from my mouth soaking you.

Sick and Wrong Ch. 01

anal Goldeniangel 2018-11-29

Writhing as her ass burned a fiery red, tears streaming down her face, she was engulfed with lust, wishing that he would push his dick into her and fuck her hard, slamming his body against her bruised cheeks. it hurt so bad, he hadn't used any lube at all and it felt like the outside of her asshole was caving in as he pressed deeper. The pain was making her so horny, and she knew he was taking pleasure in the fact that she was enjoying herself despite his rape of her tender asshole. Priscilla felt like he was taking her over, his dick huge and swollen inside her asshole, demanding pleasure.

The good girl

anal marcosurbina 2018-11-25

"I'm determined not to work with you anymore.  This stuff has become   an obsession, you're driving me mad while I  keep on  having images of you  naked  on my bed, sometimes on your four,  showing your beautiful tight asshole, or   bending over like that wearing a tiny thong,  waiting to get sodomized like a  slut.   I like you I don't want to spoil this friendship though.   I've  been thinking what   the odds  are  to fuck you, and get a complete    anal penetration within you.   I see   you've never been taken the asshole. I obeyed immediately and noticed as he got close to me, pulled the strip off my thong  and began to cherish my keyhole using his finger tip.  Mark then put it to my mouth and said:  "suck it!"

Lessons in the pain

anal flash 2018-11-10

I can hear him come in. Oh and be a good girl and make sure you count to 10." Grabbing my head he doesn't waste time shoving his cock deep down my last hole. Relentlessl, he doesn't stop as the vibrators send me over the edge. I feel him reach over me as he comes back he slams the paddle down on my ass. I obey with an open mouth as number 2 3 & 4 come down respectively. Ive lost the rest of me to him. He thrusts in harder deeper as the vibrations get faster. 9 comes down as I lose control of my body again and the world becomes a blur around me.

80% pain

Attacked in the Library...

anal d4david 2018-10-04

I came around to the sense of a painful insertion in my anal orifice, I tried to yell, my mouth was stuffed with my underwear. I could not defend myself from the assault and my horny assailant was hell bent on getting his prodigious phallus into my anal sphincter muscle. I was being pummeled into the floor with each thrust of his body, his elephantine cock was stretching my anal sphincter muscle to it's maximum extent. I gasped as he pulled violently from my aching anus and heard and felt the air whoosh into the void that was left standing open. Looking down between my thighs as I sat on the floor, I could see the man spunk, that was deposited in my rectum, pool under me as it drain from my gaping anal opening.

Husband and Wife

anal TrollLover 2018-09-17

"O-o-owh..." Kayley gasped for breath as Haus's head popped out of her tight little asshole, only to have the very last of it torn from her as his fist clenched on her hip again, driving his hips forward and half of his shaft into her depths. There is only so much a man can take, even one so disciplined, and each grasping, begging contraction of her ass brought him closer to the edge until he could take no more, casting his head back and howling out in ecstasy as his shaft bottomed out within her one last time, testes clenching as twitch after twitch of his cock filled her bowels with his seed.

The Sting of the Rain

anal MagicaPractica 2018-07-23

His voice was a soft rush as he apologized for letting the door of the shop close on her, banging her hand in it. She felt him press against her from behind, his hands cupping her bare wet breasts. His hot breath and his voice in her ear was as erotic a jolt as the feel of the pelting rain on her breasts. With one hand still on her right breast, he fumbled with the other to open his own pants and release his throbbing cock. As he thrust home at last, one of his hands reached around and slid two fingers into her pussy, his thumb rubbing her clit as he moved in her ass.

A Present

anal Amber87 2018-07-10

Lauren isn't as concerned with sex as a lot of people are, which can be good and bad, I suppose. It means she doesn't dress up as much and isn't too interested in me, but it does mean that she will occasionally just do crazy things like skinny dipping or a three some. I slid a hand down while I pulled out stuff to get a bowl of cereal, before sitting on a stool to eat. I started thinking about the night before my boyfriend had left. As soon as he'd seen me, one hand had tangled in my hair to pull me toward him, while the other started kneading my ass. A lot of people probably thought it was fucked up, how he first got me to try anal by pretty much raping me.

