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Anal In The Pool

anal IntoTheVoid819 2018-11-26

Anyway the day before this happened Michelle and I were talking and she told me that she toyed her ass once and liked it. Everyone was having a bit too much fun at the party getting completely wasted so Michelle and I went into her pool for some alone time. She responded with a small moan and then ground her big ass into me - instantly getting me rock hard. She gave me a kiss and then she said, "It sucks we're in the pool right now. She looked out at everyone at the party then quickly looked back at me and said something I never thought I would hear, "You can put it in my ass if you want."


Trick Shot Hustler

anal MSTarot 2018-10-06

With the balls being ignored for the moment, I was sitting with the edge of my butt on a wood stool, leaning my head against the side of my cue, rolling the hard wood across my eyebrows to try to relieve the growing headache between my eyes. Leaning in closer to her ear I whispered, "This pervert, is going to take them home, bury my nose into the exact spot where your sweet pussy lips rested, and breathe in the scent of you as I slowly jack myself off while thinking of you, and fantasizing about fucking you the whole time...That's what a pervert would do, right?"

me and [user]isabella28[/user]

anal 2018-10-04

I think you should get yours off too." You smiled and came down the steps into the water, leaving the glasses on the side. You squatted down in the water and let the wine run into your mouth. It was heaven watching you suck me in the moonlight, with your wet hair stuck to your face and that look of intense concentration you get when you go down on me. I ran to the other side of the pool, grabbed a floating lounge and threw it in the water. I dove under the water and came up beneath your seat, dumping you in to the pool. Exhausted, I let your legs down in to the water, and we slowly swam to the steps.

game of pool

anal 2018-06-14

eventually my cock became hard and she didnt fail to notice, she started stroking it instantly. she then unbuttoned my trousers to reveal my rock hard cock! she started sucking the tip then tool the whole length in her mouth. i then stopped her sucking me and lifted her onto the table, i removed her clothing and imediatly dived into her soaking pussy. just before i was about to drown in her juices, i stood up raised her legs and pushed my rock hard cock deep inside her, i thrusted hard then slow then hard again. then i empty my load inside her, when i pulled my cock out the cum followed and dribbled all over the pool table.

Shower Time

anal anallover29 2018-05-31

Moaning around your cock until my orgasm finishes, I look up to see you looking down at me with a big smile on your face, I take my fingers out of my pussy, soaking wet with juices and put them in my mouth to lick them clean, before the water of the shower sprays it all away. You slide down my back, leaving kisses and licks all the way down me, your fingers still inside of me, I feel them being taken out of me, but then hear you make that moan of tasting something good. You lick and suck at my pussy while I moan loudly, pressed against the wall of the shower, with the hot water running down my back, as another orgasm racks my body.

Poolside Foursome

anal jayke1981 2018-05-12

Dom and I stand in front of our girls as they each take our dicks into their mouth, I’m even more turned on now as is Dom, the girls suck is faster and harder, and soon, by sheer coincidence, Dom and I come at the same time. I then turn Kelly over into the ‘doggy position’ and enter her deep from behind, she crys in pain, and I realise that I entered her arse, I apologise, and she says, don’t, do it more, so I pound her arse as she starts to rub her own clit in a matter of minutes she comes and her contracting muscles cause me to come as well, so I pull out and shoot my load all over her back with which she rubs into her back.

Luxury Lifestyle

anal bufffreak 2018-05-01

Then I remembered we had recently hiThe first time I selected one my buddies at work pulled my aside The first time I selected an intern my buddies pulled my aside I went out on the bedroom balcony and saw Cindi walking into the pool Cindi was talking ans smiling with Raul as she entered the water. as she began to exit the pool she kept chatting with Raul I peeked into the room Raul and Cindi were laying naked on the bed. Raul dropped some lotion on her ass and ran his finger in her anus. Cindi spread wider and Raul ran his little dich in her ass Cindi groaned as Raul lay still for a minute.