French Lessons

anal starbelliedboy 2018-06-11

She took my glass from my unresisting hands, and as her tongue pushed its way into my mouth, she brought my right hand up and placed it on one of her large, firm breasts, squeezing it tight over it, then leaning closer, still kissing me, putting one arm around my waist while her other hand stroked the back of my head. "Use your mouth and fingers, I've got more for you to do yet." Obediently I got down on my knees and began lapping at her slick wet slit, following her instructions and moving up it lick her clit, which was swollen and easy to find, making small fast circles with my tongue, and then pushed my right middle and forefinger inside her cunt, thrusting them in and out as I had been with my dick.

Our First Meeting

anal deeper17 2018-04-25

His lips taking mine forcefully, his hands in my hair pulling my head back where he wants it. His hand grabs my hair, pulling my head back holding me in place. I feel the bed dip and his hands are now on my hips, I can feel his hard cock moving on my pussy. After one last lick he get behind me, pulls my head back with his hand in my hair and starts fucking my ass. His hand is pulling my hair, making it hurt, while his other hand smacks my ass. He starts groaning louder than my moans, and he screams at me to come as he moves the hand that was smacking my ass to my pussy, pinching my clit hard.

Farm Girl Having Some Fun Pt 2

anal shmoe13 2018-04-17

His hands came down and grabbed my legs, pulling them up and back against my chest, pulling my ass cheeks up off the table as Tony's cock speared in and out. He grabbed my hair in both hands close to my head and stared into my face."All right you little whore!" he said, "I know you been fucking yourself with your dildos, so you can do the work here too. I could feel a trail of wet perspiration left by his fat fingers as he slid right over my buttocks, squeezing them softly, softly, then he moved his hand between my buttocks and slid it right down the center of my ass crack, over my crinkled asshole, and then down between my legs to cup my pubic mound in his hot, slimy palm.

Brutal interrogation of a housewife (part 2)

anal alfredbjunk 2018-03-26

Alicia closed her eyes as best she could, willing the pain from the clothespins to stop. Now tell me, Alicia...before I have to get really unpleasant..." and he lifted a dripping pin from the alcohol, "...where is the box?" "Now, Alicia," I said, still scratching the point of the pin against her shoulder bones, "where is the box?" But Alicia did not reply. Fatigue from almost 35 hours without sl**p; a sore, swollen jaw from being struck; a sore crotch from their brutal internal examination; a stomach in knots from hunger; the sting of the clothespins; and the burning of the pins in her shoulders and thighs combined with the still-living memory of the shiny steel scratching her bones...all of them weighed on her.

Just Like in the Movies Ch. 02

anal keeperoflacy 2018-03-13

Everyday was the same, however; I would pop in Justin's porno that he had no idea I had been watching, pinch, lick, and blow on my tits to harden them, and then give my little secret toy all the passage into my sex that my perverted mind desired. My throbbing sex was begging to be abused, and I couldn't wait to see what it would feel like to have that plug in my ass. The girl had been turned on her stomach, but when I tried to push my plug in at that angle, I couldn't accurately reach myself in a way that I could maneuver it inside. Once we were back in the car, Amy said, "How about going over to Victoria's Secret and finding something for Justin?"

Adventures of Wiley Coyote Ch. 06

anal wiley4377 2018-03-11

I closed my eyes and could hear his deep growling moan as he licked my pussy from ass hole to clit. The rat-a-tat-tat style of his hard tongue and his sucking mouth soon had me writhing and moaning as my climax washed over every nerve ending in my body. He gripped his enormous cock shaft and began rubbing the head between my cunt lips. He spit my juices in the palm of his hand and rubbed his enormous cock, then he placed the plum size head at my little hole and pushed until he had the head lodged in the nest ring. I grabbed my knees and raised my head and I could see his cock enter and pull out with my ass ring coming with it.

My Vivid Imagination

anal queenbeeslut 2018-03-06

I am stiil quite the kinky nasty whore that they trained me to be and I am still unable to cum unless I get down and dirty and use myself in painful and kinky ways and I yearn to be used more and more each day because I like it and the pain in a pleasure to me and if you enjoy something than do it and do it till it hurts and never be afraid to try new and different things and you will find that your sex life will be fulfilling and the orgasms will be the best .

Night-time Visit

anal simplysarah001 2018-02-13

His other hand continued to pull on her nipple, stinging pain washing through her body, making the pleasure between her legs all the more exquisite. Pulling her hands out to the sides and straight, he pressed her head against the bed forcing more of his cock into her mouth. Her mouth slack and sucking in air, he pulled her arms in and pressed them against his stomach, holding them in place, he started fucking her mouth, each thrust forcing his cock down her throat. He started driving in and out of her ass with brutal thrusts, his hands pinning her wrists to the bed, her legs bouncing and pulling on her swollen red breasts.

Naughty Girl

anal Pagen 2018-02-08

Momentary panic set in until he said, "I am going to warm your naughty bottom with my hand." As he rubbed closer to my hole he said, "Oh baby, you do not know how long I have wanted to fuck your ass. I am going to sink my cock in your backside and fuck you till you forget about that butt plug." I felt the cold stream of lube dribble on my ass. He shifted positions and said "Hold your ass open for me." I reached back with both hands and pulled my cheeks open to expose his goal. If you don't want me to fuck your ass, I will stop." he said.

A Touching Tale of Hardcore Anal

anal lourdez01 2018-02-08

You're going to tell me to put the small dildo in my pussy, super slowly, and to make sure I push it all the way in without making a single noise--to look like it feels good the whole time. While you're pulling your belt off you're going to tell me to shove the butt plug in my asshole as far as it will go, like a good, anal slut, and to twist it in a circle so it gets in further, trying to get past the big part at the end. You're going to tell me to put my face on the ground, so the butt plug is touching the floor and being forced further down my throat, and to spread my legs at the same time to open up my ass for you.

I'll Try Anything Twice

anal jasliz 2018-02-07

It was such a different sensation from vaginal sex I wasn't sure I like it or what really to think. Oh wow, that was so much different, it felt like having a bowel movement as his penis inched out of my bum, except he didn't leave at the end. He told me later he noticed, when he was inside my bum, I had a look on my face that he had never seen before, even when I was climaxing during normal sex. I played with my nipples and he never stopped fingering my clitoris and even stuck his thump in my open sex, causing me to buck and squirm as a strange new orgasm took over my body.

Sauna part 2

anal raymondodo69 2018-01-30

to get the older guys to stay in the room so I dropped to my knees and took I checked the steam room again where a guy in his twenties took my cock in knew he could provide the hard fucking I required, his 8" VERY hard cock I knew he would want to fuck me in a private room but deep in my bowels with each thrust and today I would give him the fuck of I finished licking his solid cock and instantly reached for the lube he f***ed another inch inside me, I knew there wasn't enough lube for such cock resting against my ass, he nudged forward and entered the first two inches easily, I was now breathing deep with desire and sniffing heavily on


anal Lionheart72 2017-12-22

Kevin had a firm, well defined chest, tight abs, thick strong arms, powerful legs, and hanging between them a long, hard dick and huge heavy balls. Liz grinned to herself, feeling totally in control even as Kevin pulled on her head trying to guide her up his shaft. Kevin started pushing with his hips, trying to work his dick deeper into her mouth. He was fucking her face with long, slow thrusts, grunting each time his tip pushed into her throat. Kevin was watching her every move, a lustful look on his face and his hand slowly pumping his hard dick. Kevin's dick shoved hard against her tight sphincter and Liz yelped in pain.


anal dgg 2017-12-19

The Giant and I celebrated our 6 month mark last night. I don’t fall in love because I don’t want to feel the pain of being hurt. But, because of an insane workload, I have not gotten to spend much time with her and we really haven’t been able to work out a group night with the 3 of us. Bitemehardnow…BiteTheMasochist and now ABiteforDaddy…I love to bite and to be bitten. When someone bites me, I mean really bites me, I feel like leaving my body and watching the scene unfold. I am pretty sure I came again (maybe more) but when He came inside me I clenched as hard as I could…not wanting His cock to leave my body.

After the gang-bang

anal swat412 2017-12-16

I had taken a nice deep breath which came out in a muffled scream as I attempted to push like hell…he gave me maybe six inches of that cock before stopping to watch my expression. When he moaned that he was about to cum I just yelled at him to ‘fuck me…oh god baby…fuck me hard…give me your black seed…fuck me!!!’ And I kept it up while he did indeed fuck me…he pounded his bitch like hell hitting bottom over and over until he gave one last hard thrust and stayed buried. The playing started a little while later and I soon had my hand wrapped around a nice big black hard cock.

Can You See In the Dark

anal d4david 2017-12-09

As I went down the ramp to the storage area the lights begin to flicker. No matter which way I went there was no ramp, I started to panic as I thought that the whole world had went dark. He laid on top of me grinding slowly in my butt, he pulled from my anus and disappeared into the darkness. I stumbled around in the darkness, the lights came back on. I looked at where I was assaulted except for some body fluid on the floor there was no way to tell what had happened. I stumbled back up to the gym floor, the other guys were still gathering up their gear and no one looking my way or letting on that they knew anything.