A Hot Day

anal Renni 2018-04-12

You pull back and smile, "It's pretty hot in here, why don't we take a quick dip in the pool?" My eyes light up at the suggestion and I allow myself to be pulled back outside. I look over my shoulder at you, questioning, and just as I open my mouth to speak, you begin to shove your cock into my ass. You begin to fuck my pussy with your tongue, pushing it in and out of my wet cunt. Just as I begin to have another orgasm, you stand up and shove your cock into my waiting pussy. Withdrawing, you shove me around and to my knees, and begin to come all over my face and into my mouth.


anal Shoreguy 2018-04-07

Tom came into the family room and said: "It's odd, Mom seemed almost happy that I asked to borrow the car." I knew that Barbara was aware that Tom would be out of the house tonight and not likely to be home until very late. Finally at about six o'clock I said: "Hadn't you better get started if you're going to that concert tonight?" About a half hour later, Tom left for the concert and Barbara and I sat in the family room watching the early evening news. I did manage to put my face down on her tits a few times and noticed that I could still feel her erect nipples through her bathing suit top.

Little Secrets

anal blackstallion21 2018-03-16

This time when Alex bent over the table, I slowly walked up to her and ran my hand up the inside of her thigh, and as she went to shoot at her ball, she missed. I slipped out once fully when Alex's legs broke apart, and when I lined the tip of my cock up at the entrance of her tight puckered asshole, all Lex could do was put both hands onto her face covering her eyes. While I plunged deep into her bowels, Alex moved her hand to her clit and rubbed in circles and occasionally inserted a few fingers into her swollen wet pussy, and she finger fucked herself as I got close to orgasm.

The Stranger in the Pool

anal fuckboy0992 2018-03-03

I couldn't pull away, but already I felt a thick swelling against my own belly, and my hands drifted down to find a nine inch cock pressed against me. His hips moved against the tile and his hand held my head in place as he moved the thick meat up into my throat and back, giving me no option but to relax and let him spear my face. I looked up at him and he pushed my head up, pulling my hair back with his hand. "Open your eyes and look at me as I fuck you," he said suddenly, grabbing my jaw and opening my eyes as he pushed in, and I was about to howl with the tight fit and the splitting feeling when he pushed his hand against my mouth.

Special Delivery

anal D-Man 2018-02-14

"Yeah," Crystal said looking down at her nipples, "I must give people quite a show on days like this, but that's the price we girls pay for hot weather and air conditioning. Crystal could tell I was on the verge of exploding, and she slid up until her lips were locked on the head of my cock and started to pump the shaft with her hand. Crystal held my head in her hands, and started to guide my lips down her stomach to her panty covered pussy. As her body started to tremble with her orgasm, i pulled my tongue from her ass and slid it up inside her pussy, still rubbing her clit with my thumb.

Unfair Justice

anal Aimie-Leigh 2018-01-14

Their father asked Daniel what happened, to my horror he told his dad that I deliberatley pulled down his b*****rs shorts so I could see his willy. he told me to take off my swimsuit, I started to hesitate, but their dad was gettng angrier and he shouted at me. I pulled my straps down off my shoulders and pulled my top down, both Thomas and Daniel grinned as they saw my boobs, my nippled were rock hard as I was feeling the cold, there Dad still had a face of fury. He then placed his fingers each side of my pussy and slowly pulled my labia apart, exposing my pink insides to the two boys.

LOve gay

anal giovannino1993 2017-10-26

15:00 am o'clock in the afternoon and as usual I was there in front of my computer trying desperately for some beautiful boy, my city to love, kiss have it all for himself. Until finally one afternoon on a chat I do not know a guy named Daniel. The usual things that are said in the chat to begin to know each other. a pool party at his house 20 minutes away from our city. Arrived in the country I began to talk a little 'with everyone and after a dip in the pool with friends. Ok I admit it, I wanted to let him know that I wanted to do the LOVE but at the same time I wanted to rest.

Str8 Man's Adventures in Fucking Guys

anal 2017-10-11

And then I got out of the pool, my cock semi-hard, but looking fat enough I think through my trunks. Steam clouded the room and, as it did, he took off his trunks before sitting back down, his ass white and untanned, his cock long, cut and heavy. But, through the steam, he seemed fine with it, saying, in a more pronounced accent, “Much better yes?” I told him that it felt good, and he said, “It gets better if you touch it, like this,” he said, laying his hand over the shaft of his cock, which was getting hard. He licked my chest and neck and armpits, and then he got my cock in his mouth.